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Maryam, Nell and Patty

Maryam, Nell, and Patty
Lesbian i****t, mom / daughters

Warning: Explicit sexual scenes and graphic lesbian sexual activity between female members of the same family.


It was the same dream again.

The one she dreamed so regularly it broke her heart.

She knew she was dreaming, some part of her mind was awake, seeing as if she was herself. It was always on rails, she knew she was dreaming, but she could not control or direct it. She was twenty-two again, just married, young, virile, beautiful. Drew was with her, his face worryingly indistinct, but she knew it was him. She reco... Continue»
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Vacation Young Couple Part III

Sandy and Dan be came regular partners for Cindi and I
We talked about how we never expected to have sex with anyone else after we married and we both agreed and Dan and Sandy were so young it was like having our first crush all over again.

:ONce Dan got waxed, it reminded me of playing show and tell in the nighbor'sis garage" Cindi said
"Yeah, I wasn't quite that lucky but Sandy definitely reminds me of my dates in high school, except then I seldom got laid" I replied
Sandy and Dan are twins in school. Dan is 5'11", 170 lbs and dark hair. Sandy is 5'6", 110 lbs and long brown hair. We ... Continue»
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Revenge is Sweet Chapter Three The Taking of Marg

Eric came from the bedside and walked over to me taking my hand, helped me out of my seat and kissed me. It was a deep and sensual kiss. I was already smouldering and the kiss just seemed to turn my fire into a furnace. Watching Margaret from where she lay spread-eagled on the bed I wanted to fuck Eric again while she watched. My hand snaked down to his crutch feeling the length that was hardening as we cuddled together.
Eric had other ideas and taking my hand took me to the bedside. I watched fascinated as he slid his hand up towards Margaret’sis crutch he told her to stop struggling an... Continue»
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Rose gets help coming out

Sally and I were friends from the time we moved and I started going to Grant Grade School in the7th grade. We hit it off the very first time we met. We did everything together. My mom use to ask where I lived with her and dad of at Sally’sis. There wasn’t a lot of first in either of our lives that we didn’t share or accomplish together. Sally had always been the chance taker the one to be first. The only thing I think I beat her at was getting my tonsil removed. We talked about everything. We remained close even after high school I got a job working for a local broker and Sally got a job at a ... Continue»
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A business trip for my hubby part 1

I woke up Thursday morning and my husband was getting ready to go to work. He was quickly going into the office to collect a final few papers for his business trip. He left just after 6h00 giving our daughter a big kiss goodbye before leaving. He told me he would be home by 10h00 to finish packing and to leave for the airport at 12h30 for his 15h00 flight. I said I would see him later as he left. I then got our daughter ready for crèche and soon took her and dropped her off. I was back home by 8h30 and ate breakfast before going upstairs to shower. After getting out the shower and drying off, ... Continue»
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Revenge is Sweet Chapter One Capturing the Ghost

“Stop right there!”
The voice was female but had an air of authority in it. My brain working fast for a way out of this as I slowly turned around to see the owner of this confident female voice. She stood about 5ft 8” or 173cm if you are into that metric stuff. Maybe mid-thirties to forties and slightly built which made me think I could overpower her perhaps. Then I saw the Glock held firmly in her grasp pointing at my chest. There was no shaking in her hand, here was a woman very used to handling a gun.
“Picked the wrong house this time!”
Alice said, she saw me look a... Continue»
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Cap'n Angie and the Return of the Booty

This is the last in the trilogy of the adventures of Cap'n Angie...
For the first part, if you haven't read it already, please check it out here: http://xhamster.com/stories/cap-039-n-angie-633514
And also feel free to check out the prequel here: http://xhamster.com/stories/cap-039-n-angie-and-a-fair-maiden-039-sis-booty-637449


Cap'n Angie and the Return of the Booty


So ye be back for more, ye pilchard-pickers?!

Fair... Continue»
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Rima'sis adventures - New territories

Quite a while now – somewhere around 2 months and Rima did not get enough of cock meat, her cunt was swelling every morning and she had to quench the pulsating urge and juice flow using her pussy and anal beads and follow it up with a good hard fierce shower in the bathroom directed on her clit and anal pulses – her anus would ooze secret pungent juices full of sex in them and she would just yield to these secretions completely aware that the 29 year old body needed sis strong cock – a big cock pulsating and mesemerizing and this was as of now possible either by fucking the 19 year old Aditya ... Continue»
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Friend Helping a Friend

I'm Lamya. I'm 18 years old and I'm writing to tell everyone about the most wonderful sexual experience that I have ever had.

My best friend name is Ban. We're both 18 years old and just about to graduated high school. Last Friday night was one of those hot muggy nights. Our doorbell ranged at just after midnight. My Mom opened it to find Ban standing there crying. Her "Date" just threw her out of his car.

To get through the boring part, she asked to spend the night. That meant she had to call her Mom, who had to talked to my Mom...and on and on. You know how parents can be.

