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A very boring schoolgirl recollection, please dont

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What makes a girl do the things she does? For me, I have always known the the answer, a mixture boredom and excitement, if I get bored say, in a hotel room, I get sexy, well more horny would be a truer statement, hence flashing room service, or fellow hoteliers. Sex is great if done on the spur of the moment, not planed, it just presents itself and you have to make it happen, just ask the many men who never thought of being connected to me (physically connected with their cock) could possibly happen, but they did, because I permitted them to. I get bored I get horny, thats why I became a ha… Read more

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First Time Cuck

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First time Cuck I was at home alone one early afternoon.. I had just purchased some new sexy clothes to try on. A sexy black teddy with silk thongs that ran up my shaved ass. My black lace bra was filled with huge double D titty inserts that felt oh so real. I had on black thigh high stockings that felt so smooth on my shaved legs. I stood in a pair of black leather fuck me pumps with six inch heels. I had a sexy platinum blonde wig that was cut short just below my ears. My eyes were done like a street whore with pink mascara and long fake eyelashes. I had bright red lipstick on, just fantasi… Read more

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came to play

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I spent my c***dhood at my grandmas house while I was growing up, there was several k**s in the neighborhood... I basically grew up in the ghetto side of town. I knew more black people than white. I went to a school where there was always atleast a fight a day, so I kept to myself for the most part.. when I was 17 I was asked to stay late after school in hopes to help ms. Joliet my favorite teacher clean her room and set up for the next day, atleast that's what I was told. My final class of the day is gym so I was going to shower before I went to joliet's room, when I stepped out of the showe… Read more

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Lost Virginity to teacher part 2

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That night I just could not sleep I just layed on top of the bed and could not get the thoughts of what happened out of my mind. All the time I layed there my cock was rock hard and although I wanked myself a couple of times it still stayed hard and this did not help with trying to get to sleep. After a few hours I started to think about what might happen tomorrow and how I was going to hide the underwear I was going to be wearing from the other students. Then I had to work out how I was going to get the underwear and who's but then I remembered that every morning my sister had a shower and… Read more

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First Cuckold Experience PT. 1

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My wife was working on her second glass of white wine in an attempt to gain liquid courage. She was nervous and there was no mistaking it. It could be seen in the way she continuously tapped her foot on the floor or the way she kept glancing at her watch. Dennis would be arriving shortly and we would finally be making our fantasy a reality. I walked to the couch and knelt before her, smiling. I placed my hands on her soft white thighs and slid upward until I felt her silk panties. She bit her bottom lip. My fingers wrapped around the fabric and began to pull down. "What're you doing… Read more

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I remember the first day I meet Kristen [AR]

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I remember the first day I meet Kristen, she was behind the bar filling a freezer frosted schooner that began to overflow and spill onto the floor creating a small puddle. She set the brew on the table, and grab some damp towels from underneath the counter. Then she walked over to the puddle threw the towels unto the wet area. I watched as Kristen spread both legs far apart and placed both hands onto the towels and started to sop up the liquid on the floor. I started to pay closer attention to what she was wearing and her slim figure. Kristen had on a matching thong and tied top piece that… Read more

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The Field Trip

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The Field Trip I saw one of those old movies the other day, were the hero and heroine on a trip into the jungle and were captured by some native hunters, as usual my imagination started to run away with me and this is the result, hope you like it! I was trying to make I brain work but it was impossible, I finally came to the realization that my white guide was dead, probably killed in his sleep, I knew that the only way to stay alive now was to stay calm and not to panic, even though I was on the edge of a total breakdown. "Do you speak… Read more

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Lost Virginity to teacher

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Many years ago when I was younger and still at school I lost my anal virginity to my much older black teacher. He was in his early fifties and I was a young teen and I was in alot of his classes especially his PE classes and every time I got undressed I could see him watching my every move with his dark glaring eyes. I just ignored him and wanted to get changed as fast as possible but one day after football he told me not to get undressed and to wait until everyone had left because he needed to talk to me about something so I sat and waited until the last boy left the changing room and Sir wen… Read more

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My Filthy Interracial No Holes Barred Builder Gang

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My Filthy No Holes Barred Builder Gangbang Well.. Since i have been back, i have been randier than ever!! Seriously almost anything gets me WET!! The other day was no exception, it was a very horny Saturday. My Tight Pussy was throbbing!!! so i went for a drive to try and ease the stress haha. But it was to much, so i decided to do something i'd never done before. LOOK FOR SOME WHITE COCK!! Normally i ring a Fuck Buddy but i wanted something new. So armed with my New packet of Latex Real Feel condoms off i went. After a few minutes i pulled up on a side road, opened my windows… Read more

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cum and get sum black pussy babe x

