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Anna's Shower With Mommy

The bathroom was filled with steam. Anna and her mother had been in the shower for about 30 minutes now. It was Anna's birthday, and her mother Sharon had promised her a wonderful night. It was late in the evening. After spending the day with her friends, Anna had met her mother at home.
Sharon walked in the door from work, tossed her purse on the couch, kicked her heels off, and wiggled a finger at her daughter, motioning her to follow her into the bedroom. Anna obeyed.
As Anna walked into the bedroom, her mother was already stripping out of her clothes. Anna walked in just as she w... Continue»
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old lesbian

Hi, my name is Kasi ,I am 55 . My story began when I was 18 ,My parents married me off older indian man from uk . I came to uk .My hubby was very nice man ,he ran shop which helped in by the time 22 I had 2 boys .When it came to sex I always like to have pussy liked .my hubby always did what I liked.We did not want any more k**s.To long story short .The boys grew up .left to go to usa,and one went to Canada .They did not want know us .when i was 54 we sold the shop .We wanted enjoy life , my hubby knew i always wanted women.So we wanted to swing .Before that i had boobs done to 38dd .i alway... Continue»
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Naturists, lesbians and a man

Daria and Julka are only 18 years old. For a long time both have shown interest in nature. They have always liked each other. They especially liked summer. They know each other from the beginning. Daria is lower, more "plump", as it is said, a teenager from Julki. This is a bit taller, slimmer. He also has slightly smaller breasts. Paradoxically faster breasts had Julia from Daria. In spite of this, girls have always been crazy about nature. Already in the junior high school on a holiday, they agreed on a regular basis for naked excursions to the meadow. Especially Julka, who matured a bit lat... Continue»
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A bedtime story for.......you!!

[bI will tell you a bed time story to read later, since you seem to have nodded off. You must be on your laptop. In your big bed with your petite little body lying next to it. As it beeps with my words, it’s not loud enough to wake you tonight. You must be very tired. If I where there I would climb into your bed. No need to undress you or remove the covers, because you sl**p without either. I’m in nothing but my soft little lavender dress that is all I am wearing tonight. I could run my hands, ever so softly over your body. Noting the spots that make you squirm, lingering on them so I don't fo... Continue»
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On the Counter

Once I set you up on the counter, I press myself between your legs and push my thumbs deep into your hips and pull you close to me. I kiss you super softly and then pick you up off the counter and take you to my bed. I drop you on your back on the fluffy covers and pillows and you giggle and pull me down with you. In 1 motion I slide your panties down and off of your ankles. I waste no time going down on you and getting right to business. I wanted you bad and I could not stand to wait. You start bucking against my face and when I look up at you your biting and sucking on your finger and moanin... Continue»
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Another off duty adventure or Big fun with big sex

A few years ago, I was stationed in a remote base in Central Europe. The base that was once a home to a fully deployed, large battalion, now hosted no more than two platoons. On duty, would do no more than routine basic training, to keep in shape, as well as some paperwork. I was one of the "lucky" few that stayed behind,
During the time in question, I would often eat at this American-Like diner, where I would enjoy the regular company of Lorena, an older-than-me waitress. Her end of the shift, normally coincided with my end of supper. So unless her husband was in town, which was rare, we wo... Continue»
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s****rs turned lesbian PT 4

s****rs turned lesbian PT 4


We stood there watching mom vibrating her clit with her vibrating dildo.
I had Nicole stand in front of me. I reached around and rubbed her little clit.
Nicole was squeezing her little button size nipples. Her legs were already trembling.

I couldn't believe it mom had nipple clamps on her big tits. She had the chain of the nipple clamps in her mouth and was pulling on them. Her areolas were more oblong then round. Her pussy was well groomed. Mom had a small V patch of... Continue»
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Part 7

My Husbands overseas business trip.

Waking up Wednesday morning after being well pleasured by my younger lover I quickly got dressed in gym clothes and then went and got my daughter up and ready for school. After dropping her off I made my way to gym where I had a good workout session before heading home. Arriving home at 9h30, I first had some breakfast before going upstairs to my bathroom and running myself a hot relaxing foam bath.
As I laid relaxing I first messaged Nick thanking him for last night's pleasure. I then randomly decided to message Andy telling him it was lovely meeting h... Continue»
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s****rs turned lesbian PT 3

s****rs turned lesbian PT 3


I sat in my room waiting for my mother to come in.
I'm in big trouble, caught performing 69 with my little si(s)ter, calling her a slut and telling her to eat me out bitch.
What can I say? How do I justify what we were doing?

I heard the door knob turn, here goes.

Debbie, what in gods name were you doing?

You saw what we were doing mom.

That's not what I mean and you know it! WHY were you doing it? WHY were you calling your si(s)ter
a slut?
Nicole is only... Continue»
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Being a good sub sissy

I was awoken with the sound of my wife coming home at one thirty this morning

I heard. George asking for a drink and another women laughing

I dozed back off , then woken again as they came upstairs and into Lynn's room

I could hear moans and groaning and vibrators buzzing and lots of laughter

At eight o'clock my mobile phone rang, it was Lynn calling me from her room.

We would like two cups of tea one with two sugars the other with none and one coffee.

