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Ein heißer Fick nach der Betriebsfeier

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Es war mal wieder soweit. Wie jedes Jahr findet am 1. Donnerstag im Juli in meinem Betrieb eine Feier statt. Es gibt jede Menge zu Trinken und Essen, Zeit für private Gespräche. Hierbei kommt man auch mit Kollegen und Kolleginnen von anderen Abteilungen zusammen und lernt diese kennen. Hierbei lernte ich Satomi kennen. Eine hübsche Japanerin, 24 Jahre, mit ihren 1,65m nicht gerade die Größte, schwarzes Haar, dunkelbraune Augen und eine tolle Figur. Kurz gesagt eine tolle Frau und für Asiaten habe ich sowieso eine kleine Schwäche. Auch während der Gespräche mit anderen Kolleginnen und Kollegen… Read more

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Single Mom - Brunch Meeting

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“Good morning, my lady,” Hugo Alazar said yawning as he spied Rochelle waking. “Hey! Good morning,” she returned in kind. “Sleep well?” “Yes. How about you?” “It was good,” he said pulling her close to him. “Hold on,” she protested. “I have morning breath.” “So,” he kissed her anyway. “Last night was so good!” “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she giggled. “Hell yeah! I gotta get some more of that.” “You will.” “Now’s as good a time as any,” he remarked placing her hand on his engorged manhood. “I see,” she purred. Rochelle slid underneath the covers and paid serious attention to the st… Read more

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Gobblers, the Squat and Gobble These tranny "blow job" bars are exactly that. They are where you go to have a shemale who sucks dick. The way it works is you choose the sissy you like and then you go in the back of the bar where they have small, cubicles. There she will suck you off. The cost is about $20. Squatting in just a pair of high heels on the dirty floor the naked Caucasian prostitute performed a nasty spit dripping blow job on a big black dude who was sitting on a bar stool, sipping a beer, his shorts around his ankles. the whole procedure took about 4 minutes, untill the black dude'… Read more

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Banged by Boys on my Honeymoon

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My name is Nikila and this incident happened 3 years back when I was newly wed to my husband Arun . I was 22 years old then and my husband was 33 years. We were slightly mismatched as couple both in our age and sometimes in our understanding. But both had few similarities in our fetish towards hard core sex. He was a very good fucker . His cock was 7.2" inches and had an enormous girth. But he would get tired soon . He is a very crazy man and would force me to his fetish. he would force me to drink his pee… Read more

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Whisky & Lemonade

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Ethan ran upstairs to his bedroom to get dressed. He put on a pair of boxer shorts. His thing was not as hard as before, but it hung out the left leg of his shorts. He put on his jeans and looked at himself in the mirror. His thing clearly stood out against his left leg. He sighed and took the jeans off. Somewhere in his dresser was a pair of jockey shorts he no longer wore. He found them buried in the bottom drawer. He took off the boxers, put on the jockeys, and put the boxers back on over them. Immediately, he was uncomfortable. The jockeys were too tight. His penis grew even harder, stra… Read more

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Turned Out

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"Dam, I cant believe Im doing this..." Christy thought with her ass up on her elbows and knees. As she felt his black cockhead push against her pussy, she closed her eyes and thought back... Christy had been the activities director for a nursing home for a few years now and made a decent salary. Unfortunately, after her divorce she had to pay the house payment since she was awarded the home, which after several months she fell behind on her payments. The stress from being far behind on her payments and the frequent phone calls were really bringing her down. Christy had befriended an older bl… Read more

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Life of a horny Indian girl - first time with two

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A few friends have asked me for a story about one of my sexual experiences. One of my favorite nights happened a year ago. I was in a relationship that was no fun and I wanted to get out of it. I’d started a job working for a big company. It was one of my first proper job and everyone working there was older men. I was only 22, one of the only girls and I liked getting the attention of the big bosses. I wasn’t good at my job but I knew that a short dress and a bit of flirting would work. I started to get the attention of the boss Paul who had an office near my desk. He would call me in to talk… Read more

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My fair lady

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by williacj I was at Wisconsin state fair one august when I went go get some lemonade, i saw a lovely girl I found very attractive. I went up and introduced myself to her. Trish was short with long slightly blonde hair. She told me she was here with mom and dad from phoenix, She looked beautiful in her white short arizona tank top cutoff blue jeans and blue flip flops. it was really hot out so We decided to hang out in the barn. Her family is interested in agriculture and farming. Things turned from friendly to frisky 10… Read more

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Out of Afrika - Chapter 16

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Out of Afrika A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 16 Nadine Bally read her local evening paper with a martini in hand. It was another boring day in prospect with her husband away once again on an overseas business trip. Nadine and George had both been born in the same town, gone to school together and had grown up together. She was introverted, shy and withdrawn as a teen and had few friends other than George with whom she spent most of her free time. It was no surprise when one day he asked her to marry him; indeed, it was an expecta… Read more

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nothing is free

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I was seriously dumb enought to think ive had landed the perfect deal with this 2 guy renting surf boards my friends had to pay for it and i promise beers and rhum at the bar all day in exchange for the surf board i was bad , we tried for 4 hours and i was wasted i got back on shore and paid my debt ordering beer and rhum even food it was getting late my friend went back to the hotel , i was drunk having fun with my new friends last call still ordering beer and staying on the beach i was drunk , i got up to leave but they both stood up helping me mack on ,my chair lookinh a them get their… Read more

