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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

Nigg Fucks Filipino

Gay MaleInterracial SexTaboo

Jed pulled into the parking lot. He was driving his mocha bronze 2014 Buick LaCrosse sedan. He was coming to visit a young Filipino sissy. They had talked countless times. Today, they were both free. The five-foot-ten, light-skinned father-of-three walked to the apartment that the young dude shared with his mother. His mom was away at work this Saturday morning.. Dajilo was the sissy’s name. He was in the ninth grade at his high school. He hit Jed up and told him he was free. Jed had driven an hour. He was 31-years-old. His wife knew he was going to be away for the night. He told her he… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 18 days ago 1 1,909 71%

Oh Holy Hot Tub!!!

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

We had arrived in my husband's home town. It was really a small village with a main street that looks like it came right out of a painting. The town was decorated for Christmas; all the lamp poles had colored lights running up and down them. A fresh carpet of snow blanketed the town; this place could really get you in the Christmas mood. There were so many of his family members in town there was no room for us at his parents house so Don had already made reservation at a nice local hotel. This was fine with me as I didn't really know any of his relatives very well. Don and I lived in New York… Read more

Posted by altaff143 18 days ago 1 4,945 100%

BCS Black Cock Slut PT 5

FetishInterracial Sex

Jerome continued to come over whenever he wanted, after I told him I was knocked up. Whenever he came over it was the same intense fucking him coming in my pussy 4 or 5 times and my orgasms I lost count having so many multiple Orgasms , I enjoyed so much.  Jerome taught me how to give head, after awhile I was able to deepthroat all of his black twelve inches. I enjoyed it when he came in my mouth, running that salty semen all over my tongue before swallowing. After giving birth to Jerome's daughter, Jacquilin, Jerome again disappeared. for the next two months with three k**s running ar… Read more

Posted by 425olds 19 days ago 1 4,064 85%

Out Of Afrika, chapter 2

Interracial SexMasturbationVoyeur

OUT OF AFRIKA, Chapter 2 Simone and Janice drove their regular route to the premises of Rhino IMEX to begin another day of - what to them was laughingly called - work. In truth they both could not believe their good fortune in being recruited and then employed by this dynamic fast-growing foreign company. Neither of them considered the fact they possessed any specialist skills relative to the high-tech enterprise that was Rhino IMEX but having been approached and then hired they both agreed that for a number of reasons it was an absolute pleasure to be counted as company employees or, as th… Read more

Posted by julie_van01q 19 days ago 2 2,335 70%

BBC Rave IR Fuck

Interracial SexFetishHardcore

Let me tell you a story about what I experienced at a rave in San Diego called LED USA. I was wearing a very skimpy outfit that day, dresses with bunny ears and a bunny tail, with a lacy black bra and tight ass-hugging underwear which exposed my butt for everyone to see. I was rolling HARD that day so I loved the feeling of being touched and every time a hand would brush past or grope my ass I would shudder with pleasure. After a while I started dancing with a tall, muscular black boy who was a bit older than me. He was f***eful in all the right ways, grabbing my hips and ass and moving me acr… Read more

Posted by evalynn 19 days ago 1 3,063 90%

Dear Mimi 1,

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

This how it begins, i finally catch you walking down the street. 2nd, Santa Clara San Jose, Ca. And i finally get the guts to say whats up to you "Ayo Mimi, whats poppin." You "Oh, nothing, jusy coming from Rasputin Records, do i know you?" I "Mimi, yes, I hope so, I been trying to get your attention for rhe last 10 years, i dont know if I'm stalking you or your stalking me, I just wanna get to know you." You "Oh, O.K. name is J.V. right?" I "Yeah, so you do know me?" You "Nigga please, I admire you, it's just that, since you hollered at me at Oakridge mall back in '06, I just dont know what t… Read more

Posted by johnvenomus 19 days ago 523 33%

My Wife Impregnated

FetishInterracial SexMasturbation

My wife's now nearly seven months pregnant with Dexter's baby. I marked on our kitchen calendar the day he came to spend the night with us, and to impregnate Susan. From that date to now, it's been almost exactly seven moths. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I lay there thinking about that night, and it's irrevocable implications, and not just for me as Susan's husband, but for Susan as well. I haven't once had sex with Susan since she and officially joined with Dexter, and the other members of 'The Family,' and yet I've been helped a lot by talking with Dexter whenever I start to… Read more

