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199 Avis and her 4th of July “holiday”

199 Avis and her 4th of July “holiday”

[ written originally by the lady herself and she promises me its true]
Jerry my black pimp, called me up Friday and told me to get dressed in a nice sexy white outfit with white stiletto heels and to pack for 3 days as he would be picking me up in an hour.
I put on a nice Victorian white lace sheer corset, white panties and a white garter belt with straps for my white stockings and finished packing as Jerry came in. "Fuckin' nice baby" he said as he came up and kissed me. "I always want to please you my love" I answered back an... Continue»
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Hot Mom

I grew up in the sixties which was perfect for a young sex addict. Many girls and women did not wear a bra and if they did it was a sexy sheer bra, which allowed their nipples to poke out against their clothing. My hot sexy mom was one of these women. She never wore a bra or panties and my cock was always rock hard around her. My parents were divorced and I lived with thirty seven year old Mom. She never wore much around the house and I was always getting glimpses of her perfect perky tits, her to die for ass, and her bushy pussy. My favorite outfit of hers was her little silk robe she wore. T... Continue»
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Neigbours Daughter Lucy

When no one is looking I call her "juicy Lucy" . I have seen her grow up and started to notice her a few years or so ago when she stopped looking like a little girl and more like she was discovering herself..men know what I mean!. The wife and I would often babysit her or let her stay with us if her parents were running late and couldn't be back to meet her from school . I never did or attempted anything when she wasn't old enough but this little cracker was now sixteen (legal in U.K) . She is a tiny 4ft8 and doesn't seem to grow much. She has a really good white complexion with tit length mou... Continue»
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The Watcher

Hurrying leather soled footfalls echo along the otherwise quiet cobbled street. My heavy breathing makes the bl**d in my ears rush loud as I strain to keep moving. The rows of darkened houses on each side of the ancient back cart path loom into view, one by one as I press onward. Exhaustion would have over taken me a mile back if not for the driving thoughts of that broken down piece of crap I left so far back.

Thoughts of why couldn't it make it those last few miles kept resonating through my mind, pushing me further along on my way. Nobody would answer their door as I pounded on the first... Continue»
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The Stewardess Became My Toilet

In my work I sometimes have to go out of country to attend to clients, which is why I was on this flight once. It's not important why and where exactly, but it was a damn long flight. Luckily I was going on one of those airlines (don't say which) that hands out free drinks during the entire flight. I don't drink alcohol, so I stick to juices. And since everything is free, I'm not the only one getting refills. I'm sitting next to a german who kept drinking incredible amounts of vodka and got more and more talkative - and unintelligible - with time.

Anyway, what goes in, must come out. Sadly,... Continue»
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"Jacqueline Melissa Roberts!" my mom yelled. "You have about 5 seconds to get your ass to this table, or you're in BIG trouble!"

I slithered through the labyrinth of chairs, presents, boxes, and miscellaneous debris in the living room and made my way to the table. "I'm in college now, Mom," I told her. "If you want me to keep visiting you on holidays, maybe you shouldn't yell at me."

I was of course k**ding. Mom was just upset that no one else had shown up for Thanksgiving and taking it out on me. 4 aunts and 5 cousins were supposed to be here, but a massive ice storm had blocked all roa... Continue»
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Alexandra Ch. 02

It had been over a year since I moved in with my best friend, and lover, Alexandra. It wasn't known we were lesbians, just that we were roommates. We were at a party to kick off the second semester of sophomore year. I was having a great time, chatting with friends I'd made, dancing occasionally, and chowing down on the chips and delicious home-made guacamole provided. I could see that Alexandra was also enjoying herself. Things were going well... until I saw her expression suddenly darken.

Coming over to me, Alexandra said quietly, "Jackie, we have trouble in paradise." She indicated a dir... Continue»
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My Pleasure

My Pleasure

"So.. am I the only one who can see Abe Lincoln, or is this some good shit?" Lacey spoke her wonderment aloud, not expecting an answer, as she had simply slipped from reality. Marijuana had recently become legal in her home state.

"Ya… I think you're done Lace. Abe Lincoln left hours ago." Charlotte nonchalantly commented, looking briefly at her friend through black thick rimmed rectangular glasses.

"Man, you're both cut. Pass that here." Reese holds his hand out expectantly, awaiting the draw.

"Not a chance, sundance. I exercise my right to medicate my body how... Continue»
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My New Boss (2).

On Monday Ms Nwakor was working from home. I sent her my report on time, like an obedient schoolboy. Her PA has the details of the horribly early flight for Wednesday morning and the hotel where the conference is taking place. Ms Nwakor has mailed me instructions as to my brief – I am to attend those presentations which she does not, and make detailed notes. She will meet me at the end of the day for me to hand them over. That’s all. Meetings all day, a dinner in the evening, one night in the hotel. In my own room, apparently.

