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The problem I caused in the car got me put out onto the interstate to find my own ride to the destination. The knowledge of the consequences put the idea of hitchhiking out of my mind, and left me with only the hope that a passing motorist would have sympathy and offer me a ride. The buzz on my head slowed my pace and kept my eyes peeled for a passing State Policeman. As my luck would have it, one passed, pulled over a few feet ahead of me and then he backed the car down the shoulder to where I stood and wondered what he was going to say. “Good day.” He said and nodded. I repeated the gestur… Read more

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A Special Birthday for my Slut Wife

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My wife was dressed in her typical slut outfit, short skirt, hose, heels and sheer blouse. We were preparing for a special birthday celebration for her 45th. I had rented the biggest room at the adult motel, and had put us on the register for a special evening for her, and for the guys to call our room for an invite. Cheryl took the first call from the desk. “Hello?” She answered in a sultry tone. “Yes, we are looking for a couple of guys to help me celebrate my birthday,” she replied. “There are two of you? That's good. How old are you guys?” She paused, “twenty-five and twenty-six, perfe… Read more

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My married cunt gets black filled again-2 cum load

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I suppose this story is bringing you lovely guys up to date with me now? It has been a while, since I told you what has been happening with my married Lady playtime. Well as you can see from the last story, the one to bring you up to date with our sexually active sitter and her teeny friend, well I have met a new BBC man. I met him whilst out shopping, spending Mick's money(my small dicked), bald white hubby...haha, one of my fave pastimes at the Mall, buying nice stuff and sexy clothes and shoes plus naughty underwear. I was going up the escalator, when I sensed someone behind me and looking… Read more

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For some reason, Sophie had always been drawn to Asian men. Growing up in a small town, there were none around, but that didn't stop her from fantasizing. Spending hours watching K-dramas and Japanese anime, she grew to love Asia even more. When college finally rolled around, she decided she wanted to go to a university in Tokyo. Needless to say, her parents weren't thrilled with her packing up and moving around the world. A college in the US was what they wanted, but nothing could stop her. She had the grades and got a scholarship that covered most of the cost. Her parents decided that if tha… Read more

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Fantasyland Adult Super Center Tampa

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I have had the pleasure of many hot and erotic Fantasyland (in Tampa FL) experiences, both as a single male and as a couple. One of the first hot FLand experiences was with the lovely "Hall of Famer" Candi. With no arrangements or plans, I drove over to FLand from Daytona Beach, hoping for some kinky fun. As I arrived at FL2 to check things out, I had the typical sexually arousing "nervous" edge of anticipation. Little did I know, I was about to meet one of the most elegant, most erotic, most intelligent, most gregarious, couples I had or ever would meet. When I arrived at FLand2, the parkin… Read more

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Taking My Whore Of A Wife On Vacation

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Alicia and Joe went on a vaction to Memphis, TN, the first evening they were swimming in the pool and 2 guys already were there, they didn't see any women, so after about 30 min, Alicia made a comment to Joe that they must be by themselves because they kept staring at her and watching her very close. Joe had noticed that one of them was standing against the pool with one elbow on the side and the water was only up to his waist and his other hand was rubbing his cock, Alicia had noticed this too she had on a one piece bathing suit but it was really thin and u could see her pink ariolas and her… Read more

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The very first time i cheated

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Although we wasnt married at that point Id been with my husband for about 3 months. We was still in the dating stage but it was the longest relationship id had so it felt pretty serious. Wed spend most of our time at my bedsit but on this occasion id managed to pursuade him to visit one of my old haunts. It was a nightclub in town and was actually where we first met. He wasnt big on these types of places and he didnt really want to go. But i really liked it there if im honest id really done the rounds with the regulars. Id… Read more

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Just a Cuckold Story

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Years ago my wife had taken a few days off work and was doing things around the house, working in the garden, etc. I got home from work one night and she and her mother had gone somewhere, so I came home to an empty house. I was unpacking my lunch pail, etc, and went to throw something in the trash. When I opened the trash can there was large wad of folded up paper towels on top, but they looked clean. I got curious (assuming she'd worked up the nerve to kill a spider since she's terrified of them) and unfolded the paper towels. Inside was a used rubber that still had a LOT of cum in it.… Read more

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Thanks for giving

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by Williacj . It's the day before thanksgiving I go to Home shopping network looking for a deal the day. You never know what you'll find on sale on home shopping network, from clothes to shoes to hand held drones. I found sexy tall blonde Lori Leland sitting on a couch in a red silk bathrobe. ”happy thanksgiving eve” I say to her”looks like you've got a lot of giving to do” ”oh I do hon, I have a lot to be thankful for this year”she said walking over to me, “of course you have a… Read more

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Part 2 Baby sitter..preggo wiv black cum!

