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Lesbian Sex Porn Stories

Ex-girlfriend again

Group SexLesbian SexMasturbation

We had broken up some time ago. Just nothing to talk about. Sex was great though but a bit boring. Waking up was painful. I must admit, she had fought me to 'take my time' ;-) One night I was out on the town and ran into her. She looked great and damn sexy. Short skirt, long booths, accentuating her curvy Italian butt. She was wearing a loose shirt and her boobies where pointing forward, helped by a black push up bra. She never used to dress this sexy. Even now, the buttons where closed all the way up. We agreed for a drink to catch up. We again didn't get further than a few sentences and as… Read more

Posted by Sleepysleep94 4 years ago 1 1,993 86%

Also Spanked Sarah Schuster

BDSMLesbian SexTaboo

“Ohhhhhh!” Sarah’s head jerked up as the hand connected with her bare buttocks. “Please, Mum! Please! Pleeeeeease!” Smack! Another blow stung her “Agggghhhhh!” “This will teach you for being a dirty little slut!” Smack!” Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuck!” Sarah wriggled but her ankles were too firmly tied to the back legs of the dining table chair and her wrists handcuffed to the front legs. Small breasts wobbled slightly at each blow and her belly was a little sore from the chair back. “You’re a little whore aren’t you?” her mother’s voice was harsh and gutteral. “Yes!”… Read more

Posted by samvimes 4 years ago 1 5,706 100%

Halloween Fantasy with Kellykins

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

This is who the story was made for. It was Halloween and I was feeling down. I had just broke up with my girl friend and was looking at another night alone. That’s when I got a call from my friend Pat looking to cheer me up. He told me a costume party at the local college and he was taking me. Well faced with a night alone or going to a party with lots of hot girls in what was I to do. We came up with a couple of quick costumes and headed out. We get to the house that is hosting the party to find it in full swing. As we walk through the door we see… Read more

Posted by assman56 4 years ago 9 1,659 100%


HardcoreLesbian SexTaboo

I was in a club with friends. I was at the bar taking a break from dancing when I noticed a young woman starring at me from the other side. I smiled, she winked and I decided to go over to talk to her. I introduced myself and she just said " Amy." She then said " would you like to join me?" " Yes I would love to." There was no seat so I squeezed in next to her. Her crossed bare knee was touching my stomach. She had on a little tight black dress and I was wearing a tight blue strapless leather dress. She is 28 years old. When I told her my age she said " I knew you were older but not… Read more

Posted by xtremsteph 4 years ago 2 4,410 100%

Through a Crack in the Lounge Door Part 1

Lesbian SexMasturbationVoyeur

Morning until just before lunch Andy was lying on his bed thinking over the events of the day when he hear a familiar sound coming through the walls, “AHHHHMMMMMMMMM! RRRRRRHHHHHGGGGGGG! MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!” It was the sound of his s****r having a third orgasm of the day. The day started when Andy walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. It was Saturday morning around 10.00. Their parents had gone away for a holiday and left the two of them to fend for themselves Pat, his s****r older by 2 years who was home from University for the Easter break, had just finished her toast.… Read more

Posted by vibroing 4 years ago 3 3,731 90%

Lesbian Sex With My Mature Boss

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

I am posting an another sex story. this time is a Lesbian story , so i hope you will enjoy Reading. I am in corporate world at a very high position.i am fair,beautiful,self dependent single woman,having a good curvy figure of 38D-28-38.i am a sexy and naughty women but keep my secrets with me.I am a full lesbian and don’t need invitation by males stay away from further from me and girls and women enjoy my story and make yourself wet.i am writing a very hot and sexy my real life lesbian experience that happened between me and my boss on a can also share your experiences,send… Read more

Posted by navi2 4 years ago 7,417 93%

Lesbian Sex With My Mature Boss.

