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Black Widow in double trouble

This is a continuation:

Black Widow submits to S.H.I.E.L.D

Black Widow rises, while another falls between her...

Black Widow Sexual Espionage

Black Widow Spy vs Miracle

Black Widow waiting for a new mission

[image]https://ep4.xhcd... Continue»
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An adventure at the spa

After my divorce last year, I felt in need of a little pampering – some “me” time for a change. I'm only 30 after all, and I have plenty of time ahead of me once I can get that disastrous marriage out of my system. It had been a long time since my husband had shown much interest in me at all, and when I found out he'd been having an affair with his secretary – a 19-year-old bimbo – that just about clinched it. But I'm not bitter – we had grown apart anyway, and I don't think he realised that I have needs just as much as him. So one of the first things I did was to book myself into a spa we... Continue»
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First time getting sucked

A couple of years after my wife passed I began looking for sites the pertained to cds on the net. I found some web sites and joined them, posted pictures of myself dressed as a very busty woman. Soon after I started getting comments on my looks, some bad but others very nice.
One day I got a message that one wanted to know if I was interested in meeting her so we set up a date. I went out to her place, she was dressed when I got there. She showed where I could get dressed. When I came out she complimented me on how I looked and how much she like my large tits.
We sat and talked about w... Continue»
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Booking a private massage with Kyla

Once home on Monday after dropping my daughter off at crèche, I decided while having breakfast that I was going to message Kyla and see if she was able to give me a massage on Wednesday.
She replied back asking what massage I would like and the time length as she does have two bookings already. And if i would be coming to her or her to my home. But can definitely fit me in.
I replied saying that I would like an unrushed 90 min full body and head massage and would like it if she could come to me.
She replied back saying that's cool and asked if it would be ok between 11h00 and 13h00 to fit... Continue»
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Re-wrtitng a candy bar commerical

With all of the parodies being made of TV shows, have you ever re-imagined a commercial the same way. There is this Snickers commercial in which a woman accidently punches another woman while doing aerobics. They smooth things out when one gives the other a snickers. What if things were different.....

Lisa's day was going terrible. She overslept, didn't have soap to shower, and she was late for work. She was screwing up at work, and just wanted to go to her aerobics class and call it a day. She was in the locker room getting dressed and wanted to have her customary candy bar before the work... Continue»
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sexual freedom

Sexual Freedom, how I won the man of my dreams.
Form a simple farm girl with no friends and no one to love me.
Sorry the intro is a bit long,
Ok so this is the story of my sex life and how I used it to win over the man I loved from a far.
Before we start though let me tell you a bit about who I used to be.
I am a very shy farm girl form a small village in the Cotswolds.
My name is Steffiy.
I am 5 feet 2 inches tall.
Mousy Blonde Hair, go’s half way down my back, always has.
I am a size 10 UK.
Almost Never Wear Makeup, little lip gloss in the winter.
My voice doesn’t carry, it have a... Continue»
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I seduced my stepb*****r. (PT 2)

I was walking down the hall to my condo. I passed this cute little fun size redhead with a backpack.
I went in & Chrissy greeted me at the door naked. Hi. Did you run into my friend Cassandra? I saw a redhead in the hall, why. That's her.
You seem more cheery then usual what's up? Cassandra just fucked me. WHAT? Cassandra just fucked me. What do you mean? Fucked me, as in fuck. Chrissy bent over showing me the small gape in her asshole and pussy.
How did this happen?
Remember I told you Sandy is BI. Sandy? Yes Cassandra, Sandy. Like Chrystal, Chrissy. OK I follow.
I was wearing a yellow... Continue»
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My 18th Birthday

It all started a few years ago, the day after my 18th birthday. It was a hot summer day, and I had just graduated from high school. I may not have knew much but if I knew one thing it was that I was super horny. I couldnt stand hearing about how all my freinds boyfreinds dick was so big. I wanted something. So, one day I went out for a jog and saw the sexiest middle aged woman ever, she had beautiful breasts, an ass so nice you could sl**p on, she was just all around beautiful. I wanted to fuck her so bad, and the only thing standing in my way was her husband.
I went home that evening the hor... Continue»
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The maid

This happened twenty years ago after a storm destroyed my house . The insurance company put me
in a hotel while things were sorted out. Finely after a month got the OK to get my house rebuilt. I knew a
good contractor and after getting contracts signed the work started, and I would stay in this hotel till the
house was done.
Things were good kind of. I went to work ,checked on my place , went to the hotel and ate and worked
on other papers the insurance company need . My toys were gone now so I ordered some new ones which
came to my address at the hotel. It was in br... Continue»
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Annie Pistol Lips (Part 2)

Make sure to read part 1 first, if you haven't already:


Outnumbered 40 - 1, Annie knew it would be suicide to even try to fight back.
Defeated, she knew her best hope is to surrender, and bide her time...

The Indians spoke to each other in a dialect that she didn't recognise.

This isn't the first Native American tribe she's ever come across.
She's interacted with all sorts of tribes throughout her travels.

From the Sioux... Continue»
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Becoming a sissy part 5

If you haven't already done so please read parts 1 to 4 of my story. In this part we hear from Peter (the sissies) wife Sarah. It takes us from when she realised Peter would never satisfy her until the night of the party (covered in part three) enjoy

Sarahs story.