Posted by DickLover59 19 days ago 2 3,394 46%

Another wife converted on vacation

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

It was near noon as we made our way to the beach. I noticed several men eyeing my wife’s figure as we picked out two lounges to occupy and relax. Barb looked stunning lying in the sun as the ocean breeze lapped our skin. After laying out tanning for about 90 minutes, I suggested we take a walk on the beach. We strolled over a mile down the sunny, sun kissed sand along the edge of the water chatting and enjoying ourselves. Then the scenery changed to vacant rugged terrain along the waters edge and fewer people were around. My sweet wife did not notice any change, but I did. As I looked… Read more

Posted by bananajuice50 19 days ago 4 9,439 95%

Refugees Get Lucky

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

I might continue this story Frida – immigration & human rights lawyer 34yrs old Swedish blond very fit Anna – Social worker and Swedish language teacher, 22 yrs old Assaad 50 Egyptian/Swede custodian of center, an ex immigrant granted Swedish nationality and employed by immigration ministry. Mohammed 45 strong Moroccan – de facto leader of refugees with cruel streak Ahmed 50 fat Syrian Zair 25 fit Libyan Amilka 25 fit Libyan Abshir 15 Somalian cousin Asad 14 Somalian cousin 6 asylum seekers, temporarily housed in Malma Kvarn in sailing school club building because of overflow in… Read more

Posted by Asmodeus_seed 20 days ago 1 1,917 50%

All she wants to do

CelebritiesHardcoreInterracial Sex

a fantasy about the lady hosts of home shopping network, positive criticism and feedback are welcome, enjoy. by Williacj I went to the home shopping network studios with a bouquet of roses. Connie craig carroll's on the show today so I wanted to surprise her. as I'm being escorted toward her she comes walking around the corner. “are these for me?” she asks”ohhhh you shouldn't have” “holy cow connie'” I exclaim “you” “you're just in time for today's special” she… Read more

Posted by williacj 20 days ago 1,246 75%

Arab Invasion of india

Gay MaleFirst TimeInterracial Sex

And when the full moon rose on a hot and humid South African night, this timid and petite young 19 yr old Hindi girl found herself overcome by the charm of the 45yr old married large round and hairy Mr Razzak who spoke to her over bbm while she lay on her 23 yr old boyfriend Anesh's lap in the chill room of the rave club while they both rushed on xtc pills and had me very emotional. I messaged Razzak to say how I'd love to see him now while feeling this way and disregard my words in the past denying him my company due to him being married. The old wealthy Muslim CEO told me to meet him outside… Read more

Posted by Esarasingh 20 days ago 1,256 38%

BCS Black Cock Slut PT 4

FetishInterracial Sex

Six weeks from my first meeting with Jerome, in a seedy warehouse, the home pregnancy test showed positive. I made an appointment with my doctor, it was confirmed. Jerome had fertilized my womb with his black potent seed. I called Jerome that night and asked him to come over, he agreed. I had not seen him since I moved out of my house, this worried me. Jerome showed up at 9:00, which pissed me off. I had made dinner to celebrate our pregnancy. When Jerome knocked on the door, I answered fuming.  "Where...the ?" Smack. "Whats with the clothes?" he said. "I thought..." seeing his… Read more

Posted by 425olds 20 days ago 2 2,004 82%

More About Dexter MGamba

FetishInterracial SexMature

After my wife and I had met Dexter that first time, she seemed to talk about him more and more as time went on. For example---She and I were talking one day about how unenthusiastic we'd become about the church we had been going to for a number of years, when she suddenly said: "We ought to join that group of Dexter MGamba's. Don't you think? I mean, he was such an interesting person! He was just SO nice. He seemed so very sincere, and caring, and loving. I don't know about you, but when we were setting there talking with him and some of the other members, I felt as if God's presence w… Read more

