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Ayesha The Hijabi Slut 6 (Sister-In-laws)

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Read the First 5 Parts to get versed in the story :) It was dinner time and everyone was asking Ayesha different questions about her meeting with Arshia and her father who was a big politician and Ayesha repeated the different parts of the fake story that Arshia had cooked up for her family and it worked. They all seemed very impressed by Ayesha that she had met with such a big politician and he had praised her however Ayesha's father Arshad was a bit sad as Ayesha had told him that Arshia's father won't be able to help him at the moment because the elections are near and he can't get into an… Read more

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Forbidden love

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Based on a true story I am Clair female 40 yrs. The darkness of the evening was cool and breathtaking. The thunder howled from outside. Crashing on the window. The lights dimmed.as if by a ghost. (On and off). My cat ran into my bed ..drifting into a slumber I lay.. when I saw auntkim enter .. she and I had been close. The storm blowing my robe up. - unbuckle aunt Kim slithered into bed. I felt a pressure between my legs.. I lifted . Hearing a moan as she massaged between my legs. Hands pushed me down. As my body lifted as if in a fairytale. I felt cool breaths as lips touched my vagina… Read more

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An Anonymous Relationship - 2

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Chapter 4 "I think we should have long talk, Heather." Said the voice of my friend Stacy. My fingers gripped my steering wheel as my heart raced with fear. What did my friend know? "Ok, we can talk at my place." I said. "I will see you there." She replied as the call ended. The drive home was longest of my life as I wondered just what my best friend now knew. Had she followed me to the porn store? Did she know that I had been having sex tonight? What if she knew my father was in there too? I pulled into the drive leading… Read more

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The Wicked Step-Mother - part 3

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The next day Sal was working for home which meant that nobody got up early. Ella got up and started making some coffee since Sal had a machine in her room as well as the kitchen. Outside the bedroom she heard that someone else as up it proved to be Lucy dressed only in a pair of jodhpurs. “Nice fashion choice.” “Hey for once in this lousy summer its hot. In a stable jodhpurs and boots make sense but at least your top half can be cool. “ “You do know I like girls don't you.” “Yes so do I or I wouldn't be interested that way in Alex. Thank you both for last night I took a chance and it worke… Read more

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The Struggles of the Scarlet Troopers

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This is a another tale of the daily struggles of the Scarlet Troopers, my names Emma I’m a Captain and leader of a squad of highly trained and highly motivated fit young female horse mounted soldiers, we wear uniforms that intimidate our enemies and show them how lithe and athletic we are. The uniform is the envy of our adversaries it consists of skintight red lycra catsuits, black leather riding boots, black leather belt, black cropped jackets and riding helmets. Our female assets are on full display the jackets finish at the waist so our bottoms and lycra clad vaginas can be seen by all, th… Read more

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On the run into a new future...part 02

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Also I heard a thump. His hands released my hands and hair and he fell down. I turned around, scared, eyes wet from all the tears. The first thing I saw was blood. Blood was rushing out of this... this a****l's head. He lay there, silent, not moving. I looked up and saw my mother standing there with a statue of a rock in her hands, blood covering the rock. She too was paralyzed, unable to move. I was staring now too. A dead body on the ground. My mom killed him. I kept crying. She let the rock fall and not a second later she was hugging me, crying on my shoulder. "Oh God Stephanie, I'm so s… Read more

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Special delivery for Sarah

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Story 10 Special Delivery for Sarah I suppose it all started when I left home in my late teens and bought a house; somewhere that I could call my own. As soon as the estate agent opened in the morning, I went down full of excitement to collect the keys. It was completely empty apart from carpets and curtains, and the odd small electrical appliance in the kitchen. I had arranged for all the big items to be delivered that day to make the place a home that I could be proud of....it turned out that that was to be one very eventful day I can tell you! While I was waiting for my first delivery… Read more

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Amanda was a pretty girl, with almond shaped eyes, and a smile to die for. She had a head full of reddish blond curls that she wore in a french braid down her back. Which complemented her peach colored skin. and reddish brown freckles. She was tall and had big breasts and a nice curvy figure, that she kept hidden with oversized sweatshirts or baggie jeans. She was also shy and a nerd. We went to the same high school and she was never the life of the crowd. Whereas I was always everywhere. I was Ms. Popularity at school as I knew everyone and they all knew me. During lunch she would g… Read more

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69 & Stacey

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Her nipple jumped to a bullet as the cold cherry circled it and she gasped as I pulled her neck toward me. I ran my tongue around her areola before I took her nipple and gently sucked it. "Oh, 69, that feels exquisite!" she breathed as I continued to suck. I pulled my lips from her nipple and whispered, "Give me another cherry." I bit the top from the cherry she handed me and trailed the wet, cold cherry down her neck toward her breasts. I kissed her neck and then ran my tongue down until I circled her other nipple with the cherry and sucked the juice from her rock hard nipple. "Oh, fuck… Read more

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Wife Sarah and I duly reported in to Base with me starting my final year of service in the Air Force. Not entitled to base housing we found a furnished apartment in a modern apartment block in Lakewood only a short distance from my work area. Other military couples and families lived there including Army soldiers from Ft Lewis adjacent the base. We loved the open plan style complete with small reception area, lounge, kitchen area and a hall way with the bathroom and toilet on opposite sides finally the master bedroom with king sized double bed. We spent our first day mostly food shopping, sett… Read more

