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I am mia.. female30 yrs. Lips. Moist as she bit her lip.. watching me from afar..I knew I slowly caressed my nipple feeling myself get wett... and felt her hot hands hugging me tightly. From behind caressing my nipple tugging softly.aunt Kim tugged and massaged me. Rubbing my breast tugging..pulling.. fingering her way up my hips coll wett kisses . I felt her moist lips diving into my vagina and nuzzling ..my nipple. Diving into my caginavand nuzzling. Teasing my curls with her fingers..twirling.. as she slowly ,,firmly fiercely finger fucking Me and instantly giving me hot oral sex. * hug… Read more

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Shasta and Erin lesbian video shoot

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Erin sat on her sofa with her best friend Shasta and as usual the subject turned to their husbands. “My husband has always had this fantasy about watching me have sex with another woman” said Erin “I know what you mean” replied Shasta. Mine has said the same thing about me” Both women laughed, this topic of conversation had come up many times before. “I have an idea” said Erin “lets make a video of us in our underwear….a few sexy poses should put a stop to their going on all the time to see us together” “Good idea, nothing pornographic, just a couple of naughty poses to get them going” said S… Read more

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Snowflakes and magic

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* I am lea’ this is based on a true story * buying my new Victorian style home was a amazing day, my cat and I found a slice of heaven I. Thr old south no.it had it,d charming nature.it was haunted after all. I had just finished a swim in the adjourning lake and came to shower.i was proud of my athletic figure. 5’4 jet black hair white creamy skin. Piercing green eyes. My skin glazing hot from the lake. Dripping.. I got into my hot pink robe headed to my room for bed. Hearing creek, and water dripping..she scurried under the sheets.’it,s just the wind.’ I told myself.little did I know.what wa… Read more

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Tales of Lotus island - Olivia part 3

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Olivia was excited about the flight to Lotus Island because this was the first time she had been in an executive jet because wealthy as her father was, being the owner of a successful company but it didn’t warrant this level of luxury. Lotus Island having to fly in its very wealthy guests around did and on this occasion they were flying with one of the directors, her friend Chrissy. Geoffrey, her father, had not only bought a permanent villa on the island but was working with the owners on some major financial security problem. Livy understood it up to a point with organised crime and money… Read more

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Secret rose

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The waves came crashing down upon my skin I felt wonderful.i, am clair a female of 30 yrs out for a family weekend. I showered.. water dripping down my white pale breasts,,nipples firm shone in the sun.glisning. Breasts wet from the waves,I danced in the water.I felt great. I showered... As I rubbed my wet nipple gently stroking it.. rubbing softly... my breasts and curls..rubbing my nipple softly..massaging my nipples and between my legs rubbing.. rubbing softly rubbing rubbing gently.. tugging gently on my nipple .rubbing....gently My vagina with my fingers. then, out of the corner on my… Read more

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As I lay in slumber

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* based on a true story I am Jessica.female30 yrs As I lay sleeping, Feeling a pressure on my skin. Stroking my hair .gropping and pulling.me hard. Twirling. Licking. Up and down. Side to side. Tugging down.hard. ‘ Hush.’ I heard. As the tugging grew deeper. Harder on my vagina. growling. I heard... . I felt hot lips touch me slowly on my vagina. Suckling... rubbing my vagina kissing gently.’sweetness..’ kissing my vagina softly...and nipple slow.. tugging..stroking..stroking... squeezing...soft.pulling... my nipple hard. ‘Sweetness..’she whispered.’ahh...’ rubbing me gently deeply… Read more

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Afternoon with Judy, Pedro and Miguel part four co

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He danced with me for a while, then with Judy, rubbing his dick against both of our bellies....... Judy was smiling. Her hand was down there. She wasn't jacking him off or anything like that. Just playing. One of the things I loved about her was that she was never in a hurry........... I was ready to just open my legs, get on my back, lay right down there on the floor and fuck him... before we made the ten steps to the bed. " Okay now I know you horn-dog boys want every little detail, but, you know, I can't remember all the details from all the two way sex I've had, let alone three.........I… Read more

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B* wititched

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Based on true story * Aunt Kim beckoned to me as she licked her lips moaning. ‘Come here now... kassandra. ‘ ..I turned to her .. ‘yes Kim..’ ? I whispered. Purring... her hands immediately grabbed my breasts. I . Felt her down my legs massaging... rubbing.. gently. stroking my vagina slowly.. tugging my vagina.’I want this..’ she moaned,twisting. And rubbing softly my vagina. And kissing my breast softly..stroking...my nipple as she squeezed my breasts tightly.kissing...them.tenderly. Falling to the Wall and kissing my nipple teasing it as she stroked my nipple gently.. licking.… Read more

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Truth and Dare Pt2

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To recap it was during our wedding anniversary celebrations that ourselves and our best friends had swapped more than presents... Dan and Debs were stood in the doorway of the bedroom, I had just made love to Dans wife Claire and we were both laying naked on the bed with Claire stroking my now flaccid cock. Debs my wife walked towards us completely naked her pert tits bouncing as she closed the distance to the bed, leaning down she kissed me full on the mouth as her hand joined Claires on my cock. that was such a great show you two but now its our turn to fuck so make space for us. Myself a… Read more

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X-Men: Rogue Gets Touched

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Storm lay across her bed, nude as always, and caused a cold breeze to blow across her nipples. She appreciated how they stiffened at once, resembling nothing more than two milk chocolate kisses. With a contented sigh, she cupped her double D cup breasts in her hands, roughly squeezing her flesh and tweaking each long nipple. She sighed again and softly moaned, savoring the thought of what she knew would come next. As if the regal weather witch had summoned her with her mind, Jubilee knocked twice and entered her room. She was fifteen, and still relatively new to the X Mansion, but Storm had… Read more

