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Helmut and Michael

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Helmut was my work colleague, a man in his thirties, light brown hair, blue eyes, with a well-trimmed beard. We immediately got along very well, having the same way of working and, according to our first exchanges, having enough points in common. I had not paid too much attention to his private life, only knowing that from time to time a slightly younger man was waiting for him on the way out of work, accompanied by a Bulldog. A dog that looked ferocious but actually sweet as a sheep, because the only thing you could be afraid of was being licked to death. It was during one of our interviews… Read more

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Aunty Jean's Stockings


Aunty Jean was really a friend of my Mother, not a real Aunt but someone who visited once a week and her and my Mum used to go shopping together, visit the local Womens Institute meetings and also go out as a foursome at weekends together. Jean was a school secretary at the local college and was a bubbly and vivacious type of woman. She was about 5 7" tall with a very small waist and some would say large round bottom and full thighs. Not fat at all I might add, good shaped calves but her thighs and bottom were definitely on the fuller side. Her bust was small, she tended to wear blouses or t… Read more

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Virginity (Part 1)

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Damn, so what up ya'll. So lately I been reading a friend's stories from xham. Shit turns me on, no lie. Also turns me on that we're from the same island of Chuuk. Anyways, that shit made me want to tell my story of how I lost my fucken virginity. Well, I'm gonna tell you more of these crazier stories but let me tell you how it all started, right ? Cause why the fuck not? So a bit about myself. I'm not a fucken six pack motherfucker. I'm a chunky but tall as bloke. I can get down and shit, but nahhh I ain't no aesthetics work out kind of guy. I prefer being a strongman and keep it bulky. Whi… Read more

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Renee - The Fiery Rose Pt 1


Renee - The Fiery Rose (This story about a man saving a girl's life and that girl repaying him seven years later after reconnecting with him. Note: This is not a taboo story.) It was seven years ago.. Seven long years on an oddly cold summer night. If you asked me to remember everything about that night, I'd be at a loss, but the one thing I will remember. It was the night I met her. I was walking on a bridge over looking the lake down below. I remember thinking to myself, "Why put a side-walk on this long ass bridge? No one except my dumb-ass would walk it!" It was also that same night I ha… Read more

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Out and about 01

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When you feel horny there are many things you can do about it, but for me it has always been about dressing up in a sexy bra and panty set and settling down to a nice wank, especially when I have the house to myself like I did last night. The only problem is that it is even nicer to have someone else do the work, either with their hands or their mouths! My home city has had many gay beats over the years, they tend to move around as you would understand but when you find an active one there is seldom a problem finding a willing partner. I have a nice Triumph satin and lace bra and panty set in… Read more

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My sister used me! 2


After being introduced to sex by my older sister Pam at 12 (see original story), I was looking forward to hearing the call of 'you're needed little bro' from her and I didn't have to wait long! It was a Sunday, mum & dad went to visit our nan and we were again in the house alone. I was in the garden when Pam opened her bedroom window and called "you're needed little bro"! As I climbed the stairs Pam was coming out of her bedroom, she was naked and heading for the bathroom. "I'm going for a shower she said and you are going to wash me, so get undressed and join me". I rushed to my room and… Read more

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The Nurse

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Last year I had to have some pretty major surgery. I’d been back on the regular ward for about a week and I was still unable to wash properly which meant I was still getting clean downs from the nurses. Usually they were very careful as they moved my robe not to expose my cock too much and they certainly didn’t touch it or my balls. That changed one day when the usual nurses were busy with a problem and another nurse offered to help them out with bed baths. We’d spoken before as she’d looked after me and the other patients on the ward and it turned out she was from Ghana. Her skin was blacker… Read more

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first gay experience in the night

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It was a nice sunny day, myself and a few friends had been out playing football at the local park, my friend Jason had asked us back to his house where his family were having a barbecue. When we arrived at his house I noticed that his mum and dad also had friends over for the barbecue. It looked like they had all been drinking for a while as they were all very loud and having lots of fun. Jason’s dad was cool and would let us sneak a few beers as long as we didn’t get too drunk, so we would grab a few at a time and take them up to his bedroom so no one could see us drinking them. The longer th… Read more

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Stranger Sabotaged the Condom

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A few years ago I was being intimate with a man we had met at a party. My husband was there watching and things were going pretty good except for a few snide remarks the man made once we were both naked and on the bed. This guy had the wrong impression that my husband wanted to be humiliated by him since he was allowing him to "fuck his wife." He let things slide and didn't say anything but just watched silently. The man must have taken this as approval of what he was doing because he then got bolder with his words to the point that I had to tell him to cool things down. He might have been a… Read more

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Rocky Mtn Road Trip - Part Eight


Rocky Mountain Road Trip Part Eight Kathy was kneeling before Mark & Keith with her back to her husband who was laying on the bed with his arms around Sherry & Angel looking very content. Mark told her, "Lick my hand and suck my fingers as a show of submission and do the same for Master Keith." Kathy said, "Yes Master Mark." Then she took hold of both men's hands and obediently licked and sucked fingers. After awhile of licking and sucking Master Keith told her, "Continue sucking our fingers and with your right hand I… Read more

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Little Girl, Interrupted

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Hello, my name is Teagan and I have a secret. A secret that I never really told anyone before, until now. I really don't know why, but I seem to be attracted to boys that are older than me, and sometimes even guys. Or maybe they're just attracted to me, I really don't know. I haven't developed much like some of the other girls I know and I'm about 6 inches shorter than all my friends. I became very self-conscious about my flat chest, even to this day, it bothers me at times. For the record, I'm a 28A. I've always been a good student in school and my parents taught me to be well spoken, since t… Read more

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My sister used me!

