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Passing Through Dreamland

For most of us, online relationships are fantasy; a playground for talking out (or chatting) about taboo subjects, hidden desires, and role playing. The curiosity and unknown of who is on the other end is intriguing…exciting...stirs our sexual appetite. I, for one, have never met any of my chat partners in person, though the desire to do so has surfaced on occasion. That is, I never met anyone until recently.
I connected with a very alluring woman…single mom….very hungry for sexual satisfaction. Through our chats I learned that she lives just a few hours from me. As a matter of fact, I pass t... Continue»
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I had the house all to myself. I haven't been able to go out slutt-ing in a couple of months. And it didn't look like I would be able to in the near future. Anyway I had been looking forward to this alone time for a couple of days. Still to risky to dress up but I planned on some alone time with my 8" rubber cock. I wish it was black but it's not. On with the story. I wake up and immediately go to Hamster. I scroll thru some sissy porn and get myself worked up. I get my 8" friend and start warming him up. While he's warming I start cleaning my pussy out real good. 3 separate douches' and I'm s... Continue»
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Sex With My Friends Girlfriend

So Me and a few of my friends had recently taken a vacation together down to the shore. It was me and 5 of my close friends, 2 of whom had brought their girlfriends along. We had pooled all of our money together to rent a beach house for a few days. I was having a great time, the beaches, the food, the alcohol, it felt good everywhere except the wallet, but I was having such a good time that I didn't care. There was only one problem: 8 of us living so close together, there wasn't much privacy and I fancy myself as a man who enjoys his privacy. Sometimes I need some good peace and quiet to pull... Continue»
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You'll never believe who sucked my cock!

So maybe three or four years ago, this documentary went out on TV all about dogging. Being still kinda naive at the time, me and one of my best mates, Brandon, were sat at his house watching it. To explain a bit more, it was basically people wearing masks to cover their faces, driving to a secluded area and then fucking strangers. For lads our age it was the perfect thing, we both had cars and we both loved fucking.

Now my memory is a little bit sketchy here, but I'm 99% positive the documentary (which was all set in parts of England that were very close, if not local, to us), had a scene s... Continue»
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The Cell Phone and the Pager

The Cell Phone and the Pager
…and why I switched to a panty girdle rather than panties…

When I was on the road, doing troubleshooting for a large company, there was a lot of driving involved. Getting there then, driving around to company reps. in the area I was working. Other than the nights, it could be pretty boring.
I carried a company pager then, because cell phone coverage wasn’t anything like it is today. Since I have a pretty perverted mind I was thinking about things one day and started to play. At that point I’d found a non-slip butt plug that hit me just the right way. As I sai... Continue»
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The Window Across the Street

Our neighbors across the street are usually never home during the day but it's still fun to roam around our yard anyway in full view of their upstairs windows. Gardening in shredded short shorts, or doing home repairs on mesh g-strings, or sunning myself in nothing but cock rings.

I love the all over tan. The only tan lines i have right now are from the heavy ring i wear around my cock and balls and the tighter ring i wear around just my balls. So last Thursday morning I'm sunning myself in the front yard and because it had been six days since my last orgasm, i was pretty hard. Of course i... Continue»
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All tied up

A work of pure fiction, my first. I only wish it would happen to me!

Dave woke up slowly, not sure where he was or how he got there. He was a little groggy, and as he came around he realised he was sitting up, and a little cold. The carpet felt good between his toes though...

“Wait a minute,” he thought as he regained his senses. “Am I naked?” He looked down, his eyes starting to adjust to the small amount of light coming through. He realised that he was not only naked, and was indeed sitting up, but he was tied to the chair he was sitting in. He struggled a little, trying to ... Continue»
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Quite an Encounter - And, it Started at a Sports B

Taking advantage of a recent baseball road trip, I happened upon what appeared to be a very nice sports bar. It was lunch time, so I figured "what the Hell?" (NOTE: this took place in St. Louis, Missouri, USA). Upon entry, the place was packed - even at the bar. I was about to leave for the next venue, when I heard a "Hey!" I glanced in the direction of the voice, and there was a very handsome couple in a booth. It was just the 2 of them, so I wandered over.

"What's up?" I spouted. They both smiled and asked if I'd like to join them. I returned the smile, introduced myself, and said "Wow - ... Continue»
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A Journey By Train

I was late, dammit! Any other morning but this one. I ran into the station just as they were announcing the departure of the train. I scrambled through the barrier thankful that at least I already had my ticket. It was just starting to move as I managed to open the door. I flung my overnight bag on board and climbed in after it. I slammed it shut after me and then leant against the wall trying to recover my breath. Jeez, what a start to what I guessed was already destined to be a boring day.