Finally, ... Continue»
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Collage girls. Taken

I was strapped down. Tightly. My legs secured at the ankles, legs spread wide and pulled up, and bent at the knees. My arms likewise, a collar around my neck, secured. A leather strap across my waist. I couldn’t move. Next to me Kayleigh screamed, then silence. I couldn’t see her. The others girls were with me, and although I couldn’t see them I knew they were tied down, as I was. And like me I knew they were naked. He stood in front of me, whoever “He” was. He smiled, a cruel leer. He held up a pair of strange looking pliers. I wet myself, I couldn’t help it, I just did it. Fear. I trembled. ... Continue»
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My mother turned me into a cum slut (Pt 3)

Part 3

Mom can we talk. Sure Megan about what? (as if I didn't know)
It's about our weekends. Yes Megan what about it. I'm so horny all the time, all I want to do is fuck.
That's understandable. You're in your early 20's your hormones are still raging. True but I don't want to just fuck anyone they may be selfish, not like the weekend group.
That's why we go there. You may remember I mentioned it's safe & everyone there wants you to get off as much as they do.
It's hard not to diddle myself especially when I think about the past weekend.
Try not to. That gives you better orgasms & allo... Continue»
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a weekend with Jen Part 1

One Thursday night when I was still on my period, my phone rang while I was busy giving my husband a blowjob. I ignored it ringing and continued to suck my hubby'sis cock. I was deepthroated him when he started moaning from pleasure and soon he started cumming in my mouth. After he finished shooting his load into my mouth, I went to the bathroom to spit it out in the basin.
On returning to the bed I check my phone to see who called. It was Jenna and I called her back. She was phoning to ask me if I would like to join her next weekend for weekend away at a riverside resort, just the two of la... Continue»
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Our wives changed our lives Part 7.

Our wives changed our lives Part 7.

Karen was now past caring about anyone except what she wanted from her aunty. She wanted to cum so badly and she didn’t care that her father would hear her cries of lust. She wanted to be a part of this fucked up family and she was going to do whatever it took. She knew that this was her only chance to hopefully fuck her father and live out that fantasy. But first she wanted to cum and cum hard.

When she felt her aunties fingers parting her cunt lips she opened her eyes and in a whisper she said, “Finger me Aunty Sarah as hard as you want to.” Sarah ha... Continue»
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Our wives changed our lives. Part 6

Our wives changed our lives. (6)

Karen was only one street away from home and removed her finger from her wet cunt and licked it clean. She knew that when she got into the shower that a quick orgasm was in order so her favorite dildo was going to be joining her for one last orgasm before bed.

When she pulled up into the driveway she noticed that her parents’ bedroom light was still on and wondered if they were just getting into bed. She knew her parents would hear her coming in as their room is close to the front door and when they see her they would most likely ask how her night was. ... Continue»
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My mother turned me into a cum slut (PT 2)

The weekend was nearing. All I could think about was going back to the motel with my stepmother. I took all my willpower not to diddle my pussy. I wanted to be as horny as fuck & I was. My nipples were always erect, even at work.

I thought about what to wear but then again clothes were taken off almost as soon as you got in the door. Hmm, maybe some thigh high nylons. I wanted to shave my pussy. I was afraid that may make me diddle it. I wanted it to be bald & smooth for its guests.
At this point I guess I could ask my mother we don't have any secrets anymore. I went downstairs and just as... Continue»
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BFF & I went to a nudist camp 2

Our second day at the nudist camp

Vanessa was the first to waken. She woke me up then Kate got up. Vanessa wanted to get something to eat. What'sis the dress code? I was like what do you mean? The dress code Vanessa said. Do we have to wear clothes? Kate was a little puzzled. Is this the same girl I had to take her bikini bottoms off yesterday? I hardly sleep last night. All I kept thinking about was you. You were such an exhibitionist walking back to the room without any clothes, cum & all on your legs. Flashing your pussy, teasing them, getting them hard. Kim you ate that ladys pussy ou... Continue»
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My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry.

She arrived at Jeanie'sis house and sat in the car after turning the engine off, her mind went over the past few months, weeks in fact and the many changes that had happened both to herself and to the way that she viewed her relationship with her husband. She found the feeling of "being in charge", enlightening and a powerful turn on for her, the clothes that she was now wearing and also the contents of the holdall made her tingle at her very core and the thoughts that she was having about the evenings fun and also into the future made her aware of the moistness between her legs. She opened th... Continue»
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BFF & I went to nudist camp (3)

We only have a few hours left before we had to leave to catch our flight home. We had to get breakfast.
We slept through the rest of the afternoon & night. Who could blame us?

I was done showering. Vanessa said it was OK for Kim to go next. There's always plenty of hot water in a hotel.

Kim & I had a towel wrapped around us. That's the most we've been covered in 2 days. It almost felt funny. We were sharing the mirror fixing our hair & putting our makeup on. We talked a little about the past couple of days. I said you know what Vanessa never ate that lady out. You & I both did. I had t... Continue»
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My Two Milfs

I woke up and she was standing over me. She was naked and standing there with her bush sticking out. Her black muff looked so hot. Her tits dangled with erect nipples. She was holding a cup of coffee. "Good morning. I brought you some coffee. I know you just woke up but I need you to do something for me when you get woken up." Evidently she was very horny and wanted me to fuck her. My cock was rock hard. As I moved my pillow so I could sit up the blanket fell off and my stiff cock jumped up. "Oh that is a real nice hard on you have. I need that inside my pussy when you are ready." ... Continue»
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Mother turned me into a cum slut (PT1)

I was bored. I don't know why but I went to look around my mothers room. I found a box. I looked inside & I couldn't believe what I saw.
Sex toys and pics. I first thought eww. I took a look at the pics. They were of my mom. All different pics of her. Cum flowing from her mouth, her pussy, cum on her hair. I put them back and thought WTF what is she up to? When did this all happen? Why?
After the weekend I thought I'd take another look. There were new pictures of her. These had cum coming out of her ass. Two dicks in her mouth. I looked through the rest of the pics again. Wow is she a slut.
... Continue»
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