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I might be in trouble....

So Nick was at work and I had a few days off. I went over to my friends house Cindy, they wanted go to the beach. Her husband Kevin and Cindy got married about a year ago. Cindy is a blonde, with C cup breast, I've seen them. Her husband is 6' 2" handsome guy.

Me and Cindy both wore a two piece bikini. Kevin had on some black and blue swim trunks. We got to the beach, Kevin took his shirt off, I couldn't stop looking at him, he was hot. Dark brown hair, six pack, do I really to need to on. Cindy had some sun tan lotion, Kevin helped put it on Cindy then he put some on me. I didn't him want h... Continue»
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Wife Jerks Husband in His Own Mouth - CEI

She caught him. She got home early from the gym and heard a voice in the bedroom, so she walked up to see what it was. What she saw shocked her, though she couldn’t exactly say why. She walked into the room and her husband was completely naked on the bed, with his legs flipped over his head, jerking off with his cock pointed straight at his open mouth. She knew exactly why. On the computer, a female voice was instructing him to do it, to build up a load and cum in his mouth. “I really want a big mess for you to eat up” the voice said. “You haven’t cum in 5 days, imagine how big that load’sis ... Continue»
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My Journey part 1.

My Journey part 1.

This is a rewrite of “my Journey” as I was not happy with how I had written it before so hopefully this will be easier to read.

As I sat in a small bar in a pub I thought back on my life and how it had brought me a Fifty + year old crossdresser to this place and time.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s many the top shelf magazines were full of “lipstick lesbians” dressed in sexy satin and lace lingerie in various poses so when I got hold of some of those magazines the connection was made between feminine beauty, kissing, tongues, sex, satin and same... Continue»
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The Dream

She woke up with a start as the front door banged shut, her heart pounding in her chest and a feeling of guilt creeping over her as the memory of her reaction to him brought the blood rushing to her cheeks.

Her hand flew up to her naked chest and she heaved a sigh of relief to find no trace of residue, realising she'd been dreaming - again. This one kept coming back, but whereas she'd never been able to identify him in the previous versions, this time there was no doubt as to who was haunting her sleeping mind.

Although it hadn't been entirely innocent in the beginning, she'd certainly ... Continue»
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The hospital orderly

About 10 years, Raymond was in the hospital for surgery on his lower abdomen. Here’sis what he wrote me:

“I was in my mid thirties, in good shape and horny all the time, jerking off a couple of times a day.

I went in late the night before surgery and was admitted, showered and jerked off in the shower.

Next morning I was to be prepped for surgery and this meant having a full pubic shave! The orderly came. He was tall, slender, nice looking guy. Yummy.

I had a private room but he still pulled the curtain around the bed. He started to shave me and was moving my cock back and fo... Continue»
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Grandma'sis Magic Resort - Part I

Grandma'sis Magic Resort - Part I
(or 'One Fam1ly Visits the 'Real' Happiest Place On Earth)

an erotic journey by DizzyD

“Hey Tommy, mom just called and said don’t go anywhere, she’sis bringing Giovanni’sis Pizza home for dinner,” Lindsay Robertson called down the stairs to her younger br0ther as she changed clothes.

“AWESOME,” Tommy replied. Pizza was somewhat of a delicacy in their household, not because they couldn’t afford it, but because Susan Robertson did her best to encourage her ch1ldren to eat healthy, so having their favorite pizza was cause for celebration to the t... Continue»
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The little admin girl

An account of my attempts to bed a little hotty who works in the admin office

I won't detail the whole time it took to convince this little admin girl that what I was chasing was what she needed so I'll only do a brief account of events dropping the boring uneventful bits -

I was in my mid 40's - she was a single, plain, skinny little thing, 26, 5'5" 85lbs with what I considered to be a nice, tight little body with a cute peachy arse, probably from her favourite exercise - running. She was what could be termed as being plain, not even a pretty or popular girl, perhaps even a butterface,... Continue»
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Not a Traditional Gift

It is probably not very traditional to receive a sex toy as a present from a man. But that is how this all started. Out of the blue, and without batting an eye. He put the little egg shaped object on the desk in front of me. It was around two inches long, and, around an inch in diameter. At the base was a loop of what looked like soft wire. It looked warm, and velvety soft to the touch. Without thinking, I reached out and picked it up. What is it? I asked. I noticed a very soft, blinking light near the base of the egg. And I turned it in my hand o get a better look, suddenly, the little object... Continue»
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Down The Shore Under The Boardwalk

I sometimes get the notion into my head to take a drive down the shore and listen to music, walk along the beach and enjoy the sound and "feel" of the waves crashing on shore at high tide just about any time of the year. Well, with the temps today in the 50'sis I jumped at the chance since the roads were clear and traffic was minimal. I stopped at Starbucks, got myself a latte and put in a CD (the Black album..) and off I drove with the window down. Yup, I love being outdoors whenever I can.

I work from my home so rides are very soothing and cathartic as is first love!

Anyway, ... Continue»
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Hello Do you walk the dog in the park . I do and did so today . It was most exciting in fact so exciting I'm still 8" erect from my outing.

I'll just calm down and tell you what happened to me . As I entered the park yesterday I walked the dog down the path towards the pond where the k**s play with their boats then beyond there is an area surrounded by bushes and trees .It is very nice and quiet there. You probably know it near the sports gym where all the young men go to keep fit

Well I sat down opposite a bench on the other side by the path to the Gym . Sitting ther... Continue»
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Wrong address, right result.

