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jims wanking gets him in trouble with his mom and


'jim come here i want to have a chat with you now !' amanda shouts 'but mom i'm busy can't it wait 'jim shouts down from upstairs 'get your arse down here now do as you are told ' 'ok ok im coming keep your knickers on' jim walks down the stairs 'do you think thats any way to speak to your mom ?' amanda shouts 'you are 18 you have no job you live here rent free get everything you need and you speak to me like that , well thats going to change' 'sorry mom what do you want ?' jim asks 'ok well for a while now i have been finding your socks boxers the odd flannel and towel with your crispy jizz… Read more

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Making new friends with Charles and John in the fi

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A nice night it was, balmy and a good opportunity to go for a walk to the fields and adjacent woods. There was about three hours of sun left and there were quite a few walkers about. The track I followed was well travelled at least for the first twenty minutes or so. The fields were planted with a dense and lush cereal crop. Soon however it would change to a bushy under growth landscape with s**ttered large oak trees. I passed a few people, I liked always to have a fairly fast pace, it would bring me soon to my favourite section of the walk; a quieter area with a few nice benches with great vi… Read more

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On the way to the camp site

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On my way to the campsite I pulled up behind a camper van at a set of traffic lights. Suddenly the net curtain wa pulled back and 2 young ladies looked at me and then waved. As I was towing my caravan I just thought they were being friendly. I followed them through the town stopping and starting and the whole time waving at me. We both arrived at the same camp site and as luck would have it we were sites in front of each other with me looking into the rear of their van while they could see in through the front of mine. I was on my own so setting everything up was a bit slow but these 2… Read more

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My Daughters Dildo Ch2


It was a daily struggle to keep my thoughts in check around my daughter. Nicole would be innocently walking through the house in her usual shorts and t-shirt, and it felt to me like she was parading around in the sexiest lingerie I’d ever seen. The sight of her long, shapely bare legs set me off every time. I couldn’t stop noticing how the cotton fabric of her shirt would d**** over her small, firm breasts. I could always tell when she wasn’t wearing a bra – not because of the bounce, but because her tits took on a different shape when they were unconfined. Even the way her pony-tail swayed wh… Read more

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My Kentucky girl PT. 3 all true

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Sorry for dragging this one out but she spent the weekend lol. Ok, I believe I left off as we headed back to the bedroom on Saturday morning after only meeting her in person the night before. We began to make out again, my hands all over that sweet ass. She pushed me onto the bed and climbed on with my hard on rubbing against her wet pussy I ran my hands from that amazing ass, up her back and around to her beautiful tits. Rubbing and squeezing them as I gently pinched her stiff nipples. She continued to grind against me with my cock getting wetter and wetter from her juices, then she managed t… Read more

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Spandex Leggings Young PAWG


I had gotten a ticket for Disneyland from my cousin and decided to go by myself. I was going there to see if I could spot any MILFS to grope. So I made my way by the Haunted Mansion and decided to sit down to see if any hot MILFs walked by. I didnt wait long when I saw the most beautiful blonde woman Id ever seen. She was wearing shiny black Under Armour spandex leggings and a black camisole. She was around 20yo, had blonde hair, green eyes, massive jiggly tits, slim waist and the phattest ass Ive ever seen on a blonde! I saw her walking towards the Haunted Mansion line so I got up and liter… Read more

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اتوبيس المتعة


ركبت الاتوبيس المكيف كان فيه ركاب قليلين وقاعدين قدام وانا قاعدة ورا خالص وقعدت جنب الشباك وبعد شوية لقيت شاب ساب الاتوبيس كله وجه قعد جنبي انا كنت مستغربه وحاسة ان حيعمل حاجة بس سكت ومفيش لحظات لقيت ايده بتتسحب على رجلي انا اتفاجئت بس فكرت وقولت اني مش خسرانه حاجة فقررت اني اتمتع بيه خصوصا ان السكه طويلة واسيبه يمتع فيا بايده سبته لقيت ايده مشيت على رجلي ووصلت لكسي ولقيته بيحط ايده بين رجليا على كسي وبمنتهى اللطف وبيحرك صباعه على كسي طبعا كل ده على البنطلون القماش اللي لابساه بس ايده كانت محترفه قوي وبدا يحرك في كسي ويدلع فيه بمنتهى اللطف وهيجني قوي وانا ساكته ومبسوطة فضل يحرك ايده ع… Read more

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Big Booty Spandex Leggings PAWG MILF at Disneyland


As a person who makes candid vids, Im always on the lookout for a nice phat ass in some leggings. So the opportunity to go to both Disneyland and California Adventure for half off came up so I decided to go since the potential to see some hot MILFs or hot whores was pretty high. So I make my way to the front of the park and decide to brainstorm where Im going to try to find some big booties first. I decided to head towards the Haunted Mansion since thats where thered be some potential for some groping as well. As Im making my way there, I see this absolute blonde goddess! I couldnt even bel… Read more

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Snowy's Visit Ch. 02

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I opened my backpack for the umpth time, realizing again that I forgot to pack something. Of course, the thing I forgot to pack was fragile, so it wasn’t that I could simply ram it on the top of the heap. It needed to be set dead center, wrapped in as many layers of clothing as possible. It was my bathroom necessities purse, which included a fragile, glass bottle of perfume. Naturally, it took some more precious minutes to rearrange everything. Minutes we probably did have to spare, but the tension was there, and it took its toll on us. “Jesus Christ, Mark, what’s taking you so long?” Lydia a… Read more

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Surprising Summer Discovery (part two)

