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Some of you may already seen this story on these pages. Some time ago this, as well as part 2 was copied and pasted here from another site without my permission. I regard this as theft. In order to put things partly to right I have decided to re-post not only those two parts but all the seven episodes so that my readers can enjoy the complete story and know that it is the choice of the author for them to do so.


Suddenly I’m awake. But why? I have a vague feeling that a noise woke me but no idea what that noise was. Outside a storm is raging and I can hear the sound of ... Continue»
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The Beginning

She sat on her bed wearing just her blouse and panties. The room was lit by only the burning logs in the fireplace and the soft music made her lose herself in a sort of self-induced trance. She heard soft footsteps but feeling so relaxed thought, it was her husband and stayed as she was. Even as she realised that it was not him, she felt safe as the large gentle hands laid on her shoulders and started the sensuous massage. She slowly drifted into the fire, with all its pictures in the burning grate, as the hands gently massaged and pulled at her shoulders. It felt so cool, so wonderful she kne... Continue»
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Unforgettable Holiday Ch 3

Unforgettable Holiday Ch 3

I woke with a massive hard on, lying there thinking about the night before.....I had to pinch myself to check it wasnt a dream i was in, everything has really happened, all through meeting this sexy couple on a beach....albeit a Naturist beach , and yes we were all naked.......it was so sexy being around them , quiet unassuming mature couple, super chilled and enjoying playing their sexy games. Liz is an up together lady, she loves the sun , and being the center of attention when i came to sexy fun....she is so hor... Continue»
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After the Sleep Over

A mother surprise joins her daughter who is having sex, home poolside with a girlfriend.

Janie and Sue left after breakfast Saturday morning; really sorry they couldn’t stay till the afternoon, as we had had such a great girly sleepover Friday night. Our guys were away at an ‘away game’ and well they were college guys and only trustworthy in our sight. So I arranged a girl’s night in; chick flicks, comfort food and plenty of privacy.

Saturday, now was ours, Annie’s and mine: bestie’s time. And we had the run of my house alone as mum went out to shop. How we got from my bedroom... Continue»
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Un voyage qui change tout

Je détestais toujours autant descendre à Marseille et la décision de mon patron avait été si rapide que j’y allais avec une voiture de location. Avant la sortie de Dijon, je me suis arrêté sur une aire de stationnement pour pisser un coup mais j’en ai profité pour me branler aussi vu que je m’étais disputé la veille avec ma femme.
Je suis retourné à la voiture et j’ai claqué la porte et j’allais enfoncer la clé dans le démarreur que quelqu’un a frappé à la vitre. Encore un casse-pied ou un agresseur, ai-je pensé avant de tourner la tête mais c’est une femme que j’ai vue. Une jeune femme qui de... Continue»
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After Hours

Lesbian, Finger Fucking, Insertion, Anal play

Trudy is left in charge of a restaurant clean up with a new nerdy employee after hours. Trudy can’t resist Georgia’s young shapely body. She wants to push the geek girl to new sexual limits but what is she unleashing?

You know you want to be anywhere but here. You know you still have too much cleaning to do before you can leave. You know you are resentful towards your boss for rushing off and giving you the responsibility of locking up. You notice young Georgia, who only got the job at Marty’s Restaurant this week is just cleaning t... Continue»
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Add Salt to Taste

Jasmine and Denny have the girly talk about their boyfriends wanting to move onto butt sex. In some beach-side ruins they have their first lesbian experience together and trust each other enough to have their sensitive arseholes explored very dirtily.

We were walking along the track and then the beach near the designated coastal camping site. We both needed to get away from parents and from our younger bratty babyish male siblings. We needed girl time and to talk seriously about the guys in our lives. Would we keep them or move on to fresh cocks at University?

It was a new coastal cam... Continue»
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the Domination experiment (big bang theory)

This story takes place in season four. Also, it is only a oneshot, I am not going to continue this.

Priya hated Penny. Priya hated Penny more than Penny hated Priya. She couldn't believe that Leonard was dating that dumb blonde from across the hall from his apartment for years.

She wasn't sure when that hate turned into something sexual. She was definitely heterosexual, she was sure, but that didn't stop her from noticing... attractiveness of attractive women. And, she couldn't help but to admit, Penny was attractive. Very attractive. She was also different. She was, in the same time, a pr... Continue»
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Meister - T - Hilla Liebesbrief an Fee

Meister – T – http://xhamster.com/users/meister-t Erziehungsplattform Mann – Frau – Sissi – Paare Frau und Mann Aus dem Leben eines Meisters

Hilla Liebesbrief an Fee - zur "Hochzeitsnacht"

Meister - T - Hilla Liebesbrief an FeeHilla und das Art Nouveau vs. Gothic - Leipzig 2017 - Das Hochzeitskleid von Hilla

Hilla schrieb diesen Brief vor unserer Hochzeitsnacht an "Fee". - Tage später flüsterte sie mir dieses "Geständnis" Nachts ins Ohr. Wir vertrauen uns alle, und so sagte ich zu Hilla; "Danke für Dein Gesch... Continue»
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The Replacement Maid Ch.07.

Jane and I settled ourselves into the two sofas opposite each other.

“That was a superb lunch, Christine. So simple and yet so pretty and very tasty. I can see you’ll be sad to lose her.”

“Very true. I think you have got the best of the bargain certainly. It is maria’s one major talent that shines above all her other assets.”

