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Gone Fishing Again (part2)

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I woke to the sounds of birds chirping outside of the window and a warm body pressed against mine. It took a moment to get my bearings realizing that the hot soft body spooned against mine wasn’t that of my wife, hell, I wasn’t even in my own bedroom. Gradually it came back to me that it was my sweet Latisha lying beside me instead of my bitchy wife who was in Boston with her equally bitchy sister. I listened to her soft snoring and doing my best to slip out of bed without waking the cute black teenager I rolled off of the bed and headed to the bathroom to relieve my full bladder. I relived th… Read more

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Vacation Massage

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I was on vacation with my family and one day I ended up with a soar neck from the pillows in the hotel room. I went to the concierge and inquired about the costs at the spa. The shock of how expensive it was made me decide to pass on that option. So I googled local masseurs and made a call. Luckily for me, the first place I called had availability that afternoon. I arrived at this place (a small cottage in this seaside community) and was a bit reluctant at first. I knocked on his door and he welcomed me in. This guy had a shaved head, a goatee and some tattoos. He was in really good shape for… Read more

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Young Black Cock Slut Part 2

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It's been a couple weeks since I First was Fucked by Henry my ex friend Hanna's brother. I couldn't stay away from his Big Black Cock we Fucked every chance we got. I would skip class to run over to meet him, he would pound my Pussy then off I would go. One night he was working afternoon shift I borrowed my dad's car drove over to his work place, his lunch time was 9 pm. I picked him up, we drove to a secluded area in the industrial park. It was hot I was wearing a light yellow summer dress with thin straps and nothing else. Once parked Henry moved in dropped the straps then started Sucking in… Read more

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Working Girl

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Mine is an interesting line of work, one that I embraced as an extension to my sexuality, and believe it or not, my personal code of ethics. If you are reading this, my first [ever] blog post it means that I have either viewed your profile and decided there is a match somewhere, or I have seen something on your page that interests me and invited you to join me. One thing that I sometimes encounter is what I call "generic whore syndrome", the set of assumptions some people apply to 'sex workers', or even attractive women living their normal lives. Some of the approaches on this website are poli… Read more

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My Suprise gangbang

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I got a five texts while at work from my fwb Mac that said he really needed to talk to me before this coming friday so at lunch I gave him a call and asked what was going on. He asked me if i was serious about having sex with him and another guy like we had talked about in bed a couple times and i replied yes I guess. He said good a friend of his from work said he wanted to meet me. I asked Mac (who was very discreet about being gay, like I was) how his friend Steve and him brought me up. Mac said at break he had his smartphone laying on the break room table and when i texted it, it popped up… Read more

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A Shocking Piece of News and a New Friend

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I was enjoying a week in a big rented house on the beach in East Hampton. As a baby gift, I had given my former room mate and his wife a room in the house with their baby, from Sunday til Friday, which was when the rest of the shareholders would arrive to fill the house. This story is not about my friend's mousy wifelet. I got a call from my mother. Cousin Janice had died the previous day, cause uncertain, while her older husband was out of town with the c***dren. A dilemma. Janice and I had fucked each other's brains out the prior summer. Before she had some corrective procedure and concei… Read more

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Black BBW Cuckoldress

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I meant Janine on live links. Actually I was drunk when I called the line. Just hoping to talk a woman while I jacked my little pink dicklet. In my introduction I mentioned that I was into cuckolding, and SPH, and that I had preference for BBW's. This was in the Detroit area so most of the ladies on the line were African-American. Her ad stated that she liked to have her asshole licked, and was looking for a long term relationship where she could really control the person she was with. At the time that sounded great to me. So we chimed a few messages back, and forth. Finally I sent her a conne… Read more

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True Story of a White Guy Wanting Asian Women part

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                               ASIAN CAT & WHITE CAT It was just after Christmas when I decided to go to Vietnam. Booked my ticket and got my Visa. I had heart so much about Vietnamese women, from friends, that I had to experience it myself. I put up my profile on Vietnamcupid and started to chat. Now most women want to get married first before intercourse. I talked them out of that and also didn’t want k**s, I have two already. And no condom… Read more

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Order of Protection

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“All rise! The District Court of Manatka is now in session. The Honorable Judge Bauer presiding,” the bailiff said. Freida Bauer ascended the steps of the bench and sat down. “You may be seated. Will the clerk please call the first case.” “Khoury versus Higgins,” shared the middle aged brunette. “Will the parties please step forward,” the judge directed. A petite blonde woman and her tall, olive skinned husband stood up and moved forward. From the other side of the room, an average height guy with red hair and green eyes walked down the aisle. “Bailiff, please swear them in.” “Plea… Read more

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Ma premiére avec un mec

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Ceci est l’histoire de ma première pipe et doigtage subis j'avais alors 1X ans, début 90, je ne connaissais pas encore mes préférences sexuelles. Mes souvenirs ne sont plus tout frais mais je vais essayer de ne rien omettre, ni trop enjoliver (juste un peut). Je suis parti seul dans un concert alternatif, la je rencontre Laurent un métisse plutôt carré, plus âgé que moi, avec qui le courant passe bien, nous discutons de la musique, il ne dit qu’il joue dans un petit groupe de musique industrielle entre autre, puis je ne sais plus trop comment j'apprends qu'il est gay. Nous bougeons sur la musi… Read more

