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Miss stacey

It was a hot summers day and I was sitting in a classroom with 50 other people, watching a lecture on the anatomy of a fish. I looked out the window and just saw the heat radiating off of the blacktop. I was dressed for class today in a short black cotton skirt that hugged my hips and upper thighs with a pink low cut blouse, a black lacey bra and no panties because of the heat. My name is Ashley I'm 21, 145 pounds not too fit but average and I'm 5 foot 3, today I was in my college class with my favorite teacher Ms. Stacey, she was 35 smoking hot she was the same height as me just a bit more pe... Continue»
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Once inside, the blonde pushed Amy Jo into a vacant stall, closed the door, and said, "Okay you little slut, open up your blouse and let me see your tits! Amy Jo unbuttoned her blouse exposing her low cut bra and bulging breasts to the hungry eyes of the blonde dom, who reached out and began pinching and pulled on her nipples through the lace cups. Amy Jo gasped, from both the pain and excitement of having her boobs mauled by the strange blonde lesbian! "Ya like that, huh," she asked in rhetorical voice, not expecting an answer, "let's see how you like this," as the blonde lifted her leg, plac... Continue»
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I've known Laurie for over thirty years, ever since high school when we were on the volleyball team. She was one of the more popular girls in school, and I was a little jealous of the attention she received. She seemed to be at center of attention when it came to talk about boys, sex, dates, hairstyles, movies or whatever. I was always a bit enamored with her, and still am to this day, with us each in our fifties.
She and I still hang out in the same circle of friends and run into each other often around town. Her popularity remains as high as it was in high school with the added reputati... Continue»
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Episode 67:Jack and Jill

Jack & Jill
Jack and Jill shared a birthday, both were slim and blonde with cheeky grins. Most people thought they were twins - perhaps they were just cousins that loved to kiss. Every day after school during the summer they did run up the hill behind their houses, not to fetch a pail of water, that's just a Nursery Rhyme; but to have what they considered wild, passionate, unprotected sex in the wild flower meadow.

In winter they found a disused allotment hut that they made watertight and cosy with an old mattress and a sl**ping bag to curl up in.
They experimented with stroking e... Continue»
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Part 3 Matric holiday:fucking Sandra

Waking up Tuesday morning Mark and I decided we would spend the day at home. Seeing our parents in the morning for breakfast we told them we weren't doing anything major today and plans were then quickly made to have a braai for supper which was awesome. Hailey had a friend come over her name was Stacy. She was only 15 years old but very attractive. She was already quite tall, she was wearing short shorts which showed her sexy tanned and toned legs. Her boobs were obviously still starting to grow but could see they were there already. A very sexy ass and smile. And very pretty to look at.

... Continue»
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The Watcher

Hurrying leather soled footfalls echo along the otherwise quiet cobbled street. My heavy breathing makes the bl**d in my ears rush loud as I strain to keep moving. The rows of darkened houses on each side of the ancient back cart path loom into view, one by one as I press onward. Exhaustion would have over taken me a mile back if not for the driving thoughts of that broken down piece of crap I left so far back.

Thoughts of why couldn't it make it those last few miles kept resonating through my mind, pushing me further along on my way. Nobody would answer their door as I pounded on the first... Continue»
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The es(c)ort (1) - The interview

With the long vacation looming and still no sign of a job to see me through to the start of next term (see my post “Misbehaving” for the story behind that), I put out a few feelers among my friends to see what they could suggest. Some of them had indeed struck lucky with internships or work experience packages, but disappointingly nearly everyone else had had to resort to supermarket or coffee-shop jobs. I needed some work, but I didn't think I was so desperate that I had to resort to shelf-stacking or serving the great British public in their hour of need. But as the days wore on I was sta... Continue»
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Awesome Neightbors

I weaseled my way into Wanda's house under the pretense of helping her connect the stereo she had impulsively bought. I had been eyeing her and her sexy daughter, Debbie from the moment they moved into my apartment building.

I had been biding my time. White women are automatically suspicious of black men, so I laid low. When I saw her I spoke and passed quickly looking in another direction, but when I saw her daughter I winked, but didn't speak at all. In return, Wanda spoke to me and her daughter, Debbie would shoot me a flirtatious glance and sometimes blew me a kiss. I would smile and co... Continue»
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A wife's fantasy - finally happens

We all have them, I have many, but this was one I was sure would never be fulfilled. Here it is....

I am in a classy bar with my Husband, we're drinking champagne cocktails, I'm tipsy and getting horny (I always do when I drink champers)and we're discussing how excellent it would be if we booked a room at the nearby hotel and had someone sexy join us! Unknown to us the couple sitting behind us can hear every word and feel exactly the same way. I stand up to go to the Ladies room and the woman follows me. Our eyes meet briefly and we smile. We do our 'thing' and, as we are about to leave, sh... Continue»
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"Christian Mingle"

I was at a weekly Bible study with a group of girls from college when one of my friends started talking about this book she had read called The Body of Christ by Eva Arder. I asked her what it was about, assuming it had something to do with the eucharist. Boy, was I wrong. She guiltily told me it was like a pornographic version of the New Testament and admitted it had turned her on. A lot. She said she realized that she was a lot like Mary in the story and was worried she was missing out on sex because of her faith. Though I'd never admitted it to anyone, I'd been having some of the same... Continue»
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sensitive reaserch

This is the opening chapter in a multi-part story, which sets the stage for the rest of the story.


