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Lesbian Sex Porn Stories

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter VIII

Story FetishLesbian SexTaboo

Chapter VIII – I am Lover of my s****r-in-Law (based on Love Secrets No. 55 cover, Quality Comics, circa 1956) Me and Wilma, the s****r of my fiancé, never got much along since I started to date Brad. In my side, I had nothing against but, she was so overprotective of him and treated him like a k** that sometimes pissed me off. And I think she never thought I was the ‘right girl’ for him. But, after a time, he revealed me something stunning: that Wilma was a lesbian. I never thought that she could dig women, even i… Read more

Posted by Victor2K 4 years ago 1 1,790 100%

Michelle MaBelle, Lilly's Lez Love

Story First TimeLesbian SexVoyeur

How Michelle ma Belle and Lovely Lilly met as Finest Friends "Michelle and me met in college. We both are pursuing a career in the theater and production departments. She is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Soon she and I became great friends. Her parents and mine were almost neighbors, so whenever we were at home, we used to have these s1eep overs. She moved in six months back. I am friends with her for at least four months I think. She is 5'8", blonde hair, 32C athletic frame and very, very beautiful!" This blog is an interactive enterprise between Lilly and… Read more

Posted by petdyke 4 years ago 3 1,870 63%


Story Lesbian Sex

Michelle this story is about me and michelle "Michelle and I met in college. We both are pursuing a career in the theatre and production departments. She is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Soon she and I became great friends. Her parents and mine were almost neighbours, so whenever we were at home, we used to have these s1eep over’s. She moved in six months back. I am friends with her for at least four months I think. She is 5'8", blonde hair, 32C athletic frame and very, very beautiful! About me, I am a normal girl with an athletic body 5’9” tall 34b breasts and beautif… Read more

Posted by anamikasexybitch 4 years ago 56 4,944 100%

old guys fun part 5

Story Lesbian SexMature

Hi part 5 begins with Marcia a 55 year old black women who has just had her pussy licked out by Mary Johns daughter who Marcia and her f****y are living with "how did you like that then Marcia "Mary said your first time with a girl ?.Just amazing Marcia said never ever thought of girls like that before but now you have made me cum dont think i will ever like guys as much again .Come here Mary said Marcia walked over to her her naked body shining with sweat sit on my lap as Mary kissed her on the lips and her tongue found its way into Marcias mouth as the 2 women hugged each other Marys hand w… Read more

Posted by seagull64 4 years ago 1 1,205

old guys fun part 4

Story Lesbian SexMature

Hi now for part 4 this is from Marcias view of her life many people will think its a weird way of living me Marcia the 55 year old mother of Rose and granny to two cute 12 year old twins if you have read the other parts you will know we all live with John an old guy we live in his big house by the beach .We had been there for about 6 months when John called us in to the living room ok girls he said you have been living here for 6 months now o god i thought hes going to kick us out now well i was so wrong .What im going to do is after 6 more months going to change my will so this house will be… Read more

Posted by seagull64 4 years ago 1 1,750 100%

Lesbian Diaper Story

Story FetishLesbian Sex

OFF MY OFFICIAL BLOG: Although I had been an disciplinary top for many years, I had never considered using diapers as part of play until I met Jessie. Jessie brought out parts of me that I didn't know existed. She took our lovemaking to a higher level of pleasure than I had thought was possible. But let me start back at the beginning. I knew without looking at the calendar that there was a full moon that night. I felt it, just as sure as I was that I was in the middle of PMS. The last time these two incidents had coinci… Read more

Posted by paradiizee 4 years ago 2 2,505 100%

The mom who sneaks behind the door.

