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Bonnie Receives a Wonderful Gift

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Bonnie’s job over the years has essentially evolved into a personal assistant for a real diva-bitch of a boss. This woman is rude, demanding, arrogant, and plus she is a real drama queen. If it were not for the fact that she pays so very well, my wife would have left long ago. There have been times when she did in fact tell her boss to go to hell, but deep down her boss knows good and well how important my wife is to her. Her boss usually ends up giving my wife something very nice and expensive to smooth things over. Bonnie and her boss had to go out of town for a professional conference.… Read more

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The deliberation of a Palm Beach millionaire

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The estate I taught was just past mar-a-lag on blossom way that my mentor and sponsor for my pro tennis career lived 6 months of the year like 1/4 of the world's wealth does. That's lie though becuase is long as 8 knew him an many other men at his level he aarived by private jet on Friday and would fly out on Monday day morning about 80 percdnt of the weeks he said he was thefe. Leaving most of the time with no k**s or wife. Most have two 9r three spots they have houses or something to stay in and probally a mistress or two. Markus wife was I and election time she was mayor of palm beach. Mark… Read more

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Piggy gettin down again

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So little piggy got a new celly. While on the tier these two bear types called piggy over to check out the newest prints being added to his album. Piggy knew they would only buy one or two each. These two guys were picky and hardly ever stayed on the tier long. They just happened to be sitting at the table that gave a clear view in Piggy's cell, and saw Piggy with the prints. Piggy wanted their to hurry so he could shower and wash what ever cum he missed that dried on him from his other encounter. With his new celly gone he entertained a couple of older white guys who lived down the way… Read more

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Double Feature

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I have a hard time writing threesome stories but here goes..enjoy! by williacj I went over to my blonde friend kim's house and I told her that I once got a lap dance to bad company's ”feels like the first time” “i like feel like makin love” she says”you'd love a lap dance to that song” I told her that I'd request that at the club. “I got the song on my I-pad hon” she said smiling, she took off her sunglasses and i sat in a chair. I put a $10 bill in Kim's bra. she leaned over and kissed me”just wait until I get these panties off” she says. [image]… Read more

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Mom's Black BF Fucks Me Blacken

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After my mother divorced she took up with a black man. I was shocked to be honest. My Mom was always so conservative and all of a sudden there is this black man at our house. His name was Jess and right from the first, I could see him looking me over. I thought I would tell my mother about my concerns, but she would never listen to me. She was getting black cock and she loved it. Jess stayed over one night and then the next morning my Mom said she needed to go out and do a little shopping. I didn't want to give Jess any ideas so I went back to my bedroom. I don't think my Mom was gone ten m… Read more

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Mom's Black BF Fucks Me PT2 Blacken

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A few weeks ago, my mother's black lover Jess, had sex with me. Let's just say he took what he wanted and that was my young, white pussy. Since that first time, Jess has been pouring his hot spunk into my pussy. I am worried because Jess refuses to wear a rubber and I am not on the pill. I know it is just a matter of time until Jess fertilizes me. One afternoon my Mom was out of the house. As usual, Jess came into my room and he stripped down. I was now staring at his huge, black dick. Jess has to be at least nine inches long and his rod is thick as my wrist. Don't ask me how I manage to t… Read more

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My wife does porno

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Saturday while my wife Andrea was shopping with one of her friends I did my chores, cut the grass , cleaned the pool and washed her car. Afterwards I sat in the den and sipped a cold beer while watching one of my favorite porn movies. I heard Andrea coming in the back door and I called out to her. She walked in the den carrying two shopping bags from the mall , one was from Victoria's secret. I jumped up and gave her a quick kiss. She said is that what you do when I'm gone? I looked back that the TV there was a thin white woman getting her pussy ruined by a thick black cock. I grabbed the… Read more

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I Fucked the Boss Wife Blacken

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As a black man it is never easy moving up the corporate ladder. I was a little lucky that I found a sponsor, as such, at the company I worked for. A man named Tony took me under his wing and greased the sk**s a bit for me. I almost felt like a family member. The day everything came together was the day Tony invited me to his home. I found out from other employees that Tony rarely invited anyone to his home, even his corporate equals. I drove over to Tony's house that Saturday morning. It was a palatial house with a couple expensive vehicles parked in the driveway. I rang the doorbell and go… Read more

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Picking up from journal when mom and dad walked into hotel suite reserved for them, s dad fixed drinks mom opened box's on the bed, found 5" open toe strap heels, sheer black seamed stockings, black garter belt and a black shelf bra, one size too small. As she started to strip to shower and trim her cunt hair someone knocked on door, dad answered saw it was Chester and another black man, mom turned not bothering to cover her tits or pussy, walked to Chester in heels and kissed him, he introduced her and dad to the other man as being the junior VP of personnel in the firm. Mom wrote she was try… Read more

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Cholita Sexy (IN ENGLISH)

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Sexy Cholita Hi I'm Nando I'm 26 years old and I'm from Peru and I come to tell a Sexual Story of mine that I know more than one is going to love: 3 years ago I went to Bolivia for vacation, because the place was nice and the people were nice but I fell in love with a girl who was good and was a beautiful cholita with a skirt named Patricia ... Maybe she was not so pretty with a face but she had good body to be a young girl of 23 years, in a typical costumbrista party of the typical make in Bolivia I went to have fun and my surprise came Patricia and was Hot: she came with some pink shoes, a… Read more

