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A quick Satruday afternoon visit

BDSMInterracial SexLesbian Sex

I recently met a lady online. She was dominant from the first sentence, which made me wet and wanting more. Through our chats I found out that not only was she black, but also a BBW who is here locally. The trifecta! Chatting with her this morning made me so hungry for pussy I was going crazy. Knowing that my roommate and her bf would be out for the afternoon, I did something I never do, I invited her over. The moment I did, I was nervous and excited and when she accepted, a little scared. Honestly, she could be a man, a serial killer, who knows what, but I took a chance and it paid off or… Read more

Posted by Sweetie4Grands 5 years ago 9 1,296 89%

Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea (part three)

Lesbian SexShemales

One day (I suppose it must have been after I’d spent about two months on the island) I was down along the shoreline collecting driftwood. On these occasions I always kept my eye open for anything else that might be of any use and this day I had a real find. Washed up against some rocks a few yards off the beach was a large plastic garbage bin. An old discarded garbage bin might not seem anything to get excited about but it was as good as treasure from King Solomon’s mines as far as I was concerned. There were literally dozens of uses we could put such a large receptacle to. My mistress was b… Read more

Posted by Mikebasil 5 years ago 11 2,270 100%

Chrissie's slutty hotel meeting

AnalFetishLesbian Sex

Chrissie picked up the post off the doormat after a hard day's work - Monday always seemed a tiring day after the weekend. She dropped it onto the worktop in the kitchen and thought, oh no, not more bills. She took her coat off and put the kettle on to make herself a refreshing cup of tea. The tea soon brewed and she grabbed the post and flicked through the envelopes realising that most of them were just junk mail, then surprisingly she saw a hand written one. It was just addressed to Chrissie, with no surname. Very odd she thought as she tore it open. There was a hand written letter and a… Read more

Posted by arbymore 5 years ago 5 2,323 100%

Sexy Gemma's sex life

AnalLesbian SexMasturbation

Ever since Gemma had started fucking her boyfriend Kieran's uncle Roger she had felt wonderful. She was getting so much sexual pleasure she was in heaven. Roger called her his little cum slut and she loved it. She loved being used and abused. She loved it when he wanked and cum over her face and hair, in fact she enjoyed everything he did to her. He had just showed the pleasure she could get from being fucked in the arse. Only yesterday, he got her on all fours and trickled some baby oil into her arse hole and then slipped a finger inside and eased it open, then taking a shampoo bottle filled… Read more

Posted by arbymore 5 years ago 1 948 90%

The street whore~

BDSMGroup SexLesbian Sex

One day i was passing through town, when i saw something shocking. A young girl, not a day older than 18, handcuffed naked to a lamp post. Her breats were tied tightly, and there were little clamps on her nipples. She was screaming and crying. Her body was covered in insults, things like whore and slut had been scribbled on in lipstick. It said free fuck buy her pussy and hurt me by her breasts. There was a crowd of people surrounding her. I am an english man living in a poor european country, The women are disrespected here. They have to do as their husband says. They will torture this… Read more

Posted by lolaaaX 5 years ago 2 1,936 42%

Candy & Martha

Lesbian Sex

Candy met Martha at a friend's party. She had noticed Martha moving around the room. Everyone else seemed to notice Martha too. It was, she mused, not only because of Martha's generous proportions -- but also because of her easy laugh, booming voice and the animated way she flung her arms and head when chatting. You could see Martha was accustomed to being noticed and she did nothing to make herself any less the centre of attention by her style of dress, which was a loud floral clingy number that only just contained her boobs, which threatened to burst out every time she laughed. Martha was en… Read more

Posted by bbwlovar 5 years ago 896 74%

Monica's Birthday

AnalLesbian SexMasturbation

I want to start out by saying that ALL of my stories are written for my best friend Monica. They all were specifically written for her and I'm now sharing them as she believes they're worthy of being posted. This one is my favorite It’s mid-October of senior year, with the smell of fall break in the air; time for several friends and me to head cross country for the week. We decided we wanted to go somewhere memorable and have an unforgettable experience. There had been a long debate over where we should go, but the final decision had become Las Vegas. None of us had been, s… Read more

