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Black Neighbor boy Part II

Black neighbor boy
Part II

Holding Mary tight against me, my cock was still rock hard at the thought of what has just occured and that the cum oozing onto my balls was part of the huge load that Jason had shot into her. The huge load of cum that just may have knocked her up, looking over at Jason and his huge babymaker, I pulled Mary tighter with what I was thinking.

"So Jason, how did you like you first piece of pussy. Not only white, but married and you might have fucked your baby in her."
"Well, uhh, Mr Jones..."

"First off, if your fucking my wife, call me Bob, second, ... Continue»
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Perfect Tits!

I was trying to get out of work early-well I mean get out of work on time as I never leave when I am supposed to. I got in the elevator and hit the button for the ground floor. When the doors open a very d***k little old man stumbled into the elevator and collapsed into my arms. His wife trying to hold him up and prevent this all this from happening. I held the man up and asked if he was having an medical problem. The woman replied just drinks too much. I could tell she was embarrassed.
"I will help you to your room." I said seeing that the woman was too small to handle this on her own. ... Continue»
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Humiliated by Lynn 2

I sat in my room feeling betrayed belittled

I could hear them laughing , I thought about walking out, but where would I go

About twenty minutes went by , there was a knock on my door

Come out now Lynn demanded

I opened the door
She stepped in now you know how much you hurt me when I caught you.
You have a choice do as your told or leave
I hesitated then said ok
Ok then going the bedroom appologise and collect the breakfast things and wash up
I walked into the room Sofia and George was laying on the bed , Sofia was holding George's cock which was semi erect
I am sorry for... Continue»
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Our first real swinging

Linda and I had been toying with the idea for a while and had even attended some clubs when we had been out of town, we had participated in some light touching, both of us had been aroused by the experiences although neither of us had even gone as far as oral.

That was until one evening a very attractive marute lady began paying me alot of attention. Linda had commented earlier how hot she had looked. When Rosanna introduced herself it was Linda who had gently brushed her hand against Rosanna's open chested blouse to reveal one of her amazing breasts. Rosanna took that as an invitation to ... Continue»
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First time BBC

Dave and Kelly had been married 5 years years since they was both 18 now both 23 they think they have a good sex life. Dave is an average he guy in many ways but he works hard for what he's got which is a lot he's 5'8 with blonde hair pale skin he used to be in shape but no more. He's let himself go abit while Kelly has just got better with age and with money he lets her spend on herself she always looks very hot. At 5'3 and size 8 with blonde curly hair and a nice tan with the smallest ass and pert 34b tits with tiny nipples. Everyone who seen them together said "no way" some you could tell w... Continue»
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such a nasty slut , but i still love her

I was such a nasty little slut today. with. I just can't control myself. I mean fuck bby. You are the one that pointed it out in the first place. I just thought it was saggy old man ball hanging out of the bottom of his shorts. I need to see it all. Then i had to touch it. Just to be sure. Then that smell hit me in the face. Had to take a closer look. i tasted his thick long juicy black cock bby. Is that OK?. Once i tasted that musty precum my pussy got so wet. I slobbered all over his cock trying to suck and fit it in my mouth but he just laughs and tells me I'm a good little slut trying to... Continue»
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Nina´s story

As usual, Nina was alone in the large open space office. All her colleagues had left long ago, but stayed late, as usual. She was as always, eager to do good, to perform, and there was always plenty to do!
Outside the rain was falling and it was getting dark. In the distance, she heard somebody from another department chatting while waiting for the elevator. She realized that the now had the whole floor to herself. Almost 8 o´clock, but still much to do. She got up, and was about to turn on the harsh ceiling lights, when another idea came to her.
A naughty one…
She turned her desk-... Continue»
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Anna owned a fairly large house in the area where there were many rice fields. Her house had been the home of a rich land owner in the late 19th century. His large estate had been separated into smaller rice fields and Anna didn’t own any of them. Her f****y had never been to Saigon. When she was a teenager in France, she was involved in a sex scandal with an older woman. The woman’s f****y gave Anna a large sum of money to disappear and she came to Saigon where she worked in a local hospital as a nurse, although she didn’t have a degree. Her house was on a hill whic... Continue»
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My Wife is a niggar cum slut.

When we were first married over 20yrs ago, I would never of thought of sharing my sweet wife with another man. But over the years I've started changing my thoughts. I thought more and more about sharing my wife with not only other men but with black men. It has gotten to the point where that all I can think about is seeing my wife fucking a big black bull stud. I want nothing more than to watch as my wife spreads her womanhood open and takes her first black cock. It's gotten to the point where whenever we fuck, I think of a black guy buried balls deep into her, if she only knew how many of tho... Continue»
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Jailhouse Spades

It was a quiet Friday evening at the Prescott County Jail. The inmates had already been fed dinner and were in the rec area watching TV, playing cards or dominoes, conversing, or just relaxing. At one table a group of Blacks was playing spades. The game was close and this final hand would determine the winning team of this round – even though they’d probably rematch right after this. All of them arrived due to various Class-A misdemeanor offenses.

