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Lesbian Sex Porn Stories

Jessica At Work

Lesbian Sex

Watching from Starbucks across the street, I see your car pull up. I know Sophie is in town and that you couldn’t take any time off so she is driving you to work today. I smile as I watch you kiss her goodbye…a quick kiss that says I love you and will see you in eight hours…not the passion-fueled kiss I am sure the two of you shared the night before. I finish my mocha as you walk into your building and scurry across the street watching your car disappear into morning rush hour traffic. I smile as I feel the cool air slip under my skirt and tickle my thighs and smooth pussy lips. I don… Read more

Posted by Tessa23 3 years ago 3 3,068 100%

Preachers Daughter Chapter 17 and Katrina

HardcoreLesbian SexTaboo

With my wife Charlotte away at the church ladies retreat being seduced (I hoped) by my number #2 sex slave slut Pam (the hot 38D preachers wife I had blackmailed that was now a willing sex slut) and I home alone fucking my pregnant 23 year old Number #1 cum slut sex slave Jaimie (preachers daughter) during the day while the k**s were at school, I decided on day two to bring in Katrina (Katrina, the young 19 year old mommy who first fucked me for money, then I also blackmailed her into being my sex slave cum slut #3 for 6 months). The last time I used Katrina was a BDSM session and a fuck fest… Read more

Posted by harleyrider6969 3 years ago 2 3,335 100%

louise and her neighbour(s) 3 young teen lesbian e

HardcoreLesbian SexVoyeur

If you are new to my stories please read 1 and 2. Louise is 17 and a dirty blonde girl next door type with a nice pert bottom and c cup breasts. At the moment she is a dress size 10 and has a nice pink pussy with lips that slighty splay outwards and a small little "runway" type brazilian pubic patch..... Louise left Gary's and headed for the swimming pool. Sending a message to vicky that she was going to be about 30 mins late. She walked briskly and met her friend outside still flushed and full of Gary's baby seed. "Where have you been louey" vicky uses this as her friendly name for her… Read more

Posted by bomdpm 3 years ago 3 4,539 100%

Chris Marr's All For Bet

Lesbian Sex

Chris Marr’s all for Bet “Unghhhhhh! Unghhhh Ohhhh! Yes! Ohhhhh.” Bet held her husband close, her breath short, and felt his breath in her ear as he grunted his cumming. He went limp and lay, a dead weight, on her hot body. “Oh, that was beautiful, Baby,” he panted at last. “Still got the old oomph, Eh?” “Mmmm,” she said feeling the early tinglings of her own orgasm fade into the distance. “Can you just roll off me, love?” “Why?” “I got to go outside.” “Oh, dear. Old bladder not what it was?” “Something like that,” she said as he rolled onto his back. She swung her legs off… Read more

Posted by samvimes 3 years ago 1,089 88%

Food ~ Exit 181 (FF, rom, FMF, MF, F+M+F, slow, p

Lesbian Sex

Food ~ Exit 181 By Anonymous (FF, rom, FMF, MF, F+M+F, slow, prostitution, prostitutes, romantic, truck stop) "Coffee, please." "Want some cream or sugar with that?" "No thank you, just black" my sole patron sitting on bar stool on the civilian side of the counter spoke quietly while two truckers fifteen feet and one-eight-degrees away across from her on the commercial side of the food service island made louder conversation about nothing in particular, they glancing over occasionally to check her out as I did too as my coffee poured its three a.m. black hot rising… Read more

Posted by EleventhSon 3 years ago 2,202 100%

She & Me

Lesbian Sex

We both first saw each other while I ate lunch in a local restaurant, and knew right away that we wanted to touch. I liked what I saw and she seemed to like what she saw, indulging in brief seductive glances and stares my way - obviously meant to keep secret from the knowledge of her accompanying comrade. I myself, always ate lunch alone sitting in the restaurant. She always took her meal order to go and was always accompanied by the same female friend, whom from observations was likely to be her coworker. Her ambiguous behavior kept me at distance. Nevertheless, I patiently waited each pas… Read more