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My Wife the Love of My Life Cheated

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Liz was the love of my life, hell she was my life. We dated in High School and married several months after she graduated, I had graduated a year earlier. We were inseparable I always though our hearts beat as one. We have been happily married eighteen years and have two girls Sara fifteen and Deb s*******n. When we got married Liz was eighteen, 5’4” 98 lbs long natural red hair, green eyes, 34B boobs, she was like a pixie a beatiful pixie actually she was hot. I was twenty, 6’, and 135 lbs, brown hair and eyes. Today she is all grown up she is thirty six, 122 lbs her butt has filled out nicel… Read more

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Something new

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The "quotes" lines are verbatim as I record conversations. She still can not understand what came over her. It's not the type of thing she would ever plan to do. Michelle from Long Island is an early 30's single white girl. She works hard, earns and enjoys a beautiful lifestyle. She has men, many. She needs cock, quite often and, has no problem getting her fill. Michelle also has girlfriends, every Sunday they go out in the late afternoon to a place known as The Nautical Mile. It's loaded with clubs and young guys. Michelle and her friends make up a pack of Cougars. Michelle's type is t… Read more

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My Wife's KIK account, Part 6

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‘Do as I’m told?’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m naked and tied, all as a gorgeous Goddess kisses me in ways that I’ve never been kissed. But at least Molly is speaking to me again. But what does she mean that everything has changed?' Carol’s fingers then very lightly gripped my VERY hard erection. “We’ll get to this a little latter” she said, as she starred into my eyes and lightly teased my hard cock, “but first, I want to have some fun with you boi.” "Wait” I protested “my wife… Molly” My wife suddenly appeared over Carol’s shoulder “shhhhhh” my wife replied, with her beautiful smile. “It's… Read more

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My roommate made me his black cock loving bitch

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Hi my name is Ben i an a virgin and never had sex before. In my spare time i like to wear girl clothes and mascubate to porn. I had got a new roommate recently, he is this tall black guy and his name is Ryan. So one evening wile Ryan was out on a date with some girl i thought i had enough time to dress up and have a little me time. While i wore a pair of pink panties black leggings and a blue shirt i sat in my room and watched some interracial porn. As i was watching porn the door to my room swings open and Ryan was standing there buzzed and looking at me laying on my bed with interracial porn… Read more

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Lust in Translation

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A blog account of my 2006 first Chinese sex party with my then-girlfriend. ``Will you help me to practice my English?'' It's not an uncommon question for a foreigner in China to field from strangers on trains, planes, buses, sidewalks, in stores and cafes. The urge for Chinese men, women, c***dren alike to learn better English, even randomly and at inopportune moments, is strong. In this case the question came from a topless middle-aged woman in the midst of a mostly Chinese partner swapping party in Dongguan, Guangdong province. To budding English language student's left, along a 20-foot mirr… Read more

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The Destroyer

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Home alone again and getting a bit bored at that night. Then the phone rang and it was my loving girlfriend Helena. She was also alone at home; better we could say, she was without her hubby at home; but some of her good friends were there, making her some company. Helena told me she needed some help from me; because she and Camilla could not stand so many men there. I accepted the offer and told her I was almost on my way. Helena asked me to dress sexy and get ready for an unforgettable night… I had a quick shower and shaved my smooth labia. Then I decided to wear a red dress; a short on… Read more

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A Father’s Dream 3

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I was eagerly waiting for these two years for that day. I and rakesh went to station to pick him. Within these two years my son has changed a lot. He has grown up and his body has build up to some extent. While coming we were really in a good mood and I forgot the thought our little secret. Even my son was happy and was engrossed in talking with talking with his brother. His mom welcom… Read more

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the beer fest

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Its the beerfest tonight The memory of the first time i attend one a year ago still making me horny I went im Laval, a city north of montreal , beerfest by metro waiting for my friend when i got a text he woudnt come so i stayed alone going from booth to booth tasting some fine craft beer got a bit drunk too fast with all this heat and sunmy day they were 2 nice black dude working at a new micro brew place near Quebec they had nice beer but why i came back to this boot was the quantity theyd poor, every other booth stoping half glass but there i had a full pint i sat at the stool again as… Read more

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I Love Puerto Rican Men!

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Hi, Queens! So anyway, a couple of nights ago I decided to hang out in my favorite adult bookstore, because, you know, I was feeling really cock hungry. I bought this really cute new outfit at Wal-Mart – it’s a black halter- top that basically just covers my tits, and a pair of hot pink short shorts that expose the cheeks of my ass. Most of my regular readers know that I’m a cross dresser. I mainly like to wear high heels, lipstick and nothing else. But some player- hating faggot complained to the manager about me being back in the arcade naked. I mean, the manager was hella cool and all – he… Read more

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the horny daddy of my friend

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It seriously made me feel like he was doing it to have me in it and watch me all day in the pale blueu bottom bikini of his girl his daughter was my friend since highschool and i was often going to take a dip in them pool when it was too hot outside she was away with her friend when i got to the backyard , greeted by her dad , a tall black daddy in his 50s he let me go inside the yard cabin to put on my swimsuit he always left there for me but i coudnt see it all there was , is the pale bikini of my friend i got out of the cabin wearing my boxer only ''hey mister Frank my swimsuit is ot… Read more

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