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Henry didn’t have to tell Rachel about the catfight between June and Mildred. She learned about it through the lesbian g****vine. She was sure neither June nor Mildred would confront Maggie. Actually she learned that a peace settlement had been reached between the two belligerents. At the same time, Allen and Roger had kissed and made up. Henry was sure that the fur would fly whenever there was a meeting of their society. Tempers flared when sex was involved.
Rachel was getting bolder. She invited Maggie to roam the park with her one evening. Carey and Henry woul... Continue»
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Slutty Kindergarten teacher cheats on her husband

This is a true story about a cheating wife as told by the wife, Annie, and the husband, Todd. I have written several chapters as a personal memoir after interviewing both of them. Here is the first chapter. If you like it, I will post the other chapters


I am a petite blond. I am, also, a kindergarten teacher with a Master's degree in Education. I am 36 years old but can pass for 20. I often get proofed at bars. I think that I am a "plain Jane" but I have been told, countless times, by both men and women, that I am beautiful and "hot" and that my body is "to die for". Whet... Continue»
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A very boring conference

I had to attend a conference and left Victor home alone. My loving husband had been stressed during last months and then our sex life was a real mess. It made me be fucking horny and aroused most of the time…

After the first day the conference was absolutely boring to me; but after dinner, I met some interesting people there at the hotel.
One of my colleagues was called Tom, a divorced lawyer who was there assisting, but also looking for a good time. He was attending the conference in the company of her new lover, a sensual young woman called Edna.

We were at the hotel lobby enjoying so... Continue»
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203 Amber 3

203 Amber 3
Better having read story 187 http://xhamster.com/stories/187-amber-670718 and 194 http://xhamster.com/stories/194-amber-two-674391

`T’ returned on the Saturday following the visit from Barry and his partner, he swept in just as Amber was finishing her breakfast in the kitchen, albeit a little late, and she was still in her night attire. She poured him coffee, and he sat with her telling her about his trip and asking about the “partners” and their visit. She explained about the Mexicans, having collected the last woman, hot from the punishment and without care or repair! He ... Continue»
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Jerry had left for the weekend and after spending Saturday at an art festival, I called up Kisha that evening and we decided to get together the next day for some fun. When I reached her apartment the next day she greeted me at the door with a nice long sensuous kiss and we went inside to her living room. We talked a bit on the couch before she offered me a drink. After a couple of drink`s we started to feel good and she commented on the see-through blouse I was wearing, eying my bra with a lustful look in her eyes. "I wore it just for you" I replied as she leaned over to get next to me... Continue»
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Stacey's lez experience

Chapter One
“OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD!” With a loud moan, Karen’s orgasm rocked her body as her hips pumped a steady rhythm. Darnell tightened his grip on her hips and threw his head back as his balls started to pump his white seed deep into Karen’s ass from behind. Finally, he fell back, his long cock pulling out of her tight ass and collapsed onto the bed. She slid forward, her huge tits splayed out to each side from underneath.
A short while later, Darnell came out of the bathroom after his shower to find Karen still collapsed on the bed, the light sheet covering her legs, her roun... Continue»
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Holk**ay with Friends

Nick had been looking forward to his holiday in the South of France for months. Sun, sea, sand and sex...well, not much sand surprisingly, but there was plenty of the rest. And the beaches were always packed with the most gorgeous young women, most of whom used the hot weather as any excuse to show off their bodies.... their skimpy attire leaving little to the imagination...their perky young tits straining at their flimsy designer T-shirts as they paddled in the warm Mediterranean sea. It was heaven!

This was why, early one Tuesday morning, he boarded the Nice-bound plane with a smile on ... Continue»
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Mum like daughter

I am an extremely lucky man. I know full well that I
had nothing to do with the hand of cards that life has
dealt me and I am very thankful and aware of my good
fortune. I was born into a middle class f****y and I
have always been a decent looking k**. Not striking,
mind you, and I did not stand out in any way by my
looks, but I was what you would call a "nice looking
boy" while I was growing up.

I had tried the usual assortment of sports as a k**,
and I did reasonably well with most of them, but again,
I was not a standout. I was blessed physically, and it
is what has... Continue»
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My wife's first experience with a woman

We had got new neighbors next door and we seemed to hit it off with them very well. He would come over and hang out in the garage while I would work on different projects and often she would come over and hang out with my wife and do girl things.
They also had two daughters 20 and 21 as well as a 20 year old Son who was a twin to the youngest.
One evening her husband had the guys over for football and she was not a football fan so she came over to hang out with us. After finishing up with our movie she said the jacuzzi sure sounds nice and I said it does so the girls went and got some swimsu... Continue»
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I might be in trouble....

So Nick was at work and I had a few days off. I went over to my friends house Cindy, they wanted go to the beach. Her husband Kevin and Cindy got married about a year ago. Cindy is a blonde, with C cup breast, I've seen them. Her husband is 6' 2" handsome guy.

Me and Cindy both wore a two piece bikini. Kevin had on some black and blue swim trunks. We got to the beach, Kevin took his shirt off, I couldn't stop looking at him, he was hot. Dark brown hair, six pack, do I really to need to on. Cindy had some sun tan lotion, Kevin helped put it on Cindy then he put some on me. I didn't him want h... Continue»
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A Night in the Cabin, Some Wine and Our New Friend

Recently my wife Sue and I enjoyed a short vacation in a lovely lake front home secluded in the woods. Earlier in the year some friends had booked the home through a rental agency however due to one of their parent’s health issues they asked if we would consider taking their week as they could not make it. After looking at pictures of the quaint home we agreed and the agency had no problems with the arrangement considering the circumstances.