At this point jasmine came in with coffee on a tray which she placed on the table between us and, after asking Jane how she took hers, daintily poured cups for us both. It was late summer almost into early autumn and I could feel a chill starting to spread around the r... Continue»
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Episode 75: Jessica's Wedding Part 2

This is Part 2 of my story 'Jessica's Wedding' - if you haven't already read Episode 74, my author David provides the following precis:
I was always a complete slut at school, and by college age had found my kink in submission.
I was pretty enough to get picked up by most girls, or boys, or often both at once.
If any couple needed an extra pussy on her knees for a hot threesome, I was their girl.
Then Alexis installed me in her East London flat; all cock forbidden - so when SexBots became easily available, I jumped into their arms.
Last night I scored two identical raven-ha... Continue»
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Humilation and BDSM Mature Young

It was Saturday afternoon and my wife was getting ready for the night out. She 42 5'10" 36 c she was taking a shower and she was getting ready. He outfit for the evening was laid out on the bed. About an hour later she walked downstairs dress like the street whore and slut she is. Her outfit was nylons and 8 strap garter belt no thong and a bustier with the tops of her breasts perched on top. She wore her 6" hooker heals. I walked to her and reach down to feel her fresh shaved pussy and she was already soaked. I then attached he collar and padlock and leash. We were waiting for our new sub t... Continue»
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“Oh fuck, Annie

“I was thinking about it all the next day while I was away in Belfast,” she continued. “After dinner in the evening, I made an excuse about having a headache, and went back to my hotel room to look at Lush Stories again on my laptop. I read a couple more of your stories, then I looked at some of the other stuff. I found their store, and looked at the stuff they had, and found the Lelo vibrators. And I was so turned on, I thought sod the cost, and ordered one. And they must be really efficient, because it arrived on Monday – I couldn’t believe it!”

“Which one did you get?” I asked. ... Continue»
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Patryk, Daria. Karol, Julka

Jak pisałem, ostatnio nasze dziewuszki urządziły sobie ostrą zabawę na słonecznej polanie. Długo zapamiętały to. Jeszcze tego samego lata, w pewnym momencie do naszych napalonych nastolatek, dołączyły chłopaki. To ci sami, o których pisałem wcześniej, jak jeden z d**gą na przemian wypierdolili w dupy i pizdy nasze nastolatki. Dołączyli do naszych dziewczyn w te wakacje. No i pewnego dnia znów nasze seksowne pannice przeszły się na łąkę. Mimo tego, że panował straszliwy gorąc, nie bały się. Od razu na tej polanie, pozrzucały ciuszki. Poleżały sobie tak na golasa, aż się coś zmieniło. Nagle Juli... Continue»
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Story for a friend with a fantasy of being blindfo

I was talking to a mutual female friend of ours and we were discussing sexual fantasies when I happened to mention to her your one about being blindfolded in a room full of women.

"That is so interesting" she said. "I've actually got a bit of a lesbo crush on Sarah and so do my friends. What's even better is we are all going to a function in a hotel in a few weeks, so we'll have to set something up and you can bring your camera and video it all".

The thought of being present and videoing some lesbo action got my loins stirring and our mutual friend was giddy with excitement too.

The night o... Continue»
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The Replacement Maid Ch.06.

When I woke the next morning it was to find both jasmine and maria kneeling beside my bed watching me. I slowly rolled onto my back and levered myself into a sitting position as maria leapt up and poured out my ritual cup of tea, placing it almost reverently on the bedside cabinet before resuming her place. In silence I leant across and picked it up and began to slowly sip it while looking down at the two girls. I tried to read the expressions on their faces. There was a look on maria’s face that seemed to be one of nervousness with just a tinge of excitement whereas jasmine’s was harder to fa... Continue»
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Meister - T - Erlebnis auf der Pferderennbahn

Meister – T – http://xhamster.com/users/meister-t
Erziehungsplattform Mann – Frau – Sissi – Paare Frau und Mann
Aus dem Leben eines Meisters.

"Gülden Feen Haar" von "Fee" - Begegnung und bedenkenswertes Erlebnis auf der Pferderennbahn

http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/9035088/166514467 - Fees lange blonden Haare - Meeting - Pferderennen -

Ein Termin ist für den Meister immer gesetzt. - Pferderennen in Iffezheim - Das Meeting - Die Große Woche. - Dieses Jahr trug unsere "Fee" hohe rote Schaft - Lackstiefel.

[image class="blog-image align-center large... Continue»
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The Replacement Maid Ch.05.

Life went on for some time at home with my two girls dutifully reporting for work every day as usual. They still presented themselves each morning for daily inspection before I sent them off with a list of work to be done. Jasmine had now taken over the organisation of all this and I was happy to leave her to it. She reported any problems back to me which was usually down to some mistake or negligence of maria at least according to jasmine. Maria by now was totally under jasmine’s thumb and would never dream of arguing with her and took any punishment stoically. Indeed as time went on she seem... Continue»
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Girl's Masturbation Circle 2

After our first circle jerk, I knew I wanted to do it again real soon. It was such a rush watching my friends fucking themselves with fingers, or with that hairbrush handle that Michele rammed her creamy pussy with. If she had still been a virgin up to that point, that hard stiff handle had certainly busted her hymen wide open. We were eager to do it again, but since her parents were due to be home in a few minutes, and unfortunately Sunday didn't work, 3 of our group wouldn't be available, we would have to wait. We had agreed that it would be all 5 of us, or none, we didn't want to star... Continue»
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Sex Students at Professor Peter 7: Both Bred!

Poeta Petra prepares both blonde brides for penetration & insemination by her hot Grandpa
Professor Peter pounds the sexy s!sta's without mercy & sends Billions of Boys on a Sexy Swim

Poeta Petra closes the cunning cum-cunts, so seed shall swim without any chance to escape
Professor Peter closes the sexy ceremony by putting Petra to pole-dance at his lap for a load

Poeta Petra prisoners shall stay at them as great guests, as pregnant women are hot & horny
Professor Peter picks every evening a prisoner to take to bed Him, whatever he will wish there

Poeta Petra prepares lesbi
... Continue»
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