My Neighbour is very pretty, slightly younger, (7 years but that still makes her 37..)
We get on well, She brought a bottle over when my partner left, I reciprocated when she kicked her husband out of the house.
We chat over the fence, we talk and take in parcels for each other...good neighbours.

She enjoys her new found freedom, with the occasional weekend guest, varying ages.

It is a hot Saturday night, I cannot sleep, I am downstairs, its 1am and I am watching a film. The curtains are open to make the most of any breeze that is flowing.

A taxi pulls up, cheery goodnight to the o... Continue»
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Exploits part 1

I thought I would share some of my best sex exploits with you so here is the first me.orable one

I went out to walk the dog one morning and met up with one of the neighbours walking her dog in the park. She was probably about fifteen years older than myself and had blonde hair and typically dressed in dog walking attire which isn't the sexiest generally. We often walked the dogs together and had a bit of banter and flirting but there was an invisible line that was never crossed due to marital statuses.
On this particular morning she asked about my work knowing I had a big deal I was wor... Continue»
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Anika's starts along the Path

The rain fell steadily as Anika looked out over her backyard sipping her
coffee and thinking. All she could think was that no one asks for their
life to change, not really. But it does. So, what are we, helpless?
Puppets? No. The big moments are going to come, you can't help that.
It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who
you are.

She had ended up using Katy's bathroom during the fourth of July party
and noticed the book near the toilet. "Amber, the HuCow". She had only
give a quick once over but the contents were explicit. It had stayed
with ... Continue»
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The Dream (or Nightmare)

At first awareness...Where am I?

I cannot move, though I am not restrained.

I cannot see, though I am not blindfolded.

I am laying on my back on something cold and hard...a marble or granite surface. I am nude as best I can tell. The cool, dank air is tickling my skin all over. There is musky smell in the air. A basement? no. there is something clean about the smell. It'sis somewhere old, I smell old polished wood, and stone...a church? perhaps.

There is a soft droning sound. It'sis not unpleasant or pleasant. It just consumes the room. It'sis all I can hear. It'sis l... Continue»
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Slut: New to the scene. Part 1

Slut: New to the scene. Part 1

After 8 long weeks working on a construction site in the middle of the desert, I needed some time to relax and recharge my batteries. With four whole weeks to recuperate, I decided I would meet my wife in Tenerife as opposed to flying back to the UK. My rota would have me arrive in Tenerife on the Tuesday where as my wife would not arrive until the Saturday. Some of you will be aware that Tenerife is a haven for swingers from all over Europe, due to the year long perfect climate. The majority of Swingers are raving exhibitionist and to fulfil that lifestyle yo... Continue»
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First Encounter

It was the summer of my 12th year and, like most males, I was going through changes with my body. I was starting to grow hair around my dick and balls. Of course I was playing with myself and embarrassed by it. Being this the mid 60s, information about masturbation was available if you knew where to find it. I had gotten hold of a few "sex manuals" and found out that masturbation is normal. I had a private stash of pictures and was now now comfortable with my little secret.

We had a guy in the neighborhood who I'll call Leonard. He was an older guy, late 30s or early 40s who still lived at ho... Continue»
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A Helping Hand

My Company has always helped people in our local community so much so that we have received unsolicited recognition from local authorities and media. In my personal life I have always looked out for and helped others, neighbours and acquaintances.
Eric is now in his late seventies and lost his wife some years ago. He coped with help but he had a stroke in recent months and it was decided that he needed a different type of accommodation with higher level of care. I offered to help him to pack his wanted belongings as he moved to a smaller flat with adapted shower room and the ability to hoist ... Continue»
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My first time at the gyno.

I was so nervous as I entered the waiting room, my legs even trembled slightly as I walked to the reception desk to check in for my appointment.
"Hi, I'm Leah, I have an appointment at two," I mumbled, feeling my cheeks flush as if this were something terribly embarrassing. The receptionist smiled up at me before typing something into the computer.
"With Dr Kelley?" she asked.
"Yes," I replied, tucking my hair behind my ears.
"He's running ever so slightly late, so take a seat and wait for your name to be called,"
"He?" I asked, trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. They... Continue»
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First outdoor sex experience

So me and the husband have had a fantasy of having out door sex!

2 weeks ago we decided we would go out and try it for the first time.... I dressed up in a naughty lil nurses outfit with blue crotchles panties stockings and suspenders... Needless to say it got him going and so turnt on. For a bit of dutch courage I had a few drinks ( Which made me even more naughtier) he he.

So we got in our van and took a lil drive to some places - Hubby couldnt keep his hands off me and played with my wet pussy as he drove mmmmm so good and was getting me really turnt on. We came across a very long di... Continue»
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Friendship with an older man (Continued)

After enjoying a shared experience with Tom I felt even more excited about what we could do together. It felt amazing being masturbated by him and I loved the feeling of pumping out my semen all over his hands or into tissues or whatever else we did but it was even more of a turn on seeing his erection and watching him ejaculate for the first time made me come instantly. I played over in my mind the sound of him groaning and then the white liquid streaming out of his engorged penis and running down his fingers and into his pubic hair. I thought about it every night when I was wanking myself sl... Continue»
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