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Caught out at the party - Part II

'Oh my God are they my knickers?' Oona was giggling uncontrollably her eyes darting over first Olly and then me, my legs wide open and bum pressed against her bathroom sink unit whilst his big cock peeked out over the top of her panties. Olly had come up for air and we both exchanged nervous glances.
'I'm really sorry Oona, we were just…' I began to explain but she cut me off almost immediately. 'It's okay, it's okay I'm just a little shocked that he's wearing my knickers' she said her eyes now all over my husband. She had her phone in her hand and began to make a call. There was a pause of ... Continue»
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Barb and Mollie

The two had made it a day together. They turned a quick trip out to the mall into a girl's brunch that morphed into something else. They wanted the time away from things back home and the dreariness of domestic life. There was catching up to do; catching up on one another more precisely. One had moved in just down the street from the other and the two old gal pals could not have been more pleasantly surprised or happier.

Barb and Mollie walked along through the promenade between the shops. They were doing the whole BFF "holding girlfriend's hand so she didn't get lost thing," and they looke... Continue»
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Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 8

Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 8: Puckentine 2

Sam blinked and groaned from her fitful s!eep. She didn't want to wake up. She didn't want to face the world. She felt miserable and wanted to continue escaping through s!eep, but she wouldn't get to do that. She felt a weight shift on her high-rise bed, which was really just a mattress raised up on some metal pipes.

The dirty blonde finally opened her eyes when she rolled onto her back and felt a weight on her stomach. She looked up to see Cat straddling her stomach and looking down at her with a pitiful expression.

The redhea... Continue»
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swinging with friends

after my wife and I were married we did no swinging. I didn't care for any men or my wife into women for at least 38 years. we would talk about what we had done earlier in life when we were having sex. I would tease her about eating pussy and I would say one of her female friends names and sometimes a friend I knew and ask her if she could handle his dick I could tell it turned her on because she would juice all over my cock. she would also say one of my co workers or friend names and ask me I wanted to fuck him or suck his cock or take his cock in my ass. about two years ago a Cambodian coup... Continue»
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For Ms S

You are lactating because I have been sucking the milk from your tits several times a day for several months. We are on vacation at a nice resort and decide to spend the afternoon relaxing by one of the pools. You are wearing one of your favorite bikinis, one that hugs your tits especially tight and typically draws lots of looks from both men and women. On this day, we’ve just finished a milk sucking session and your nipples are still stretched out; they are easy to see through your top.

We stretch out on some beach chairs, don our sunglasses, and watch people as they walk by. As expected, ... Continue»
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This finally brings us closer to the topic that was our original focus, the canings of Anna and Priscilla. This remains our main focus, even though other discoveries in the “Stanton Archive” have lengthened our story.

To start with, however, we should refer to a brief item that emerged with the documents that provided the material for part IX. It explained a puzzle that we had noticed.

As part X made very clear, the matron played a rather important role in Dr. Stanton’s disciplinary career. She was, rather surprisingly, both a facilitator for both Dr. Stanton and the students. As th... Continue»
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Threesome wife wife and daughter’s friend.

I spotted her on the edge of the dance floor and swerved my way over. “Hi, it’s been years since we have seen you, what you doing here?”

She looked momentarily confused and took a few seconds to recognize my face, but it dawned and she screamed “Oh my god, I thought you were an old man hitting on me” she giggled. “I go to Uni up the road, what are YOU doing here?”

“I am with Kutwijf; we just left a f****y thing, and staying at the hotel next door. Kutwijf is over there, come say hello.”

We walked over to where Kutwijf was dancing and the girls hugged and started jabbering. Standing ne... Continue»
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Saturday night dinner with Jen and Rodger

My husband and I invited Jenna and her new boyfriend Rodger over for supper one Saturday evening. Rodger was a very well built guy with big arms and chest. Very likely that he used steroids back in the day when gyming. After braaiing and having a nice supper the 4 of us sat outside having a few drinks while my daughter sat watching tv in the lounge.
After a while of chatting and looking at Rodger I started imagining how he could man handle me in the room as he really did look strong and I was pretty sure he wouldn't have any difficulties in throwing a girl around the bed during rough sex.
... Continue»
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Roleplay Log (Madyrn, Falara, May, and Daniela) -

Roleplay Log (Madyrn, Falara, May, and Daniela) - Roleplay Log (Madyrn, Falara, May, and Daniela) - Roleplay Log (Madyrn, Falara, May, and Daniela) - Roleplay Log (Madyrn, Falara, May, and Daniela) -

[14:03] Falara (falarapt): "Oh dont worry i neither did, i am it is nice to meet you Daniela" bows "i have to say this is a nice place, i surely will have some Drinks at this place later at a day" she giggles
[14:04] Madyrn Bayn nickers. "If Falara wants drink now, Madyrn can help with that." She grins wickedly and nods to Daniela. Red head knows what's up by now, for sure, as often as the minotaur-esque horse h... Continue»
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I find you in my woods.