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69 and Stacey

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Oh... yeah, keep begging baby, I love to hear you beg." 69 teased as she reached into her toy box and retrieved her dildo, taking it and easily sliding the curved shaft into her own soaking pussy, groaning quietly in pleasure at the feeling of being filled by the silicone shaft. Adjusting it a little she shivered at the pleasure it was giving her. She took some tingle touch lubricant and stroked the 10” inch webbed shaft till it was slick and then got onto the bed behind Stacey, sliding her hands over her ass only to spank it lightly. "Are you ready for me?" She asked, a tease in her tone as s… Read more

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Sin City

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I moved from small town Idaho to Southern Nevada last October. My job had been based out of Las Vegas for the past 6 years, and because of my unique situation with housing, didn't want to leave Idaho. Long sorry short, 2 years ago, my unique situation was bought out for 6 figures. That money doubled my significant savings account, and I paid cash for a duplex. I lived in one side with a room mate who paid me $600 a month, and I rented out the other side for $1075. Last year, I was approached by a real estate broker who had a client who wanted my duplex. I sold my property for 55k more than I b… Read more

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My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.5

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Later that evening, we were in my room where we all got undressed. I alternated kissing both of them, going to Brit, then Lori. Then they'd both kiss each other, as I sucked on their tits. They would then embrace each other. I would kneel down, spreading Brit ass apart, licking her crack and asshole. Then I'd turn them around so now I was doing the same to Lori. They got on the bed, where they continued to make out. Brit spread her legs apart, bending one placing her foot on the bed. I dove in eating out her luscious cunt. She was then pushed down on her back as Lori began squeezing and suck… Read more

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Wicked stepmother -part 2

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You are invited to read part 1 first ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Ella had discovered that whilst her new step mother was very relaxed and liberal that did not mean she was a push over. The afore mentioned step mother was usually called Sal and when relaxed had a broad Essex accent. However Sal despite outward appearances was a very able professional. IF Ella displeased her she suddenly turned into a precisely enunciated and formal person. “OK Sal I know that wasn't… Read more

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Threesome with the maid

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I recently decided to hire a maid to maintain my house. Though I often work from home, my busy schedule doesn't allow me to keep up with the cleaning the way I'd like to, so I justified the cost. Stephanie has been coming over to clean every other week for the past three months, and until recently knew very little about my personal life. This past week I happened to be working at home on her day to clean. She is trusted and has a key, so I'm not always there, but this day I was. She arrived and began cleaning as usual, saying hello but not minding my presence much more after that. She is a ve… Read more

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Episode 94: Feminising Adam

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Author’s Note I’ve been informed that Anna and Suzy actually work in Winchester, but it doesn’t have any sex shops, so their office has been transported to Andover which has ‘An Amazing Fantasy’ (previously enjoyed by some as ‘Erotica Belle’); where Emma may work on occasion. Meeting Mistress Adam walked hand in hand with his mum across the park. He was wearing his favourite shiny pink leotard under the school blazer, white shoes with kitten heels and white ankle socks. He took small steps to avoid his tiny boy-clit rubbing up another erection inside the soft fabric. “Look at t… Read more

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Making Love To Mahler.

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This story is meant to be read while listening to a particular piece of music, Mahler’s Symphony No.2 “The Resurrection”. It would be nice to think that readers streamed it from their music service of choice and did that. It is freely available across the internet. Making Love To Mahler. Allegro Maestoso. When the lightning first lit the sky, Summer stopped what she was doing and looked out of the window and waited. She counted silently, one ... two ... three ... four. Then it came, not so much a crash but a low rumble that built to a crescendo. It echoed between the surroundi… Read more

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Carmen teaches

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Carmen and I watched as Amber went into the bathroom and then I looked at Carmen. "She needs to learn more" I said to her "I'll teach her first then you can take over" Carmen replied. We both got up and went into the bedroom and when Amber came out of the bathroom "Amber please come in here" Carmen called out to Amber. When Amber came into the bedroom I was sitting on the chair next to her vanity while Carmen was sitting on the edge of the bed, "Sit here" Carmen told Amber as she patted a spot on the bed. Once sitting Carmen looked at Amber, "Did you like sucking and fucking Joe's cock… Read more

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Moms and daughters grannies and studs Part 3

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It was a balmy Friday evening and our little village seemed to have switched off and gone to bed for the night, The streets were deserted and once darkness fell it was apparent that people were not going out but had decided to stay home instead. As I looked out of my window I noticed that doors were closed curtains were drawn and the gentle glow of lights were the only evidence that anyone was home. Fuck but I was horny and was wanting to know who was doing what behind those curtains so I decided I would go for a walk and hopefully would come across a home with a gap in the curtains or noisy l… Read more

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The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon’s Porno

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Amy had just received her order from the sex catalog that she’s been waiting for all week. She was hosting Girls Night and couldn’t wait to share her sex toy theme with Penny and Bernadette. Several different lotions and flavored lubricants, an assortment of dildos and vibrators, a couple of pornographic videos (including a special lesbian one) and a bondage ensemble complete with a whip we’re all part of the order. All she had to do was make sure Sheldon wouldn’t be around to ruin their kinky fun. Her self-centered boyfriend… Read more

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