Story BDSMLesbian SexShemales

Hi im james and im 20 years old my mom is in her 50s with a larg rack big booty thin tight abbs and long smooth legs blue eyes and long hair aways weres pantie hoes and skirts and coresets and long red hair. any way I was on my way home from school at night i got home mom was a sl**p i was on my lap top looking up porn watching this black chick lick a nother chicks ass hole i turnd all the lights off and started rubing my cock. but as the black chick licked the other chick ass she moand so load some wan els came in will there eyes wure closed she was wearing a skirt and coreset. she was bla… Read more

Posted by gothicslave 4 years ago 4,673 48%

Jenni And Her Sex Adventurers

Story Group SexLesbian Sex

Jenni had just got out of her backyard pool from her 9am exercise session, looking a fine piece of work in her bikini, her tanned, curvy body showed well in the skimpy material. She looked up as Megan ran into the house, crying. They had been friends since year 7 and now that they were 20 years old, lived together. Jenni tied her sarong around her waist, while shaking the water out of her long blonde hair and walked up to Megan’s bedroom and found her sobbing on the bed. “Did Brett break it off with you again?’ Jenni said, feeling heartbroken thinking “That arsehole, how could she treat this… Read more

Posted by agristarcultist 4 years ago 2 3,115 100%

b*****r s****r Threeway

Story First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

f****y means a lot to me. I'm basically the only man in the house because my dad is constantly working. So its just my mom and my two almost identical twin s****rs. Ever since I saw one of them naked when I was 13 by accident I've wanted to fuck them both. They do everything together even though they don't seem to like each other. They are constantly trying to out do the other often in the strangest way. There are all sorts of rumours at school about how they were dared to make-out on camp and they ended up fingering each other. I jerk off to the thought of it. They are both shorter then m… Read more

Posted by qwertyu54321 4 years ago 10 11,260 96%


Story Lesbian Sex

Now Gina is 36yrs. 5'7" about 118lbs. married with two k**s a boy 10yrs. and a girl 17yrs. her and her husband Tom live a good safe life married 20yrs. both work good high paying jobs nice home the total package. There sex life is good not great but good. Friday at the start of the day Connie a girl at work comes in all happy and ask everyone to the bar after work she is getting married, Gina thinks I know Tom would not like me to go but why not I'll be home early it'll be fun, so she calls to tell him as she thought he was not happy about it but accepted it. At 6pm. the women left f… Read more

Posted by shotguner 4 years ago 1 2,213 100%

Mom and Daughter Bonding

Story AnalLesbian SexTaboo

When I was around 15 years old I started to view women in a sexual way. At the time i was nervous and didn't really think it was normal for a girl to like other girls but they were just so sexy. The lipstick, the curves and the elegance just made me want to touch myself. I'm average height with blonde hair and fair skin. Ever since i realised the sexiness in boobs and ass i started to work out and try to give myself a hotter look. I'd like to think that the effect has worked. My ass is tight and with the right bra my boobs can look great. I've only had sex once, also when i was 15 to my first… Read more

Posted by qwertyu54321 4 years ago 22 11,044 98%

The strap on

Story First TimeHardcoreLesbian Sex

Robin was lost in thought as she rode the Clark St. bus on her way to her job as a junior trader at the Board of Trade in downtown Chicago. Having only graduated from the U of I three months ago, she felt very lucky indeed to have landed such a good job in such a short period of time. If she kept her nose to the grindstone and worked hard, Robin was sure that not only would this job provide the mental challenge she needed, but also the kind of money most folks only dreamed of. As the bus swayed to and fro as it passed over the Chicago River bridge, Robin thought that the only real problem she… Read more

Posted by musclecock 4 years ago 2,836 100%

Women's private gym

Story First TimeHardcoreLesbian Sex

"Hello, Women's Private Gym, this is Karen, how may I help you!?!" "Uh, my name is Winnie Andleman and I saw your ad in the underground paper and was thinking about maybe joining, could you please tell me a little bit about it, I mean the cost and everything!?!" "Well, Winnie," Karen replied smoothly, "our gym has very competitive rates with other gyms in the area, but with one big exception, we don't have any men to interrupt and bother us, so you can more or less let your hair down and get your work done without worrying about your appearance, but the only way you can really see if WPG is fo… Read more

Posted by musclecock 4 years ago 6 3,918 100%


Story Group SexLesbian SexMature

I open the front door expecting an empty house. As I walk to the bottom of the stairs Ican hear soft moaning comeing from one of the bedrooms. I know that no ones supposed to be home so whos in. Hopefully the wife is having a play with her toys and I can catch her in the act, maybe she will have a play with me watching and wanking and then let me join her. I creep up the stairs hoping to catch her , when I hear a strange voice saying " you like my fingers inside you baby" Oh my god shes got someone with her and its a woman. We have fantasized about this but never planned to make it happen.… Read more