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I rang the doorbell and a few seconds later I heard Trent running down the stairs. I kinda half expected to see him wearing nothing but a G string when he open the door but to my surprise he was fully dressed wearing a RHCP T-shirt and cargo shorts. “Yo what’s up dude! “Trent said as he gave me a bro hand shake. “What’s up, bro. I try to call Danny but no one answered. Hope it’s cool I came over by myself.” “No big deal. Come on in.” “You want to beer or something stronger?” “Sure. I’ll have a beer.I brought some ganja, bro” “Sweet. I think my mom still has a little bit too. I’ll go chec… Read more

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VERONIKA part 2 A Real Life Experiences continued from part 1. Story Tags: Nudist beach outdoor sex Mutual Masturbation foursome cunnilingus girl/girl boy/boy sex. More adventures in Tallinn [1], the capital of Estonia, lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, only 70 km (43 mi) south of Helsinki. At the historical and medieval heart of the city is the hill of Toompea, covered in cobbled streets and filled with medieval houses and alleyways. The lower town spreads out from the foot of the hill, still protected by the remnants of a city wall. Around the city wall is a series of well… Read more

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Susan the grad student experience

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I was 24 when I met Susan for the first time. We initially met online from a personal ad she had posted.The only reason I wrote her was that she happened to be in a graduate program at the same college as I was and was just looking for someone to hang out with. After just a few short responses, she asked to meet in person. It was the first time a girl ever initiate wanting to meet in person first. We decided to meet at the food court on campus the very next day. She had described herself to me as 5'6", short red hair, pale skin, with an athletic body and better than average looks. It sounded… Read more

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Just the other night


Thought I would add to my stories today. This happened just the other night. When we went to bed I was pretty tired and I wasn't in the mood. It doesn't happen often but some times it just can't be helped. Anyway she just knows how to get me going. First she snuggled up close. She always sleeps naked and I could feel her huge tits against me. She lay on my shoulder as she usually does and began lightly playing with my cock. Shortly there was a bit of stirring and she took this as her cue to continue. She knows I love talking dirty so she whispered that she wanted me and then asked if sh… Read more

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My Daughters Dildo


Being a single father has many challenges, especially when you have a daughter. Nicole’s mom has been out of the picture since right after her first birthday, so it’s been just the two of us for the past sixteen years. It wasn’t easy early on, but I managed to provide a stable home and raise a pretty good k**. I admit she was somewhat of a tomboy, but she was healthy and happy, did well in school, and the two of us got along great. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean I was at all prepared for puberty. It was something I’d avoided thinking about, but before I knew it there she was. My little girl… Read more

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A pleasant flight after all


Ana had driven me to the airport. She looked sad when she kissed me goodbye, thinking about my long trip across the country; I would be away from home at least one entire week. It was late; almost midnight, when I finally boarded the plane. Some minutes passed and then I thought to myself it would be my lucky night; because just few more passengers were boarding: the plane looked as it would leave almost empty. I had two empty seats by my side and I was hoping they would remain empty… The flight would be long and I really needed to take some rest before arriving to my destination. The d… Read more

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A cold and rainy night

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My loving husband had flown away on business two days before that cold, windy and horrid night. All the afternoon a cold rain had made the day look even worst. Worst of all, the electric power had been knocked out for nearly ten hours and now it was very dark outside on the streets. There was nothing to do, except lay on the big sofa covered by a couple blankets, trying to stay warm. It was almost midnight; when I heard a light tapping on the front door. I got up to answer. It was Barbie, our blonde sexy neighbor from across the street. Her nice round body was covered just by a t-shirt… Read more

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Butterfly Effect: Lauren goes shopping

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Sarah slowly walked across the room, letting her robe fall open. Her bronze skin glowed in the candlelight sharply contrasting the gleam on her black leather corset. "I've thought about this so many times Lauren. How badly I wanted you but I was too afraid to act on it" She pulled on the rope holding my wrists, causing me to stand straight with my arms suspended over my head. She started kissing my neck and slowly made her way down to my breasts. She let her tongue trace circles around my areola before placing her lips firmly over my nipple and then sucking. I gasped as her teeth gently grazed… Read more

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Butterfly Effect: Sara stays home

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I woke to a soft tapping sound from behind my headboard. It was a soft buzzing noise along with the sound of something bumping against the wall. "Lauren, are you up?" I called out, hoping that it was just my roommate waking up and making noise. She said something back to me, but I was still too asleep to understand what it was. A second later, she was knocking on my door wanting to come in. Lauren is my roommate and my best friend. She is tall and athletic, 5'5 and 140lbs according to her. She has pretty red hair and freckles over every part of her skin that I have seen. My name is Sarah, I'm… Read more

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The beginning

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This is the beginning of my story, half fact half fantasy to be continued I’d been travelling around Europe for years and I’d finally returned home to Sydney after 13 years. Having had a life of freedom, ending up in my mid 30s living with my parents in a small town was not the best. I had no contacts and few friends left from my younger days. It was like coming back from Mars, my long-time girlfriend from long ago was happily married and didn’t want to talk and everyone else had moved on. Needless to say I was pretty lonely and pretty broke. I’d applied for a couple of jobs and had b… Read more

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Our little game with panties part 2


So if you read the first part you would know that up to the point I had proven to my wife that most men love sniffing a woman's panties and pleasuring themselves to them. We had already narrowed down at least two of our friends who (when given the opportunity) helped themselves to some fun with her sweet pussy smells. And she had begun setting little traps for other guys, such as repairmen, installers, even in-laws on family vacations. She really seemed to be hooked on the idea of other men sniffing her panties, and would fuck me like crazy imagining what they are doing alone while they thin… Read more

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