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First time to an adult video booth

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Never in a million years did I think I'd get my wife to a video booth and glory hole. She's always said it's just for guys. Well after a date didn't work out for her I said let's stop by this "toy store" on our way home and find you a new toy. It was a long two hour drive thru New Hampshire We arrived at 8 o'clock at night . We explored the store and discovered that there were only a few people shopping. So I suggested we check out the video area and she shrugged her shoulders and said okay. We entered the movie theatre area checked it out and she giggled at the holes in between the bo… Read more

Posted by stevnkellie 3 months ago 6 6,492 100%

Skate Park---Mud Ridin


The Skate Park---Mud Ridin Slipin n slidin, and slingin mud-- who don't like a dirty boi, covered in crud ?? We arrived at the dirt tracks about 11:00 AM. It was still lightly raining, so I had put the bikini top on the jeep. Dustin helped me get unloaded, and all the gear out. Put on my ridin boots, and chest ptotector. I just left the shirt off---gonna get dirty anyway “) It was about 90 out, warm and muggy. Those pits are gonna really be stinkin after a couple of hours ridin. Kelso and Petroni pulled up just as I was firing up. I didn't see the dude from the truck stop yet, maybe he got… Read more

Posted by tappinit 3 months ago 1,160 80%

My Boss And I (Part 5).


Ifeoma lay on the bed staring up at me seductively. She propped herself up on her elbows, and opened her legs widely, revealing her gorgeous sex to me. She was naked except for her silky black stockings and garter belt, and I could see glistening wetness shining between her legs. It was time for me to pleasure her, to pay her the same level of devotion she'd just shown me. I unfastened the top button of my shirt. It was all I still had on; I'd removed my pants long ago when she had sucked my cock so gloriously. "Do it, slowly," she prodded, "make it exquisite." It was the same demand I'd ma… Read more

Posted by agunna 3 months ago 801 75%

Total Conquest


So I get a phone call from my old college roommate Paula on Saturday night. After a few minutes of small talk and catching up, she tells me she's in a brutal relationship with her second husband. "Second?" I ask. "What happened with Glen?" "He's dead!" she exclaimed, her voice hitching. "And Rory [her new husband] killed him!" "What?!?" "It's true!" she sobbed. "Th-they were business partners. They were checking out a construction site, and Rory shoved Glen into a gully. He hit his head on a rock and died!" "How do you know that?" "Th-there was another guy there. He told th… Read more

Posted by Stevie_Notnicks 3 months ago 3 1,099 63%

My final First year Exam


After my first study session with Caitlyn for our first final exams of first year we manage to get through the next 3 study sessions without fucking each other. Although we didn't fuck each other again yet we did exchanged a few passionate kisses and felt each others bodies on a number of occasions. It was a Thursday morning and I made my way to Caitlyn's house rather early as our final exam was at 1pm that day. My girlfriend Jessica finished her last exam of the year the day before and her and I had made plans to see each other after my exam. I arrived by Caitlyn just after 7 30am as her da… Read more

Posted by canev8 3 months ago 914 100%

The Skate Park--Rain Rain Here to Stay


The Skate Park—Rain Rain It had rained pretty hard Saturday night. Just kinda light showers now, Sunday morning. Forecast had s**ttered showers all week. Just laying in bed, still sl**py, I just started playing with my balls. Real slow and gentle, so I wouldnt totally wake up. I ran my middle finger between my balls, more tickling the hairs than the balls themselves. Dippng down underneath, and towards my asshole, I spread just a bit and pushed my finger to my sweaty hole, giving just a nudge to make it open ever so slightly. Applying more pressure now, rubbing my finger from my hole to und… Read more

Posted by tappinit 3 months ago 670 100%

My Oral Bang

HardcoreMasturbationGroup Sex

A Gina Jones Oral Bang If you are at Filipina Gina Jones profile, you are no doubt a fan of the legendary Mrs Gina Jones, the lovely sperm eating Filipina. The following is a real sex session I attended . I received an email invite from Gina for a "special event" for guys who were, for what ever reason, a bit camera shy. I arrived at the time and place, a small industrial building, and went in and meet the lovely Gina and her husband. Gina was dressed in that cum fuck me style you see in her videos. Black Bra, black stockings, black slut high heels. Nothing else. She greeted me with… Read more

