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Discovering Patricia

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Growing up on the farm was not the easiest thing to do. We were always given farm chores and then came the homework assignments. My si**ter and I were the only c***dren in the house and our parents were so damn mean, they even made us go to private schools. One for just girls and one for just boys. They were so conservative but as I look back at it today, they were just over protective of us losing site of what school was all about. They didn’t want us developing opposite sex relationships. I was on the football team and became an accomplished athlete even though I was only in the 8th grad… Read more

Posted by dixieman54 4 years ago 18 11,134 100%

Sweet Danielle wild side


Sweet Danielle wild side Warning, this story mainly evolves around activities of panties sniffing. Those of you who don't appreciate this kind of story might want to stop right now. For those of you who enjoy this kind of thing, have fun. I also want to tell you that English is not my main language. If I have made mistakes writing the story, I'm sorry. I would also appreciate comments to see if I should make a sequel to the story. Thank you. Intro It's the kind of story that you could only imagine and fantasize about. I mean, you always hope it would happen, but at the same time, y… Read more

Posted by sloppy33 4 years ago 1,976 100%

Carin's Continuing Adventures: March


The last few months have all about learning how far I was willing to go, so it should have come as no surprise that I learned about being on display. Everyone that has been keeping up with my adventures knows how all the nurses at our clinic have been working very hard to keep our doctors happy, some more than others. I had planned on being a willing participant, if they wanted me. More, Dawn and Darren had gotten me to agree to take a dare a week, and if I didn’t complete the dare, I had to give up any orgasms for a month. At this point, I’m having trouble going a few days without, so I had m… Read more

Posted by carin123 4 years ago 1 1,135 100%



Here are step by step instructions how to make a girl squirt: You can start by performing oral on her inner thighs, clitoris and labia especially, to start getting her relaxed and wet. You must continually suck and lick the clitoris throughout the duration of the whole oral act, because oral increases power, pleasure and increases chances of female ejaculating orgasm. With the hand you write with, take two fingers closest to your thumb (pointer and middle finger) and make them wet with her pussy juice or with your mouth. The most important thing is to make sure your nails are trimmed and n… Read more

Posted by rasstriga 4 years ago 5 2,992 100%

The best pantyhosed sotry my friend has for me. I

FetishGay MaleMasturbation

I have this fantasy that I get a new job and move to a new town. I do not know anyone and being kind of shy, I stick to myself. You come over and introduce yourself and help me get settled in at the office. You show me where things are and introduce me to others. I instantly think you're hot and I'm physically attracted to you. But I do not say anything or let on. After the first week you and a few of the others from the office are going out after work and you invite me along. At first I hesitate, but you convince me to go. We all agree to meet at a local bar around 8 after we all had a… Read more

Posted by nylondguy 4 years ago 14 1,509 100%

Matt and Me part III

AnalGay MaleMasturbation

Matt went to work, I layed on the couch hopping he would come home early, I rubbed my throbbing cock, closed mu eyes and thought of his massive 9 inch meat sliding down my throat gagging me, then streching my fuck hole open.....but wait! I thought try and save yourself for him. I held myself together for about four hours, it was all I could do, then when I was cleaning up, I found our big dildo and lube under the couch......"Mmmmmmmmmm fuck it!" I thought, he wont be back for a while, I need it right now! I striped down, and layed on my back on the leather couch, spread my legs, my har… Read more

Posted by rockerroller 4 years ago 1 1,489 100%

Mutual Discovery and Daddy is the witness - Final

Lesbian SexMasturbationVoyeur

Chapter Three Carl washed his cum covered cock at the sink in the en-suite, it was still as hard as it had ever been, the veins pulsing with his still unslaked lust. The sight of the two girls had driven him crazy with desire. He pulled the foreskin fully back exposing the angry looking purple glans, a drip of cum oozing from his piss eye. He closed his eyes, then opened them again. He picked up his iPhone from beside the sink and selected the last video and pressed play. At the vision of them fucking by the pool he started to wank his rigid cock. He was startled by the sound of the bedroom d… Read more

