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what have i become

my name is jessicca jess for short a little about me im 5 ft 5 inches brunette slim build with average size tits a nice arse i would say i was ok looking but a 7/10 everything about me was pretty average id been in a relationship for 7 years with pete and we had just broken up over him saying i was dull in bed and also he was bored in general with life
pete was only my second boyfriend i was 28 years old last birthday so this was fairly depressing i realised most of our friends were actually petes friends and when the relationship was over most of them gave me a bit of a wide berth ,
i was loo... Continue»
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Fun With Girlfriend’s Mother

It was the end of my board exams and being CBSE XII class exams, I was more than happy to see my school days over. Well, as all other of my batch mates, I too was excited to go for a vacation and new era of a college education. I had broken up with my girlfriend, Anita, who alleged that I do not love her but only have sex on my mind. I was not shattered as she never allowed me to go beyond smooching and title fondling.

I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I could get to touch her bare books only twice and sucked them once for hardly one minute. She complained I was rough. Let’s break up, I th... Continue»
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V.I.P. Trap House

The Adamses. The Roosevelts. The Kennedys. The Lodges. The Daleys. The Bushes.

Most of you have heard of these American political dynasties. But my city has been run by another dynasty – an African-American f****y by the name of Wright. It started with b*****rs, David and Joseph. The elder one, David, was elected to the city council and ultimately served twelve years as mayor. Joseph served on the city council concurrently with his b*****r and eventually became the director of public works.

It did not stop with them. Their c***dren mostly went to law school and migrated back here. David... Continue»
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deepest darkest descent things get nasty

hi im maria im a black cock cum slut whore for BBC 4 months ago i was prim proper wife of john with 2 beautiful twin girls aged 21 travelling the world during a gap year from university i had never been fucked in the arse or slept with another man or eaten a girls pussy dripping with cum now i do that and far worse my husband was hooked straight away once he saw what id become that was about 2 weeks ago since then all my dildos have been confis**ted again
anna said thats because my pussy and arse are now conditioned to take black cock i no longer need to stretch my holes as much, ive had my b... Continue»
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Endowed Goddess Confession: Car sex temptation

I've been writing so much spiritual stuff I figured I'd get a little down and dirty to keep the attention of some of my more erotically inclined fellow and sistren FetLifers! No, it isn't so much that I need your erotic attention as I enjoy the challenge of increasing the variety of my posts.

Last night I was sooo horny. It was because I hadn't masturbated in several days, I had wanted to yesterday morning but I missed my opportunity due to poor planning, and had to head out for the day.

In the afternoon I made the mistake of texting one of my subs, who os rather high maintenance, but li... Continue»
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The Choice [Deena is caught between a cock and a

Deena's Story

Before I was an e****t, I never had anal. Now it's my bread winner. I never had a potty mouth either. I used to be a classy girl from a conservative British Asian f****y. The world of sex was something only shared between a husband and wife. Now I fall on my back and open my legs at the sound of loose change in any buggers pocket. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get my point. Anyway, let's spend this chapter describing how I got here. Don't worry. After a few paragraphs of telling you what I used to be like, I'll be getting rattled more than a baby's new toy.

I was proud ... Continue»
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Wife's nights out with friends

It was nothing new, my wife Linda had been going on nights out with friends since you first met. Recently Linda came home and shyly whispered in my ear I've been a little naughty. My interest was peaked and Linda could tell that I was giving her my full attention. She slips off her dress, facing away from me, revealing that she is now braless and knickerless. Her ripe ass is still framed by the stockings and her legs look sculpted in her heels. As she turns around Linda reveals that it was either this or a tattoo and the nipple piercing won. as her hands slipped Linda revealed not just one pie... Continue»
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My school bully

I am a young white curvy boy who likes to wear panties and leggings and my bully is this tall skinny black man named Lamar and recently I became his bitch.
The next day we were in school and we have some classes together and in class he sits next to me in the back of class. Lamer unzipped his jeans and whispered "bitch grab my cock" My hand reached over and through the unzipped jeans. I could feel his warm black cock. He reached over and stuck his hand down the back of my pants and said I see you are wearing the right underwear bitch. I started jerking him off in the middle of class. His dic... Continue»
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Husband's boss & a Black friend trick wif

The Bikini Conspiracy

Robert looked down at his trophy wife writhing with ecstasy, as she was impaled repeatedly by his eight inch cock. She sure was a hot little number. He caressed her pert little breasts with his hands and squeezed roughly. Mandy and Robert had been married for five years. She was 25 and had been working as a model, when they had met. Robert was 49. He worked out in his free time and was in great shape. People thought the silver streaks in his dark hair made him look distinguished and he was described as "ruggedly handsome" by a magazine article on this successful busine... Continue»
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Jessica stepped out of the car as the garage door closed behind her, followed closely by her husband, Kevin, who proceeded to fumble with his keys as he approached the door. He never saw him...the dark figure slipping from the corner, darting quickly behind his wife, wrapping his muscular arms around her and holding a knife to her pretty neck. "Do exactly what I tell you, pretty boy!" the hooded figure commanded.

