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Britney Spears Impregnates Christina Aguilera

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Chapter 1 “G’night, see ya tomorrow, Christina!” “Good night, Bob!” Christina Aguilera said as she heard the door close behind the production manager as he exited the studio and continued removing her make-up after a long day of work. She looked up at a clock – 9:20 p.m. She was late. She looked back at her dressing room mirror as she finished removing the last bits of her make-up. She stood up, closed her eyes and stretched; it had been a very long day. Suddenly, she smelt the familiar odor of Britney’s perfume. She smiled and looked in the mirror. “You’re late” she said… Read more

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270. THREE SISTERS [pt1]

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270. Three sisters [pt1] Lets set the scene; a farm out the back of nowhere near Northallerton, for you folks not of the mother country that’s a town in the English North Yorkshire moors, an area of outstandingly beautiful scenery, rolling massive moorland hills, small s**ttered solidly built family farms of local stone, hard-working places, giving a solid reliable feeling, and the native folks of that the same, hard-working reliable form, mostly survivors of old Yorkshire families, but reliable friendly, helpful neighbour`s. In this environment a couple living on one of the farms had t… Read more

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Sluts night out

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Suzy wanted a slutty night out. We chose Salisbury where we didn’t know anyone Not really on a night on the pull more teasing the locals. Warm topcoat obviously. Bloody freezing, thought my nipples were going to fall off!! Suzy wore a leather mini, heels and see-through white top I had on a really short very transparent black dress plus heels of course We went to a seedy sort of pub and basically flaunted ourselves, great fun We sat in a corner and kissed and fondled each other I managed to get my hand up Suzy's skirt not there was much of it to deter me and frigged her cunt We n… Read more

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Misti's Adventures Part 15

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Everyone had come back into the living room. Misti, Mary, and Sharon had gone in to clean up the dishes and the kitchen. The three of them finished in a matter of minutes, and joined Carol and the men in the living room. They discussed their upcoming trip home, assuring Hank that he was not only welcome, but that he was just as much a part of their group as anyone there. Sharon told him that if anyone asked, he was her boyfriend. They would all want to meet, and probably try him out. They didn't talk for long. They wanted Carol to rest so she could get well, and be her old self, as soon as po… Read more

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Grandma's Magic Resort - Part V

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'Grandma's Magic Resort' - Part V an erotic journey by DizzyD The fam1ly that plays together The next morning Susan was the first one awake. As she rubbed her eyes she thought about the incredible experience she had shared with her mother and Walter, her mom’s well-hung boyfriend… first at the ‘Paradise Pool’, and then at Walter’s house. She felt her pussy quiver as she remembered watching Walter suck a handsome stranger’s cock until he came in his mouth, and then seeing him swap the man’s cum with Joni, who then kissed her deeply, letting some of the stranger’s load leak into… Read more

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Vacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next Morning

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Vacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next Morning With the curtains closed only a little light shined through the windows, but is was more than enough for Sam’s eyes to take in every curve of Carly’s body. Carly always looks so peaceful when she’s asleeep, and now Sam could freely lay in bed and stare for as long as she wanted or till Carly woke up. Before Carly climbed into bed just a little after midnight she striped down to only her underwear, slowly Sam started tracing patterns on Carly’s bare arm basking in the moment, feeling Carly’s skin under her fingertips after so long it is like… Read more

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Perfect Revenge on my EX BF with his Mom

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When people first see me, no one makes eye contact... guys or girls... young or old. The first thing they look at... usually unable to stop staring at is my tits... which come from a long line of big tits (my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother all are skinny (I'm 126 pounds and 5'4") and huge breasted (I'm a 38DD))... part of my Latina heritage. Now although I have a great body with a small waist and a tight ass (I run every morning, and I tan every chance I get), I have a tough time holding onto a man. Maybe it's the fact that I'm an extreme introvert. When I mention this c… Read more

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Sex in the library

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By KatyLyons Karen and I decide to have a little fun. We want to see what we can dare each other to do in a slightly public setting. We want to be seen but we also don’t really want to be seen by a stranger so we’re all going to pretend that you, David (Karen's bf), are the stranger. We planned to sit on a secluded bench in a quiet park on a beautiful September day but the air is cooler and windier than we expected and so Karen and I realize we can’t keep sitting out on this bench as we’re exposing ourselves slyly. We text you to update you we’ll be at the library nearby. Karen and I la… Read more

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CADE Anal Fun

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CADE Anal Fun Cat was hanging in Jade's room listening to music and talking. Jade watched the redhead with lust filled eyes. She looked so cute he couldn't resist. Cat was talking to Jade and before she knew it Jade was kissing her with such passion. Cat broke the kiss, "Jade.” Jade put her hands on Cat's sides, "Come on Cat I want to make you feel good. Just give in.” Cat felt her skin burn with lust where Jade was touching. "Jade.” She was planning on saying more but Jade kissed her neck and sucked. Cat moaned out and she knew Jade had her. Jade knew it too and smiled before atta… Read more

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BBW Lovers

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This happens to be my first story ever written. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did writing it! This is a story about how my wife and I found a new love in our life with our friend Brooke. When my wife Sierra and I told Brooke we were moving across the United States we all felt pretty terrible. Brooke had become one of my wife and I' s really good friends and it was hard to leave her but we promised if things didn't work out with her husband then she could come stay with us. I was a joke we all laughed at first and didn't take it seriously. Brooke was very shy when I came to talking abo… Read more