First TimeLesbian SexMature

Hi to Everyone . Another sex story i will post.This time is a lesbian story i hope you would enjoy Reading. I am in corporate world at a very high position.i am fair,beautiful,self dependent single woman,having a good curvy figure of 38D-28-38.i am a sexy and naughty women but keep my secrets with me.I am a full lesbian and don’t need invitation by males stay away from further from me and girls and women enjoy my story and make yourself wet.i am writing a very hot and sexy my real life lesbian experience that happened between me and my boss on a can also share your experien… Read more

Posted by navi2 4 years ago 1 3,638 74%

Wild Bachelor Party At Resort Bar

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

This summer my husband Phil and bought a small resort and bar on a lake in middle Wisconsin. We were even luckier to find Tom and Suzy to rent one of the cabins for the whole summer while their house was being built. My husband and I used to be professional body builders and like most women in this sport I am bi-sexual more on the male side. Immediately, I was attracted to Suzy. This woman was absolutely beautiful. Suzy is a petite brunette about 5’ 1” tall, weighs about 105 pounds, and small perky tits and a nice firm ass. Suzy has a movie star face that drew stares wherever she went. I wou… Read more

Posted by captjim51 4 years ago 2 3,146 97%

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXIII

First TimeLesbian Sex

Chapter XXIII – Someone to Love (based on Girl’s Love Stories No. 159, DC, May 1971) Beth and I are friends since junior high. Friends like almost s****rs. We do almost everything together, like the same kind of music, watch the same tv shows, like the same movies, have the same tastes about stuff. But unfortunately, we shared also a similar but shameful thing: our bad luck with the opposite gender. I don’t know what and why happened, but we never had luck with men. We always tried to find the perfect man to date, but or we… Read more

Posted by Victor2K 4 years ago 1,030 100%

My Masters Wish - I wrote this for my master - who

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

We'll as you know Master, I was up on Exmoor, it was a lovely weekend at my friends house with just her husband and c***dren, they are old friends of mine from uni and I was just going to chill out, walk on the moors (I could have lots of fun there) and sit by the fire with some was just what I needed but I couldn't get what you said out of my head...I'd been thinking about it all day on Friday and when we took the dogs off to the moors for a walk, I kept picturing myself tied up to the trees or rocks...waiting for you to come and find me....fuck me...the weather was pretty wild and… Read more

Posted by saz123456 4 years ago 640 100%

Our Vacation

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

We went on vacation when we left Vegas. When we left that morning we were both wear almost nothing, me in shorts and my wife in a short sun dress. Once we got on the road she hiked up her dress and showed me her beautiful bald pussy. She also pulled it down so her tits were exposed. I looked down at her still swollen pussy. It was still wet puffy from the fucking and sucking it had gotten last night. She started rubbing her clit and was drippy juices in now time. It could have been dripping cum from last night. We had fucked her so much and that guy had cum so much she still probably ha… Read more

Posted by eaglefree 4 years ago 6 2,155 89%


Group SexLesbian SexMature

THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF WHERE PART I HAS LEFT OFF. THIS STORY IS PURE FICTION It was a great weekend that both Victoria and I had with sex master Phil. I will never forget how hot that his dominate personality really had a great impact on me as a woman who is exploring herself sexually and professionally. I sometimes wonder if ha d not left the firm to pursue my political appointment; things would have been very different. I really cannot turn the clock back to do over my past decisions that I had made, but I am now focusing on what Phil has in store for me. Now that… Read more

Posted by sexy44g 4 years ago 10 3,565 100%

Episode 33 - Second Homes

AnalFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Hi, my name is Stephanie; I’m quite petite – slim, high breasts, short-cropped blonde hair and deeply tanned all over. I’m nearly 16 now, but with the right make-up and choice of underwear, I can be any age you want. I keep my cunt shaved to within an inch of her life – I hate pubic hair – it always gets stuck in your teeth. I was born Stephanie in this tiny village on the south Cornish coast, but most of my friends call me Steph, except for the boys at school who just grunt ‘Bitch’ when I pull their hard cocks out of my mouth and they splatter spunk all over my nose and chin. Several of the g… Read more