Kevin froze in his tracks, hypnotized by the dark stranger who was holding his young wife across her waist with his arm. Her feet dangled above the ground. "Wha... Continue»
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Love Of My Life Bangs A BBC Teen

This woman will forever have my heart, even when she's a slut for other men. It actually gets me excited knowing she indulges on what matters to her in life! She would always have other guy friends, hanging out with them, not caring at all what I had to think about it. I respected what she wanted and never could argue with her about it, there came a time when we had to move out of the house we were staying at and she had to move in with a girl who she wasn't to close with but was willing to help her out. Now, this woman she moved... Continue»
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Found out I have a Reputation

Some years back I traveled with a friend to Raleigh N.C. We were talking last week and he brought this trip up in our conversation. I had a real good time and thought I would share it. My friend did and does not know of my Bi side.. He is Pretty much Homophobic I think. So my sex part of the story is something he knows very little of.

We drove back east to pick up some stuff and deliver most of it to different people along the way back home. I had a large truck and my friend needed to pick up a fancy Bike he bought. I agreed to drive and to pay me and for the expenses of the trip he found ... Continue»
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Black Neighbor boy Part II

Black neighbor boy
Part II

Holding Mary tight against me, my cock was still rock hard at the thought of what has just occured and that the cum oozing onto my balls was part of the huge load that Jason had shot into her. The huge load of cum that just may have knocked her up, looking over at Jason and his huge babymaker, I pulled Mary tighter with what I was thinking.

"So Jason, how did you like you first piece of pussy. Not only white, but married and you might have fucked your baby in her."
"Well, uhh, Mr Jones..."

"First off, if your fucking my wife, call me Bob, second, ... Continue»
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Perfect Tits!

I was trying to get out of work early-well I mean get out of work on time as I never leave when I am supposed to. I got in the elevator and hit the button for the ground floor. When the doors open a very d***k little old man stumbled into the elevator and collapsed into my arms. His wife trying to hold him up and prevent this all this from happening. I held the man up and asked if he was having an medical problem. The woman replied just drinks too much. I could tell she was embarrassed.
"I will help you to your room." I said seeing that the woman was too small to handle this on her own. ... Continue»
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Humiliated by Lynn 2

I sat in my room feeling betrayed belittled

I could hear them laughing , I thought about walking out, but where would I go

About twenty minutes went by , there was a knock on my door

Come out now Lynn demanded

I opened the door
She stepped in now you know how much you hurt me when I caught you.
You have a choice do as your told or leave
I hesitated then said ok
Ok then going the bedroom appologise and collect the breakfast things and wash up
I walked into the room Sofia and George was laying on the bed , Sofia was holding George's cock which was semi erect
I am sorry for... Continue»
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Our first real swinging

Linda and I had been toying with the idea for a while and had even attended some clubs when we had been out of town, we had participated in some light touching, both of us had been aroused by the experiences although neither of us had even gone as far as oral.

That was until one evening a very attractive marute lady began paying me alot of attention. Linda had commented earlier how hot she had looked. When Rosanna introduced herself it was Linda who had gently brushed her hand against Rosanna's open chested blouse to reveal one of her amazing breasts. Rosanna took that as an invitation to ... Continue»
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First time BBC

Dave and Kelly had been married 5 years years since they was both 18 now both 23 they think they have a good sex life. Dave is an average he guy in many ways but he works hard for what he's got which is a lot he's 5'8 with blonde hair pale skin he used to be in shape but no more. He's let himself go abit while Kelly has just got better with age and with money he lets her spend on herself she always looks very hot. At 5'3 and size 8 with blonde curly hair and a nice tan with the smallest ass and pert 34b tits with tiny nipples. Everyone who seen them together said "no way" some you could tell w... Continue»
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such a nasty slut , but i still love her

I was such a nasty little slut today. with. I just can't control myself. I mean fuck bby. You are the one that pointed it out in the first place. I just thought it was saggy old man ball hanging out of the bottom of his shorts. I need to see it all. Then i had to touch it. Just to be sure. Then that smell hit me in the face. Had to take a closer look. i tasted his thick long juicy black cock bby. Is that OK?. Once i tasted that musty precum my pussy got so wet. I slobbered all over his cock trying to suck and fit it in my mouth but he just laughs and tells me I'm a good little slut trying to... Continue»
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Nina´s story

As usual, Nina was alone in the large open space office. All her colleagues had left long ago, but stayed late, as usual. She was as always, eager to do good, to perform, and there was always plenty to do!
Outside the rain was falling and it was getting dark. In the distance, she heard somebody from another department chatting while waiting for the elevator. She realized that the now had the whole floor to herself. Almost 8 o´clock, but still much to do. She got up, and was about to turn on the harsh ceiling lights, when another idea came to her.
A naughty one…
She turned her desk-... Continue»
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Anna owned a fairly large house in the area where there were many rice fields. Her house had been the home of a rich land owner in the late 19th century. His large estate had been separated into smaller rice fields and Anna didn’t own any of them. Her f****y had never been to Saigon. When she was a teenager in France, she was involved in a sex scandal with an older woman. The woman’s f****y gave Anna a large sum of money to disappear and she came to Saigon where she worked in a local hospital as a nurse, although she didn’t have a degree. Her house was on a hill whic... Continue»
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