I don't mind meeting but why did they have to hold one two hours away. I was going to miss the fir... Continue»
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Summer Morning Strangers

She woke up to a warm summer morning – the whistle of someone cutting grass accompanied the birdsong outside. She had pushed the quilt off of her in the night to cool her skin, and as she stretched and opened her eyes, a memory drifted back to the week before when she had woken to the feeling of skin against her.
Getting out of bed she pulled on her bathrobe and walked to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and pissed while the water heated. As she stepped into the shower the sensation of heat all over her body had a cleansing effect – preparing for a new day. She caressed her nipples as ... Continue»
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You Will Jerk Off Like I Tell You To

That's right, baby. I'm talking to you. This isn't a story, and we're not characters. I am your master now, and from now on, you obey me. Now take your hands off your fucking cock. You can only touch yourself when I tell you to, you can only move when I tell you, you can only cum when I tell you to. I might also add, you can only cum where I tell you to. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, faggot, but if you really are that dense, then you'll find out soon enough.

Since this is most likely your first time submitting to me, I'll keep it simple and sweet. But I know you'll be bac
... Continue»
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Wanting love and kink

Hey guys, I'm Denny, a masculine soft-hearted Outed Gay,
with a Homoflexable twist looking for my Soul-Mate. Am a retired professional looking to find a REAL LifeTime romantic love n friendship with a Versatile Outed Gay man, LadyBoy or T-Gurl. I'm a loyal, calm, very horny ole boy n enjoy guys whose sexuality radiates from within n are comfortable with who they are. It's important to talk, get to know one another n share our stories as I do enjoy hearing about your life's n your sexual experiences. I'm hygienic, DD free, Vers [you be also], 8 1/2 inch part-cut, on PrEP n will not ware... Continue»
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Woman In Need.

It was time to go for my nightly jog, it was about half a mile to one of the few local hotels that had a pool. Every night at 10:30 the pool gate was locked, about 15 or 20 minutes later I’d hop the fence and swim about 50 laps then jog home.

It was on one of these nights I decided to take a short cut and cut through from one block to the next. As I walked through a 5 or 6 foot wide opening between a mechanic shop and a small little slightly elevated home good fortune smiled upon me. The bottom sill of a 5 foot wide window was right at eye level and there inside the room was a bed the t... Continue»
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Real Experience With Business Man

It happened after meeting an awesome and good looking manly uncle in the business class lounge of Belgrade airport ''Nikola Tesla'', who was around 50 years old with a thick moustache. He was 5.5 height, 90+ kg weight hairy chest guy with brown skin looked like perfect manly stud. From the very first glance, I was so attracted towards him and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I went and sat on the sofa next to him and I picked up beer and just looking at my phone, he was alone and busy talking to someone over the phone and I could see that he was not happy and using harsh words while he was tal... Continue»
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Friendship with an older man

I was back from University and had finished at my summer job and at a bit of a loose end. The weather was really hot and I was at something of a loose end and, as usual when the weather was warm, I was feeling really horny most of the day.

There was an older man I used to go and help out with some odd jobs when I was about 14, we got to know each other quite well and in fact we became quite close. I was a very shy boy and quite slow to develop sexually. One afternoon he asked me a few questions about girls and feelings and although I was deeply embarrassed I felt I could talk to him in a wa... Continue»
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a hot story for long masturbations sessions, my co

`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are u******e,

... Continue»
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My first lesbian lover! ♡

The first time I made love was with a girl. I had been torn between guys and girls for a while. I assumed that I was bi. I had been wanting to have sex with my boyfriend but we hadn't done it yet. I had been thinking about it for a while and masturbating a lot. My best friend since c***dhood is a gorgeous girl named Stephanie. We had shared everything and been very close. We were in high school and I was very attracted to her. I was nervous to say anything because I didn't know how she felt. I remember about a week before, I saw her changing and she was just stunningly beautiful. S... Continue»
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Pussy play on the Chicago L train

It was late and I was exhausted and could wait to get home to sl**p. So I waited for the train to come, which seemed forever. There was no one in sight, which is strange for Chicago. I was almost sl**p when the train finally came. It was a full eight cars and I sat anywhere. The train was pleasant and comfortable. I had far to go, so I relaxed.

On the next stop, there entering the train was a woman. A sweet and beautiful very, very dark skin Black girl. She was wearing blue shorts that went up to her sweet ass and a camel toe to. Immediately, I wasn't tired anymore, so I sat up and althoug... Continue»
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richard goes to fat camp part 3

I left dick for half an hour and said goodbye to my neighbours then went to see what he had been up to.
I found him on his back with his hand around his cock wanking off with a shot glass in his hand.
'so Dick did you forget the rules ? i told you no wanking without me watching you it was one of the 1st things i told you'
Dick took his hand off his cock
'sorry maam i forgot you gave me 2 shotglasses and said i should use them if i felt like a wank in the night maam
so i thought it would be ok just trying to get a head start for my meals tomorrow'
'well you started now so carry on while ... Continue»
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An interesting horny friday

Friday morning I went to Caitlyn's house to go through some of our varsity work together. On arriving I could see she wasn't her happy self so I asked her what's wrong. She told me her and her boyfriend had a big fight last night but they had sorted it out although she was still a bit upset. I gave her a big comforting hug and told her not to worry about him or his shit. We then Grabbed our books and laptops and we sat down at the dinning room table and started going through our work. Well going through our work my mind wondered and drifted as I started thinking again about fucking Caitlyn and... Continue»
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