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Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 4

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 4

Cherri discovers the men using Yolanda for a sex toy, using her for a movie. The older woman finds out more about the girl and decides to have Yolanda live with her to teach the immature girl more about sex and life after making the gullible youngster cum. Cherri tells Jim about a Thai movie on Xhamster with a girl she knows.

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 1

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2

Retard W... Continue»
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Stepdaughter p7

I was a bad man, I had fucked my stepdaughter Kim a young ebony eighteen year old several times now and even though I knew I shouldn't I just couldn't help myself when she teased and begged for my cock.
It was early evening and I was watching TV with Trish my loving wife and Kim's mother, when Kim came strolling into the room, she was wearing another short skirt that showed off her long toned legs and a small t-shirt that barely covered her small pert tits and quickly she announced she had a friend coming over to study with her.
"We'll be in my room, so don't disturb us" she said before givi... Continue»
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Saturday 2pm

Pam rolls over, looks at the alarm and giggles. She's on a hot date tonight with a couple she met through Xhamster.com, 8pm at their place. The advert Pam placed read:-

Big Titted, Horny Bi Girl wants pussy and cock to play with. Genuine ad so no time wasters. Interested? PM me with profile content, pics and vids.
As expected, her inbox was filled with messages from single blokes. As Pam scrolled through the junk messages, she saw one, clicked on it and opened it looking closely and reading the message.

Hello Bearlove33.

We are Rob and Lynn. Came across your profile w... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold's Wife and the Neighbor 2

Cindy and Judy were really getting off on each other when the voice boomed, “Anyone here I need a signature for this package.” Cindy never stopped eating Judy’s cunt and Judy looked up and said, “Oh hi, I’ll sign in just a minute.” The UPS guy just stood there staring at the scene before him. Judy got up with her drenched cunt and walked closer to the door and held her hands out for the thing to sign. She finally took it from his hand and looked at Cindy and said, “looks like someone just grew a tent pole.”

Cindy laughed and said, “That’s not fair, we can’t let him go back out like that.” She... Continue»
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Ater dinner desert

Hi im J a 40 something female fitness instructor and i would like to tell you about a dinner date i had last weekend and the desert that followed
Demi is a new client i have started to train to get her fit enough to pass her fitness test to join the Navy , her mum was an old client of mine and recommended me, we got on fine and Demi invited me out for dinner after a couple of training sessions
Saturday night with Demi was nice, we went for dinner in town she chose the place
Demi was dressed casually in sprayed on white jeans and a low cut white top all slashed at the back and showing lots o... Continue»
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Episode 74 - Jessica's Wedding

It was 1AM on a wet December morning in 2021, Jessica was out on the pull, dressed in the latest fashion of a kinky cat-suit that clung to her well-toned body. It was made from a fabric that only went opaque in daylight - it was pretty much transparent under the nightclub spotlights. The split right down the front was held partly closed by a red cord, laced between holes on each side of the opening. Loosened at the top it allowed a great view of cleavage, tighter below the waist to keep the girls guessing whether her pubic fluff was dyed or natural.

It was a 1970's night and all the ladies i... Continue»
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The Interview

The Interview

“Steve, are you going to be long?” Victoria shouted up the stairs. “You know it’s my first interview since I stopped working – and damn, am I nervous!” Her husband trotted down the stairs, an overbearingly silly grin on his face. “Hey babe – don’t get your knickers in a twist! You’ll be fine!” “Who says I’m wearing knickers!” pouted Vicky, as he headed toward her, his hands making groping motions. Steve stopped, looking his wife up and down, taking in the fitted suit, the black sheer stockings and the towering high heels. “Pheeew,” he whistled, as she blushed at his obvious de... Continue»
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My First Time With A Woman

I was 26 the first time I had sex with a woman and even kissed a woman properly for the first time. It was something I had been thinking about for a while because my luck with men had been so bad and I was beginning to wonder if I was a Lesbian. That would certainly explain my discomfort with men and my lack of success with them.

I had only had one boyfriend in my life, which had lasted over 5 years and we had lived together for most of it. He was weird though. Even weirder than me. Men don't seem to like me and never have. I never had. Boys didn't like me either. I was The Weird One to t... Continue»
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The Double Ended Dildo

We bought he double ended dildo at Noosa and we played around with it while we were up there but Maddy didn't like it. She loved the idea of it but it's a bit too thick and she didn't like it inside her. We tried it but we were both far more interested in the feeldoes at the time, so we tried it once then forgot about it.

One night when we were cuddled up under the blanket on the couch Maddy said something about us being joined together but I didn't catch exactly what she said. She got up and strolled to her bedroom naked and came back with the Double Ended Dildo.

It's enormous. It's 6... Continue»
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Indulging the Foot Fetish

We started fucking around on the couch but ended up on the floor. We had just finished a 69, she was lying on her back and I was sitting up between her legs. She put a foot on my breasts and began rubbing her toes on my nipple. It felt good but weird and her toe on my nipple looked really weird.

"Suck my toes." She said excitedly.

We hadn't done that for a long time. I held her foot in both hands and sucked her toes, sucking them one by one then taking all of them into my mouth and sucking them all at once. I put my right foot on her cunt and she grabbed my ankle with both hands and ... Continue»
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The Steam Room

My name is Adita from Asian heritage I'm 22, a student, slim, with firm but rather smallish B-cupped breasts. I have Ombre style long hair.

