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Kira Calls me Back

This is a continuation of a pervious story.
I was nervous after I hooked up with Kira... Nervous it would change our friendship, but it hasn't. It had been about a week since the wedding and we were still texting regularly, the only difference is now we joke about have sex again. In the pervious week I had hooked up with that blonde bridesmaid (the one who tried to sit on my lap), lets just say I was right... She loves cum!
I was sitting at home watching a ball game when I got a text from Kira
"Whatcha doing?"
But before I respond she called.
"That was fast..." I said into the phone.
I ... Continue»
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Aunt Catherine and Nephew

Catherine and Joey laid out for about a half hour and then Catherine turned over on her belly asking Joey to spray suntan lotion on her back. She untied her top to get a even tan telling him to behave as he agreed to spray her back.

Joey cock was oozing pre cum as he stared at her tight firm ass. Spraying her back, ass, and legs. Moving to the front so he would have a perfect view he poured his whole glass of ice water on her back.

Cat screamed from the cold shock coming to a sitting position in a flash. Her top remained on the chaise lounger, exposing her firm pert tits to Joey. Her big... Continue»
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Housesitting fun

Tara couldn't believe her luck. Mrs. Samson, one of her mom's lady friends, was leaving to go out of the country and had asked if Tara wanted to house sit for two weeks. Tara, who had just turned eighteen and was heading off to college in the fall, jumped at the chance. All she had to do was to take care of the pets and sign for any packages that came and she would have access to the pool and hot tub. She couldn't say yes fast enough!

Her mother warned her about inviting friends over to party which, honestly, was unnecessary. It's not that Tara didn't have any friends. It's just that she wa... Continue»
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Big bang theory Fanfic: Penny/Missy cooper


What they were doing in Penny's apartment during The Pork Chop Indeterminancy. Points if they do it between the boys coming over to ask Missy out, and have to get dressed to answer the door each time.

Work Text:

If there’s one thing that both the Cooper twins are used to, it’s getting their own way. Penny finds this out halfway through the first glass of wine, when Missy leans over, puts one finger under Penny’s chin, and turns Penny’s face toward her.

“I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how pretty you are.”

Penny breaks into a wide smile. “You don’t need to, but if you ... Continue»
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Boyfriend (Or: 'Switching Teams')

Boyfriend (Or: 'Switching Teams')

Sam's POV:

I have been with boys and girls. I think I do prefer girls to boys... they know what other girls like, where they want it, and how much they want it. Whilst dating, girls have a little more sensitivity than guys do. There's only one girl I'd like to try, seeing as I've tried out the other ones at Ridgeway High... that's my best friend.

Carly Shay. The prettiest girl by far, and of course, she has a boyfriend currently. And why wouldn't she? She's hot. I mean, drop-dead gorgeous.

And I don't say things like that usual... Continue»
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5 - New neighbors - Wild

OMG so excited when I had the little bump in with Angela, Let me tell you the rest of the story…

So we were mixing cocktails together in the kitchen and had quite a few of them when we ended up on the couch in the living room watching Netflix. I’m pretty sure we were watching Twin Peaks episodes. I like the series but could not help looking at Angela’s perfect cameltoe. That bathing suit pulled right up between her pussy lips. Her lips were almost saying: “Liberate me from this tightness!”.

Nothing in my mind would hold me back but the fact that I have known her only for a little while. ... Continue»
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Sexy Susie and Sherry

As you can tell from my other stories, I love big girls and sluts. I write about some of the slutty things my past and present girlfriends do or have done. One time, for a few months, 2 of them became friends which was pretty scary! But it turned out pretty cool.

I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment with my girlfriend Sherry, a sweet, VERY pretty, BBW. Sherry was plump, with short brown hair, and 40D tits. Sherry's big talent was she was a squirter, she squirted lots of juice when she came, and she came a lot! I was addicted to her squirting, I figured I'd never find another girl like her ... Continue»
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Mother Superior And I.

My girlfriend is a recalcitrant Catholic (forgive her father for she has sinned, it’s been 10 years since her last confession) and I was born a protestant but have been eternally in love with the Catholic Church.
In my country, people call lesbianism ‘supi’. To the best of my knowledge, supi is not a word derived form any native Ghanaian language. It appears to be a slang word which was coined somewhere along the line. I have not done any specific research on the origins of the word ‘supi’ and so this is mere conjecture; but I would guesstimate that it was coined in the 1900s & probably the l... Continue»
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A meeting with Eleanor

The Cork from the champagne bottle rattled across the table as Andy opened the 2nd bottle,
" Champagne ladies?"
"Oooohhh yes please" came the reply
Katie sat watching the bubbles as they came up the side of the glasses, she looked across the table at the brunette that they had chosen for a private lap dance, her figure was good, her body was nearly identical to that of her own, she was called 'Eleanor' obviously her stage name, she was wearing a lace out fit that had criscrossing bows at the back and was ever so slightly see thru. Katie looked at the shape of her nipples and then let h... Continue»
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Drinking The Receptionist's Pee

When we finally arrived at the resort, it was getting late already. The hotel I had booked stood a little apart from the rest and didn't have its own beach connected to it, but it looked really nice and was affordable. Plus, not being in an area with lots of d***ken tourists was a definite advantage in my book.