Posted by asaon 3 years ago 1,161 100%

Sarah riding Julie's face

HardcoreLesbian Sex

Julie: *straddles your lap and d****s her arms over your shoulders* Julie: *licks your cheek* Sarah: *purr* Julie: Whacha doin'? ^.^ Sarah: sitting Julie: *Crawls off your lap and sits on the floor in front of you, gently rubbing your knees with her hands* Sarah: *Leans forward and rests her hands on top of yours* Julie: *Grips her lower lip with her teeth and looks up at you* Have anything in need of oral care? Sarah: I just might.. depends what you're lookin to care for =o Julie: Umm... well... I was thinking some sort of... sexual organ. Sarah: *Leans into you,… Read more

Posted by noin007 3 years ago 1,617 100%

The Photo Shoot

AnalHardcoreLesbian Sex

It had been a while since I had seen my old girlfriend Emily which made me feel a little cheeky for asking her this favour. You see we used to be the hot couple in our little click. She is a hot brunette with a great body and sexy as well. She knows she's hot but doesn’t flaunt it. Emily was my first proper girlfriend, she took my lesbian cherry for want of a better phrase. But as time went on and we grew up we grew apart and both conformed and got involved with boys. My boyfriend Kyle was now in the army and away from home and xmas was on its way and I wanted to send him something special… Read more

Posted by justrealgirls69 3 years ago 4,896 100%

Thanksgiving eve with my cousin

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

Megan and her f****y spent the holiday with us. It was one of the most important and enlightening milestones of my life, and I will love Megan forever because of the ineffable joy to which she awakened me that night. Megan had always been my role model, even though we only saw one another a couple of times a year - I had admired and loved her as long as I can remember, partly because we were both redheads (I hated being "Carrot Top"), but mostly because she always treated me as though I were a friend rather than the pesky little cousin I really was. They arrived late W… Read more

Posted by griffen1 3 years ago 3 5,143 100%

A Perfect Wake-Up

HardcoreLesbian Sex

The dream was so vivid that Jennifer could almost feel it happening. The soft flicks of wetness against her inner left thigh sent shivers of pleasure through her spine as the wet tongue played on her skin, so close and yet so far away from her wet and ready pussy. She felt like she may explode if it didn't make its way there soon. She couldn't see the face that was buried between her legs, teasingly licking her trembling inner thigh, then again she didn't need to see who this wonderful muscle belonged it, it could be anyone down there, man or woman, and she wouldn't object as the tip inched… Read more

Posted by Nemesis84 3 years ago 1 1,853 100%

The Demon (pt. 1)

First TimeLesbian Sex

Hello, my name is jessi, and the story i am to tell you is a wicked one. It starts off with myself a 3 roomates/friends Christy, Evan, and John. We live a little town of Collinwood Tennessee, population around 2,500. And absolutely nothing to do. Well, one day John - in his unforgiving boredom - starts roaming the internet. Ebey, to be exact. There, he finds something that he thinks will take away his boredom. He decides to make a bid on a book. the owner was offering it for only 1 cent and apparently no one else made a bid on it, so for a quarter he figured - what the hell. A coup… Read more

Posted by freakroar 4 years ago 5 4,081 75%

Sue and Julie (Buiness) part two

AnalHardcoreLesbian Sex

Part two Sean and Jonny talked, and argued, and bargained. Sue fetched the drinks, the nibbles. Sean had introduced her as his secretary. She looked the part. Her cropped blonde hair looked business like. She wore a tailored black suit, the skirt just above her knee. Finally, it seemed as if they were finished. “Sean, I haven’t thanked you for that piece of shit you delivered to me,” Jonny said in his East London accent. “You’ll be pleased to know that he is now supporting the M25 widening scheme.” “Now that’s good to know Jonny, but its Sue here you should thank, she and her girlfriend… Read more

Posted by SFS 4 years ago 2,096 100%

Role Play

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

My bf is an exciting lover. He really loves to role play and has thought up a lot of exciting games to play. Some are just barely legal. He loves sex and has a big appetite that is hard to satisfy. Tonight he came home and told me he had a great game in mind and I was going to love it. He then took me in the bathroom and shaved my pussy and ass. Then he dressed me in a very short skirt that barely covered my ass and told me "No panties." Then he put me in a flimsy silk button down shirt with just the bottom button buttoned. My tits were exposed just to the nipples and if I moved just right the… Read more