We also thought this would be a great opportunity for Sue to enjoy an encounter with another woman since she is bisexual. Early in our marriage she ... Continue»
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Discovering I’m a Cougar Part 9

The next couple of days after the party I could hardly walk. My ass burned from all of the cocks that had used it and my pussy never stopped throbbing. The worse part was it was time for parent teacher meetings. Most of these were with parents that were either overly involved or totally oblivious to what my students were up to. Near the end of the day I saw Emily's mother walk in. I remembered that her name was Bev. She was an older version of her daughter and could still turn the head of any man who watched her strut by.

"Hi Bev, I am Emily's teacher from fourth period." I said and she smi... Continue»
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The flight attendant and me

I was flying back home after a stressing business trip that finally had ended.
Close by my side was sitting an old man who kept drinking incredible amounts of vodka and got more talkative and unintelligible with time.
Then I tried to focus my attention on my laptop, as I tasted some free drinks.

Suddenly I felt the urge to use a toilet. There was a long queue already forming in front of the bathroom at the tail section.
I thought that should be more than this toilet in the plane.
I was flying on first class; so I went down the aisles through some other compartments where things did not... Continue»
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The baby shower party

Helena had invited me for a baby shower party at her home.
I knew those meetings were boring, but she insisted until she convinced me.
I asked who would be the lucky pregnant girlfriend and Helena said it was Lucia, in her seventh month.
Helena laughed at my surprise and then mentioned the other ladies would be there at the party: Camilla and her mother-in-law; the Wright’s twins, Sondra and Leigh; Debra the sexy divorcee; other women from our office, Martha and Susan. And finally Harold would attend also there.

“Harold” I asked her very amused.
“Yes” Said Helena. “You know he is gay, ... Continue»
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Pregnant Passions

Pregnant Passions

"Don't worry Shelly. I'll be right over."

"Thanks Britt. I really appreciate this."

"See ya soon." With that, I hung up. I didn't mind helping Shelly. Being seven months pregnant, with twins no less, she was having a hard time moving around. Since her husband Tom had to leave the country for work, she really didn't have anyone close that could come over and lend a hand. Luckily, with me being an artist, my job was flexible and I threw some clothes in an overnight bag, grabbed my laptop and hopped in the car. Shelly and I have been friends for a couple ... Continue»
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Hot Mom 2

Jenna cried out she was coming a total of three times grinding her sloppy pussy against my face. "Fuck me Mike." she whispered in a sexy low voice. I pulled my dripping fingers from her cunt and ass, as she raised her young pussy from my eager mouth. I slid out from under her and knelt behind her. "My pussy is on fire babe, fuck me like you want to fuck your hot mom." she moaned.

Normally I tease her pussy with the head of my cock, not now. Gripping the firm, tight cheeks of her ass I shoved my big throbbing cock up her slick tight pussy. Cramming it balls deep in her sweet cunt. "OHHHHHHHH... Continue»
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The es(c)ort (6) - Initiation

Rosie, who was my “Madame” at Marchmont Ladies, had just introduced me to the pleasures of anal sex; far from being the uncomfortable experience I had expected, it turned out to be a delightfully enjoyable way to have sex, and I couldn't wait for her to take me to the next stage so that I'd be ready to take a real cock up the ass.

But for now we were idly cuddling and stroking and it was nearly time for me to go. As I was just about to stir myself to get dressed I remembered something I had been meaning to ask her; in the excitement of our love-making that afternoon it had completely sl... Continue»
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My slut friend Nikki

The following story is dedicated to painprincess93.

It was a Friday afternoon when I ran into a close friend of mine Nikki at the shops. She was buying brandy and some other boos for a fun weekend that she was planning to spend with her friends on Saturday. We chatted briefly and considering we hadn't seen each other in a long time Nikki invited me over to spend the night telling me that her parents is away for a few days and she has the house to herself for the weekend.
I said that sounds amazing and I accept her offer. (Nikki and I never dated but had sex on a few occasions including f... Continue»
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Unexpected Fantasy part 2

As Paul stood at the end of the sofa his big hard cock in his hand I thought about how I would feel watching It disappear into Kaz's wet pussy or mouth, I had never contemplated us being with another woman but thought nothing ventured nothing gained!! Kaz had not noticed Paul had joined us so I quickly grabbed one of my discarded stockings and gently blindfolded her with it, she giggled and tried to take it off but I said "relax and go with it lay back and enjoy it " I lightly stroked her boobs slowly working my fingers down to her mound of trimmed pubic hair easing my middle finger down until... Continue»
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Mum, Dad and Auntie Sheila

It was approximately 8:45pm and dad was out as usual but mum was sat downstairs with her friend, I called her Auntie Sheila, she wasn’t my real Auntie but that’s what I called her. They were sat on the sofa drinking wine, I was sat at the top of the stairs, our room was open plan so I could see the TV from there, and where they were sitting, I was 15.

As I watched the TV I noticed mum leaned over and whispered in her ear, then they both laughed, mum put her wine glass on the coffee table and Auntie Sheila took a drink and put hers on the floor. Mum turned to face her and put her arm across ... Continue»
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