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An Afternoon with Sylvia and Judy part 2 @2016

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There was a little interlude, and then his tounge went right into my mouth. I had been experimenting since I was thirteen about what "sexy" meant. I thought I had just found the answer. I thought: ' Okay, Miguel, you want to get a little bit of Sylvia? This is your lucky night, boyo.' I noticed that Judy and Pedro were kissing now, sitting on the sofa, watching us dance. Just kissing. I was kissing Miguel, doing this dance with him just as close as I could do it. I looked over again. Judy was still in the kiss, but now her hand was resting on the zipper of his pants. Of course, he had a big… Read more

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 18

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My sleep only lasted for a few hours as I could here my door card lock unlock. It was the Room Service Manager checking up on me. I had taken sometime to pick up the mess so the room looked pretty normal. She went over to the shades and flung the curtains open. I was still tired but the sight of her and that luscious body got me going. I asked her what she was doing and she smiled and said I am going to fuck you but first you need a shower. I laughed and said that I needed food after a shower. She lifted her skirt and showed me her lovely pussy and said that I could have her. So with the curta… Read more

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Episode 88: Copenhagen Conference

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Author’s Note This story is part of a mini-series that started with a little girl called Grace going shopping with her Dad for a new black bikini in Episode 83. No characters in this episode are real except for Alia (sorry babe – only a brief mention) and Lola G-spot (who might be able to read it if she ever gets her PC working properly). All events are purely the result of my warped imagination. At the time of writing, I believe that no SexBots are quite as advanced as Suchi – we wait in hope. Session One “Good Morning delegates – I hope you have all recovered from last nigh… Read more

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Teen Titans: Sisterlust

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"Azarath. Metrion. Zinthos," Raven chanted slowly. She was hovering in the air with her lags crosed inward. Her focus was on her center, and properly channeling her energies. Or, at least, it should have been. The Titan was putting in more than her usual effort, but flashes of emotion kept bursting across her mind. Boundless joy, overwhelming confidence, righteous fury, fiery lust. With each of these flashes came images of Starfire: her bright, green, eyes and soft, peach-toned, skin. Struggle as she might, Raven saw her adorable features, her ample chest, her firm, round, ass. She felt her… Read more

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Daughter helps mom unwind and relax

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I was hot and I had had enough! Everything that could go wrong went wrong today! First of all I slept through my alarm and missed the train, which meant I was late for work for the 3rd time this week. Next, while rushing to work my heel broke on my new shoes, and I twisted my ankle. I limped into work already flustered. I thought I was going to get through the day with out the ominous third thing happening, when I lost a very important file for the law firm, one that got me into serious trouble. Hi, sorry for complaining so much but I had to tell someone! The day really was about to get bette… Read more

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Tales of Lotus Island - Olivia part 2

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Throughout the autumn Olivia became aware that apart from his business he father was planning something that involved her but that he was reluctant to talk about. This was odd because outside confidential business matter he was generally very open. Olivia tried to get her friend and occasional lover to find out more. Since they had come back from Italy Meghan had become as much a friend of her father as herself. But Meg found a similar reluctance on behalf of Geoffrey to give details. All that they knew was that he spent some time in the Caribbean.In the end Olivia tried the direct approach “D… Read more

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Cock-fest with three young guys

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Cock-fest with three young guys Wow what a weekend. Here we are Emma, Annie and me relaxing on my bed reminiscing about our action-packed cock-fest with three teenage college guys. Our cunts and arses used to excess by them over the weekend. It all started on Friday evening. Emma, Annie and me sitting in my lounge with a glass of wine awaiting our guests Ollie, John and Mike my 17-year-old son. Annie wore an extremely short white dress, almost translucent. Plunging neckline to her naval revealing plenty of her firm breasts. Emma chose a sexy black see-through outfit, high neckline but reveal… Read more

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Becoming Her, Chapter 3, my femininity dawn

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Chapter 3 … my femininity dawn Will it was inevitable, but I was confused….. All my Senses, all my thoughts, all my feelings, all those screaming in my mind Saying that I am a girl !! But my mind couldn’t understand it, everything, everyone & everything around me says am a boy I understand am gay boy but that not make me a girl Till that night …….. It wasn’t a long time in that gang, till I had bigger circles of friends, friends who share the same desires and feelings Some were boy and some where girls And in that circ… Read more

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Sarah, Silkie and Leo have a party from "No A

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Sarah came over where i was stnding, mostly naked, in the midlle of the room "Silkie, you were great, I don't know what's wrong with these people. I always start to beat off when you tell that story, especially when your panties are around your ankles and you are dancing. with Miguel.I want you to try something. Let's get one of this big-dicked boys over here. I'm sorry that I never got to see you whoring, baby, I'll bet that was really something.can you do your whore talk on one of these boys?" "'my whore talk?" "Yeah, the way you talk when you get going>>" 'Ooh, tha! Yeah, okay, that's… Read more

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Survivor: A Friendly Lesbian Wager (part 2)

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Survivor Guatemala had made it down to the final two, and a huge crowd was on hand to see the reading of the votes and who would win the million dollars. Would it be tall, slender Danni, the former beauty queen from Kansas or Jersey girl Stephenie, the gorgeous tanned darling of last season. The whole country was looking forward to seeing which beauty would take home the top prize. Little did they know of the wager the two beautiful women made just before the final vote. The loser would have to submit to being a… Read more

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