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Jerome`s late night visit

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That night Ana and I had gone bed early. She was in the mood just for receiving oral sex and then I had licked and sucked her thirsty pussy until I made her come twice on my mouth and tongue. Then she said she was now relaxed but also very tired; she turned the lights off and said she would be better in the morning… After midnight I woke up when I saw some headlights flash into our bedroom and heard a car pulling into our driveway. I got up and went to the window to see Jerome`s van parked there. As I heard the front door open, I reached for my shorts and headed for the main entran… Read more

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A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Ch. 3

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A Not So Prim and Proper Wife- Chapter 3 The story so far… A dedicated wife has cheated on her husband, with a black man who has seduced her. This black man is a highly-placed administrator in the school district she teaches high school students in. Caught in the bedroom, the husband has had a bad reaction, and his wife, in her attempt to satisfy her husband, got herself looking seductively pretty the next evening, only to wind up the victim of a nonconsensual sexual act with a third man. To make matters worse, the husband’s job is now in peril, and he is forced to be leaving town for a busin… Read more

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Little Piggy has been thinking..

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Those women up in the mail room were probably envied little piggy adventures. What they fail to realize is that spreading your legs for pleasure isn't as hard as society makes it out to be. Instead of just enjoying yourself and having fun they turn it into a chore full of emotions. I'm not against emotions, but there's a time and place for it. I can say without no doubt that sometimes a man just wants to fuck, cum and be done. You have to enjoy it for just that. In fact, it's super hot when you do. It lets you feel slutty and in control. For one you were the one they wanted and lasted fo… Read more

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Tracy has bad news-blackened to the core!

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My small cocked hubbies phone- Ring'''''Ring''''Ring..... 'Hello Mick here!' Tracy, the fat, lazy step daughter of Mick Hello Daddy,’it is your lovely step daughter Tracy here, Mick’...Mick,’ Hello what can I do for you? Tracy... 'Oh Daddy. I need your help please!' Mick,’ No you don't you have your own fiance now Mark to help you, not Dad!!!' Tracy... 'Oh, please don't be like that. I can't turn to Mark right now. He will not understand me!' Mick thought knowing what a lazy bitch she is, sitting and eating all day and never did a day’s work! 'OK, well what has happened that you can't tell Mar… Read more

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My Own Glory Hole

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It was surprisingly easy to have my very own glory hole. After I'd decided I wanted to have one, all I did was go to the local lumber yard and bought a piece of half inch plywood, some screws, some paint, and brought it home and measured it so it would fit inside the door jamb of the closet I'd chosen for it to be  installed in, and cut a hole in it about three inches in diameter, painted it on both sides, and I was all set to go! Then I got on to Craig's List (I didn't yet know about sites like Grinder) and placed an ad. I wrote: "Horny older white guy, 60, looking for YOUNG guy… Read more

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GF turns me into a Faggot Gay

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My girlfriend Kelly had been unhappy for months. No matter what we tried, I couldn't satisfy her. Despite my physical size-6' 3", 210 lbs and muscular frame, my cock (if you can call it that) only gets to about 5-1/2 inches hard and doesn't stay hard for long without a great effort from my partner. We did find that I could stay hard longer and she gets more aroused when she insults my manhood during sex, often saying she wished she had a real man while fucking me. I felt sorry for her but, being selfish, I just ignored the problem until she was totally frustrated. Last Friday I decided to c… Read more

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My Bitch Now PT 2 Gay

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I went from normal straight dude, to everyone's bitch. God help me. I woke up the next morning remembering very little. All that weed, what ever was in those pills, I greeted the morning in a hazy fog. My asshole was sore for some reason, and it also felt... weird. Eh, why worry about it? I had some vague memory of doing something Mark, but whatever it was it was probably just guy stuff, nothing to worry about. I can trust Mark, I thought. Still in Mark's house I go to take a shower, he was nowhere to be found. Disrobing I find I am wearing... what the fuck?.. a feminine red thong, must… Read more

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My high school bullies

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When i was younger living with my mom, before i started my black cock love. i had two bullies who would pick on me everyday. I didn’t know why picked on me but they were these two tall skinny black boys and i was this little white boy with a bit of a plumped butt. My mom was this curvy women who wore tight clothes all day. She usually wear tight black leggings and a thight shirt. Some nights she would go out and not come back until the next morning. One day i came home and asked my mom about it why i was getting bullied by these two guys. My mom responded “honey i go and talk to these boys fo… Read more

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Mrs Tillmans Closet

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-------------------------------------------------------- Mrs. Tillman's Closet (Fm, rom, intr, 1st) rs *** His older white neighbor lady tricks a young black boy into sexual relations... *** When I was 14 years old my neighbor Mrs. Tillman asked me to come over and help her move some boxes in her closet. I had always had the hots for Mrs. Tillman because she was a very attractive woman. She was white and around forty-eight years old, about 5'10 with auburn hair. She had a big fat ass with wide hips, and a nice set of plump tits that I would have loved to stick my face in forever… Read more

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Owned By Black Daddy PT 2 Gay

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Suddenly the video cut out, Eric had been so entranced by it that he hadn't noticed Patrick return to the room. He found himself wondering what they boy had said in response to Patrick's question, thinking it might be information which could benefit him in this situation, but also partly out of pure curiosity. Patrick walked towards Eric and wrapped his large hand around Eric rock hard cock, it felt so sensitive Eric thought he was going to cum right then and there. Eric gasped and Patrick laughed. "Please just let me go, I swear I won't say anything." Eric tried pleading again. "I know… Read more

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