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An Unexpected Threesome

An Unexpected Threesome

At the Matthews’ apartment Topanga was with Riley and Maya for the weekend. Cory and Auggie were away. Topanga was watching TV until she heard some moans coming from Riley's room. She wanted to check if Riley and Maya were ok. When she reached Riley's room, she noticed that the door was closed and she heard sensual moans again.

Topanga feels like masturbating right now with the thought of what may be occurring. She opens the door slowly and sees that Riley and Maya were having sex. She was shocked that her daughter was getting intimate with her best ... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckhold before the Cuckhold

After we were married we were always horny. Judy knew I loved to see her play with herself and do whatever she could so I could watch her come. She had filled me in on some of the kinky things she had done when she was young like doing it with her s****r-in-law at parties and even having sex with her dog.

She also loved staying in contact with her friends and most of them were not married but occasionally we would go out with some of them. I always felt like a third wheel but she liked to see those friends. One night we went out to dinner with her best friend Lisa. Lisa was heavy set and f... Continue»
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Threesome with Rania and Elsa

So here's how I want my fantasy to play out...
My name was Gary and I'm fifty-two years old. I'm 6'-0"" with blonde hair, blue eyes, and blonde pubic hair over my seven-inch cock. I'm married to fifty-year-old Rania who was 5'8", short chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. She had a nice pair of D-Cup tits that are still perky for her age and a bit of a chubby ass. She keeps her pussy hairy and loves to have her clit licked. Her cunt is so juicy and tasty!
Rania worked with forty-six year old Elsa who had shoulder length silky blonde hair with a few strands of brown, green eyes and I would est... Continue»
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Totally Chesty - Chapter 04

Chapter 04 – Grand Openings

“What the hell are you doing? You are looking at the time to the window! It’s still 4PM!”

“Sorry, but I am too nervous to do anything else than waiting!”

That was Victor, who since he came to the soon-to-be-open bar, around 2PM of that Saturday, stood at his new office, staring at the window where he could see the street, looking to the main entrance of the place. Nervous because of ‘The Den’s grand opening scheduled for that day.

Chris arrived a few moments later, and joined his business partner in anxiety, but sharing a lesser version of that.... Continue»
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Nini learns about sex from friends

Krystal and Nini had been friends for the last 5 years of their time in
school. It was their final year and they were both 18 and having one of many
sl**povers that they had had over the years. sl**povers usually involved normal
activities like watching dvds and the such, but things were to change this time.
Nini was from an background with a very shelted up bringing where the
topic of sex or anything related was taboo, Krystal on the other hand had known
about sex for a long time. Although she was no longer a virgin she was
inexperienced in sex, but enjoyed masturbation and was... Continue»
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The Beginning of Lesbian Experience

When she was 20, Carmella worked at a hotel full time to pay for her college tuition fees. She never had much time to spend with friends or boyfriends. Frequently, she would come home to her apartment where she would usually find her roommate Alexis drinking with her friends. Carmella didn’t really get along with Alexis so she would always go straight to her room, lock her door, take off all of her clothes, and change into her sexy black nightie, presented by her ex boyfriend, before they broke up. The black nightie looked so good on her voluptuous sun tanned body. She had long, straight, rave... Continue»
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June 19, 1975. She would always remember that date, because that was the day that she was truly born. Up until that point Hazel Jackson had not truly felt free to live her life as her true self. There was always something to hide from the world, from her f****y, from herself.

Hazel lived in a world that wanted nothing to do with what she had to offer. From the outside world Hazel was a beautiful smart woman who appeared to be ready to go out and make her mark in the world. She was apart of a fine up standing Christen f****y. Her ... Continue»
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that evening

… that evening, the girls were supposed to visit me in my hotel. At least, that’s what we had agreed on during our skype conversations. Usually, people don’t show up, but one can be hopeful. I was waiting on the third floor of the hotel, near the elevator when I heard the ‘ting’ of the elevator. There they were. I was so nervous. After some chuckles, I told them to follow me to the hotel room. I had no idea what to expect, Was this a good idea or not? I didn’t really know these two women, but heck, it was now a never. A fantasy finally coming true?

In the room, I suggested we get to the... Continue»
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Another granny

A few of the sexual things I like. Men and women equally. I love older hung men and even older women. I was out last night at a restaurant with a bar area. I was there enjoying my Stella and this late 60's stunning black woman sat down a stool over from me. I gave a hello she gave me the ok I see you saying hello and gave me a nice smile and turned away. We kept to ourselves for a bit. A weather update came on and I commented on it. She responded kindly and we started a somewhat chat. She was displaying some strong lesbian body language. I figured I'd give her a no need to worry about me and p... Continue»
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When a Girl is Naughty

The instant I walk in the door, I know she is upset. She is sitting at the kitchen table, having a beer, with her brow in a scowl. I smile sweetly at her, and say, "Hey". As I walk past her, I see that the papers spread out in front of her are her credit card statement. I instantly tense, and head towards the fridge for a glass of wine.

"So, what's up ?" I ask her. "You're home early today." I walk up behind her, and place my hands on her shoulders, massaging gently. She is tense also.
"I see that you have used my credit card," she says. I can hear the anger in her... Continue»
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How Innocently Our Predilections Take Over

Ever look back on your life and try to pinpoint exactly when your life changed? It is almost never anything dramatic, but usually a decision that is out of character with what you thought your values and personality were. Almost always you make a choice that forever alters who you are...for me that day happened only a week ago.

