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My lodger

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Until recently I had been a mainly men only kind of girl. Yes, there had been a brief dalliance when I was a teenager but nothing serious and it had only been some light petting and some touching of new found places under the bed clothes at a sleep-over one night. I'm on my second marriage. My first broke down because he turned out to be a real arsehole and my second one (of five years) is going along slowly and, because he works away from home a lot, is not as satisfying or dynamic as it could be. Because of loneliness I decided to take in a lodger. He was happy because the one I chose was… Read more

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Catching my wife, Part 19

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As the three girls, all laughing and giggling, entered Connie's kitchen, Connie excused herself to change. My wife suggested that she give my daughter a brief tour, as they would all be staying there until the kitchen remodel was completed. My wife led my daughter through the house, room-by-room until they "accidentally" walked in on Connie. Connie was in the middle of changing her clothes and was dressed only in her panties and bra. "Oh, Aunt Connie" my daughter exclaimed, "We're so sorry.... We were just...." "Don't be silly" Connie replied to my surprised daughter, "Your Mommy and I have… Read more

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Catching my wife, Part 20

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"Thank you, Aunt Connie" said my daughter, "I appreciate that." "Thank you for what, my dear?" Connie replied, as she stood inches away from my daughter. "For sending my step mom away" My daughter answered, ".. I mean, for sending my Mommy away." "Oh sweetie" replied Connie, " I didn't do that for YOU... I did it for Me... because right now, I want you all to myself. But do be assured that your Mommy will see you in all your glory, soon enough... now strip for Me" Connie added her voice quite a bit more stern. My daughter reached back and unsnapped her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor… Read more

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"Can you feel it? The cool water lapping over your body." My eyes circle in the darkness, no light permeates tightly closed lids. Exhaustion nails my stricken body to the damp bedding, aching limbs, immobilised through over exertion. The cold sweat of coming down leaks from every pore of my broken body. Stale putrid air fills the room as my breath rasps in the back of my throat. Running my tongue over my teeth I can taste her! “ yo." Clouds of doubt crush my brain as fear and self loathing bear down upon my soul. Flashing images begin to fill my head; am I dreaming, am I high, am I reliving… Read more

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Grandma Wisdom - Chapter Two

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Trace was lying in bed between his grandmother and his girlfriend, Cassie, pondering his newfound lifestyle. His grandma Bev, was napping in his arms on his right side, cum running down her thighs and Cassie was asleep under his arm on his left side with his cum drying on her tits. They had spent the entire afternoon fucking as a threesome with Bev providing instruction to Cassie on how to deep throat Trace and that large cock of his. Bev had also demonstrated how to take a cock up the ass and how best to enjoy it, although Cassie was not yet willing to try it again after her experience the ni… Read more

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Oh boy

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It has finally happened. I lost my virginity. Well, sort of. Let me start from the beginning. My name is Lara but my friends call me Elly, due to my afictiation to elephants since I was a little girl. But that has nothing to do with this story. I have just turned 31, have an athletic body as I regularly go swimming, at least twice a week. I'm about 5 foot 4# with bright, green eyes and straight Brown hair down to my shoulders. Most say I'm cute and I'd say I'm quite comfortable with myself. Ok, that's enough on me, now back to the event. When I said that I was a virgin, it was more a fig… Read more

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The most horrible person in the world

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I went with Cait to a funeral one time, it was her aunt on her mother's side and I didn't know her at all but she asked me to come and I did. We had to drive for almost three hours to get there, and Cait's dad was driving and her mom was in the passenger seat and Cait and I were in the back, and it was just that Friday a few days before that we had been at the gym again and not counting that first time she hadn't done anything to him except sometimes she jerked him off while I sucked it, even though I wanted her to do more because I thought it was so hot to watch. But usually she just watched… Read more

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What is wrong with this woman

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I am 53year old skinny short 5ft3 tall wrinkled face thin lips green eyes grayhaired soft butch single lesbian woman. People call me ugly alot of the times, and also make jokes about my looks. Ever since I was younger people always call me names. I think I'm ugly and you can tell me I'm beautiful but I won't believe it.There are so many odds against me but it doesn't change dealing with the feelings. I am going to attempt to describe this as clear as I can. This woman moved here in my area with her family 9 months ago. She is 42year old 5ft10 tall heterosexual curvy hourgllass shaped attract… Read more

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my first (and second) porn shoots

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Recently I replied to an ad online (as you do) for a little company that were looking for 'adult' actresses for the kinds of movies you see on here. I filled in my application, sent it off and heard from them in a few short days. It turns out that they didn't just want the teenage super models but ladies 'with experience' and an open-mind. They would also pay good money. I turned up at a little studio in Bristol for an interview and initial screen shot. The purpose of which is to make sure that this kind of work is for you and that you are not too shy...Something that doesn't apply to this e… Read more

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Three virgins went on holiday 5. Julie and Laura s

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Girlfriend Julie and boyfriend Marco hired a boat to go sailing in the Aegean. They were joined by Julie's best friend Laura in the second week. The three of them had all combinations of sex imaginable, straight sex, lesbian sex, threesomes and much more, on the boat or in secluded alcoves. "What can we try new?" I asked. A lot of kinky suggestions from the two girls followed but no one was that keen. "How about abstinence?" Said Julie the nymphomaniac [she m*****ed my penis after just knowing me for 2 weeks, see "Exploring… Read more

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I Love Wakeup Sex

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I LOVE WAKEUP SEX By Kegel Annie I come out of my dream, whatever it was. I feel warm and very aroused. I become aware of her fingers that have been gently moving along my clitoral shaft and separating my labia. Her fingers slide easily both from her saliva and from my wetness. I want to linger in this pleasure. The gentle way she caresses me feels so incredibly good. I pretend to be asleep but I don’t fool her. My breathing and body motions have betrayed me. I open my eyes and she is looking down at me. “Good morning, Baby.” She says as she smiles at me. That smile, God! I just melt in tha… Read more

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The Intern. Ch.08.