Posted by JayDenton 4 years ago 2 2,430 100%

Our First Time


I sit at my office desk, not really seeing the computer monitor or the Complaint I am supposed to be writing. The clock says 2:30 p.m. It is finally Friday. I wonder where you are. You must be in South Carolina by now, getting closer and closer to me. I am excited but very, very nervous. I wonder if you will like the flesh, as it were. I smile as I think back on our last conversation before you got in your car to drive the 400 miles to meet me. You kept asking me if I was sure I wanted you to drive down. You said it was not too late for me to change my mind. “I would under… Read more

Posted by princesswildflower 4 years ago 3 860 80%

At the office


I had many opportunities to enjoy some stroke time at the office. I owned the place so it was easy for me to play any time I got horny, which was several times a day. I had just shaved my cock that morning, and loved to stroke after a good clean shave. I knew that there would be times during the day that I could jack in front of girls walking by my shop. This particular day there was a lady that came by, she had come by many times and often came in said a few words and left. Well I had on a tank top and spandex shorts, working during the summer heat. I usually had a porn going on the TV under… Read more

Posted by stonecoldbluff 4 years ago 1 2,313 18%

PLaying alone


Around 8:30pm, after a light dinner and some good red wine, I changed into my pink, silky, short nightie. This is the one that loves to slip off my shoulder, clinging with its weight squarely on my nipple, revealing lots of tit when I'm not careful. Anyway, no panties but I did put on a pair of silver high heels, which I will occasionally wear to bed during sex. I laid out my array of sex toys.... I crawled into bed with my laptop, read a few stories here, watch some videos there.... pulling my nighty away from my right tit, gently circling, squeezing and tugging on my nipple. I felt m… Read more

Posted by koiana 4 years ago 14 1,064 86%

Mutual Discovery and Daddy is the witness

Lesbian SexMasturbationVoyeur

Chapter One "Jay!!" Came the shout up the stairs. "Yeah," I replied. "Nina's here" Mum shouted back at me. I rushed down the stairs, nearly slipping on the marble steps as I dashed down to see my new best female friend. She stood just inside the front door, blinking in the relative darkness, her designer sunglasses in her hand. "I'm not too early am I Jay? Mum was on her way to the mall and dropped me off, saved getting a cab." I threw my arms around her neck and gave her a hug, then stood back as we air kissed, "mwaaah, mwaaah." "Course not, mum's just on her way out. Anyway, the po… Read more

Posted by JayDenton 4 years ago 6 2,950 100%

Janet's Obsession


Janet's Obsession Chapter I As the intercom buzzer to her modest little apartment buzzed, Janet's heart raced. Rushing over she picked up the mouthpiece as the small black and white surveillance screen flickered to life, reflecting back to her a courier holding a padded parcel and a clipboard. “Yes” “Hi, package for a Miss Janet Finch”, the courier mouthed into the intercom. “Come in, up to level 1, I'll be out in a sec”, she quickly said while replacing the mouthpiece, pressing the electronic security button for a couple of seconds then ran to her bedroom to put on a silken kn… Read more

Posted by evolg99 4 years ago 1 1,376 100%

Todd Knowles, Camp Counselor II


Mo followed Mr. Knowles to a dimly lit room. 'Whats going on' she asked. 'Dont worry Mo, i told you i got you. Now what i want you to do is sit right down here.' Mr. Knowles said reassuringly. 'Sit where, Todd?' 'For now Monique, It's Mr. Knowles. And i want you to sit here.' Todd said pointing at his lap as he sat in the brown leather recliner. 'Oh? You want me to sit here on your lap?' Mo said teasingly. 'Yeah bring that fat ass over here and get comfy.' Todd requested. Mo seductively walked towards Todd and slowly sat in his lap with her back to him. Todd began to run his han… Read more