Posted by hornyanalcouple 4 years ago 4 1,243 53%

Exploring with Jenny 2

Story First TimeLesbian Sex

This is erotica. slow and sexy I hope. Jenny and I left the shower and donned the warm towelling robes from the hangers. I spent a moment drying my hair and said 'yes please' when Jenny asked if I wanted coffee, before going to make it. As I stood there I had a quiet moment to think. What I had done was a terrible thing, I had misled Jenny and abused her trust. I felt terrible and tears welled in my eyes, however I also felt so free somehow. I was in turmoil. "Coffee Mrs D" she shouted from the kitchen, and I made my way down, drying my eyes as I went. "On the side there" she said, as I w… Read more

Posted by JeanDauvere 4 years ago 1,651 100%

The Interns- Part 2

Story HardcoreLesbian Sex

This is part 2 of the interns. I hadn’t planned on a part 2, but several of you insisted. :) After some intense lovemaking, Max, Jason & Rachel fell silent initially. Rachel finally broke the silence, by saying, “Sandy left a week too early. You know she and I thought you two were gay.” Max and Jason looked at each smiled with Jason retorting with “We thought you and Sandy weren’t into us or guys.” Rachel sheepishly says, “Well now you know better.” She excused herself, grabbing her clothes and heading to a back bathroom. When she got there, she immediately texted Sandy.… Read more

Posted by PurringPussy 4 years ago 3 1,196 100%

The Whore - part two

Story Group SexLesbian SexTaboo

Part two The dog farted. “bl**dy hell Lucy!” Amanda waved away the aroma with her paper. The fire needed making up, but she couldn’t muster the energy to get out of her chair and do it. She logged onto the railway web site, and booked her ticket for London the following morning, then checked several more emails Izzy had sent her, using her work I-phone, complete with tracker, in case she needed to summon help. Izzy was insistent, wherever she went, the I-phone went as well….. Amanda walked into the restaurant of the Grosvenor Hotel. Her high heels sinking into the plush carpet. “Can I… Read more

Posted by SFS 4 years ago 1,912 100%

our gang part 4

Story Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

Hi again thought it about time i wrote part 4 so here goes it was quite a few months since we had all that fun with Karen and her s****r Sandra and we were getting bored so i said to the gang who now numbeard 7 5 guys 2 girls "whos up for some fun"sure they all said what you have in mind ?.Remember the 2 hot mums we fucked a few months ago lets pay them a vist .So i found out where Sandra lived as luck would have it her husband was on a fishing trip again so she was alone in her house her k**s a 25 year boy and his s****r 1 21 year old were still at uni .We knocked on her front door dont th… Read more

Posted by seagull64 4 years ago 2 1,671 100%

Exploring with Jenny

Story First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

I had piled on a few pounds after I had my second daughter, well I didn't think it mattered much, my husband loved me and I had produced my share of the national 2.4 c***dren, so who cared? Then I stumbled into my husband letching over a neighbours wife, and his reasoning was that I obviously didn't care about myself or sex anymore so who could blame him for getting his kicks elsewhere? I was so upset, but I saw the reasoning, and as he promised that he hadn't been unfaithful I promised myself that I would get back into shape for him. That was nearly a year ago now and the winter was drawing t… Read more

Posted by JeanDauvere 4 years ago 3 4,505 100%

The Wedding

Story Lesbian Sex

My wife were laying around watching TV one night when the phone rang, when she answered it was shocked to hear HELLO AUNT KAT IT'S WENDY I'M GETTING MARRIED WELL PLEASE COME HOME TO HELP OUT? Well sure honey when is the day? WELL TWO WEEKS FROM SATURDAY BUT I NEED YOU NEXT THURSDAY NITE. OK great we'll be there uncle Tony and I have some time stored up so that's find see you then. After hanging up we talked cause we have never let any of are f****y know our lifestyle. That following Thursday at 3pm we pulled in Kat's b*****rs drive in Mishawaka, Indiana Wendy and the rest all came r… Read more

Posted by shotguner 4 years ago 1 2,643 100%