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A very nice trip of commission 4 :-P

VoyeurMasturbation that beautiful this video, what a nice aunt and what a luck to have an aunt so :-P, very thanks to who has loaded this video :-P, also to me is happened a very good situation like this, in a hotelroom, during a trip of commission, with my sister. It was end-winter/begin-spring about, April, i remember it :-P, the trip, that of going, it was in bus, at difference of the previously trips of commission they did in train when she had always a nice clothing namely skirt and pantyhose and low shoes, in this trip instead she… Read more

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Chat First, then Cam & Cum, Then In-Person

AnalMasturbationFirst Time

As those who follow and enjoy my documentation of action are aware, I've been bi for a VERY long time. All genders and orientations are welcome to connect w/me, to see if there's a chance for sexual liaison. I recently connected with a guy online (through xhamster, no less). He's been a follower for awhile, mostly via e-mail. We've been very graphic and detailed, in our expressions with each other, about past and current connections. They've been a thrill for me, as I love hearing of what others do and how they do it. We've actually self-pleasured while e-mailing (at least I have). We deci… Read more

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Showing The House


Showing the House It was a late spring afternoon and we were at our vacation house. It was a warm sunny day and the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass was in the air. I was standing in the bathroom when I heard their car pull up. I looked out the open window and saw the couple get out of their car and walk slowly and timidly toward our house. I was totally naked and the anticipation of these people seeing me that way was giving me a tremendous rush. I looked down at my cock. The Viagra which I had taken earlier had started to work now and my cock was filling out nicely. I felt that if I wa… Read more

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Donna and I epilogue pt 1


I had no idea what to expect on the final full day we had together. I had an errand to run and she went with me. The drive was maybe an hour to pick up a check from a former account on some side work I did for him regarding a lay out. I took the fastest route to get there and planned on taking the scenic route back. She is a mountain person and I a beach person. As I lived close to some small mountains in south eastern Pa, she enjoyed the ride. On our way back we held hands while I was driving. Our relationship was progressing in a way I had not expected this early but we both wanted it. Jus… Read more

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Cheating-light It is Tuesday morning just before 10 am when I sit down on the couch with a cup of coffee. Today a nice day off. First slept well and just showered, I do not go anywhere today so just a jogging pants and a t, shirt on, easy. My wife is a day in Amsterdam so I have the realm for myself. I am zapping chanels when suddenly i hear knocking on the window, I look up and see josje waving at me. Josje is a friend of my wife already before I married my wife. Josje is just in her 40's and married to Eddy who is just in his 50s, just like me. She actually always comes only for my wife here… Read more

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The story of Gius-yVenus 2nd part "Feeling fe

AnalGay MaleMasturbation

After giving Salvatore the blowjob I realized that the taste of sperm and that strong smell of sex had entered my soul, I wanted to continue the path I had just started with my man. The next day when I was with Salvatore again it was like meeting my boyfriend, the man who made your heart beat, that made you feel butterflies in your stomach. I was the first to want his kiss and this time, unlike him, I started to put my little tongue in his mouth and immediately I was pervaded by an immense and pleasant heat in the body and in my mouth his tongue explored all . I started to caress his cock, dis… Read more

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I FUCKED THE FEET SECOND TIME OF MY FRIEND'S WIFE OLGA. One week later,I went to same massage saloon after I fucked the feet of Olga. I said that I want Olga for massage.Saloon owner told me go to room and wait for her.I went to room and took my dresses off.I began waiting for Olga come.Almost, five minutes later she entered room.She was wearing a very short green dress with flower design.There were same white flip flops on feet.Her foot was so sexy as she was every time.There was red polish on toes. She was not surprised when she entered room.She put a few towels on sofa.And ,she said hello.W… Read more

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Cuisin at my aunts part2

First TimeTabooMasturbation

Cuisin at my aunts part 2 So I wake up early morning with a boner it raining out side anna not In the bed with me then I here the toilet flush she comes out and says good morning love I still got cum on me dried up I'm going to get a shower said anna I said I'll make breakfast and looks like today a Netflix day she said yeah yes I love Netflix. so I go to start cooking bacon and eggs I'm in my boxers and she walk in and sits at the table in a towel drying up I sit are plates down and fix some drinks we eat and anna said I love you I had fun last night I'm still feeling it I said me to darlin… Read more

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Perfect Girl - Part 3 (The morning after)

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I awoke, dazzled by a shaft of sunlight, streaming through a gap in the curtains. My tired, bleary eyes adjusted, and focused on the sight of the golden light dancing joyfully across Angela’s exposed breasts. She was fast asleep, her delicate features highlighted by the warm glow of morning. I glanced at my phone, only 6 am. It was early, but I was quickly awake, my mind instantly racing with a confusing range of thoughts and emotions. I eased myself from under the covers, careful not to disturb Angela. She stirred momentarily then sighed contentedly, a picture of serene gorgeousness. I slippe… Read more

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My first time with guy

Gay MaleFirst TimeMasturbation

100% true story: I had always wanted to try with a guy, always posting ads on Craigslist but if I am totally honest I would always bottle it, have a wank fantasising about it but then never meet. The idea of being naughty just made me so horny. I had even come really close in some toilets with a guy in a cubicle!! One day I just decided enough was enough and I wanted to actually go through with it!! I posted an ad on craig list asking that I knew some quiet toilets on the a40 and if anyone wanted to meet there. Within a few hours an old guy in his 50s messaged and said he knew where I meant a… Read more