Posted by FilipinaGinaJones 3 months ago 1 1,037 100%

Surprise for an Underwear Lover Part 2

FetishGay MaleMasturbation

This story follows on from this one It was approaching midday on a sweltering August Sunday and I couldn't get the events of the previous night out of my head. Chris had work and left before sunrise still wearing his green boxers now filled with cum. I knew he wouldn't have had time to go home and change, a thought that made me hard again. We hadn't spoken about what had happened and he seemed a little more coy than usual when he left. I wondered if he had regrets, we were pretty stoned after all. Had it just been a quick… Read more

Posted by perdog 3 months ago 1 1,128 100%

Roommate Sex pt 1

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

Nikki spread her legs and pinched her nipples as her roommate Kay climbed onto the bed and began eating Nikki out. Nikki moaned loudly and arched her back as the first wave of pleasure hit her body. She hadn't had sex in a long time and when Kay d***kenly hit on her she gave into temptation and accepted Kay's request of sex. Kay had smirked a sexy grin that made Nikki blush as Kay pushed her against the wall and began taking Nikki's clothes off for her. Nikki was in such a horny state that she let Kay do whatever she wanted to her body. Her skirt dropped immediately and Nikki turned and f… Read more

Posted by mysexstories 3 months ago 4 8,430 80%

More Farm Fun

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

Let me tell you about a former classmate of mine. His name was Cameron and we went through school together, right from grade 1 to grade 12. I was a town k** and he was a farm k**. He got bussed to school every day. While we were classmates and friends, we were not buddy buddy. No opportunities presented themselves for us to hang out together after school and become close. The Thursday before Good Friday, he approached me just as we were dismissed for lunch about working with him and his dad for the long weekend. His dad needed some extra help on the farm. He had asked Cameron to chec… Read more

Posted by bobapple 3 months ago 5 8,869 95%

My Boss And I (Part3).


The major deal Ifeoma and I struck with the national phone service provider put her in line for a promotion. The northeast regional director was retiring, and Ifeoma was the front-runner to take his place. I was rooting for her to get the position and continue her ascent, but secretly I was somewhat disheartened that I might not be working with her directly anymore. The regional director, while still assigned to the same building I was, would be reporting directly to corporate and would mostly just oversee my department, not work directly with us. Because of this, I was a bit torn. Ifeoma h… Read more

Posted by agunna 3 months ago 1,463 63%

s****rs turned lesbian PT1

Lesbian SexMasturbationTaboo

s****rs turned lesbian PT1 THIS STORY IS A FANTASY AND ONLY A FANTASY. I DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY SUCH ACTIVITIES. I walked into my younger si(s)ters room and saw her naked humping a pillow, her tiny ass towards the door. I stood there and watched her excitement as she fucked the pillow fiercely. She was muttering unintelligible cries of pleasure. I started rubbing my tits. I unbuttoned my shorts to make room for my hand so I could rub my pussy. Watching her wildly fucking the pillow was making me so fucking horny. I wiggled out of my shorts and pulled down my panties letting them… Read more

Posted by jnthn1 3 months ago 3 5,567 100%

sis and her best friend continued

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Episode 2 – The Flood Continuing my story of youth and innocence from Episode 1. Jenny gave me a big hug and kissed me lightly on the forehead. ‘That was lovely Bill, don’t worry I won’t tell sis’ she whispered as if reading my mind. ‘Night night, see you in the morning’. I was both emotionally exhausted and exhilarated but at a loss for words. As my mind replayed what had just happened I got hard again but quickly slipped off into a deep blissful slumber. I was awoken the next morning by the sound of the loo flushing then flushing again a few moments later. That triggered me to mak… Read more

Posted by luvwatchin 3 months ago 4 5,667 96%



<font><font>La belle en 1964 ... Le bon dieu sans confession ! Elle avait 23 ans et déjà 11/12 ans de pratiques par les 3 orifices .... Une branleuse increvable qui travaillait (cela ne s'invente pas) dans une usine de fabrication de papier Q . Enfin, travailler est un bien grand mot car elle était la seule fille pour une dizaine d'ouvriers et passait le plus clair de son temps dans la réserve, dans toutes les positions et avec la bénédiction du patron .... La même en 19… Read more

