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Happy Birthday

Mordred woke up early and glanced at the window. It was surprisingly sunny outside for a February morning, the sun reflecting off of the glass. He turned his head to see if Elissa was still beside him but he was surprised to see that she was already out of bed. He lifted himself from the comfort of the warm duvet, threw on his robe and went into the living room. He found Elissa in the kitchen preparing a plate of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and toast. She heard him come through the door.

“Morning Sweetie, happy birthday,” she said as she slid her arms through the partially open robe a... Continue»
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Xams at Carol's

Carol Jennings is the type of person if she has a party it's a party to remember type and she wanted this to be just that her daughter Kay was coming home from school after 2 years away. The party was f****y friends and a few workmates of Jim her hubby in all about 25 people the food was put out the drinks poured and all set for the big night. As people started to arrival one of Jim's workmates caught Carol in the kitchen and kissed her not a fried kiss a lovers kiss with passion and his hands on her ass her head spun and he whispered in her ear TONITE I GET YOU and left the room her min... Continue»
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My Crush Can Be So Cruel

I was 16 years old and eagerly awaiting the end of my school life, I had just a couple months left to go and couldn't wait to be free! Exams were just around the corner...

"You been talking to my boyfriend, bitch?" Charlene angrily asked, pushing me up against a tree in the back of the school yard. It was my favourite place to hang out with my friends as hardly any teacher would be there.

"What?!" I blurt out, stunned.

"I saw you talking to my boyfriend the other day!" She accused. I realised it's Mark she was talking about, he had been chatting me up a lot despite my obvious lack o... Continue»
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MIranda and Janine

Miranda was a good looking browned haired nineteen year old girl who was on holiday. After a couple years of holiday trips with friends she had decided to spend a trip with her f****y again. It was the first night in their fancy hotel. Miranda was sharing a room with her best friend Janine. She had been allowed to bring a friend. Miranda had sometimes hated Janine’s guts but most of the time she had loved her. Janine was always regarded as the most outgoing of the two. Miranda was getting ready for bed. Janine was already lying in their shared bed reading a book. As Miranda stepped out of the ... Continue»
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Champagne and Strawberries

It had been a long, hard day at work. With hubby gone to Paris on business, I had put in some extra time at work. Now I regretted it, coming home tired and hungry to an empty house was not the most appealing of propositions. Oh well, I thought not much to do about, I will just make dinner, finger myself thinking about hubby and get some needed rest. It made me a bit jealous to think of hubby in Paris, who was probably right at this moment wining and dining some gorgeous female that he would spend the night with. He had asked me to come with, but I had decided to stay home and work a litt... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXX

Chapter XXX – Threeway in the Jungle (based on Search for Love No. 2 cover, American Comics Group, April-May 1950)

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXX

Elaine Haynes. One of the best explorers in the world. An adventurer in her own way. One of the boldest women I ever met. There are so many stuff to say about her that I couldn’t bear the thought that she could be my ‘own worst enemy’. But there was something that made her the woman I most feared and the one that got me shivers only to say her name: my husband Norman.

Elaine was Norman’s girlfriend befo... Continue»
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Am I A Bad Aunt?

Am I a Bad Aunt?

By billy69boy

My name is Eve. I'm a single, twenty-something woman, pursuing a post graduate degree. I consider myself to be fairly cool, and "with it" when it comes to my relationship with my young niece. Ariel had recently turned 14, and we get along great. She seems comfortable talking with me, and she has confided in me about her adolescent concerns that her mother (my sibling) knows nothing about.

Lately, though, I am worried that we may be getting too close, if you know what I mean, and I don't want to do anything wrong that might hurt her. So, I want to... Continue»
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Bhua cum from UK

Bhu aunt cum from UK.

You must have read our life so far hope you like it.
Pari here We I an Ajay enjoy our sex life.
I got phone call from UK. When I answered the phone There was
ladies voice on the other end.
She introduce herself. I am from Uk she said My name is Diljeet.
I told her that I am Pari Ajay,s wife.
Daljeet said she is s****r of Ajay,s father,Ajay,s bhua Aunt in Uk.
She spoke very nicely. I told her that Ajay,s dad and mom has been
dead for some time.
Diljeet said she came to know about it I am sorry that it has happened.
It is the will of God.

Bhua said she... Continue»
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Fitting Room Surprise

I had no idea that I could be so easily seduced. All it had taken was a few glances, a couple of touches, and here I was, in less than five minutes, spreading for a total stranger – why, I didn’t even know her name!

In truth, I was simply gagging for it, and perhaps it showed somehow, radiating subliminal signals to anyone attuned enough to pick them up. I was sixteen and a half, a lesbian without a lover or any prospect of one (in fact, with no sex life at all), and I would have gone with any woman who made a pass at me – I just wish some of them had known that!

So here I was, a demure-... Continue»
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Friends with Benefits

"What do you think?" my best friend Tasha asks. My heart races as I try to rack my brain for an appropriate answer, shit what do I say?

“Evie?!” Tasha exhales impatiently.

“You look lovely” I say smiling at her, her eyes lighting up, I wasn’t lying she looked beautiful but then again Tasha usually did with her flowing mane of fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes, what wasn’t to love about her.

My eyes look over her slender pale body stopping on her pert breasts, her nipples showing through the flimsy fabric.