On one team was Errol, known as ‘E’, and Obadiah Wynn, who simply went by his last name. E was here for third degree theft and Wynn got his acco... Continue»
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Number 11 is Her Lucky Number Blacken

The reservations had been made at Mattalio's, and the place was buzzing. Jessica got lusty stares from the men, and envy and hate from the women as she strutted back to their table. As they ordered and ate, Jessica enjoyed glancing around and catching the many eyes staring at her. The waiter seemed to hover over her shoulder and she caught him several times looking down the top of her dress. As men walked by and looked at her, she would shyly drop her eyes and stare at their crotches. She played a game at trying to guess how big a rod they were packing. She didn't see any she couldn't live wit... Continue»
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Bones Tap's Dat White Ass! Blacken

Jessica straightened up, stripped off her negligee, and lined up her wanting pussy with the tip of his cock. She effortlessly slipped down the rigid organ until she was fully impaled, but she could barely tell he was inside her. In spite of the loose fit, Jim was so excited to have his wife fucking him. He was moaning and rolling his head side to side, and arching his back to penetrate his shaft deeper. Even with a longing feeling in her pussy, Jessica wanted to make up to him for the past weekend and kept humping on his small cock, and feeding him her tits to suck on. After only a few minutes... Continue»
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BBC made me cum hands free (real)

So I was chatting to this guy online, swapping pics and talking fantasies. He was a black guy, athletic body and a big fat cock!! Soon we arranged a meet...I was to dress up fully for him and he would come round mine. We talked extensively about what we like and what our fantasies are. He asked me to wear heels, stockings and a mini skirt and be his girl for the evening... I was so horny (especially after seeing his pics) and I told him I would be his sub . He got excited about that and started asking me more questions... I was getting very horny about it , and even though I was very nervous I... Continue»
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The Black Knight Calls Again Gay

It was from Malcolm.


5 minutes.

Walkerton Park.

I lied, "It's Sam; he needs me to do a service call." Thankfully, my job did have me on occasion doing late night calls, so I could create a believable lie.

"Bummer," she said, knowing I hated these late night calls.

"Hopefully, it won't be long," I said, "the call is close by."

"I'll be asl**p," she said, before smiling, "you really wore me out."

I got dressed and headed out determined to tell him that I was done doing this.

I could have walked, but chose to drive to keep my lie up with Marcia in case she lo... Continue»
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The Black Knight Never Fails Gay

"I'm not sure faggot is the right term," he countered.

I paused, having read much erotica about straight men. I understood the term faggot was derogatory and that many men sucked cock, but still loved women. I nodded, "What do you consider yourself?"

"I don't know," Andy nodded. "Malcolm calls me cocksucker mostly, but I've also bottomed for him a few times, yet I still love my wife."

"So what happened next?" I asked, wanting to hear how he submitted, even as my head spun around with the knowledge that my daughter's boyfriend also sucked cock.

"He put his hands on my shoulders and ... Continue»
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Erotic Story - White Lace Fantasy

It was getting time for my daily masturbation and I was horny.
I had also been texting one of my guys and he had me quite aroused.
We were talking and making plans to meet up soon.
I had also been emailing my submissive "2" about scheduling our next play session as well/


The first porn videos I saw, when I was younger, included "Debbie Does Dallas" and something I think was called "A Hundred and One Nights" with Sheharazade or something like that/
That second one had a few different stories, that were really erotic to me/
One of them was a scene featuring a white woman wi... Continue»
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Sex on the Beach- Second Life Style

Hi, Everyone-

The following is the log of a roleplay between myself and my sex partner in a roleplay in SecondLife. My partner is 6-2, 200 lbs of pure muscle, and looks HOTTTTT! Hairy body, mustache, and 10 inches of dark Indian virility.... My character is white, 5-6, 115 lbs, and was wearing a sheer black tank top, and a black satin circle skirt, hemmed above the knee. The sex was anonymous and bareback. And yes, my character is now pregnant as a result! The setting is the boardwalk of the beach, on the backside of a row of beach shops. It is night, after a very hot day, in a smal... Continue»
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A trip to Holland

After our experience in Turkey (see massage story) Amanda had become a completely different woman, she seemed to have released an inner whore which I could not control.

We were out with friends in a local bar drinking and talking and as the night went on the subject of holidays came up. I panicked as I thought Amanda would tell everyone of our experience in Turkey but to my relief she remained quiet and instead listened to what the others were talking about. She seemed particularly interested when her friend Diane had told her about her holiday in Holland and the sex clubs and live sex show... Continue»
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deepest darkest descent part 3 husband is home

so im maria ive been turned into a slut for black cock whilst my husband is working away i eat black cum my pussy has been stretched so all i can ever have is black cock i eat black cum from annas pussy the other slut owned by tyrone
since the night i was fuxxed by tyrone on the hood of my car and covered in 40 loads of nigger cum ive heard nothing from tyrone
my husband is due home today and i havnt missed him one bit im sure he will want to fuck me but seriously his tiny cock is not going to satisfy me i didnt know what to do id heard nothing for 2 weeks i needed to be fuxxed the 6 inch ... Continue»
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Spanish holiday - not fiction but a factual accoun

Whilst on holiday with my f****y in Spain for eleven nights, I struck up a very limited conversation with Loma from Ghana, who was our hotel bedroom cleaner/maid. Loma’s English was very limited but she did engage and she tried her best, often filling in words with actions or pointing at certain things. Of the days we stayed at the hotel, Loma cleaned our room 8 out of the 11 times and each time I happened to notice that this beautiful black woman was not just well-endowed but she was braless too! Each time Loma bent over to change a sheet or lift something, the sun caught her cleaning uniform... Continue»
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