I was working as a receptionist at a dentist's office when my life changed dramatically. I would like to say it happened overnight, but I had always had lingering doubts about my sexuality. I mean I liked men...actually I loved men, but I often had vivid dreams of ... Continue»
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A lap-dance for the girls

Hey girls, come on in. Just the three of you, right? The lovely bride-to-be and her two bridesmaids; you having fun on your hen night, sweetie? It's Abigail, isn't it? Oh, Abi, sorry – much better. And your two hot friends … Milly and Sam – great. Lovely to meet you all and I'm so glad you've decided to come here to Evelyn's private room for a special treat you'll never forget. I know, hen-nights can be so embarrassing sometimes, but you've chosen well, I promise you that. Some girls go for the male strippers, which frankly can be a bit cheesy. But this is something a little differen... Continue»
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Will you come and show me how

Trying to get the attention of the guy living next door has been impossible. Yes he is older and yes he has a girlfriend but I want a chance to at least talk with him. He is leaving for college in a couple days and I want to see if there is any chance for me. I’m getting desperate to get his attention. My chance came yesterday.

He was standing at the bottom of the stairs close to the front door. I’m standing the doorway to my rood dressed in yoga shorts and a tee shirt. I take a deep breath, take off my shirt. Then approach the top of the stairs topless. I’m a senior in high School now. Ful... Continue»
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Kim Possible

Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True - Chapter 1 - Kim's wet dream

Kim Possible was lying naked in her bed. Her face was a little red, her breath was shortened, her nipples were pointing straight up in the air and had a familiar moist between her legs. The same moist she has had five mornings in a row. Caused by the same dream, every night. In the dream, Kim was tied on the bed nude with her legs spread wide. Next to the bed was standing Drakken's sidekick, Shego. She was also nude, except her mischievous smile. Kim was not feeling scared, but vulnerable. She tried to ask Shego was going on, ... Continue»
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Evelyn seduces a young girl

I'm Evelyn, and you'll know from my previous stories that I've been on the receiving end of some pretty mind-blowing sex recently – mainly from the girls who have now become such a part of my life, and especially my friend Claire. Claire introduced me to lesbian sex and encouraged the exhibitionist side of myself, culminating in us giving a live sex show for two couples. It has all been really exciting and a roller-coaster ride of lust and sex that I could never have imagined when I divorced.

But things took a new turn recently when instead of being on the receiving end, I found myself ac... Continue»
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Through the Mist

After a long day in the office, Laura wrapped herself in a thick Turkish towel and stepped into the steam room. Two women sat together on the middle bench chatting about the latest reality program. Through the mist, she nodded politely, and selected an isolated spot high in the corner. Eyes closed, she touched the back of her head to the wall and exhaled. Her towel absorbed her sweat, muscle aches and stress. She sighed. Thirty-one next month, two years without a promotion and I'm still living alone in a studio apartment. It's all so depressing. At least I don't have a cat … yet.
How many tim... Continue»
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3 Heather

We headed back to mine after our afternoon by the seaside and after showering to get rid of all the sand we were sat on the settee watching TV in our dressing gowns. “So what do you fancy for tonight then?” I asked Lisa “I don’t mind visiting your local if that’s where you’d normally go” she replied. “But before we go I want to know something” “Go on” I said “Do we have a future this time, or are you just gonna sail off into the sunset again?” “I don’t have the k**s to think about so much now” she continued “Emma’s always at her dads and is off to uni soon any way and I’m pretty sure Sophie’s ... Continue»
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Revenge, a mothers love part 2

I stood beside Hannah my daughter. She held my hand. It was a dour overcast day. A day for a funeral. We were both dressed in black. Black heels, too high for the occasion of a funeral, but exactly right for the funeral of a pimp. Tailored back dresses, short, coming to our mid-thighs, black coats, dyed mohair, expensive, but we could afford them. Thanks Charlie. Black silk underwear, classy, which felt good against my skin, felt good against my smooth pussy. Stockings of course, what a pimp would expect me, us to wear. Hannah wore her first suspender belt. I watched as the coffin of Charle... Continue»
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Strip Club Lap Dance

This is a true story that happened last summer...

It was my birthday and a Friday night, so to celebrate, we decided to hit up the local strip club for the evening. It was our first time there, and we arrived relatively early. The large "L" shaped bar around the "L" shaped raised dance stage was sparsely populated. This place is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and we didn't expect any really hot dancers, but we just wanted to have some fun and see some girls dance.

When we sat down, a pleasant older woman took our drink orders. Scanning the bar, there were a handful of men spre... Continue»
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Jenna's bachelorette party part 2

Two weeks after Jens first bachelorette party with all her friends f****y and bridesmaids it came to the time of the little private bachelorette party that I had organised just for her and myself. I had told my husband and Rodger that I was taking her away to a beauty spa retreat for the weekend which was in fact partly true. I had booked us into a room at a lovely 2 bedroom spacious self catering chalet at a nearby nature reserve which offered a number of beauty packages.
I however didn't book many of the packages that they offered but ordered and paid for some other entertainment..

I dro... Continue»
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