I finally realised that I'd made a mistake getting married to Peter. I guess if you were to describe me would say I was a loyal and sympathetic person and it's probably those qualities which led me to marry such a wimp. So why did it take so long for me to realise? Because I never really had a proper sex life. I met Peter, fell... Continue»
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When Priscilla's brain finally registered the headmaster's order to stand up, which at first went in one ear and out the other, she did so in a state of utter bewilderment. The abrupt ending of the cane's assault on her bottom left her feeling that she had been dropped back in the real world, with a crash, and the idea that she should actually do something out of her own will, such as stand up and recover her sense of identity, was almost incomprehensible. Besides, her bottom was now so painful that she was almost afraid to try and stand, in ca... Continue»
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When my friends found out I'm a lesbian!

Wow, I can't believe it took me so long to start my second story. But oh well, better late than never.

So, it was some weeks ago that I figured I'm a lesbian, but I was still inside the closet, it was a discovery I was still accepting, so I didn't talked about it to anyone. I had a small group (3) of friends, only girls because I was pretty awkward, but even more with boys. We were pretty close, but I didn't told them because I was kinda afraid our friendship would change. Let me talk a bit about them.

We all 4 played a lot of online games together, and there we picked some wester... Continue»
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Me,my husband, and our ex babysitter, part 3 of 3

My husband had come home early after a meeting had been cancelled. He had wanted to grab his golf clubs to have a quick round at the local golf course. He entered the house and saw my bathrobe near the bottom of the stairs and then saw more clothes discarded on the stairs. When he heard noises, moans and groans, he thought I was having an affair. He burst in our bedroom door and got the shock of his life. Our old babysitter was naked on our marital bed with a large dildo up her bum. I had been licking her clitoris and she was cumming loudly. I was also naked and my bare ass was facing him.
... Continue»
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Me,my husband, and our ex babysitter, part 2 of 3

God I was horny. As I lay in bed naked, all I could think about was the fabulous lesbian sex I had last week with Abby who used to babysit for me and the hubby. As I squeezed my breast with one hand,gently pinching my erect nipple, I was rubbing my clit with my finger on the other hand, all the time thinking of Abby. As I played with my clitoris I remembered licking hers.I remembered her cumming and screaming so loud her neighbours must have heard.She didn't care so I guessed her neighbours must be used to her.I said it to her and she told me it was for the benefit of one of her neighbours T... Continue»
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Me,my husband , and our old babysitter. Part 1 of

I knew my husband had fancied our old babysitter Abby. He wanted her so badly, the dirty fecker. She was very pretty. Blonde, small chested,way smaller than mine, but cute in a Brittany Spears sort of way, if you like that look.
I know I did.Ever since I had fooled around in college with other d***k female classmates for a laugh.Only I liked it. I liked it a lot.I didn't let on though.It wasn't cool in those days like it is now. So I always kissed or fooled around with other girls then laughed it off. Only it always made me wet and horny. Usually I would use a boy to get rid of my sexual fr... Continue»
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I would like to get lost somewhere in Cheltenham..

We are all like traveling but who knows what will be allowed to happen in a trip. In my case I fell behind the group of tourists and got lost.
I walked around the city and stopped in Strickland Rd.
I saw a cute girl going along street and she was asked,
where can I a little rest and something eat, because I was a little tired.
She looked at me next smiled and said she can show a good cafe and it is not far from here. We were walking for five minutes to place.
The girl told to me she saw off her girlfriend Natasha and now going to go home. She stopped at the moment and said we have already... Continue»
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SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)

SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)
After 27 years at the same restaurant, Lorna knew how to size up a new waitress, how to tell, you know. Eyes mainly, where they looked, if they looked. Never mind the young ones, they wouldn’t be interested anyway. A mature waitress, with experience, coming into a new job. Why ? Not Lorna’s problem. At least with a woman her age, she could tell. Like with Marge.
“Sorry honey, let me squeeze in here”, Lorna would whisper as she rubbed her stomach against Marge’s buttocks, moving sideways behind the cash register, leaving more room than she had to, ... Continue»
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When Desirette meets a woman

If you asked me about my preferences with regards to women, I would honestly reply "I'm not bi, but certainly curious". Actually I was never actively seeking for opportunities to have a sex with a girl, until one of my friends openly proposed such scenario. One day, when we had a lovely evening with our husbands, I offered to leave men with their beers and go to the bedroom for a little game - only with her. I was so eager to give a try!

None of us had any plan... But no plan is a plan too! "Let's have a body massage" - she offered. She laid down on the bed, but instead of taking some oil, ... Continue»
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The Awakening of Colleen

(Names have been changed to prevent friction within our families. Although the Mrs has read this and knows it is a fairly truthful account!)
I have often read how guys have fancied their mother in laws; I didn’t. Colleen was about fifty-eight, pleasant enough slightly over weight with a husband, son and daughter. They had money but weren’t rich just well off and definitely didn’t want their daughter to marry a squaddie. So initially we didn’t get on, which caused trouble to start with. As we lived in their house, while we waited for a council house. My wife and I had what you would c... Continue»
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