Posted by vballchick 5 years ago 13 3,482 100%

At The Park

Lesbian SexMasturbationVoyeur

I want to start out by saying that ALL of my stories are written for my best friend Monica. They all were specifically written for her and I'm now sharing them as she believes they're worthy of being posted. This one is Monica's favorite. It’s 10AM and my alarm is singing its awful wake up call. Luckily it’s Friday and I don’t have any class today, but I figured that I would be productive today since the semester is drawing near an end and time is running short. I roll out of bed like usual, grab some shorts and a t-shirt to throw on so I can make my way to the bathroom; af… Read more

Posted by vballchick 5 years ago 6 1,773 99%


First TimeLesbian Sex

Nat started at Annie’s shoulders. They were soft, but tense to the touch. Annie’s breathing started to steady, and Nat’s grip became tighter. Annie could feel herself start to relax. “I don’t what’s wrong with me” Annie sighed. Nat responded “It’s okay, we all get worked up sometimes, even the best of us.” Annie smiles “Thanks, Nat. I think I just really need some girl time. Wanna hang out after work today? Maybe go to a movie or shopping or something?” “Of course, anything for you. How about a movie? There’s one out right now that I’ve really wanted to see.” Annie stood up to fa… Read more

Posted by inbetweener45 5 years ago 3 1,362 84%

She & Ms. Jones

First TimeLesbian Sex

Note: Completely fictional, like all of my stories. My name’s Melissa, and I have a problem. I’ve known Ms. Jones for years, her daughter Vicki is my best friend. Ms. Jones lives alone, she’s single, and she kept the large house from the divorce. Vicki was about to go to Europe for grad school, and she invited me over for a sl**pover, a throwback from our grade school days. When I was 19, Vicki invited me over for after she had a bad break-up. I left to use the restroom down the hall, and I was walking back to the living room, Ms. Jones cornered me, and something inside of me didn’t want to… Read more

Posted by inbetweener45 5 years ago 6 2,388 80%

After the Concert...

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

One Christmas I purchased some concert tickets for my girlfriend. I didn’t really care for the bands so I told her she could take a friend and just have some fun. After Christmas I completely forgot about the concert until my girlfriend reminded me of it a few days before. “So, Jessica will be here tomorrow at 5,” My girlfriend Michelle said. “Oh Jessica is coming up?” I said slightly confused. “Yea, the concert… Remember?...” She said cockily. “Oh, ha, yea I forgot about that,” I said trying to play it off. Now her friend Jessica is pretty hot. She is about 5’6”, sandy blonde… Read more

Posted by Vesper2069 5 years ago 1 2,249 90%


Lesbian SexVoyeur

"I was just walking down the street and this guy called me over from his van... I was just down to the shops..." "What did you do?" "He looked alright and, y'know... it was the middle of day in the middle of High Street... so I walked over to say hi. Can't hurt to say hi, right?" "No, can't hurt..." "So I walk over to where the van is parked, making sure not to get too close, just in case..." "Yeah, can't be too careful, even if yer just saying hi..." "Exactly." "So... is he cute? Did he ask you out?" "He says he's doing a documentary film on Irish girls and wan… Read more

Posted by mustbtuesday 5 years ago 1 980 100%


Lesbian Sex


Posted by loloishorny 5 years ago 1 666 100%

Spring break for the cum slut

HardcoreLesbian Sex

I went to Cancun Mexico this year with a girl friend of mine from college, her name is Karen. We flew stand by and arrived on a Monday morning, our only luggage was a carry-on bag each. Light weight skimpy clothing, swimsuits, panties and toiletries were all we needed. We could buy anything else we might need when we got there. After going through customs we took the bus to our hotel, it was on the lagoon side not Gulf of Mexico side, to the Holiday Inn Express in Cancun. We checked in, dropped our stuff off and were at the beach before noon. The white sands of the beaches burned our feet b… Read more

