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Catching Up With Ezinne Again.


On Monday morning at work, I called Ezinne, she seems happy and excited to hear from me after a long time. She told me that Chike travelled and won't be back till next week. We scheduled to meet immediately at her house. I left my office and drove down there. Almost as soon as I rang the bell, she answered, looking stunning in a tight black top, low-cut so I could see the curves of her wonderful breasts, and a medium-length dark skirt, sliding down tight from her hips, down over her ass, and along her legs. I stepped inside, and she barely stepped backwards, forcing me to stand so close to h… Read more

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Karen My School Teacher 16


Karen, My School Teacher - Part 16 By HosieryQueen Part 16 I walked with my 2 large plastic bags with my dresses and the corset in them. My little perfume gift I had in my purse. I walked for a bit and it didn't take long to get to the tattoo shop. I walked inside and out came a tattoo-covered, red haired woman out from the back. She was chewing gum. She sounded nice, but looked pretty tough. She glanced her eyes over my body. “Hey sweetie. Wow, you are a really cute one! What can I help you with?” Her eyes were so pretty and had like a jade green colour - almost looked like they… Read more

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Kat, the princess of the park

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This story begins one summer day. I left my guard at the Hospital and it started to get dark. I decided to go to the park to breathe and take some fresh air. I'm looking for a bench to sit on, in a slightly hidden area of ​​the park. I feel. After a while, as I turn my head to the right I see a beautiful lady come, with long, brown hair that rested on her shoulders, an angelic face, with a pair of brown eyes, very penetrating large, a small ass , round and long legs, thin and very… Read more

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My Sister Kay Needed Help Pt 1


I was called out last night for work at about 11:00 and so I was heading home about my normal time to go to work when I got a pic on my phone from my sister Kay of her tits! “Thanks for the story, can you come by today and fix my inversion table. My back is killing me.” I called her up and told her I could do her one better. I could be by the house in 15 minutes. She said she was going to take a hot shower, and to just let myself in (Yes, I have a key) her husband is out of town for the week, get… Read more

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A Nineteen-Year-Old College Gymnast Nymph


Hoping a talented writer will collaborate with me in continuing this story Jenny Bryce was a cute little nineteen year-old coed at Great Plains University who was on a full-ride scholarship for gymnastics and was, at the moment, one of the ten cutest adult female human beings on planet Earth, where "cute" is a term that describes "delightfully pretty or dainty in a youthful, delicate way; fun-spirited; adorable." You know, perky, cheerful, daintily-petite, and at once both innocent and sexy. Oh, yes, Jenny was all of that from head to toes. Yes, indeed, she was. It was a quarte… Read more

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Feeling Naughty

FetishMasturbationGay Male

Feeling Naughty I’ve been edging for over 2 years and 7 months, amassing nearly 10,000 edges since my last cum. All under the careful control of my Mistress. The task has remained the same since the beginning, I am to edge without having an orgasm, or O as mistress likes to call it. The number of edges per day has varied throughout the task with me finding myself at 25 edges per day currently. The number and duration of holding each edge has increased as time has passed. At this point I find myself leaking precum continuously. Sometimes there will be ‘special’ edge for reaching a milestone or… Read more

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Slut: Suzi the sun lounge slut 6

VoyeurMasturbationGroup Sex

Chapter 6 I sat on the edge of our hotel bed knowing my wife had just left the room to go on a sex date with three guys. She’d fucked all of them the previous night and had spent the afternoon being fucked by two Turkish brothers, who owned a leather store, in exchange for some of their dresses and leather lingerie. She had agreed to return to the Turkish brothers for some more goods and another hard fucking at the close of business the next day. Tonight though she would be light dining with the three guys who would then take her back to their room, set up a video camera and turn my hot slut… Read more

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Dream or Fantasy?


Dean and Rachel lay in bed,they were facing each other because neither of them could lay on their backs.They had spent the at The Monastery of Repentance having been accused of being fornicators and no matter what they said in their own defence ,it just wasn't good enough.They had both suffered a bare bottom spanking while laying over the knee of a middle aged Monk called Master Deaglan.After the spanking they had both been whipped by the Monk with a thick strap.Dean and Rachel were really sore now,but as always it was a huge turn on watching each other being spanked and flogged,the sex was al… Read more

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Caught! Part 2

Gay MaleTabooMasturbation

The headlights flicked off and Rick's eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness. He tried to see where the first Officer was taking Mel, but she disappeared behind the patrol car, and the flashing lights distracted his vision. The second Officer stood up in Rick's face, demanding his attention. "Well your a dirty little fucker aren't you?" he asked, and without waiting for a response reached out and grabbed Rick's still fully hard cock. Rick could not believe he still had an erection, but bizarrely he was feeling excited. Rick stepped back in shock, and the condom came off in the cop's hand.… Read more

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Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 4

Interracial SexMasturbation

Day 4. I awoke before her and slipped out of bed and made my quiet way into the bathroom where I washed my hands and my stomach and cleaned off the evidence of my solitary pleasure. God, I must have cum a bucket load. I dressed and pondered if I was actually getting ready for another day of Sally acting the slut again today. I looked out of the patio doors and at the sun lounger that she had fucked Rufus on last night and concluded, yes; she most probably would be acting the complete slut. I made myself a coffee and was about to go and sit on the veranda when Sally walked out of the bedroom.… Read more

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"Penance Through Discipline!"