Posted by dasx2 4 years ago 7 3,327 100%

Stella Maris: SM in Spain #8

AnalFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Stella Maris learns lesbian love Stella Maris is very excited from seeing Anna and Belle in 69 on our casting couch as she sits at my lap with my thumb up her slit and fingers playing her love lips. "Caress your clit a bit, love. I want you to come when they do. Be a good girl", I whisper in her ear. We enjoy the sexy show as their moaning gets lots louder now. Stella Maris does not notice my sign of excitement reaching up her hot thighs even. She is completely engaged in rising to new heighths simultaneously with AnnaBelle. Belle below is the first to explode. Stella Maris com… Read more

Posted by petdyke 4 years ago 5 8,916 50%

the control

Lesbian Sex

That fucking remote; I can’t ever watch my television without getting a moist pussy. I am a very horny 19 year old girl and I just can’t keep dry when I look at the shape of my remote. “Where the hell is it?” is usually said looking at the remote for more than one reason. Don’t get me wrong, the shows I watch are definitely important to me, but my horny needs are much more important than True bl**d. The curves and hardness of my remote just make me feel a lot better than any vampire show can! In fact, I’m looking for the electronic now. So far, my blankets are tossed on the ground, art s… Read more

Posted by si1973 4 years ago 2 1,619 100%

the holiday

Lesbian Sex

I am 38 and my partner, Claire, is 34. She is both a bit taller and slimmer than me, taking a 30C bra size to my 34D. She has light brown hair which is streaked with blonde highlights, bright eyes and laughing lips, long legs and an ass to die for – I swear she’s stolen it from some 18 year old! She is fit and feisty – we go to the gym fairly regularly, and she works out on the cycling and rowing machines, whilst I just swim. We have been together for nearly five years, and for the last three summers have taken our main holiday at a villa in the south of France, in an quiet country region a bi… Read more

Posted by si1973 4 years ago 1 2,318 100%

Brees first massage

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

The building was beautiful with a small gold plaque that read, 'Sonja's day spa'. Her mother made an appointment with her friend the owner Sonja herself. Bree was petite and beautiful like her mom. Many said she looked a lot like the actress Jennifer Connolly when she was younger. Her body was similar and like her mom she had the same straight long dark hair that shown glossy all the way down to her tight shapely ass. She needed to get a break. She had no boyfriend at the moment and what girlfriends she had were a jealous lot that constantly criticized her. Bree e… Read more

Posted by griffen1 4 years ago 6 2,568 100%

Zoe and Clare

HardcoreLesbian SexTaboo

It’s Monday and Zoe is in the master suite shower – a full body shower with nozzles positioned through the wall to spray her entire body. She has positioned the middle nozzles in just the right way and with her back to the glass wall, she lets the water tickle her clit, splashing along her thighs and smooth pussy. She moans softly and lets her fingers caress along her wt skin, reaching up to squeeze her breasts. She feel the warm tingles as she pinches her nipples and then she hears the door of the shower open behind her. Before she can turn around, her s****r, Clare is pressing against he… Read more

Posted by Irishman85 4 years ago 1 2,747 100%

Doing Favor For My Anal Bi Girl Firend

AnalFetishLesbian Sex

"Are you really sure you want to go through with this?" he asked her. Jennifer smiled. "Relax, I'm sure. This is what a fuck buddy is for, isn't it?" Mike paced the floor around the bottom of the bed in the cramped little motel room. "Yeah, but it's a lot to ask." Her auburn curls bouncing, she shook her head. "No it's not, Michael. You and I have been friends since kindergarten and you've always helped me out with anything I wanted." Grinning ruefully, he dropped into the sofa facing the bed. "Jen, you still don't understand men. You can't call it a favour when you ask one to fuck… Read more

Posted by trueman_darling 4 years ago 4 5,280 100%


Group SexLesbian SexMature

GENTLEMEN’S CLUB RENDEVOUZ NOT BASED ON A TRUE STORY IT IS FICTION One day, I woke up from a sexy dream and said to myself there is something that I want to do out the ordinary that no one would have never thought that I would never do. That fantasy is to visit a high-end gentlemen’s club in mid-downtown DC‘s business district. I have always been this ‘good girl’ always expect to do the right thing and follow the rules. Some say that I am somewhat prudish and on a conservative side. I want to release my inner slut and see up close the perfect female form and why most men have th… Read more

Posted by sexy44g 4 years ago 22 2,305 100%