I would love to spank you in the woods. I would love to catch you near my home in the country. Walking along the path by the lake. In your little sun dress. String panties and no bra. I see you walking without a care in the world. Enjoying the day and the sunshine. I would stop you and ask "What are you doing here? This is private property." Your eyes would dart right and left looking to run. You have always wanted to see the lake and you know you are wrong to be here. " I'm sorry ." You say." I just wanted to see the lake and I didn't think you would mind." "I do mind and I don't believe th... Continue»
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mrs watson has old dog round again

old dog knocked on mrs watson door the next day
'come in and strip' mrs watson told her
old dog stripped her clothes off while mrs watson watched when her knickers came off there was a small drop of cum
on them mrs watson picked them up shoved them in old dogs mouth and told her to suck them , she shoved 2 fingers up
old dogs cunt and started finger fucking her , old dogs cunt was wet and full of cum the cum started dripping down
mrs watsons fingers , mrs watson pulled her fingers out and sucked the cum off them she pulled the knickers out of
old dogs mouth
'how long ago did you fuc... Continue»
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Eva naked in the city - 3

Restaurant customers start arriving.
Aicha says to me:
— You should go back behind the bar.
She adds:
— Don’t let customers and their wandering hands annoy you.
— No, of course.
She lowers her voice and adds;
— Unless they give you a big tip.
A hand on the buttocks for a big tip is what I already practice.
I am still troubled by the fact that I am naked but surrounded by dressed people. Especially since my pussy is incredibly sensitive, I must be careful not to graze anything, as Aisha advised. I have the impression that my pussy is twice bigger... Continue»
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The Yoni Massage

Sometimes being in charge sucks. Usually, our consulting firm is a smoothly running machine. My staff of six is hard working and always meets their deadlines. However, in recent weeks, things had become considerably more hectic and it had all of us on edge. A large client had hired us to put together a proposal tied to a multimillion dollar real estate investment, and they gave no quarter when it came to wanting absolute perfection from us. They called constantly, would drop into our suite unannounced, and were putting a lot of pressure on me go get everything finished before the weekend.... Continue»
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The ex files - Emma's boss Samantha

Emma spent a couple of years working as a receptionist for a legal company under the supervision of a woman named Samantha, a good looking lady in her early 40's who, by her own admission had had a pretty wild life until she met her fiance Mark. Emma said that Samantha had the ability to turn any conversation they might be having toward the subject of sex. In fact, sex was all she ever talked about but Emma didn't mind as she found Samantha highly amusing and loved hearing her make lewd comments about the men they worked with and hearing in great detail about what she and Mark had got up to th... Continue»
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mrs watson enjoys katies and leannes mother

mrs watson was in the mood for some light entertainment at someone elses expense so she called katys house
a woman answered the phone 'hello'
'hi i'm mrs watson i just wondered if katy was at home ?'
'oh hello mrs watson its nice to hear from you i'm katys mom dawn i'm sorry katy isn't here can i take a message ?'
'no i really need to talk to her' mrs watson had a naughty thought 'or could you pop round it is important but
i don't want to discuss it over the phone'
'ok as its important i'll pop round to see you be there in 10 minutes'

mrs watson heard a knock at the door and went to a... Continue»
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One could feel the tension. In the board room, Rosemary, the President, Alice, the Vice-President and Julia, the Accountant, of Rosemary’s Inc., were waiting for Silvia, the Secretary, to show up. The company was not doing well and this meeting was crucial for its survival. The trouble, although no one in the room, would admit to it, was the hiring practices which had doubled the staff in a few months even during hard times. The four members of the executive had used their power to hire women who, let us say, they personally thought would do a good job at wh... Continue»
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For anyone living in the rooming house, nothing had changed. No one noticed anything about Henry or Rachel. Furthermore nothing had changed between Rachel and Henry, even though Henry had fucked Rachel in the ass. They had both remained in the house after dark. But both were building up their libido and it was just a matter of time before, like alley cats, they just had to go out.
It was a week night. Henry whispered to Rachel early in the morning if she wanted to go out to the park that evening. Rachel simply nodded. They left later than usual since the days wer... Continue»
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The Waiting Game

b]The Waiting Game

“Do you trust me?”

Those were the last words she told me before she lifted my arms over my head and bound my wrists to the headboard of the sleigh bed with a silk scarf. Before she slipped the blindfold over my eyes, allowing me to only see the dim light peeking through its edges.

That was ten minutes ago.

All I could do was wait. I had no idea what was in store. I lay on the soft sheets, shifting my hips, adjusting my arms to provide me as much comfort as I could find given the situation. My temporary blindness augmented the rest of my senses. I could f... Continue»
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My New Best Friend Bianca

I'm a twenty eight year old white female, five foot
nine inches tall, a thirty four C, twenty three thirty
five figure, Blonde and working in a bank and am
still single, although I've had my share of fucked up
relationships. I just can't seem to get what I need out
of a relationship from any of the men I've dated, so I
am the last of my girlfriends that is still single.

We had our usual Girlie parties and hear who is to
get married, at our usual favorite haunt and I met a
girl who I had seen there other times I had been there
and we struck up a conversation. She was a v... Continue»
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A short story I wrote for Ella x

Ella had just finished a very demanding and gruelling week at work and had decided to take herself of on a trip abroad to get some sun and relaxation. She had never travelled on holiday alone before so was a little apprehensive, this was a real last minute thing and she was looking forward to it immensely. At the airport everything went smoothly and she was soon on her flight bound for the CinqueTerre, the Italian Riviera. Ella was ultimately heading for The more rustic Riviere di Levante, she had heard of the breath taking views and more secluded ambiance t... Continue»
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