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Friday night

This pasted Friday was a very very rare Friday night for me. You see almost every Friday night my wife usally has a date and even some times she will spend all night with someone. But not last Friday. As I came down our street I noticed the garage door up and her car still in her side . I pulled in next to her car and just as I was about to get out the garage door started closing. I closed my door and when I turned to enter the house I was met by my wife standing in the doorway. She was wearing her bath robe over what looked like black stockings of some sort. Get undressed and in the shower ... Continue»
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Early morning self-pleasure

We were both headed out the door to face the day. "Don't forget, dinner is at 7. I have something special planned for you. I think this will be a birthday you won't forget, " she said, flashing that huge sparkling smile.

I thought about her comment several times as I worked through the day. I texted her once asking her to give me a hint. Her only reply was, "patience! You'll enjoy it."

As I arrived home that evening, I opened the door to the wonderful aroma's of her cooking. We enjoyed pre-dinner conversation over a glass of wine as she finished making dinner. It was fabulous.

After... Continue»
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A Boring Summer Holiday - Day 3 - Friday Night

Sam managed to get dressed and down the stairs before his mother came through the hall door, as he was running down the stairs, he heard Jo starting the shower. He met his mom at the front door, she was carrying a couple of bags and 2 large pizza boxes. “where is Jo, I got pizza for dinner because your dad is working till late, something about the project they are doing having to be finished before the morning” She called upstairs, just as Sam heard the bathroom door opening, “Jo, I got pizza for dinner, come down before it gets cold”.
Sam and his mom laid the food out in front of the televis... Continue»
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The Desired Dream Of A Best Friend

The Desired Dream

Everyone has had one person in their life who that absolutely positively wanted to fuck. Yet for whatever reason they never could get that chance. Well I'm hear to share my story, as much as I wish it could happen or at least see her gorgeous naked body I can only tell my desire which turned into a full fledge dream.

So after talking to her one night I immediately started thinking a ton of things I'd do to her and it continued until I drifted away into a deep slumber. That's when the dream of a lifetime had begun. It started with us sitting on the couch playi... Continue»
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Bath Time with Daddy.

Disclaimer, this story is about a Daddy Dom, not my actual father. I call my Husband "Daddy" and I am His girl, princess, baby. This has nothing to do with i****t.

He dug his fingers into my hips and pulled to Him. Nuzzling my neck he wraps his arms around my hips and kissed me on the forehead between the eyes. "Baby, I'm glad you are home, you look tired." I nod weakly, silently. I feel nearly crippled from standing in heels for three days. I'm on the edge of tired bordering on cranky. He looks at me in the... Continue»
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My ultimate fantasy......

I’ve been having some “me” time recently & to pass the time, I’ve put together what would be, my ultimate fantasy fulfilled. The guys are invented, one a bondage playmate I’d met just once before, the other is a complete strange to me but a friend of my palymate.

Let me know what you think:

I travelled down to Norwich by train, the station's right across the road from the hotel. I checked into reception, collected my key & headed for the room.
To be honest, I thought the guys would be waiting for me when I arrived & was really nervous about opening the door. I found the room empty apart... Continue»
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So me and my girlfriend went to a restaurant for her birthday called 'Rare Steakhouse' the food was lovely but I'm not here to talk about the food. Anyway as we entered the restaurant I found myself staring at the waitress, she was about 5'9, red tied back hair, half her cleavage on show from her perky breasts, and she was wearing no tights with the shortest skirt I've ever seen.

The stunning waitress directed us to our table and gave us the menu's and we ordered our food, but on her way to the kitchen she dropped a menu, went to pick it up and that's when I realised, not only was she short... Continue»
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A weekend with my Big sis Pt 3

Chapter Three

Lucy giggled, “OMG, you pair of fucking perverts, you’re s****rs for fuck sake. How fucking horny. When I said you weren’t my type Jay, I meant for a relationship. But for some good old fashioned sex you are just what I need right now. Chloe got a strop on last night when she saw me with you, so we’re not talking now. And as for you George, I always knew you had the occasional sip from the furry cup, but fucking your baby s****r, Wow!”
After she finished her breathless tirade Lucy crossed to the bed and stood beside us. I handed her the hair dryer and bent my face to between ... Continue»
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The Builders

Came Home To Find Wife Fast Asl**p Covered In Cum

I’ve just returned home after a long day at work to find the builders working on our extension leaving later than usual, all smiling and happy looking.
“Bit of overtime lads,” I asked
“Yes but we won’t be charging you” the bosses son said while laughing at his workers.
I went to see the progress of the extension out back and saw that my wife had her better underwear hanging on the washing line, the underwear she keeps for special occasions. Lacy bras and matching knickers, black ones and red ones with black stockings all hanging ... Continue»
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Debbie's First Visit

First of all let me just say this, this is a true story of what happened to me a couple years ago whilst at my local Bar.

it had been 5 or 6 months since me and my Crazy ex split (thats a whole different story) and despite a few over nighters the first month i was going through a dry spell.
Every Friday was always Bar night, me and all the guys would go down to our local bar and stay until it closed, tonight was no different.

now due to the pretty low standards of the place, women were pretty rare, especially any under the age of 40, and right up until about 10:30 this remained the case... Continue»
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At The Doctors

Forst off this is all made up i heard a story similar to this one but i made it better it is fake but i loved writing it because i have always had fantasys about doctors touching me in a way..

