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Tequila & Ashley - First Time With BFF

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I was so drunk it took me a minute to realize that it was actually Ashley between my legs with my clit between her lips. I was already moaning openly, humping into her mouth as she ate me hungrily. I kept seeing Andrew's face in my mind and couldn't decide if he'd be pissed off or turned on by it. But, it felt so good I didn't want to stop her. Truth is, I'd fantasized about this before but never thought she'd go for it. And, I absolutely loved how her mouth felt on my vagina, though I couldn't remember how it started. Our hus… Read more

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Lesbian SexFirst Time

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S The following is a true story that actually happened to me. I am really not fucking concerned whether you believe it or not. I just feel it needs to be told...for anyone willing to listen. It begins in the hallowed halls of Central High School, where I attended. There was this girl named Tiffany, whose guts I absolutely fucking hated and believe me the feeling was mutual. As far as looks go Tiffany and I were about dead even. As far as popularity goes, (I may have been slightly more popular, but only sl… Read more

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Sissy's She-Cock Training Part Two

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As sissy sat facing the wall head bowed, my tongue was hard at work on Mitresses sopping wet pussy, eagerly lapping at her like a hungry puppy, Mitress taste so delicious her yummy wetness over my lips, chin, and in my mouth, giving a little gasp, and licking her lips, Mistress said oh god yes right there. Pushing my face deeper in to that hot wet heaven as i lapped at her tongue sliding through those wet lips flicking at her hard tingling clitty, Mistress gave a moan, shuddered oh don't stop she whimpered, i flicked at her yummy clitty like a metronome. Moving up slightly i gave her hard cl… Read more

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Step Mom Took Me

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My step-mom’s fingers slid in and out of my vagina with a slowly growing urgency as she cradled me on the big leather couch in her and my dad’s living room. Her mouth hung over mine, her breath filling my nostrils with a minty fragrance, laced with the red wine she’d been drinking. Softly, wetly, her lips lay against mine, her tongue tickling out every once in a while as I lapped back at her. Every now and then I would gasp. She wanted to feel all of it, I could sense it, taking me and my responses in as she fingered me. Deeper… Read more

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Getting fucked in a ridge zone

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It’s a nice morning as I took bath and breakfast before leaving for my college.for last 4 days ,I have not gone to college as my menustral cycle was in process and after losing my virginity this was the first menustral period I have faced,never got the experience that after this period my vagina will become so desperate for a fuck as itching inside it becomes regular from last evening.I rea… Read more

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A First Time For Everything

Lesbian SexFirst Time

Millie has been working on me for months with the idea that I should let her go down on me to “see what it’s like to be with a girl”. I think she's actually into boys and so am I. So, I keep saying no. But, slowly, the thought has started working it’s way into my fantasies when I played with myself, which I do every night and some mornings. I haven’t had sex in almost a year and it seemed like maybe a girl would be really good at it. So, last night we were up late just talking in my basement TV room and for t… Read more

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The Courtesan Empress - Chapter 5

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Thea was enjoying being spit roast, sucking on Alexandros cock with all the skill of her former profession as a courtesan and being fucked with enthusiasm by her husband. Anna her best friend and maid was being buggered by Lieutenant Sorros of the Palace Guard. Azeena now confirmed as ambassador for her country to the court of Byzantos was involved in a sixty-nine with Sisa, Thea’s lady in waiting. They switched around a bit and it was Sisa who was being spit roast. For a nicely brought up young lady she had taken to giving blow jobs with alacrity and growing skill. Thea on the other hand had… Read more

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Melissa's first time

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Finally the day that Melissa had dreamed of for so long had come. She had been chatting to Sara online for several months and they had hit it off from the start. They were so alike in many ways, both had been dressing in private for years and both longed to meet another dresser but had not yet taken that big step of meeting in real life. They had planned the meet carefully, it was to be in a hotel mid way between their respective home areas. Sara had made the booking and would check in first and get ready before Melissa arrived. Melissa would go straight into the bathroom to get dressed when s… Read more

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swathi– the slutty housewife

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I am a newly married housewife aged 26 years with a 34B-26-36, enjoying and satisfied with my husband’s love making in bed, but still yearn for a feminine body touch which I am missing from collage girl friend during our golden collage days. Hindi Sex Stories I loved the soft hands of my girl friend roaming and caressing my body and especially the soft hands pressing my breasts instead of my husband’s rough hands.The story I am going to write is of my… Read more

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Episode 117 - Justine and Molly meet Sophie

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Introduction This story follows on from episode 112; it's now nearing the end of the long school holidays. Charlie woke up with a hot sticky raging erection - not that unusual for a young boy. But this morning his cock was actually in a girls mouth: "Molly?" he cried in delight, struggling to pull down the quilt covering her head between his legs Instead a pale blue face smiled up at him, taking his cock to the back of her synthetic throat:"good morning young man, it's Sophie - remember now - you borrowed me from school for the weekend". Sophie - the 145cm junior sexbot has a trans… Read more

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Frida in Thailand and meeting daddy

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Sex Slave or Pubescent Girl having fun I was a very good swimmer and trained very hard with ideas about the Olympics as young athletes do, I would hasten to add, I was twelve, tall and gangly and extremely tomboyish. My father was a maintenance worker for the town council, so I was able to get free passes into the baths and even the following year, have a part time job working as a locker room girl, which was all done under the radar, and gave me good pocket money. Daddy thought it was good for someone so young to learn early about economics and earning and spending money. One evenin… Read more

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First Time You're a Lesbian Now!