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i met a man online he came to my house i had no panties on i let him finger my sex hole as soon as i opened the door we watched porn i then pushed my eyeliner pencil in his bell end while he wanked, i was so horny i let him push the handle of an umbrella up my arse while he fucked my cunt for the first time ever i let a man wank into my mouthi swallowed all his cum NEVER AGAIN it tasted YUK i then let him masterbate my pussy at the window so people coming past could see my naked body and open pussy lips, i love pushing things up my pussy, i have had everything up me an… Read more

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Pete whores out his wife and now he wants her back

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A group of friends and I have a poker night and one night our friend Peter was a bit more intoxicated than usual and started talking about his wife Melissa. He said that they had been talking about checking out a swing club for awhile and decided to give it a shot a few days earlier. They thought it would be hot to watch other couples fucking and to be watched as well. They had been their for about an hour and the site of all the fucking had them turned on. Melissa said she wasn't ready to be naked in front of a bunch of people yet and asked to go find a secluded spot. All the rooms had been t… Read more

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The Christmas Present

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Sara set at her desk working on a file when her phone rang. Her husband was on the other end of the line, "Hey babe I just bought a gift for one of the boys out of the paper. Can you run by the guys house and pick it up for me?". She told him she would, got the address and got back to work. The rest of the day flew by and it was quitting time before she knew it. The 35 year old brunette got her stuff together and put her coat on as she headed to her suv wondering what her husband had bought. She started the suv and headed the way the directions told her. She soon pulled up infront of a nice lo… Read more

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How to Eat Pussy and have fun

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How to Eat Pussy and have fun Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And I'm not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So, remember, most… Read more

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The Business Trip

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Gail was excited, this was the first time she was getting to go to the big seminar. She liked the thought of meeting all the people she dealt with and putting faces with the names and voices. The two other ladies going with her had been before and told her it was a great time. Gail couldn't wait to get home and tell her husband. He couldn't help but chuckle to himself about his 40 year old wife talking about it with the excitement of a c***d before Christmas. Two weeks later she anxiously kissed him goodbye as she left for work,suitcase in hand,and not to be back for 3 days. "Have a good time.… Read more

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Found my Cuck and Wife at the YMCA (True Story)

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True story that happen to me two years ago. One day I was working out at my local YMCA. When this sexy mature white lady walks into the workout area. She had a veery sexy body, with the perfect ass and tits, and dirty blonde hair. As I continued to work out I noticed her looking at me with those fuck me eyes. Then I saw the wedding ring and thought to myself..." shit she married". I continued my working while enjoying looking at her sexy body. As I was almost done with my workout. A shorter white man walks in and the two of them began to talk. At one point they look at me and they both kin… Read more

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She Makes Peter Turn

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Did she have a hidden agenda? Was her Ishtar to dominate white men driven by some racial hatred or need to seek revenge for her enslaved ancestors? By all outward appearances, that would appear to be the case. But Mistress Ishtar was far more complex than superficial appearances would allow. Black, strong, confident, and proud, there was no mistaking that the Domina was proud of her African heritage and took pleasure in reducing her white submissives to whatever it was that they feared the most. There was a certain subtlety she possessed that could not be defined by labels. She chose t… Read more

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Walking Funny today

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Yesterday started out slow for me I was doing laundry and I heard the phone ring so I answered it it was my friend mary she asked what I was gonna do later so told her I didnt have anything in mind and asked why and she said she has a date but her dates friend was tagging along and she wanted some alone time with him and wanted me to go with them to keep him company and I said yes I would go she said great and that I would like him he was Cute she then said she would be by in an hour so to get ready and she would pick me up so I got off the phone and started taking a shower and dressed in a s… Read more

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Amy's Dating

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******************************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: another one of my favs I DID NOT WRITE THIS ALL CREDITS GO TO THE AUTHER WHO CHOOSES TO BE ANONYMOUS, as a tribute to his hot story i feel it needed to be shared. ciao ******************************************************************************** Abstract Basically about a little whore of a wife who wants a "break" from her husband. and despite the fact that they have k**s the whore cheats him and chooses to not be honest with him. Amy's Dating by Anonymous My wife Amy and I h… Read more

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Catching the Wife Vol 4

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******************************************************************************** disclaimer: another one of my favourites I DID NOT WRITE THIS STORY....ALL CREDIT GOES TO CHASSEUR11 of www.literotica.com/stories visit his page for more creative and bust a nut hot stories. CIAO ******************************************************************************** Catching the Wife Vol. 04 bychasseur11© I rolled out of bed late in the morning. Having nothing to do I was in no hurry to start a lazy day. Grabbing something to eat I sat down to watch some bad weekend morning TV when th… Read more

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Catching the Wife Vol 1

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******************************************************************************* DISCLAIMER: this is another one of my favs... I DID NOT WRITE THIS STORY...ALL CREDITS GO TO CHASSEUR11 of the www.liteerotica.com/stories community. Visit his page for more creative, and worth-the-read stories. ciao ******************************************************************************* Catching the Wife Vol. 01 bychasseur11© It was just another slow Friday evening. Sitting alone on my couch with a drink flipping through the channels. All alone and bored out of my mind. It wasn't a… Read more

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