Posted by Summer90 5 years ago 6 2,764 99%

A Helping Hand

FetishHardcoreLesbian Sex

Warning - contains fisting references do not proceed if that offends you! If not, then enjoy! For Jeni - hopefully by way of inspiration! The solution, when you thought about it, seemed obvious. It had been two months since your introduction to the Rose Garden, and you had been back three times since then.The first time had been similar to your original visit, then on the second time, a couple of girls had spent some time with you showing how to relax your ass, and open it using your fingers. Although extremely arousing, and enjoyable, you were still some way from being able to produce a… Read more

Posted by wildebeest1 5 years ago 4 2,312 92%

Sorority night

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

Bev was anxious for the night as she was going to party with the girls in her secret sorority. It would be her first party with them. When she arrived they took her to the party room and told her she would be the guest of honor but they had to blindfold her. With the blindfold in place they then began to strip her naked. She was then placed in a chair with no arms and her hands were tied behind her. Then they spread her legs and tied them to the legs of the chair. The leader told her "Tonight you are going to be our main attraction. We are going to show you how our gang treats a sexy naked bod… Read more

Posted by independentlady55 5 years ago 1 967 57%

Closing the Sex Shop

Lesbian SexMasturbation

After a good night sl**p, I wake up rubbing my wet pussy. I know I was at the party last night and had sex with a few guys, but dreaming about what Kelli and I are going to do at work this evening, has me dreaming. I crawled out of bed, grabbed my glass dildo and headed for the shower. When I got to my bathroom, on my closed toliet seat, sits my purple dildo. I don't remember putting it there, but who knows..I did have a little to drink last night. I straddled the dildo and began to fuck it. It slid in with ease, my pussy is that wet. I pumped up and down and could feel the cum coming… Read more

Posted by loloishorny 5 years ago 744 75%

Stay at Home Break

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

Welcome to the final part of my story; you have met Terri and Sam in 15 years of lust and Sally in ‘Sally’s virginity.’ Thank you for all the kind comments from both these stories. Stay at Home Break It was time for our summer holidays, and as usual Terri and I would holiday with Sam and Richard, Terri’s Mom and Stepdad, and Sally Terri’s younger s****r. We had nothing planned, we did think about going aboard but with all the troubles in the world we decided it would be stay at home break this year. We had three weeks to do what we wanted, when we wanted, and that felt good. I ha… Read more

Posted by mason_grove 5 years ago 10 3,497 100%

Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (Part Two)

BDSMLesbian SexShemales

When I awoke the next morning I was alone. I rose up from my bed amidst the ruins of the villa and peered around cautiously. There was no sign of her. Carefully I tip-toed out from the ruins and conducted a quick scan of the surroundings. The little olive grove was quite deserted other than the small creatures with which I shared the island. These seemed busy at this early hour. There was a little dark grey bird singing from the scrub at the edge of the olive grove. It had a musical voice I found quite soothing. I was to become familiar with that little bird and the mate he found to build… Read more

Posted by Mikebasil 5 years ago 15 2,516 99%

Sarah and Daniela

First TimeLesbian SexSex Humor

This piece is a chapter extracted from my novel "Toggenburg" a lesbian love story set in the mountains of Switzerland which I've posted in case any Xhamster reader might enjoy it. Toggenburg Thirty. “We are going to get wet!” declared Sarah firmly. It was a fair analysis as she and Daniela stood huddled in the doorway of the Hotel Toggenburg contemplating the wretched weather before them. It was still raining heavily and the wind was blowing the sheets of rain around in a bewildering variety of directions. Umbrellas promised to be hazardous accessories ra… Read more

Posted by Mikebasil 5 years ago 4 2,537 100%