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Lyla: Polishing Apples

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"Will this heat ever just fuck off." Lyla said, standing in front of the open refrigerator. It had been unbearable for the last few weeks. The weathergirl said it was only going to get hotter. "Sunni, do you want anything from the store, I need to get out of here before I cook. What's wrong?" She asked as her friend placed her phone on the counter. "It's my father," Sunni said, her voice breaking with emotion. "He will be here next week, he wants to come to see a rehearsal. What am I going to do?" "Relax, it will be fine, you are a grown woman now, you don't have to see him if you don't w… Read more

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Mom at Church

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We watched Pastor Jacobs feeling mom up as she stood in front of the boys and men, Minister told the boys he would thank them forever for telling him Mrs. Millie Mxxxe was a black cock whore. I looked at the 6 and recognized 2 from school, same two that tried to watch thru basement window 1 time, hoped they didn't tell how they knew. Turned back as Minister told mom why don't you do a slow strip for us, show us that hot white body of yours, as we watched mom slowly took off her blouse shook her tits at them, pinched her nipples then unzipped skirt and let it drop then strutted around room show… Read more

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wonderful mexico experience, part one

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To begin this story with two first experiences for each of us, intereracial sex and bi. I should introduce my wife and I. She is 5'8" tall, slim with small perky tits, and a clean shave pussy, and I am 5'8" tall, in shape 160 lbs and also shaved, and a little larger than average cock. I am mid 40's and she is mid 30's several times my wife and I have vacationed below Cancun on a small cove with cabanas on the beach. At least once each trip she and I after drinks and dinner close by, end up having naked sex on the beach in the moonlight . One day at lunch, this trip, I went up to have lunch an… Read more

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The Beginning part 3.

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The Beginning part 3. My Birthday I took care of our Jr so Karen could get some rest. She needed it after taking 3 black dicks in her all night long. It was time to get back into a married couple with offspring normal routine. But I could not wonder what Karen did that night if it could turn into a normal routine for us. Monday morning it is back to work. I gave my little family a kiss on the way out the door. Karen was taking her vitamins and drinking plenty of fluids. She gave me a smile as she put her hands on top of her breast. I told her she looked beautiful as I left. I was thinking… Read more

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What it’s like to get fucked by a woman who wants

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I was in the hotel room when my holiday fling arrived. We laid on the bed cuddling and about 5-10 minutes, when she suddenly took my pants off and grabbed my cock. I could tell something was a little different. There was an assertiveness in the way she did it. I don’t know why but it really turned me on! There was no messing around, it was more of a determined sensation to it. I could feel her desire to get me hard quickly! Her hands and mouth worked in harmony making me so hard that it almost hurt. It felt like her natural instinct knew exactly what to do! It was like her pussy was controllin… Read more

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The Beginning Part 2

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The Beginning Part 2 Wednesday evening was turning into the night. Karen and I just got finishing watching the video of Bill shooting his black seed into her mouth. Karen was getting hot again but I had to reminder her we have to get our butts to the store. Junior won’t be able to nurse for the next few days. Once at the store we got to shopping. Karen was filling the basket up with baby food and formula. I said” Sure looks like a lot of baby food for just four days.” “As of today I decided not to breast feed our son. I want my breast to be full of milk for black men” replied Karen. Kare… Read more

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She gets bbc for her Birthday

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The morning of my birthday dawned brightly – while the temperature was cold, I breathed a sigh of relief that my birthday wouldn’t be a rainy one. The day was finally here. I was finally going to meet you for the very first time in person, as we had decided that my birthday would be the perfect day for me to realize my fantasy of having my pussy stuffed full of a beautiful black cock. I arose very early, the first person in the house to stir. I didn’t even wait for my 5am alarm to wake me, I hadn’t slept much the night before, waffling between excitement and fear about this new adventure. I q… Read more

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Swedish Au Pair in Philadelphia

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I'm not sure where to begin since I have never written about this before. I guess I will start by describing myself. My Name is Anna Larsson and I am from Northern Sweden. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I am a bit short with an attractive figure. My story really begins back in 1995, I was 19 years old and had just graduated from school in Sweden. I decided to come to the USA for a year as an Au Pair (nanny). I ended up with a family in Philadelphia. So in the summer of 1995 I traveled to the USA to begin what was to be a year as a nanny for the family's two c***dren. It was exciting to be… Read more

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Slut Wife Dancing

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It was a Friday night, Portacali had been open a few months and after a good deal of procrastination we had decided the tales of a party atmosphere had to be experienced first hand. The evening started to heat up at about 5pm when my wife, Aimee, began parading around naked, picking her clothes for the evening. In the end, she went for her favorite short flimsy pleated black skirt and tight fitting blue top and a great pair of stiletto boots I'm sure I hadn't seen before. I didn't mind so much; seeing her nude is always a pleasure. At 34 Aimee is exceptionally gorgeous. She stands about 5'7… Read more

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Police Brutality

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Detective Thunder Smith shut down his laptop computer and threw it into his backpack. The six-foot-seven, two-hundred-twenty-nine-pound father of two was ready to get over to his mother-in-law’s house. She was making a birthday dinner for her own mother. Most of his wife’s small family would be there - her nephew, her aunt, plus her cousin and his two k**s. Thunder had been married to Kimberly for sixteen years. Thunder was born in New York City. His father was a Black man who had moved up from Virginia. His mother was Iroquois. He had a smooth caramel skin and slick straight hair which he… Read more

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