Obviously aware of my gaze Tasha giggles, “I had to take my bra off; the ... Continue»
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Changing Destinations (Husband leaves for airport,

"Dammit! Another big week planned with Susan, another 'emergency' call from the boss!" thought Darwin as he hefted his big portmanteau in one hand, his suitcase in the other. Out of hands he swung his hips against the door from the kitchen to the garage. It crashed open, rebounding off the stops and coming back hard, catching him on the shoulder. When he got back home he was fixing that damned catch. He just wasn't getting enough time at home with his f****y to do routine chores.

Shoving his bags in the trunk of the Ford Taurus Darwin slammed the trunk then yanked the driver's door open. It... Continue»
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The Return (my first story!)

my first attempt at erotic writing. have mercy on me

The Return

Softcore, fantasy

A knight and her demigoddess reunite after several years apart and help each other prepare for bed.

Featuring: Lorienne the knight, and Volante (pron Volanche) the rogue demigoddess.

The clamoring of d***ken soldiers spilled across the the village of tents. Though portions of the town of Luceria were damaged during the fight, their defensive position enabled them to wait out a thin but deadly attack. Lorienne was not one keen to more commotion after having just survived another day of clash. She tu... Continue»
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Something significantly more explicit... yeah


Porno With A Plot, Lesbians, Threesome, Fantasy, Squirting

Featuring: Shivari the oracle, Volante the demigoddess, and Rionah the angel.

Volante's brings her long-time partner Rionah to the Akhila Monastery, where she can hide until the arrival of winter. She assigns Shivari, the oracle, the task of caring for her during her stay. Rionah and Volante express their gratitude for the oracle's commitment to hospitality. Rionah also teaches Shivari a healing spell that requires her virginity for acquisition.

The sun was setting behin... Continue»
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Rock Chicks

Christmas 2011, London :

We had a works event with a Rock theme. There was a rock band on, some very clean Harleys placed about, and a rock
disco. The account directors had the chance to cram their overly lunched guts into some rather too new looking
biker jackets.

Despite the spend, we were ordered to share rooms if we were staying over. I was paired with 23 year old PA
Samantha. She normally had her hair up and designer glasses, very executive looking. I had admired her asre on
the quiet. I never heard of her having a boyfriend, but if we're having a relationship at work,... Continue»
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15 years later.

It had been a very trying day at work for Brenda. As her car pulled up to her parking spot in her apartment complex a large moving van pulled out and drove off. Someone must have finally moved into the apartment across from mine, Brenda thought to herself. A new car was parked two spots away from Brenda's. As she walked past she noticed that it had Washington plates. Ah a fellow former Washingtonian. Hopefully an improvement on her last neighbor. The last neighbor she had was a self-professed god's gift to women. It took more than a few firm no's and a threat of being laid out that finally got... Continue»
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There are two sides of me, the conservative mild mannered woman that I show you and the sexual side that feeds off of pleasure. Not many entice this dormant side but those that do, find themselves confronted by an uninhibited sex fiend that you wouldn't expect from the level of respect I demand. She appealed to that part of me, Chrissy. A profile picture showing only half of her face, full lips and voluptuous breasts, peaked my interest alone. The next picture I saw read A little of me above the image of her legs exposed and glistening from the bath water she laid in. I wanted her. I became... Continue»
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Anabelle Ford - The Teacher

Anabelle Ford, the Teacher
“And the, ladies, was Renaissance woman. Now I want you to study what we’ve been going over and come back to me with some of the major problems women in the 14th to 16th century would come up against and please, PLEASE, don’t stick to the usual hygiene problems. Let your mind expand and come up with something original.”
Anabelle looked at her class. Thirteen girls. University calling and all ambitious. Her mind flitted back to her own school days. The keenness to learn and understand. Not so many years ago. She had once sat, enthralled by her studies like... Continue»
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Shopping with Kellykins2u.

http://xhamster.com/user/kellykins2u = Kelly

I get a call from you saying that you are going to a party and you want my help picking out a new outfit. Being the guy I am I tell you I don’t want to go shopping. You begs and pleads until you say that I can pick out something special for you to wear just for me. Now how could I pass that up.

I pick you up, and you leads me to shop after shop looking for the perfect dress. Until finally I tell you its time to take a break from looking at dresses and time to find that something special. You give me a naughty little smile and asks where I ... Continue»
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The Manuscript.
By jjcole

I had been trying to write a Great American novel for years but had only succeed in writing an episodic tale of a town, an episodic tale of a singer, and a convoluted science fiction story. My agents found online publishers for each but not print publishers.

My agents were a lesbian couple that would kindly be described as colorful. I described them as batty.
One, her name was Virginia, appeared to be mostly sane but appearances were deceiving. She was a weirdo, a very intelligent and perceptive, well dressed lady but a weirdo. She was positive aliens lived a... Continue»
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When My Husband Was Away (Complete Story)

Anne is one of my best friends and a neighbour of ours. She is really gorgeous. The type of woman that makes you wish you were her: long silky blond hair, nice slender body, perfect ass and an amazing set of round firm tits. It was obvious from the first time my husband laid eyes on her that he wanted her. What man wouldn't? I could hardly take my eyes off her myself. The only problem was she was also married. So I did not know how she felt about been with a man other than her husband. But I would find out.

Anne and I hit it off really well and we became good friends right away. She seemed ... Continue»
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