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lost my virginity to a threesome

First TimeGroup SexMasturbation

It was my junior high year 1988. I was at home bored out of my mind with Jack s*** to do I just smoked a fat joint. When I noticed my neighbor Michelle on top of her balcony just in her apartment complex. There was an unfamiliar face Michelle called me over to hang out with them for the rest of the night. Just so happens that the Enfamil your face happened to be her Aunt Gloria who lived in a different part of the town. So we went into the apartment hung out add chips and dips shut the proverbial s*** had a pretty good time. When out of nowhere they started talking about who was going to be gi… Read more

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The Consequences


The Consequences I looked down to see my cock standing straight out in the summer sun. It was as hard as it could be. I just was so turned on. I didn’t know what was turning me on more. Was it the fact that I was stark naked in front of several strangers in broad daylight or was it from looking at Julie’s incredibly sexy naked body standing next to me? That old familiar excited thrill was stirring deep in my gut. It was that special tingle that exhibitionists feel when they are naked in places that they shouldn’t be. Today was a special treat because I knew that I was not alone with my misch… Read more

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I was around 19 or 20 years old I was still living at home at the time but had a good paying job. I was saving up money to buy some land and build a small little house on it. My mom came home one afternoon and asked if I would go visit my grandmother. I love my grandmother but she is so grumpy and not very talkative. I asked my mom if I had to stay long. She asked that I stay a few days with her. I agreed and went to pack my bag for a few days. It was mid summer so it was pretty damn warm here in Texas. So most my cloths where shorts and t-shirts. I loaded up the car and head on my 3 hour driv… Read more

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The Nylon Godess and more


The continuing nylon fetish adventures of a young boy as he grows into teendom. If you're not into nylons, this story will likely not interest you. This story also contains some i*****l activities by a fetish driven teen that is purely fictitious and not condoned by the author. Billy had already reached puberty which caused a real shift in his affinity for nylons. Their allure was more intense than ever. Their appeal was beyond their softness and silkiness. It was more than the comfort and security he so yearned for from his mother but received from her nylons. This was pure a****l aro… Read more

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A new TV visit as a sub


Well it had been about 5 years since Mistress had passed away and many of her friends seemed to have disappeared of the planet. I was looking for a new mistress and was willing to pay just to get back into my perv sub habits. A long time without a good flogging was paying its toll on me. I tried a few who advertised and I have to be honest they hadn't a clue how to train a slave or punish one. They were just out for the money, which was to be expected, but not to provide a good service. Fancy having the opportunity to amuse yourself with a paying slave and buggering it up so badly that you nev… Read more

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Reminiscing about my first time

MasturbationFirst Time

Part One At the moment I'm so frustrated and it feels like forever since I'd had anyone that I've felt a real connection with. I miss when I was younger, when I'd just started finding myself and watching my body develop, remembering how taboo self masturbation was for me, the smells, wetness, softness and that anticipation - that general all round naughty feeling of something new. But recently I'd chatted with a complete stranger online who made me go back to that feeling when I was that young orgasmic girl, finding something new. Lying here waiting for that message box to signal… Read more

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Innocent Boy To Sex Expert: Transformation – 1

HardcoreInterracial SexMasturbation

It was in Aug 2012, during my second year of college, when I met with an accident and broke my right toe. I was admitted to a hospital for about a month. It was the time when there were not many smartphones and so no WhatsApp. It used to be the time of text messages which were used for chatting and at that time, the TRAI regulations were not made. When I was at the hospital, I us… Read more

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I, Jerk Off: Part 2


part 2: I couldn't believe this! Here I was, squatting and shaking like a depraved a****l and masturbating, covered with filthy muck as my wife laughed and watched as I degraded myself. Publicly by jerking off and privately, in my filthy fantasies. The mud made disgusting loud sucking sounds as I pulled at myself, one thin shudder before orgasm, on the verge of helplessly squirting my sperm into the air. Giving a Show I heard some voices yelling in the distance and I glanced up from my busy hand, pulled out of my dazed faggot fantasy. On the opposite shore right across from me, I could… Read more

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Girl's Gym Gyno 3: Alessandra 3 (pix)

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Alessandra opens up bits by bits, physically during daily visits after school at her elderly fresh friend. Alessandra is autistic in talks under four eyes. In internet, during chats for hours, she tells him more. Alessandra slowly turns her great gyno into her private psychologist for erotic education she seeks. Alessandra searches the net to find a female friend, fond of fondling as herself, but bigger breasted. Alessandra finally finds her joy, called Joyce. Even her name was a well kept secret for years for him. Alessandra visits her every Wednesday, hoping they will make love together. S… Read more

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Cindy's panties chapter three

AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

I had a golf game scheduled for that Saturday morning and, in a way, it was a relief to not be hanging around with my niece all day. The little minx was obviously enjoying the sexual games we were playing and I had to remember that she was my brother's k** for heaven's sake and I shouldn't be fucking her. No, I shouldn't be but it seemed like that was where we were heading. Cindy seemed to recognize the power her panties held over me from the way I caved in whenever I came into contact with them...especially those see thru pink ones. So I hit the links and did my best to keep my mind on the g… Read more

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