It all began on a one by me hanging out with a few friends one day. We were going somewhere walking when we passed by a rehab one of my friends saw a needle/synrige on the ground we thought it was ironic seeing it next to a rebah center for d**g addicts. At first i didn't believe that it was real cause it was so ironic so i got it from him and uncapped it. When i tried capping it again to throw it awa... Continue»
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Thru The Window

This is the first in a series of stories that I wrote from the perspective of a girl named Crista. It was an experiment to see if I could write believably from a woman's point of view. I think this experiment has made me a better writer and I think it has even made me a better lover. You can comment on the'll have to just trust me on the latter. ;-)

I wanted to relay this incident which happened to me when I was 19, which totally changed my life and my attitudes toward sex. Until this happened, I had never even thought about being with another girl sexually, it jus... Continue»
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Ex-girlfriend Sarah the exhibitionist, true story

Well Chris, I hope you are enjoying reading about your new girlfriend’s sexual exploits. Is she as much of an exhibitionist with you as she was with me?

We were out for a meal in the city of Bath, in the UK. I was driving so couldn’t have much wine, but that night Sarah seemed to be making up for my lack of drinking. By the time we had almost finished the meal, she was well into the second bottle of Chablis. She got up and went to the ladies restroom, then came back a few moments later, sat down and put one finger into the top of her handbag, then pulled it out with the waistband of ... Continue»
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My Stranger Fantasy

I'm watching you swim in the lake as I sip my drink. You don't know that I've been watching you every evening since you moved in. I don't even know your name, but it doesn't matter. I watch the muscles ripple across your chest and down your arms as you stroke over and over again swimming in the lake.

It makes my pussy clench just thinking of those muscles rippling as you thrust into me. As you swim back to shore and walk up to the towel you left with your clothes, I think of walking up to you and stripping out of my skirt and blouse. I watch in hunger as you dry off every inch of your body... Continue»
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Why Redheads Are Best (Part 1: Intro)

This is my tale of why Redheads are best! Best at what you ask?

Part 1: Intro

It was mid fall. I was 24. I was working many hours a day and when I got home all that was left to do was sl**p and wait for the next day and the day after and so on...

My sex life at that time was pretty dull. I had little time to pick up girls and that was on weekends. Most for one night. At week days I was so tired I didn't even feel like masturbating even tho most girls didn't satisfy my hunger and there were times I has really horny.

One day I woke up just as usual I got on m... Continue»
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Distractions - part 2

The train continued to move at speed, the motion creating a welcome friction in my panties. My pussy was hot and slippery, and my nipples were rock hard. My neighbour across the aisle was getting bolder. His fingers traced the outline of his cock, showing clearly as a huge bulge against the denim of his jeans. I looked up, and our eyes locked. He had a playful smile, I was biting my lip in anticipation of what may happen next.

He was the first to speak. "Hi" he said "are you enjoying the journey?"

"Oh yes" I replied without hesitation "are you enjoying the movie?"

"I am enjoying the v... Continue»
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Tennis Girl

When I was in High School, I had a crush on a girl named Sindy...

She was a chubby Asian girl of fair complexion. She stood about 5'5" and had light brown hair. I had known her since elementary school, but I never paid her much attention until I reached High School.

I actually remember the first time I really noticed her. One day after school, I was hanging out with a friend by the tennis courts. At the time, it was girl's season for tennis and she was on the Varsity team. As my friend and I were chatting, my attention soon drifted to all the girls on the courts. Even though we were a sm... Continue»
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Sunset Vacation

After a few years of talking about taking a vacation together, this year we put together our money in May and paid for a trip to Key Largo at the close to the end of summer after your job slowed down from building all of the summer season. Somehow we managed to get booked at some sort of private beach place that was available and in our price range. I remember thinking “Man, I hope we have some privacy so we can just fuck all we want outside!” And smiling as we left the webpage that booked our vacation.
Next thing I know, its late August and were on a plane, ready for our vacation. After driv... Continue»
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My sexy s****r in law

Me , my girlfriend Amy , her b*****r Alan and his girlfriend Harriet had all booked a weekend to Cornwall to stay in a caravan each, I was driving with everyone in high spirits, me an Alan in the front, with the girls in the back.
As we drove along I could see Harriet in the rear view mirror, the wind blowing her light brown hair, slightly tanned face, but lovely juicy lips and come to bed brown eyes. I'd always wanted to fuck her and wondered if she thought the same?
We arrived at the caravan park as it was getting dark and decided to wash and then meet up for a drink for the evening. Amy a... Continue»
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A Girl Named Sindy... Part 1

When I was in High School I had a crush on a girl named Sindy. She was a cute, chubby, Asian girl of fair complexion. I had known Sindy since elementary school and had always thought she was cute, but it wasn't until recently that I got to know her.

We shared a Physics and English class with a mutual friend and ended up sitting next to each other in both classes. She turned out to be pretty boyish... and was the type that didn't mind socking you on the shoulder if you said something that pissed her off.

She wasnt overly concerned with being fashionable or looking pretty; most days she ju... Continue»
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