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I believe, and I see no reason to doubt it, that we change position continuously while we sleep. It is curious therefor that when I woke in the morning I was in exactly the same place as I had been when I had fallen asleep. To be fair it took me a while to work this out. I was still lying on my side, but it took some time to decipher some new sensations and I was puzzled until I worked out that the weight on my waist was an arm and the feeling at my back was of another naked body. Slowly memories of last night returned. Very carefully I moved onto my back and looked to the side. Rose was still… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Sally Taylor

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Our neighborhood is never one that is lacking entertainment. Whether it’s the occasional party that gets out of hand, nude sunbathing, wife swapping, lesbian trysts, or just general gossip about who’s screwing who, you can always count on there to be a bit of sexual energy in the air. Hazel hasn’t even been on our block for a year, and she was already a hot topic of many rumors, especially after the little welcome fling we had the day she moved in. The college professor constantly had young men and women over to her house, and… Read more

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My 2nd female client

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Those who have read my earlier post about a visit to the cinema now know that, that was the first time I had ever gone with a lady. The second time I went with a female client was much more formal. I was booked as the plus-one of a high-powered mature business lady for a business dinner at a hotel in Cardiff. She had specifically asked for a girl of my age and type and given instructions that I was to dress smart (but also sexy). I dug out a little black number for the occasion and some recently purchased sexy lingerie. I also made sure that I had shaved everything that needed shaving. I met… Read more

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The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 11

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(Friday Night In the Moonlight) Relaxing in the whirlpool with Jeannie, my beautiful young lover, in my arms was heavenly, but we needed a break from the heat of our passion and the hot water. Our lovemaking had been wonderful so far, but I knew it was only going to get better as we continued to explore. Jeannie left the tub first and I watched as she walked across the room to start the shower. Just watching the beautifully sexy movements of her perfectly toned athletic body was so exciting, and knowing she was now my lover was almost overwhelming. I followed her to the shower intentionally a… Read more

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Second Lesbian Encounter With My Irish Neighbor

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Maureen and I had our first lesbian encounter last week. After years of sexual tension between us I decided to “surprise” her on St. Patrick’s Day by entering her bedroom in a sexy green nighty and finally asked her about her sexual feelings for me. The answer was a wonderful night in bed together where Maureen and I made love for hours. The sex was kinda-one-sided since she had no idea how to make love to a woman. I performed cunnalingus on her and she came twice. I had stimulated her swollen clitoris and slowly and gently sucked it while she had an orgasm. Maureen came again when I inserted… Read more

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Lucy's mom

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Lucy was my friend in school. Lucy's mom was fat. I know that's not a very nice thing to say, but that's what she was. Really fat. And she was depressed. And angry. Not all the time, sometimes she was in a really good mood, and then she was really fun to be around and she would cook for Lucy and me and she would sing while she did and she was a great cook and not a bad singer. And then we would eat and laugh and we'd have ice cream in front of the TV and then she would send us up to Lucy's room to do homework and we'd hear her sing downstairs as she did the dishes. But sometimes she was depre… Read more

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Yui's Awakening. Part 2

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A few weeks had passed since Yui and Ayaka shared that intimate but all too brief encounter in front of the camera. And all this time, Yui had been thinking of what she would say to Ayaka the next time they met. Well, that was about to happen this morning. At a production meeting for an upcoming international shoot, Ayaka sat opposite Yui, next to the director. She smiled politely at everyone, including Yui, as she entered and glided into the seat at the table. And that was what caught Yui off guard. She got the same polite smile that everyone else got! She felt her face flush, her temples we… Read more

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Sylvia Margo and Janet

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I soaked in the bubbles in the tub. It was time to give my ass and pussy a rest. I listened to Grace Slick singing about "Try Trans-Love Airlines, gets you there on time..."" I was still on my back in the tub. I'd had had several intense comes, had watched Ida and Dulce get DP's a few inches away from my face, so close I could smell it and taste it, too. I was relaxed, I didn't need any more sex. Ida came to see me in the tub. "You have tits that float, Sylvia, that's really cool. Are you totally done? I'm still buzzin' from that fucking I just got. Damn, I could get used to coming that hard… Read more

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Co-work Humiliation

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Lindsay and Sarah are two young mums in their twenties. They work part-time in an old peoples’ day centre. They are two very different characters. Sarah is cool, trendy, sexy and rather fiery. Lindsay is a rather boring, geekish hippy-type. The two girls fall out over some minor issue. The consequence of which leads to Sarah humiliating Lindsay. Lindsay was a bit of a worrier. She tried not to watch the news, as she knew that she would get obsessional about some new disease. Recently bird flu had been in the news. At work she instantly volunteered to go to a conference to find out about it. S… Read more

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