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My Slut Annie

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Annie rang asking if it would okay if she came over on Saturday night as she wanted to spend the night here if it was okay. Of course, my sweet you know you are always welcome Exactly as the clock struck seven there she was at my door I choose my long red dress. Extremely sheer and tight fitting with a low-cut neckline. Nothing underneath of course apart from stockings Annie arrived wearing her beautiful navy mini dress, very see-through, almost translucent. Plunging neckline to below her breasts revealing plenty of her beautiful tits. As requested she was completely naked underneath apa… Read more

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Ana and I

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Ana and I were on the couch watching a British romantic comedy at her place, evening time, sipping wine, being goofy, sitting real close in our undies and tank tops, our legs entwined so pretty. We got into this goofy game where she played the role of the lead actor and I played the lead actress, we'd repeat what they said and enact it, trying our best to get the English accent right, mess it all up and laugh. Hey, it wasn't a very good movie so we had to do something! Then came a romantic scene and the couple started making out, we froze for a second, we'd never made out before though we alwa… Read more

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Fete Attractions

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Stunning fashion slut Rebecca White meets her match in seemingly daggy, geeky, shy Alexandria Tanner, when a vibrator is found in a box of donated items when setting up the trestles for a church fete.... “Who is organising it?” Adam asked his mum... feigning disinterest. He still really didn’t want to help ...unless... His mum had volunteered to set up the second hand stall but now couldn’t go and had asked Adam at short notice to help in place of her. He had sort of agreed to. “Ah” responded his mum, “So you’re only interested in helping if Rebecca is there” “So it is Mrs White org… Read more

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Dear Diary #4

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Dear Diary #4 "Don't worry; I knew the two of you were involved when he invited me over. I think it's kind of hot actually, but I don't know how you could handle him. His cock is as big around as your forearm. I trust you won't say anything about me being here. You can trust that I won't say anything about the two of you either." I couldn't stop the smirk that crept across my face. "I couldn't handle him. I don't know how far I got, but it definitely wasn't all of it. My pussy was so sore after he took my virginity that I didn't want to move much the next day. Of course, starting my p… Read more

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Vacation Fun Chapter 1

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Vacation Fun Chapter 1 - Vacation Fun (The girls of iCarly/Victorious/Sam & Cat go on Vacation together to catch up and relax.) With everyone off doing their own thing, there hasn’t been much time to hang out like they did in the past, so it is no shock that when everyone got the invitation Tori and Jade sent out, they accepted without a second thought. The invitation is for a week’s vacation at a private beach house, complete with a small private beach, Tori won the vacation as a prize in a singing competition. Tori and Jade were the first ones at the vacation house sin… Read more

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Fanfiction to Reality

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Fanfiction to Reality Carly opened a search tab on her PearPad as Sam sat down next to her. "What're you doing Carly?" "I'm curious about something. Our show is really popular. I was wondering if we had reached the level of popularity where people begin to write fan fictions about it." "Are you sure about that? There are some strange fan fictions. Are you sure you'll be comfortable with whatever you find?" "Of course, what's the worst that can happen?" Carly typed iCarly into the search bar of the first fan fiction site she saw when she goggled the term “fan fiction site” and w… Read more

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Realizing what I really wanted

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I made my way towards the bathrooms. I had to fix my hair. I had to make sure my makeup was alright. I just had to. He was here and I had to look perfect. Yeah he never noticed me but that was alright. He would someday. And that someday would be today. I open the bathroom door, walk a few steps still thinking about him, when I freeze in my steps. That’s when I was brought back to reality. There, leaned against the wall, was Melissa making out with Ashley. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’ve heard that they were lesbians but I never actually believed completely because they never seemed… Read more

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Bitch, Invincible

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Bitch, Invincible [Sequel to Girl, Invisible] It had been a whim, mostly, something to get under B’s skin. Kinda ironic really, since she’d been wearing B’s skin at the time. After getting to know her new body very well — she’d come three times at the thought of fucking B’s cunt with her fingers alone — she rolled out of bed, still bare-assed naked, and went into the hallway. She had been on her way to the kitchen to dig up something to eat when she happened to glance into the k!d’s room. She was all snuggled up for beddy-bye, a brown and black stuffed dog clutched tightly to… Read more

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Wifes Story 3 Aunt Madge comes to stay.

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Back in England, without her husband, Madge stayed with her sister the wife's family for a while until she got sorted. At the time the wife didn't know the full story, but Madge had been in Kenya for 12 months with her husband who died the day before they came back, nobody at the time talked about it and Madge distracted her Mother from constantly coming between the pair of k**s and reducing the opportunities form mutual fun. Madge slightly older than mum, smoked, d***k dads scotch and generally walked around the house in a house coat most of the days, getting dressed for dinner and then rea… Read more

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My First Threesome

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I always jump when my phone rings, but I guess that's because I always have some crazy loud heavy metal ringtone on it. Anyway I was just about to finish work on Friday when the thing went off and after recovering from my usual fright I picked it up and saw that it was Emily calling me. Emily was the sexy business type. The married 41 year old that I'd met in the pub and who had totally seduced and dominated me in my own flat. We'd been having a very casual but extremely fulfilling relationship for a couple of months now and I was pleasently expecting her to ask if she could come and keep m… Read more

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