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My introduction to sex was at the hands of my older sister. We were about 12 &15. Mum and dad both worked so my sister and I were home alone after school until they came home. Sometimes after school Pam would bring a boy home and they would go up to her bedroom. I could here giggling and moaning going on but at that age didn't really know what was happening. One day I asked her what she was doing with the boys after school. She laughed and said 'I'll show you. I'm going to my bedroom. When I call you come up" I waited for her to call wondering what was in store and when she called I went t… Read more

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How My Physics Teacher Tasted Me – Part I

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24 years of age. This happened 5 years back when I was in school. My figure is 36-30-38. I am tall thin and fair with medium length straight hair and cat eyes. I used to get quite a few proposals from guys. My parents had a transfer and so I had to shift my school and had to join in a new school for my 11th standard. And this was the reason why I was above 18 and still doing schooling. I wa… Read more

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Young admire for my wife.


I've always been turned on, by other men lusting for my wife. The funny thing is, that she never been aware of guys want to fuck her. When our daughter was 14, she had a lot of friends coming around, especially one was always very polite to my wife, always want to help. He was 18, and at the time my wife had just turned 31. I never really had any idea that he had a crush on her, but when our daughter went to boarding school, in an other part of the country, and he still came to visit us (her)... sometimes when I was at work, I guess "a light bulb went on" I know for sure that she never encour… Read more

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Having had more then a few sexual encounters now with other men I felt like I knew who I was and what I wanted out of life. I love my sport, I play football, I love university (wish I was a bit smarter lol), and I love that I’m 18 years old and have a whole lifetime ahead of me. Having said that being a cocksucker, closet gay who’s been fucked a few times doesn’t give me any kind of real insight into what pleasures are out there to still be explored and I’m learning that everyday. Every time I pull my cock there’s a new fantasy or technique, everytime I suck cock it’s a new taste, a new dick,… Read more

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A Great Cathartic Act

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Ricky had had the day off, and with his parents away for a good portion of the day, he'd devoted himself to watching his favorite porn videos, and slowly teasing his cock till he was practically squirming with built up, and as yet unrelieved, lust of doing so. He'd come very, very close to ejaculating his sperm on numerous occasions that morning, but, so far, he'd been surprisingly successful in thwarting it; and he felt that curious pride that accompanied these long, teasing sessions. He'd lost track of just how many interracial cuckold videos he'd sat and watched, while stroking his p… Read more

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An experience I shall always remember occurred one Friday night when i was a teenager. Joan was my mother's best friend, she was there throughout my c***dhood, so much so that I called her auntie Joan. She was around 47 or 48 at that time. I had fantasized about her on many occasions, masturbating to the thought of me indulging in various sexual acts with her. Joan was around 5ft 10in and size 16, with short brown hair, dark skin and lovely big tits. My father worked away from home most of the time so my mother and auntie Joan would go out together for a few drinks every Friday night. They… Read more

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31 Days of Summers (part 3)


Buffy The Vampire Slayer - 31 Days of Summers (part 3) 15 August Dear Diary, I let Buffy's secret girlfriend ogle me and see that Buffy's not the only Summers with a sexy body. I had been thinking that next time I visit Andrew or Xander I shouldn't be nude already, but do a sexy strip-tease. And if I wanted it to be sexy rather than just me tearing off my clothing whilst bouncing my titties I needed to practice. Vi was out so I was able to switch on the Hi-Fi and soon was dancing along to Britney Spears, shedding my clothes as I did. I quickly got into a rhythm to 'Baby On… Read more

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I wish my wife was this dirty - part VI


Anita was out for the morning doing her shift at the charity shop. I had wanted to get around to trying to fix a necklace of hers, which she had asked me do some days beforehand. It was a simple job so I had said to her I was not planning on taking it to the jewellers. Anyway, there I was with her jewellery box in front of me, seeking out an old necklace from which I could source a small metal loop. The box had a top tray, and as I removed it to search underneath, right at the bottom I found some memory cards, numerically labelled. My mind was of course diverted immediately from the job in ha… Read more

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League of pants-spunk causing girls


I’ve started this story but actually I’ve got few stats and anyway I don’t believe in comparing – each girlie-goddess is individual and I wouldn’t dream of saying one is better than another, and it’s not my place, as a mere lowly girl-worshipper to make judgements of any kind. However, I would like to record the lovely times girls gave me over the years, looking at their photos and videos, so here goes. Miss Danica She was my first pants-spunk queen back in the days of magazines. I always had to ogle them the minute I’d bought them, often parked outside the shop, and Miss Danica ma… Read more

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