My parents house is near a well-known and well-equipped spa hotel which is open for paying guests, I visit it every now and then in evening, when its ladies only night normally between six and eight p.m. for a pamper.
That evening the place was deserted I saw nobody in the shower area. I undressed and started with a long, warm and relaxing shower. Naked with my towel I entered the spa and opened the door to the steam room. It was damp and foggy with ... Continue»
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Madelaine was sexing me up on Thursday night. She knows I am attracted to her, attracted and terrified, and she is using it to strengthen her control over me.

She was dressed to kill. She had really gone all out and she looked stunning. Not overtly sexy, just incredibly classy and stunning in a way only the very rich can manage. She was wearing a low cut little black dress with her tits pushed up and bulging ever so slightly out of the top. A lightweight black jacket, fairly short but not too short, black stockings and high heels.

Black really suits her. Her hair looked blacker and gloss... Continue»
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Maddy - Our First Kiss

"You want me to tell you where the toe sucking came from?" Madelaine asked.
"Yeah, OK." I said laughing.
"I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to get the wrong idea. There's really no connection between this and you. None at all. Apart from the toe sucking itself."
"Ralph used to go down on me sometimes and I really hated it. I hated the way he slobbered all over my pussy and it was so bad that I actually preferred sucking his wrinkled old cock. One night he's about to go down on me and I just couldn't do it. I panicked and for some crazy reason I shoved my foot in h... Continue»
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Yolanda couldn’t get away. She had no choice. With Anna on one side and Marie on the other, and Agnes walking a few feet behind the girls (licking her lips while she watched Yolanda’s buttocks moving together as she walked), Yolanda had nowhere to go but where the ladies were taking her. The schoolmistress was dressed in a nice skirt and blouse outfit which was made of local silk. Her skirt was tight and hugged her perfect ass. She wore nothing underneath.
“I wish you wouldn’t make a spectacle of this”, hissed Yolanda
“We’re not making a spectacle, we’re just takin... Continue»
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Pasadena: TBBT fan-fic

Pasadena – in the esteemed opinion of Amy Farrah Fowler – would never change. There would always be overcrowded suburban shopping malls lying in direct contrast to the neighboring silicon valley, overflowing with scientists and surfers who crowded the restaurants up and down the main drag of town, scheming to get closer to the waves or further inland to the safety of the suburbs.

Amy knew the story. She’d been born here, and she’d seen any number of people crop up at her place of employ, secretaries that lasted a week before fleeing to the excitement of Hollywood or the bland safety of the ... Continue»
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the domination effect

As the boys leave for another science fuelled adventure Penny and Bernadette are left alone in Penny's apartment.

"So penny is there anything you want to do?" Bernadette asked. Knowing full well her plans for the next week. Bernadette had never told anyone but she had had a large crush on penny ever since she had met her. Penny's long hair, big breasts and perky bum just did it for her. Bernadette had taken with her two large ball gags, a dildo, a collar, a leed, a vibrator, a strap-on, hand cuffs, scarfs, duct tape, rope, a whip, a horse whip and nipple clamps to use on Penny, plus a few c... Continue»
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Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 10: Reconciliation Par

Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 10: Reconciliation Part 1

Freddie and Jade had spent much of the late morning trying to forget about Freddie's 'buzzkill' slowly getting to know one another. The new couple lay on the couch together for nearly two hours, barely moving, and just cuddling.

This cuddling thing was a relatively foreign concept for Jade, especially since Freddie was the first guy who'd ever actually done it. Cat kinda cuddled, even though it was a bit one sided, where she would hold the redhead as she would fall as!eep, sometimes even falling out while suckling her hefty breast.... Continue»
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Threesome with Beth and her Daddy together.

It was my own fault I was trying too hard to be an adult at a party full of men eyeing me up as I pranced around thinking I was the star attraction especially as wives were not present, just girls like me enjoying their friends sixteenth birthday party.

Beth was a daughter of a single parent, a daddy's girl and daddy threw the party and invited all his mates without their wives to come to the party especially since she had invited all her friends, including myself, and the men supplied the booze and the d**gs.

None of us suspected the deviousness of her fathers ploy, we were initially ov... Continue»
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Joining The Navy

I was eighteen when I decided to join the Navy after high school. Working at Pizza Hut just wasn’t my career choice. After Basic Training I was assigned to Air Traffic Control School In sunny Pensacola, Florida. Now when I was in Basic you always heard rumors about lesbian and dykes in the Navy. In basic training we were watched pretty closely and I never saw anything to verify those rumors. That’s until I got to Pensacola.

The first week I got there I reported on a Thursday and had the whole weekend off. Everything was normal until Friday night. I felt like I had been invited to a Roman... Continue»
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Some Lesbian

Well some of you weren’t too happy with my first story and I copped a little abuse but none more then I expected, also thank you to the people who were supportive and gave me a pm. I have decided to write a second story that is closer to my normal stuff how ever every now and then when I get a huge kinky thought I will write the story up for a bit of controversy. I hope you enjoy this first person love tail of a 30 year old single woman and her new neighbour.

It is only 9:00pm on Friday night and I have nothing to do other then surf the cable to try and find something to watch, you woul... Continue»
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