Posted by spankmehardplease 4 years ago 1 2,888 80%

My fingers making her Cum

Lesbian SexMasturbation

Sylveria *squeezes your bottom* Julie *squeaks* Julie Hai! Julie That thar be mai butt her squeezin'! Sylveria *Kneeds her fingertips in to it* Yuh huh Julie *whimpers* Sylveria *Lightly bites your bottom lip* Julie *D****s her arms over your shoulders and lightly kisses your lips* Julie *Yawns and pushes you into bed then crawls over top of you, straddles your hips and lays over you* Sylveria *Slides her arms around your shoulders and mingles her legs around yours, squeezing you to her gently and pulling a blanket over us* Julie *Snuggles up… Read more

Posted by noin007 4 years ago 3 2,389 100%

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXVIII

Group SexLesbian Sex

Chapter XXVII – Gotta Share Him (based on Modern Love No. 4 cover, EC, December 1949-January 1950) Allan Houth is the hunk of the clinic. Every girl, from patient to nurse, immediately fell in love with him. And how they couldn’t, given his eyes, his looks, his body, his tender voice, his charming ways, his manners and his education. And everybody wondered why he stood single for so long. Inside the clinic, we all knew he was the womanizer kind. He always tried to hit on the nurses who worked here. Some gave to his c… Read more

Posted by Victor2K 4 years ago 1,148 100%

a day at the beach

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

Rinoa, Squall, Selphie, Zell, Irvine and the pigtail girl whose name was Mima were still sitting around a table in the cafeteria talking, after they had eaten dinner. Rinoa proposed, “We’re laying over at Centra tomorrow for some reason, so let’s all go to the beach together.” Squall diplomatically excused himself from the table claiming prior duties, but actually he didn’t want to admit to anyone he couldn’t swim. Selphie excitedly answered, “That sounds like fun. I’ll go.” “Me too!” chimed in Zell. Of course discovering Zell was going, Mima immediately acquiesced. “Rinoa,” Irvine… Read more

Posted by naughtylittleroy 4 years ago 1,973 100%


Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

My parents in Iowa went to London for two weeks and sent for me on 9/26/13 to see the Minnesota Vikings play at Wembley stadium. They had a package deal where I arrive Thursday and go back on Tuesday. The only problem was I was at a different Hotel. After flying all night I got the Heathrow Thursday around noon and got my ride to the hotel. I checked in, contacted my parents and agreed to meet for dinner later. The nice thing about central London was it didn’t take me long to figure out the underground and that you can get within a few blocks of where you are going. After dinner and cocktails… Read more

Posted by Billi_jo 4 years ago 7 4,845 100%

The New Girl

First TimeLesbian Sex

I have been working retail for over 20 years. It has become a no brainier for me and that means its boring now. I go to work do the same thing with the only changes being my hours and in most cases that only serves to infuriate me. My boss and I had an okay working relation for quite some time but as of late, she seems to have a bee up her ass. When she asked me to work with the "new girl" I almost told her where to shove that "NEW GIRL". She would possibly be my replacement the way things had been going. I decided to just bite the bullet and train her to the best of my ability. She was a lot… Read more

Posted by luvfulone 4 years ago 7 3,902 100%

I Was the Lesbians First

First TimeLesbian SexMature

I had been sl**ping with Amy for a couple months. We knew it wasn't going any further than Friends with Benefits and were both good with it. One morning her cousin Karen showed up at my door in tears. She was a lesbian and had just broke up with her GF and was looking for Amy. Well since Amy wasn't with me, I assumed she was at work. I invited Karen in and made some coffee. Karen calmed down and seemed like she just wanted to talk to someone. After about an hour Karen asked me if she could ask me a personal question. I of course told her yes. She told me that Amy had told her that I was very g… Read more

Posted by medicdave 4 years ago 2 3,448 92%

Cellblock Bondage

BDSMLesbian Sex

Laura was a strong, determined woman. Under normal circumstances no one could get her to do anything against her will. The other inmates, however, outnumbered her and had overpowered her with infuriating ease. The other women had stripped Laura down to her prison issue bra and panties. Now using strips of her torn clothes, they tied her standing up to the bunk bed. Her arms were outstretched as if she were being crucified, and her legs were spread wide, leaving her alarmingly vulnerable. Pieces of shredded cloth dug into her wrists and ankles, pressing her bare flesh against the cold metal b… Read more

Posted by catherine-belmont 4 years ago 3 2,153 100%