I arrived in Enugu on Wednesday morning glassy-eyed from the ear... Continue»
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Aunt Catherine and Nephew 3

Catherine peed and went in her room calling her s****r back. Telling her she was so sorry she had missed her calls as she had left her phone on the charger and been outside. She felt so guilty when Kate asked her how her son was and that he had not returned her calls either. Her mine was racing telling her older s****r that her son was already asl**p. Her and Kate talked about thirty minutes and Cat was feeling so ashamed oh herself for sucking her nephew's big cock. Her s****r's son, she had betrayed her trust. It was all she could do not to cry as Kate talked about f****y and how great it wa... Continue»
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The es(c)ort (5) - A new experience

My summer job as an e(s)cort for Marchmont Ladies was going much better than I could have expected: I was getting very well paid for hanging out with some interesting clients and the sex had turned out to be very enjoyable too; if my life as a student resulted in nothing but a dead-end, I now knew that I had a profitable line of work to fall back on. I might have trouble explaining to friends and relations that I was in effect a call-girl, an up-market prostitute, but I'd cross that bridge when I came to it. In the meantime, I was just enjoying using my body to give pleasure to others and... Continue»
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A Journey By Train

I was late, dammit! Any other morning but this one. I ran into the station just as they were announcing the departure of the train. I scrambled through the barrier thankful that at least I already had my ticket. It was just starting to move as I managed to open the door. I flung my overnight bag on board and climbed in after it. I slammed it shut after me and then leant against the wall trying to recover my breath. Jeez, what a start to what I guessed was already destined to be a boring day.

I don't mind meeting but why did they have to hold one two hours away. I was going to miss the fir... Continue»
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Neighbour Fucked for food

I awoke to the milkman clanking bottles in his crates and whistling the same old tune he always did . Going downstairs I turned on the radio to hear Mike Read on Radio 1 wittering away shortly followed by Adam and the Ants "Stand and deliver " . Filling the kettle I decided this was kind of too much for me at that time of the morning so I turned the radio right down so it was soft enough to listen to. I heard the clank of the letterbox and my garden gate closing. Approaching the front door I noticed the postie had brought me a bill from the Gas Board. "Christ! ...another £22.85 to fork out "..... Continue»
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BtVS: Love, Trust and Monsters – Chapter 3

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Love, Trust and Monsters – Chapter 3

"How did she know it was there?" Buffy wondered. "Could she smell it or something."

Drusilla reached into the pocket of Buffy's neatly folded clothes, burning her fingertips a little as she spilled the cross on the floor.

"Why do you still wear it?"

"When I'm not here mistress, it's who I am. When I'm not with you, it's what I am."

"At least you wear my gift," Dru observed fingering the chain of pearls and toying with them, raising them up to her face and inhaling their scent.

"I never take them off mistress. Exce... Continue»
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My first lesbian lover! ♡

The first time I made love was with a girl. I had been torn between guys and girls for a while. I assumed that I was bi. I had been wanting to have sex with my boyfriend but we hadn't done it yet. I had been thinking about it for a while and masturbating a lot. My best friend since c***dhood is a gorgeous girl named Stephanie. We had shared everything and been very close. We were in high school and I was very attracted to her. I was nervous to say anything because I didn't know how she felt. I remember about a week before, I saw her changing and she was just stunningly beautiful. S... Continue»
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Sarah Michelle Gellar And Britney Having Fun

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Britney Spears fall head over heels in love with
each other.

Sarah Michelle Gellar hummed to herself as she checked her image in the
rearview mirror. `Shit!’ one of the hairs on her head was out of place,
she would have to pull over. It took 20 minutes or so for her to sort
the problem out, and as she set off again she hoped she wouldn’t be late
for Britney Spear’s 18th birthday bash.

Sarah pulled her Lamborghini up outside the house, grabbed the bunch of
flowers from the back seat
and climbed out. Sarah knocked on the door
and none other than ... Continue»
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Kira Calls me Back

This is a continuation of a pervious story.
I was nervous after I hooked up with Kira... Nervous it would change our friendship, but it hasn't. It had been about a week since the wedding and we were still texting regularly, the only difference is now we joke about have sex again. In the pervious week I had hooked up with that blonde bridesmaid (the one who tried to sit on my lap), lets just say I was right... She loves cum!
I was sitting at home watching a ball game when I got a text from Kira
"Whatcha doing?"
But before I respond she called.
"That was fast..." I said into the phone.
I ... Continue»
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Aunt Catherine and Nephew

Catherine and Joey laid out for about a half hour and then Catherine turned over on her belly asking Joey to spray suntan lotion on her back. She untied her top to get a even tan telling him to behave as he agreed to spray her back.

Joey cock was oozing pre cum as he stared at her tight firm ass. Spraying her back, ass, and legs. Moving to the front so he would have a perfect view he poured his whole glass of ice water on her back.

Cat screamed from the cold shock coming to a sitting position in a flash. Her top remained on the chaise lounger, exposing her firm pert tits to Joey. Her big... Continue»
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Housesitting fun

Tara couldn't believe her luck. Mrs. Samson, one of her mom's lady friends, was leaving to go out of the country and had asked if Tara wanted to house sit for two weeks. Tara, who had just turned eighteen and was heading off to college in the fall, jumped at the chance. All she had to do was to take care of the pets and sign for any packages that came and she would have access to the pool and hot tub. She couldn't say yes fast enough!

Her mother warned her about inviting friends over to party which, honestly, was unnecessary. It's not that Tara didn't have any friends. It's just that she wa... Continue»
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Big bang theory Fanfic: Penny/Missy cooper


What they were doing in Penny's apartment during The Pork Chop Indeterminancy. Points if they do it between the boys coming over to ask Missy out, and have to get dressed to answer the door each time.

Work Text:

If there’s one thing that both the Cooper twins are used to, it’s getting their own way. Penny finds this out halfway through the first glass of wine, when Missy leans over, puts one finger under Penny’s chin, and turns Penny’s face toward her.

“I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how pretty you are.”

Penny breaks into a wide smile. “You don’t need to, but if you ... Continue»
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