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I was 35 before I had sex with another woman. I admit having thought about it; I think most girls do. I had masturbated to pictures of women in my brother's Playboys, but never saw myself actually having lesbian sex. I liked boys. Or thought I did. My first boyfriend, Jock, owned a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and I think I was more in love with that bike than Jock. I rode everywhere with him on the back of it, but would never take the controls. I didn't want to look like a dyke. Anyway, I married Jock and we had a couple of good years before he tried passing a semi on a two-lane blacktop and… Read more

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An old flame

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I had been out shopping when I ran into an old boyfriend of mine at a local store, one I hadn't seen in a good twenty years right before I married Joe. After a tender greeting and a quick kiss on the cheek, we talked a bit and since I knew Joe was going to be out of town starting this evening on a business trip, I agreed to meet with Carl at a local bar later on. I decided to meet Carl wearing a short black dress that was off my shoulders and just high enough to see the better part of my tits and short enough to see a good part of my thighs. I slipped on a garter belt, panties and black stoc… Read more

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Horned Up After the Club Lesbian

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Marissa and I have been friends ever since grade school, but like most k**s, we grew up, graduated, found jobs in other towns, and drifted apart. So it was pretty exciting for me when she gave me a call out of the blue one day and invited me to be her roommate in Atlantic City. Rents were high, and even though she made fairly good money as a croupier in one of the casinos, she needed some help. She told me I would find a job easily, which turned out to be true. Well, payday came along, and we decided to go clubbing. Or actually Marissa decided she was going and that I was coming with. It was… Read more

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BOATING FUN chapter 10

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Laying in my arms, Diane was sleeping peacefully. I fondled her pussy and tits gently and almost absently. Slowly running my fingers into her hot hole, I felt her stir and rub against me tighter. Soon she was very wet and my hand started to slip up into her. Although her cunt was naturally tight, I knew that it could take an amazingly large object without causing her discomfort. In fact, I had double fucked her with several different men, filled her with cum, licked it clean and even put my whole hand up inside her on occasion. Her tightness not only would not lessen, she would beg for more. O… Read more

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My cute lil slave

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I am Sonia, a single woman living in Bangalore, India. I want to share this story which am sure will make a passionate reading... Three years back, I lived in a two bed room apartment. One day at work, one of my colleagues asked if I could have a girl at my place, from her town, as guest for a month, as she will be in the town for some training she needs a place to stay... the she was from a small town, about an hour drive from Bangalore. As I am very particular about discipline and cleanliness, I made a few conditions along with, she should not bring in friends when I am away or bring non-ve… Read more

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My fantasy with a very sexy older woman

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I wrote this story for a friend on xhamster, we've been chatting for awhile so I wanted to share with her one of the scenarios I've had running through my mind. I've always had a thing for older women and she is incredibly sexy, so this was my story for her: My job is pretty boring. I'm a butcher at a supermarket, which even these days is a very male dominated environment. The guys are typical meatheads (excuse the pun, if you can even call it that) so they tend to do most of the actual cutting, while I serve the customers. I don't mind though, I've always been a people person and I en… Read more

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Camping with my step-daughter’s (Week two)

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It was the start of the second week camping and l was woken by Steph sliding my foreskin to the base of my cock and her mouth covering the head, her tongue was flicking over the tip and every so often she would push her tongue into my urethral. Holding the back of her head l let out a low moan and began fucking her throat, l got a bit carried away which caused her to choke, l slowed down my thrusts and Steph found it easier to take my cock slightly further into her throat. Our session was interrupted by Beth yelling into my sleeping compartment asking if we were going to get breakfast, l told… Read more

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Taking care of my girlfriend Paula

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I had my nose pressed into the soft pubic hair of my sweet girlfriend Paula. This was the first time testing a girl’s cunt and I savored the fact that hers was the first. The blissful sounds she made filled my ears as the musty sweet flavor of her juices flowed onto my hungry tongue and red lips. I wanted to take it slow, make the moment last. So, I licked slowly, the flat of my tongue traveling up and down her spread pussy lips, tickling her opening while my upper lip rubbed back and over her clit. It was nicer than I had expected. Neither of us had had sex between girls before; we just ha… Read more

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Ranch House summer part 1

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So this is a story told to me by my friend, he swears it was all true. Naturally I had to improvise on some of it has he couldn't have witnessed everything. He grew up outside of town, his family bred horses on their ranch for a living. He told me this drinking one night. In the 80s growing up on the ranch he and his sister didn't get to go to town often and usually had to find their own entertainment. They both had friends over a lot because the parents were usually out of town gone to the horse races. One week his older sister had a friend over and he had 2 of his buddies. They were al… Read more

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