I sat on a small metal folding chair, not the most comfortable setting, but it was what was available. It was dark in the room, which had no windows, but for a little bit of light coming through approximately an inch-and-a-half gap between two solid sliding doors. My portfolio with a pad of papers sat balanced on my knees, with one of those little book lights attached to it, to provide me with enough light with which to read. I sat back in the chair making myself as comfortable a... Continue»
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My So Called Sex Life - Part IV

My So Called Sex Life - Part IV

Forward by 'Lexi':

Hi all, it's Lexi again. Well my darling Dizzy has finished my story, and while I can't speak for any of you, I love it. Part IV was supposed to be the finale, but he has told my story so perfectly that it had to be split in two, so the finale will be Part V... but don't fret, they are both completed and will be posted withing hours of each other. And I'll tell you a little secret, the reason I asked him to split it is because I only made it to the middle when I got myself off, so I figured splitting it would be best!! I'll ha... Continue»
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Fuck Her harder

The last time my mom came to pick up my little s****r, my little s****r insulted my step mom and my real mommy laughed. I didn’t think much of it.

At the ensuing f****y function, my step mom apparently made my real mommy and my s****r drinks to loosen them up. My step mother then proceeded to explain to my mom and s****r, with help from my father, that she’d push to take away mommy’s visitation rights, unless she agreed to let herself get humiliated like the way they humiliated her a few weeks back.

After much internal debate my mom agreed.My step mom was delighted.

She instantly... Continue»
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3 - New Neighbors - The unexpected

It was about 9pm when I got home from work. The sun was just setting. I parked my jeep and got into the silence of the house. No sound but for the steady hum of my air conditioner.

Heading straight to the fridge to pour myself a nice cold glass of wine I noticed some sound from the back yard. Taking my wine outside I walked onto the deck and heard the sound again. Almost like someone was in my pool.

I could not see it very well but my pool seemed empty. There was it again. The direction however was from my new neighbors yard. Mmm, my neighbors don't have a pool. I peeked over the fence a... Continue»
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Sweet Revenge ( Chapter 9 )

The Concluding Part.
Seriously....where's Frank?" I asked ogling them both and stripping off my tie as I asked.

"Seriously.....I called him a few minutes ago." Shelly stated simply, walking over to help Cindy in removing my jacket. "He's in a meeting, and won't be here until sometime after six. I told him I was bending the rules just a tiny little bit." She said. "Seriously...."

Cindy was already down on her knees at this point unzipping my fly and fishing my already hard cock out of my jockey's. Shelly stood unbuttoning my shirt as Cindy finished undoing my belt and managed to sl... Continue»
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192 Avis and jerry go visit carol

192 Avis and jerry go visit carol
When visiting down south with my black lover Jerry, I decided to call my friend Carol and ask if we could stay with her for a while. “Carol, this is Avis” I said as she answered the phone. “I was wondering if Jerry and I could stay with you for a while” I added. After a brief pause, “I am kind of busy Avis” she replied. “I’d do anything you wanted” I answered back. Another pause, “Anything?” she said. “Anything “I replied, knowing Carol would jump at the chance to have her way with me. It took her another minute or so to reply, “Okay” she finally ... Continue»
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I sat at the bustop thumbing my way through the boring facebook posts on my smart phone when i became aware of somebody walking past towards the opposite end of the bench .. i instinctively glanced over and saw a young girl plomp down on the seat and swing her feet innocently smiling intensley as she looked over at me .. i raised my eyebrows at the hyper active girl before returning to my facebook feed ..

i was yawning to myself as i read a post about a missing dog when i was inturupted by a cheerfull <br>
"Hiya !! " .. i looked over at the young girl with a curious exspression ... Continue»
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191 a night out with les freind carol

191 Avis a night out with les carol
With my black lover Jerry back home, my friend Carol decided we needed a ladies’ night out and said she would take me to a private place she knew that catered to alternative lifestyle people. I again put on a sheer black blouse, no bra so that my tits could be seen, see through black skirt showing off my panties and garter belt that held up my black stockings and my 6” open toed ankle strap stiletto heels that I loved so much. Carol dressed in a similar fashion, her sheer blouse showing off her beautiful full tits which got me aroused even before we l... Continue»
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I left Joe and headed on down to my daughter Carol’s home for a visit and upon reaching there was greeted by Carol warmly. I had told her of what had been going on with my black lover Jerry and she invited me down to help me out. As we kissed at the front door in greeting, I whispered to Carol, “I need a black cock”. She said she’d have her husband pick up the k**s and take them out, leaving us with most of the day to ourselves. We moved over to the sofa and settled down. “I’m feeling like such a whore” I said to her as we chatted, “I want to be used like a fuc... Continue»
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Sweet Revenge ( Chapter 8 )

Silvia had disappeared upstairs for a while, long enough for Debbie to finish up in the kitchen, but when she returned, we both watched as she came back down stairs...naked. It was obvious she was feeling a little tipsy from all she'd had to drink, and I began to hope that it might be enough that she'd eventually pass out, or at the very least decide to turn in a little early.

"What's say we get naughty in the kitchen?" She said slurring her words slightly and then suddenly hoping up onto the counter, though it took three attempts for her to finally do so.

"Come here you naughty man...li... Continue»
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