Posted by DIOGENE 3 months ago 1 1,383 80%

Episode 40:My Girl with the Horse Cock


Introduction Lucy woke up first, stretched and looked over at Amy laying face down beside her. A shaft of low autumn sunlight from a crack in the curtains illuminating her gorgeous long blonde hair. Lucy brushed it aside, softly kissing the back of Amy’s neck. As she gradually kissed down Amy’s spine, her breasts stroked the back of Amy’s arm, making her nipples harden; Amy stirred in her sle•ep. Lucy pushed down the white cotton sheet, exposing Amy’s bare taut buttocks. Lucy kept kissing lower and lower; holding each buttock in turn. Lucy adored Amy and would do anything to pleasure h… Read more

Posted by dasx2 3 months ago 3 7,298 100%

Young Dumb & Full Of Cum (loyalsock)


18-year-old Emily was always a staple of the mean girls' group, not because she was one of them, they certainly didn't think of her that way, to them, she was a useful idiot, a rather harsh term to be sure, unfortunately, Emily was indeed far from being the sharpest tool in the shed, and to top it off, she was kind to a fault, optimistic, gullible and impressionable, not to mention easy to arouse. At 5"8', Emily's massive 36DD breasts, round and bouncy ass, not to mention her blonde hair gave her the appearance of a typical blonde bimbo, something easily exacerbated by her personality, and… Read more

Posted by loyalsock 3 months ago 1 2,239 100%

Unexpected Thailand massage

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

I didn't want to speak up when my masseur well and truly crossed the line. This was very awkward for me. I was returning home from a Wedding at a South East Asian resort, and had a couple of days before my flight to return home. So I took the scenic bus tour to get back to the airport so I could fly home. the trip was over two days, with a stopover at a provincial town. Accommodation was fine, at fairly cheep clean hotel, but the bus trip left me feeling a bit jaded, I had a few aches, and a tight muscle in my shoulder, along with a dull headache. I went out to get a bite to eat, when… Read more

Posted by Katiewest 3 months ago 7 4,795 100%

Hiding (loyalsock)


he moon broke through the cover of thin clouds, bathing the clearing with it's silver glow. Barely a ripple broke the surface of the lake, the gentlest breeze whispered through the leaves of the tall trees around me. I checked and double checked the legs of my tripod, all tight. I switched the camera on and looked through the viewfinder, the focus was perfect. The wooden bench showed up on the tiny screen. Just to be sure, I took a quick look at the front of the camera. The black tape was still covering the little red light. I knew from my tests that I couldn't be seen. The luminous dial on… Read more

Posted by loyalsock 3 months ago 789 100%

The Plane (loyalsock)


He's watching them; she sees this wondering why the distinguished older gentleman is watching her and Jake as they all wait to board the plan. Jake, at 6'2"; is towering over her petite frame, his dirty blonde hair falling in his eyes as he leans in closer to her. Kira knows he loves the peach and vanilla scent of her body was, so she leans her head back so he can press his lips and nose to her neck. Jake nuzzles her and pulls her closer, his hands on her ass, unaware that they are being watched, he presses his lips to her, slowly pushing his tongue between her lips. Jake's kisses take her… Read more

Posted by loyalsock 3 months ago 1 1,363 80%

The Pin Hole Camera (loyalsock)


en I was quite young, my parents had our house remodeled, enlarging two rooms and adding a bath. This was desperately needed, as our f****y had grown to seven. I had a younger b*****r, a twin s****r, an older s****r and a younger s****r, all of us close in age, except for the younger, "accidental" b*****r, who came much later. My s****rs had lots of friends, who often slept over. As I approached puberty, I became very aware of girls, getting more and more excited at the idea of their being naked in the same house, and seeing them in their nightgowns, bra-less. I frequently masturbated in th… Read more

Posted by loyalsock 3 months ago 2,399 90%