Also six slices of toast with marmalade bought to my room
Ok I replied , as I got out of bed my phone rang again,
When you ... Continue»
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Housesitting 3-way pt. 1

As soon as my car was on the freeway, I rolled my window down and reached toward the volume knob. The 11 AM California sun was perfectly kissing my face as the wind tussled my hair, and through my sunglasses I glanced occasionally at the crops and fields lining the road. My destination was an apartment about 40 miles away, where my friend Claire was housesitting for a work friend. She had texted a few nights ago and said that if I bring a bottle of bourbon, she would host and provide an additional, very secretive surprise. I was excited to spend the weekend out of town and would have gone ... Continue»
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caught stealing part 2

'fatty put 3 fingers up your arse keep fucking hard and fast pull those fingers almost out then shove them all the way back in as fast as you can'
'ginger did you like the taste of fattys arse on your finger ?'
'no miss'
'you licked her cunt juice from your hand and tasted her arse on your finger which was nicer ?'
'her cunt juice miss'
'so you like the taste of cunt then ginger so that makes you a ginger queer , what are you '
'i'm a ginger queer miss'
'good girl kneel between fattys legs and lick her cunt as you like the taste so much'
ginger kneels between fattys legs and puts her t... Continue»
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Part 5

My Husbands overseas business trip:

Jen and her fiancè Rodger invited myself and daughter over on Sunday for a midday lunch.
I arrived by them at 11h30 and they invited us in. Rodger's 5 year old niece was there as well and after my daughter and her making friends they set off to play all around the house, giving me a few minutes of freedom and time to chat with my bestie and her fiancè. A bit after before 13h00 we sat down at the table and had a wonderful meal. After lunch Jen and I tidied up the dinning room and kitchen while the two girls and Rodger hopped into their bathing suits. Once... Continue»
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Girlfriend Gets Me New Part-Time Job

My girlfriend Sandy and I had been living together for the past three months. However, I noticed she was always gone on either Friday or Saturday. I asked about where she went and she explained she had a second job where she made a lot of money for a few hours work. As a teacher she needed to supplement her income and as a Nurse I was not much better. Sandy introduced me to Carla who offered me a job as a dinner companion for lonely wealthy widows and divorcees. Her service was for women only and she carefully screened all her clients. Usually you e****ted them to dinners, plays and social fu... Continue»
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Part-Time Lesbian e****t

My new girlfriend Sandy was always gone on either Friday or Saturday. I asked about where she went and she explained she had a second job where she made a lot of money for a few hours work. As a teacher she needed to supplement her income and as a Nurse I was not much better. Sandy introduced me to Carla who offered me a job as a dinner companion for lonely wealthy widows and divorcees. Her service was for women only and she carefully screened all her clients. Usually you e****ted them to dinners, plays and social functions. She said these women generally do not like men and prefer socializi... Continue»
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: S!sterly Love

Buffy enjoyed her time with her mother, but her little s!ster was all grown up and became a beautiful teenage lady. She was eighteen and her looks were much more graceful. Lately whenever Buffy would pass by her s!ster's room she'd catch a glimpse of her k** s!ster getting dressed up. The curves on her teenage body were showing even more. Buffy wondered what it'd be like to kiss her s!ster.

"Would Dawnie allow me to kiss her or would she find it totally weird and disgusting? I hope I can show her that kissing her s!ster is something n... Continue»
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Bianca Behind Bars (Part 2)

Officer Goldsnatch pushed Bianca down one of the long, empty prison hallways. The other two prison guards held on tight to her arms, making sure she couldn't escape their grasp.

"Having one of the other inmates suck that big, meaty cock of yours is one surefire way to rise the ranks in this place. But unfortunately for you and fortunately for me, I can't let that go unpunished."

Bianca swallowed hard, her mind reeling at all the possible punishments Goldsnatch could have in store for her. She would never do anything too crazy, especially in front of the other guards. Right?

The two g... Continue»
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One man's shemale and lesbian adventures

It was my girlfriend Kami’s birthday. She had always been more into girls than guys and so I had arranged a surprise for her - and a treat for both of us. A girl I met earlier that week was to come over to hers that night, and I couldn’t stop the thought of the awesome threesome we were going to have from going round in my head.
Kami was, like me, in her early 30s, but looked younger and had no problem attracting all the girls she wanted. And wow, she did get through a lot. Only a couple of times a week was I allowed to see her, but I made the most of her gorgeous, tall body with its long leg... Continue»
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Sasha Roommate Kay Goddess pt 1

Sasha spread her legs and a deep moan escaped her lips as her fingers began touching her wet pussy. Her roommate Kay was out for the night and this was the only time Sasha could have time to herself and be as loud as possible. Normally she'd have to gag herself in order for Kay to not hear her, but this time she could be as loud as she wanted.

"Oh Kay!! Please fuck me....please..."

Sasha couldn't help but be attracted to her roommate, especially given Kay's tendency to walk around topless as she walks from her shower to her room. Sasha would always blush a deep red when she saw Kay's... Continue»
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Slut: It's what I am! Part 3

Slut: It’s what I am! Part 3.

It had been six weeks since the country house party where I succumbed to the delights of three different cocks. Alex and I had become firm fuck buddies, enjoying each other's bodies on a weekly basis. Dave and Andy relived our threesome on two further occasions, which were immensely pleasurable and each of the guys spent some time giving it to me just as I like it, and I have to be honest when I say that Dave's cock was my absolute favourite. It was easily the biggest, and quite simply the hardest.
It was beautifully gnarled with veins and pulsated when erect.... Continue»
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