Posted by SweetLipz 4 years ago 1,557 100%

TOT Part 9 My first suck

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

Ok time to move on a little here. We continued to go to the Caravan site most weekends over the next few months, I continued to perv in the Shower block, the closest I ever got to Barry was touching him up while he slept when I slept over at his van one night, I think he realised what was going on, he pushed my hand away and went on the defensive cupping his balls to deny me access, that was the only night we shared a sl**pover, it was never mentioned and the opportunity to get any further never presented itself, I became quite close to the twins but never got anywhere with them either, then t… Read more

Posted by talesofted 4 years ago 1,516 100%

TOT Part 10 wanting more cock

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

It was just after 10am when I woke the next morning, my first thought was Greg then my morning hardon, then Greg then a piss, I decided the piss was more urgent and went to the bathroom without having to worry about covering up, It was the school holidays, I was alone the house was empty apart from me and the dog, Mum, Dad, John and Jamie were all at work, I pointed my solid cock towards the pan pushing it firmly down so that it could not spring up and give me an eye full of piss, I imagined it was Greg’s hand pushing my cock, then as the piss drained he began stroking my willing cock, I could… Read more

Posted by talesofted 4 years ago 642 100%

TOT Part 11. Lusting over Greg and Gary

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

Mum got me up at 8.20 am as they were all going to work, I had to be awake and out my bed for the delivery of John’s new bed, I was warned not to leave the house or fall back asl**p until it came, I had also been ordered to get all my stuff out my room and into Jamie’s room, I never realised how much stuff I had, I spent almost all morning walking from one room to the other, I piled everything on top of John’s bed as all his stuff was still in the room, he would not be shifting it until later that night. I set up my PC in my new room deleted all my porn and history then pass worded the PC to s… Read more

Posted by talesofted 4 years ago 595 100%

A True(ish) Tale


Once upon a time there was a woman named Caitlin. She was an intelligent, sweet, funny and sexy woman, but she was lonely. And, to be blunt, horny. So the fair Caitlin put a personal ad on the Internet. The site is not important although it was not a “matched” or “harmonious” one. The ad read as follows: “Funny, smart, cute, loving, playful, passionate, blond haired, gray/blue eyed (but they change color), chick. I am a smart ass. I am optimistic, independent, honest. I am a neat freak with "slob" tendencies. I am adventurous (in all things...wink, wink, nudge, nudge) with couch potato… Read more

Posted by princesswildflower 4 years ago 2 870 100%

TOT Part 8 Spunky Socks

Gay MaleMasturbationSex Humor

The following weekend we headed down to the Caravan on the Thursday afternoon Mum, Dad, Me and Jamie. My oldest b*****r John was not interested in the caravan he wanted to stay home on his own, probably having wild parties. As soon as we arrived at the campsite I wanted to go straight to the shower room but of course I could not it would have looked very suspicious. I checked Barry’s caravan but no one was there, even the games room was very quite only two older guys playing pool were there, Me and Jamie wandered about the site but we never saw any of the crowd that had been there the w… Read more

Posted by talesofted 4 years ago 822 100%

TOT Part 5

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

The Shower Block I was up pretty early the following morning it must have been about 8.30 am. although our caravan had a built in shower the tray was leaking and Dad had removed it and was going in to the nearest town to buy a new one that day, so we had to use the campsite showers until it was fixed, I pulled on the clothes that I had been wearing the night before, stuck on my flip flops, grabbed a pair of boxers and socks from my bag, and a towel from the bathroom and headed for a shower, Fuck I am so glad that I did, the first sight I saw when I walked in the door was a cock, this m… Read more

Posted by talesofted 4 years ago 977 100%

TOT Part 6 Cock watching

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

The boat tied up in the mooring, we walked back up the site towards Barry’s Caravan he had his oars over his shoulder, with his Grey boxers hanging over the end like a fuckin flag not caring who saw them, as we got to Barry’s caravan we met our Jamie, he was with Emma the girl that he had been sucking the face off the night before. ” My Da is Gonnay kill you Captain Pugwash, for going out on a boat.” he shouted to me ” Fuck off” I replied giving him the spin finger, when he caught up with us he told me I had better go and tell Dad I was back, as he had been down walking along the si… Read more

Posted by talesofted 4 years ago 861 100%