Posted by DickLover59 20 days ago 2 1,868 70%

Out Of Afrika, Chapter 1

Interracial SexMasturbationVoyeur

Out Of Afrika, Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Simone and Ian watched as their daughter fumbled with the small tightly wrapped package looking for an edge where she might get a finger nail to tear at the gift-wrap. They looked on amusedly as the box was rotated and then, at last, Chloe found a weak spot and with a small cry of triumph the paper was ripped off to reveal the last of her gifts; an anonymous plain white box. It was the morning of her 16th birthday and a school day; not a holiday but birthdays in the White’s hous… Read more

Posted by julie_van01q 21 days ago 1 2,402 80%

Out Of Afrika -Ssynopsis/Prologue

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

Out Of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B. Synopsis; Rhino Electronics, a South African company, successfully negotiates setting up a US subsidiary to manufacture and market its innovative Mobile Phone. However the phone is not all that it seems for it has capabilities that are hidden to the user; in truth it is a portal for posting subliminal messages to the user to do very explicit and compelling things when told by the Black managers of the company. The residents of Hawksville have no idea what is to befall them when Rhino comes to town. Sex Contents: Much Sex… Read more

Posted by julie_van01q 21 days ago 1,117 71%

BCS Black Cock Slut PT 3

FetishInterracial Sex

I awoke the next morning with Jerome next to me. I put on a robe and went to make coffee. When I went outside to get the paper I saw Jerome's car in the driveway, I got nervous. I went back inside. I started to get excited all over again when I felt Jerome's semen leaking down my thighs. Jerome woke up while I was pouring my first cup of coffee. He walked out to the kitchen naked. "Oh my god! does that ever go down?" I said to him. "Not since I met you," He walked up behind me giving me a hug. "Jerome you can't leave your car in the drive." "Ho! Why not? your mine now." "I… Read more

Posted by 425olds 21 days ago 3 2,169 83%

Motel maid

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

So I'm in New York on a business trip for this new job I have, and the company has decided to put me up in the cheapest motel they can find. And thank God they have!!!! It's been the first time that me and my wife have been apart in a few years and we both got incredibly this Sunday morning on a call. It ended up with us both putting on a hands-free and slowly masturbating as we told each other what we wanted to do to one another. Me telling her how I would pump inside her amazingly tight wet pussy while fingering her little anus made her moan loudly into my ears as I could hear he f… Read more

Posted by follarte 21 days ago 4 6,163 93%

our trip to Jamaica

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

"My god, I might as well go topless." My wife Susan stated as she looked in the mirror. "Well that's why we are here isn't it." I laughed. "We'll see, I'm not taking my top off yet." "You promised. Besides" "I was d***k Steve, that doesn't count." I didn't say anything else as I got ready to head down to the beach. We had arrived In Jamaica earlier that morning and I was anxious to check out the scene. A friend at work had told me about the resort. According to Jim, my co-worker, the resort had two sides. One side Of the resort was anything goes and the other conventional. I h… Read more

Posted by rixdix 21 days ago 3 5,019 95%

our trip to Jamaica - pt 2

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

I sat with Jay drinking while the two couples danced. Jay and I talked a little about my law practice. I tried to answer Jay's questions, but my attention was being diverted by Susan and Roy. During a slow number Roy was holding Susan very close. Roy had placed his hands low on Susan's back and I was close enough to see how his fingers shifted over her ass, constantly pulling her closer. Susan nestled her face into his neck, occasionally nibbling on him. At the same time Jay began telling me about the first time Gordon had fucked Karen. Jays description was very explicit. At one point he t… Read more

Posted by rixdix 21 days ago 3 2,486 93%

2 TV CD Sissy have wild time in gloryhole

Group SexInterracial SexShemales

A TRUE story I wrote a while back about a TGirl friend from the Dalles, Or. who would cum to PDX once in a while to dress and play. She always had a tight asspussy and she would easily cum when a cock was fucking her. So I would make her jack off while I was fucking her so I could feel those gripping convulsions her orgasm would give my cock. Makes me hard just remembering those orgasms. ~ "Oooh, Yeah, suck that cock you tranny bitches". The 6'2' black man growled as he closed his eyes in ecstasy. He was quite a specimen, skin almost coal black, shaved head, brutish face, heavil… Read more

Posted by CrimsonQueen17 21 days ago 2 1,393 100%