The lady at the reception looked a little tired when we walked in, pulling our suitcases behind us, sweating from the heat and the walk. My friend and sub Martina was looking around excited while I checked us in. I gave the receptionist our names and she looked them up. "Okay, that'... Continue»
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Catherine and kipper 2

I sat and watched in amazement watching kipper tongue lapping at Catherine's labia

She reached out her arms kiss me she asked she laid back on the bed I moved over and locked our lips together

Our tongues exploring each others mouths I moved down and sucked her puffy erect nipples
She dug her finger nails into my head her body went stiff as she let out a scream from her orgasm
He body went in to spasms of extasy
Kipper jumped on to the bed
We laid still for a while just holding each other and occasionally kissing

After a while I asked how long had she been letting kipper ... Continue»
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Spa Story Part 1

One thing to note about the Icelandic people is their obsession with hot baths and steam rooms. There are natural hot springs everywhere and the locals and tourists alike make the most of them. We had been travelling in Iceland for two weeks and had done all the big sites. They were all spectacular but we were both feeling the drag of the constant site seeing. We had been to the blue lagoon however it was absolutely packed and not very relaxing to be honest. Luckily a couple of days later a hotel receptionist pointed us in the direction of a small hot springs mainly used by the locals. W... Continue»
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Sudden Office Occasion.

My name is Nma, I am 28, 5”11, white blonde, shoulder length fair hair, sexy blue eyes, good ass to die for and smooth skin, this is because I use sea salt in my baths. I work as an executive assistant in Innoson Group Of Companies. Let me start from the fact that I have laid my eyes on my boss ever since I first came to the company. He is handsome and he is so hot. His name is Okechukwu, Okey for short. He is 6”8, black, short hair cut, very athletic body and his age is 29.

I’ve so many day dreams about sl**ping with him and one day my dreams came true. It was a warm summer day, so I was w... Continue»
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Miss stacey

It was a hot summers day and I was sitting in a classroom with 50 other people, watching a lecture on the anatomy of a fish. I looked out the window and just saw the heat radiating off of the blacktop. I was dressed for class today in a short black cotton skirt that hugged my hips and upper thighs with a pink low cut blouse, a black lacey bra and no panties because of the heat. My name is Ashley I'm 21, 145 pounds not too fit but average and I'm 5 foot 3, today I was in my college class with my favorite teacher Ms. Stacey, she was 35 smoking hot she was the same height as me just a bit more pe... Continue»
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Once inside, the blonde pushed Amy Jo into a vacant stall, closed the door, and said, "Okay you little slut, open up your blouse and let me see your tits! Amy Jo unbuttoned her blouse exposing her low cut bra and bulging breasts to the hungry eyes of the blonde dom, who reached out and began pinching and pulled on her nipples through the lace cups. Amy Jo gasped, from both the pain and excitement of having her boobs mauled by the strange blonde lesbian! "Ya like that, huh," she asked in rhetorical voice, not expecting an answer, "let's see how you like this," as the blonde lifted her leg, plac... Continue»
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I've known Laurie for over thirty years, ever since high school when we were on the volleyball team. She was one of the more popular girls in school, and I was a little jealous of the attention she received. She seemed to be at center of attention when it came to talk about boys, sex, dates, hairstyles, movies or whatever. I was always a bit enamored with her, and still am to this day, with us each in our fifties.
She and I still hang out in the same circle of friends and run into each other often around town. Her popularity remains as high as it was in high school with the added reputati... Continue»
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Episode 67:Jack and Jill

Jack & Jill
Jack and Jill shared a birthday, both were slim and blonde with cheeky grins. Most people thought they were twins - perhaps they were just cousins that loved to kiss. Every day after school during the summer they did run up the hill behind their houses, not to fetch a pail of water, that's just a Nursery Rhyme; but to have what they considered wild, passionate, unprotected sex in the wild flower meadow.

In winter they found a disused allotment hut that they made watertight and cosy with an old mattress and a sl**ping bag to curl up in.
They experimented with stroking e... Continue»
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Part 3 Matric holiday:fucking Sandra

Waking up Tuesday morning Mark and I decided we would spend the day at home. Seeing our parents in the morning for breakfast we told them we weren't doing anything major today and plans were then quickly made to have a braai for supper which was awesome. Hailey had a friend come over her name was Stacy. She was only 15 years old but very attractive. She was already quite tall, she was wearing short shorts which showed her sexy tanned and toned legs. Her boobs were obviously still starting to grow but could see they were there already. A very sexy ass and smile. And very pretty to look at.

... Continue»
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The Watcher

Hurrying leather soled footfalls echo along the otherwise quiet cobbled street. My heavy breathing makes the bl**d in my ears rush loud as I strain to keep moving. The rows of darkened houses on each side of the ancient back cart path loom into view, one by one as I press onward. Exhaustion would have over taken me a mile back if not for the driving thoughts of that broken down piece of crap I left so far back.

Thoughts of why couldn't it make it those last few miles kept resonating through my mind, pushing me further along on my way. Nobody would answer their door as I pounded on the first... Continue»
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The es(c)ort (1) - The interview

With the long vacation looming and still no sign of a job to see me through to the start of next term (see my post “Misbehaving” for the story behind that), I put out a few feelers among my friends to see what they could suggest. Some of them had indeed struck lucky with internships or work experience packages, but disappointingly nearly everyone else had had to resort to supermarket or coffee-shop jobs. I needed some work, but I didn't think I was so desperate that I had to resort to shelf-stacking or serving the great British public in their hour of need. But as the days wore on I was sta... Continue»
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