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.....So young teeny Sue had been well and truly stuffed full of negro semen. Her true Afro fucker had seen to that. She had teased him in the taxi, when they 1st met. Sue as usual being skint and not been able to pay her fare. The driver a huge African immigrant had taken his fare the best way he knew how. He loved tiny slim white pussy.Sue was very impressed with what she had seen, even though she was very d***k, her memory just said....mmmmm more please. You would have thought she was happy with her young black boyfriend, but this man was a true Lady pussy pleaser! It was a few weeks later a… Read more

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©2017 CatFuckingEvil I returned home to Jammer after my last adventure and found a rabid b**st waiting for me. He ripped my clothes off, threw me on the bed and ate all the cum out of my pussy. Then he tied my hands to the frame of the bed with me lying face down. Then he ate my ass and tormented my sore and swollen pussy with his huge hand. After I was close to subspace he lubed his cock and fucked my ass mercilessly for at least 45 minutes until I was delirious. Then he emptied his balls in my ass. I lost count of the orgasms rocking my body as he ravaged me. I awoke a few hours… Read more

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Die Thailändische Turistinn 1

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Wieder einmal muss ich meiner unbeliebtesten Arbeit dem Einkaufen nachgehen. Und dass erst noch an einem Samstag. Ohne recht zu wissen, gehe ich missmutig durch die Regale. In Gedanken versunken stehe ich plötzlich vor einer süssen kleine Thai Frau. Mit einem zusammengewürfeltem Satz aus Englisch und Deutsch, fragt sie mich ob ich Ihr den Reis aus dem Obersten Regal geben könnte. Mit Ihren 140 cm kam sie nicht bis zum Regal hoch. Sie sagte mir, das Sie neu in der Stadt ist und sich hier im Laden deshalb auch nicht auskennen würde. Viele Leute seien an Ihr vorbei gegangen ohne Ihr zu… Read more

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Baby Sitter Sue, Preggo with Black Baby???

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I thought, that is if you had been following the very busy lives of the girls, who help me with my black baby Junior it was perhaps time to update you all on Sue. You will have read about her before, that is she is our main teeny baby sitter. If not then you can catch up with her and her story.. As you can see she, starting put with a white boyfriend, with a typical white boy small dick was thrilled when Negro born Jamile showed her what a cock should be all about and do to a girl! My hubby Mick, loved being the voyeur and always made sure th… Read more

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Happy End - Teil 4

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Happy End – Teil 4 Huhu liebe Fangemeinde. Bei diesem grausamen Wetter habe ich mir nun endlich mal vorgenommen Euch weiter zu erzählen, und hoffe Euch gefällt auch diese Geschichte. Ich bin natürlich total neugierig auf Euer Feedback. Mittlerweile möchte ich mich nicht als xhamster Yunkee bezeichnen, aber dennoch konnte ich mich hier schnell einfinden, schnell „Freunde“ finden, und das ein oder andere nette Gespräch führen. Zu Hause war bislang alles beim Alten geblieben, was nicht heißen soll, das es langweilig war. Nein, so war und ist unsere Ehe nicht. Aber mein Mann ist ein sehr guter… Read more

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Anna's Neighborly Pool Seduction

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I was staring at her now, watching as she peeled down her shorts, slowly exposing her gorgeous ass. Her naughty bits were concealed by a conservative bikini. Her shirt was already in the pile of clothes at her side, and her big tits were being held snugly by her elastic top. I was lounging at her side in my patio chair, sipping on a margarita by our pool. My wife, Anna, is a beautiful specimen of a woman. She has dark flowing hair, grayish-green eyes, and a soft feminine face. Her body is curvy, like a classic pin-up girl from the 50's. She has large natural breasts, a trim tummy, and a plu… Read more

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Gardening and More.....

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Hi, my name is Chrissie. I'm 39 and married. My k**s have already flown the nest and I'm soon to be a grandmother. That really is scary. I'm married to Pat, a very successful man who helps my dad run our family business. Unfortunately, he isn't much good at the wonderful art of bedroom fun. His idea of having a good time is to get me to suck him for about five minutes, then a quick fumble around my bits, his cock sticking up me and after a few grunting thrusts shoots his come inside. What next, you ask? Well, within five minutes he's snoring so loud he keeps me awake. But despite his… Read more

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white boiclit that serve all women that are BBC on

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I am a exhibitions that get off dressing in panties and collar and go to the roughest black hoods or projects. i will park BLOCK away on the streets and sneak thru the alleys. In B,ham Ala, Woddlawn in the early 2000 i new at the 1st 10st.s. was close to the 10 there was in the V there was a convenience store .if there was a white person she was a hooker or either there to score some d**g. in between them streets it was run black the largest gang in the city. this friday evening i was in my pink panties and matching collar.with a dog chain from the collar where i strap myself down wh… Read more

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Our First Time Dogging Pt. 02

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There were a few rules, no v******e or rough stuff. Everybody is a consenting adult, but this next rule is very important. This one is from the women, no means no. Breaking this one is a quick way to be thrown out of the club for good, the guys tend to get very protective about this one. As for new members there is a bit of a trial period, just to make sure that you will fit in. The whole point of the club was feel safe and have fun, you could either watch or take part it was up to you. But other than that, most anything goes. As we were finishing our meals Sandra started to tease me ag… Read more

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Mom's night out

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This happened 3 years ago, and I have not told this to anyone. Mom and dad had gotten divorced a few months ago. We had moved to a small, two bedroom apartment, just the two of us. For the first few weeks, mom had been pretty down, often crying, while I would hold her to comfort her. Mom to me, was hot. She had a fairly pretty face and blonde hair, which she kept short. For 44 years of age, she had a great body. Her tits were fairly large though they were sagging a bit with age. Her ass was the main thing you'd notice about her if you saw her on the street, plump and juicy. Like any other ho… Read more

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Our First Time Dogging Pt. 01

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I'd just pulled my cock out of my wife's sloppy cunt, this was her third load she'd taken so far and it was still early. As I stood back another man quickly took my place, rammed his cock in and began to fuck her. I looked at my sexy slut of a wife laid on the park bench table, naked except for some stockings and suspenders. This was how she liked to get fucked, with her legs wide open and her big tits wobbling as she was taken by one guy after another. Stood around the table were more men with their cocks hanging out. Watching, wanking and waiting their turn to fuck her. Two of them w… Read more

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