It was an icy cold day but Celine couldn't really feel the cold as she stood outside the gate of the Monastery of Repentance,her mind was somewhere else. It had been almost 10 years since she had visited the Monastery to confess her,since then she had done so much and put her promise to the Reverend Abbot to return for further correction out of her mind. She remembered the pain her bottom was in after the last encounter with the Abbot.For days after her meeting with the Abbot she was unable to sit comfortably,her friends asked if she was alright,what could say? she told them she had hurt her b… Read more

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Ice, Porn, and Cum (Pt2)

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

I woke the next morning with a hard-on and went right to work on it while watching another old porn video we had. Chris woke and joined me for another jerk off session. As we played, we started talking about our game of truth or dare the night before and how much fun it was. "I had thought about daring you to do that a few times in the past but never thought you would do it" Chris said as he continued to masturbate. "Well, its a dare so I have to do it, right?" was my only response. "So you would do about anything as a dare?" he asked with a grin. "That's how the game works. If its a dare, the… Read more

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Ice, Porn, and Cum (Pt1)

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

This is a story from my youth, I hope you enjoy It was just a few days after Christmas when the rain started. The winter had been a cold one and with all these storms coming in we were told to expect the worst. I woke to a dark, cold house. The power had gone out due to ice on the power lines and the entire world seemed to be covered in a thick layer of ice. The rain was supposed to continue for the next few days and would only get worse. After making some calls to check up on people, I was invited to go stay with my friend Chris and his family who still had power. The roads and bridges were… Read more

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Make sure he doesn't find out


I couldn't believe this shit, just my luck – all my friends were going down to the beach, and I had to help my parents with a BBQ they were throwing. I had tried all the excuses I could think of but they weren't buying it. 'I've paid for you to study at College for 2 years Dan', my father said, 'it's the least you can do.' So I eventually gave in and agreed to help with the cooking and drinks. As my parents friends started to arrive, I did the usual thing of being pleasant and polite and making small talk with people who I had known for years. Then things started to look up a little, my m… Read more

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Dios no hay nada más bello que tener un orgasmo. Tu cuerpo estalla. Dios no hay nada más bello que tener un orgasmo. Tu cuerpo estalla. El levante, el encuentro, el regodeo de manosear, de babosear, de coquetear, de conceder, de las miradas asignadas de lívido.… Read more

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Sr.Anselm was very excited.She had seen them arrive.She could barely sleep all night,not since the Abbot had directed her to see to the ," Corporal discipline of these very wicked people"; the Abbot had placed the photograph on his table,inviting Sr.Anselm to look.Sr.Anselm felt an instant arousal as she peered at the photo,she no longer heard what the Abbot said,she was too engrossed in the image before her,that girl pointing and smiling at the bare bottom of a boy. "These tewo need to be dealt with most severely ,and I trust… Read more

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update on the dogging story


hello to everyone As a note to the previous dogging story I've been asked by the husband to write this update. It's invite only and I won't be giving you the location, or time, or clues as to where it is. If you want an invite then you'll know where to look if you're in NZ. (a website) The husband vets everyone as his wife is in a very high profile position and doesn't want anyone there that might know her. So thanks everyone who's asked me where it is, I'm not saying. Everyone who goes is told this and if they want to keep on being invited, will stick by it. Now for some additional info.… Read more

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A lady called Missy and I make out at a Fuck feast


Gary, my date & I arrived at the fuck feast party & we agreed to go & have fun on our own. It was quiet with not many there. Did my eyeliner nails & put my high heels on. I had said hello to Rosy who was by now being fucked hard on the bed with someone else squeezing her tits as she wanked him off. I went & joined her on the bed for kissing & squeezing her tits as she rubbed my arm. Someone else came & fucked her & then she got up & went away. I lay on the bed watching as TV Ebony went down on her knees to BJ Gary. I spoke to another lady &… Read more

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The panties of my life...

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

The name and just thinking about panties always makes blush and horny. I dont know the exact date when everything began, but I can remember almost every single pair of this intimate piece of female clothing that I have used, stolen, seen, and taste. I really believed in my early years that something very wrong was happening to me. I never told anyone about my love for ladies underware til the internet. My first encounters, like almost anyone else, they were my mom's panties, as well as my gramma, aunts, and couple of older cousins. I love the feel against my parts, the silky rubbing my tiny… Read more

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Therapy: First Sex - Pt 1

First TimeTabooMasturbation

Part of a court order in my divorce was that I go to a ther****t for treatment for my sexual addiction. Dr. Dan had seemed pretty cool and I had opened up to him well. After the second session, he asked me to go home and write about my first sexual experiences. The third session I was led to a different room. Dr. Dan was unexpectedly out and Dr. Elizabeth Sumar, a beautiful Indian woman, barely out of her 20's came around from her desk and gave me a firm hand shake. She asked if I had my writing assignment done. I told her I did. She then made herself comfortable in one of the chairs and motio… Read more

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