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"The Jogger"

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Setting Warm summer morning (5:30am) very Humid, and already 76 Shelly was a short blonde with a decent build. She got this way from her 5-6 day 45 min jogging sessions. Just about 25 mins into her jogging routine, she was coming up on the worst part of the path she ran, which was no there way around it. most of the time a large black man would be looking at her when she ran by, as he talked to some of the homeless people, but he had heard her one day further up the path, call him a nasty nigger. he was furious, cause those who they say nigga, not nigger, so this must be… Read more

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Naked Civil Servants Part £

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I looked down at Annie’s strap-on which was still inserted into the girl on the sofa , She smiled at me and said that I was more than welcome to try it , I giggled to myself and Michelle ( whom I had now named Velvet due to her smooth soft pussy ) asked me would I like to fuck her with one, I said yes I want to make love to her in many ways and would she like me too. Velvet took my hand and we soon collected our things from the cloak room and left the club getting cab back to her place. We got into the apartment and went into out respective bedroom, I entered her bedroom to find her lyin… Read more

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My Gay Neighbors

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This is something that happened about five years ago. It was the first time I had sex in front of people watching and also the first time I had black cock.... I lived in an apartment complex, mine being right next to the swimming pool. There were two younger guys that lived across the breezeway from me. Two guys living in a one bedroom apartment. If that didnt tell me they were gay the way they acted at the pool certainly did. They werent flaming or anything like that but you could tell they were in love with each other alot.... So I made it a point to get to know them. We hung out… Read more

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'DEEP INSIDE OF JAMIE HARTS 'MORE THAN A WOMAN' CHAPTER 1 IM jamie' i have been bi-sexual from age 15 and wanted to be a girl for just as long. This is about my three years in prison from ag… Read more

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The Neighbor: Hot Zone

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It was a hundred degrees in the city but it felt like a thousand. A whole week of heated misery was all we needed but I wasn't going to let that bother me. My fan was old and finally gave out so I went over to Cynthia's to cool down a bit. When she opened the door my eyes felt like they were going to pop right out of my head. She stood there naked as a newborn baby. Cynthia noticed the look on my face why sucking on an ice cube and rubbing it on her neck. "I", I said, unable to add any more words.… Read more

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A Walk Home...

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I was walking home from my friend's place when I saw her. She was about my height, thin, with skin like milk chocolate. She walked right past me. We barely made eye contact. Being the horny devil I am, I wanted to see if she looked as good from behind as she did in the front. I turned my head, only to see her turn her head. She turned around and started walking toward me. "This is it," I thought, "I'm going to get shouted at, possibly smacked, for being a pervert." She asked me what I was doing. I didn't want to say "checking out your ass," so I simply said I was going home. She asked if she c… Read more

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Training Nikkis Master Part 2

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Jodie approached Nikki who was bent over the spanking bench about to be punished for her fiances earlier mistakes. Do you want to receive this for Todd Nikki, yes mistress the petite slave replied. Jodie then picked up the paddle and gave the girl 6 swats on each cheek then picking up the crop hit her 6 more times. Looking at Todd she could see tears on his cheek and helping Nikki up told her, Todd needs you, you are lucky to have a man like him. Pulling her shorts back up she went to her fiance and held him kissing his face and wiping the tears away. I am OK Todd, Jodie went easy on me, I act… Read more

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my frist male gang bang thats black

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This is a true story that happened to me a few years ago. I at the time was single and playing both sides of the fence. I was almost always in a a aol chat room looking to hook up with something. I am bi and like to bottom , I am white 5'10 stocky build and curves in the right place for a guy. i was 26 at the time. I had set up a time to met a guy that was a top and when he showed up he didn't look like what he said he did .(this happened a lot ) So i was just going to hang out at the bar ( it was a gay bar.) About a hour after being there a black guy comes over and asks if he can buy… Read more

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Naked Civil Servants Part 2

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We soon got dressed, Michelle in an opened back short red dress and me in my little black number very low cut at the front and again backless down to my bum, I left off my underwear and only had hold up stockings on, as soon as we got outside the apartment my nipples became erect with the cold wind blowing down the street. Michelle ordered a cab and soon we ended up in Soho with all the clubs and sex shops lit up with neon lights, we strolled around giggling like two young school girls at the array of things on offer to us. I took Michelle hand and lead her into a sex shop, we stood at… Read more

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Peek a boo. I see you sexy

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I would always make sure he was at his window at 12am sharp. I would look out into the darkness and across to the next building. She was always there. Her beautiful brown skin glistening in the moonlight as she danced around her apartment. She had a curvy sexy body,that would make any man or woman stop in their tracks. There I was with my cock rock hard. Wishing that I was in that apartment getting ready to give her a good fucking. The more she danced around naked the harder my cock got and the faster I stroked. I blew my load in a matter of minutes and went off to bed. The next day I was doi… Read more

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Naked Civil Servants

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It had been a few days now but I always got that warm feeling when I spoke to Michelle on the phone. We both work for the civil service and after me gaining promotion Michelle was my new contact in Whitehall. We soon got the work business out of the way and started to chat about our private lives. Michelle had just come out of a long term relationship and had told me about an encounter with a male friend Michael and his now ex girlfirend, during a visit to him in France. After a few glasses of wine Michael and Michelle had started talking about they fantasies, one of them for M… Read more

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You: hey Stranger: f 20 us horny You: m 19 horny Stranger: mmmm You: want me to make you cum? Stranger: yes You: can you talk dirty? Stranger: yes You: show me You: you wanna suck my dick? Stranger: i have pjs with no underwear on You: I'm in my boxers.. You: take off your pjs Stranger: can you take them off You: I'll tear them off You: :P You: ;) Stranger: and throw me on the bed and tie me up You: sure You: also use clothes pins You: on your nipples You: how big your boobs? Stranger: 48c You: what color your nipples? Stranger: brown You: ohh.. nice..!! You: I'll nib… Read more

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Frankie Chocolate Part 2

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As Frankie recovered herself, her body stocking soaked from top to bottom with either her juices or champagne, Kai scooped her up in his arms and laid her on the bed, as he started to pull her arms out of the stocking, he lost his patience and started to rip at the stocking, first he pulled it away from her breasts and as he felt it rip beneath his agile fingers he continued to tear it all the way down to her pussy, leaving her totally exposed where he wanted her to be. In her excitement at what Kai was doing to her she had not even noticed his towel was on the floor and his beautiful cock… Read more

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Frankie Chocolate Part 1

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Frankie was beginning to wonder what else she could try, when she was online and a message flashed up from a guy called Kai. As she opened his profile, the biggest chocolate cock she had ever seen popped up on the screen in front of her eyes, the picture having been taken just after he had cum was covered with his juice. Her eyes nearly popped out at the sight and her pussy began to throb instantly, she read his details and she was quite disappointed to see he wasn’t close to her. She felt her hand go to her pussy as she stared at the screen and the wonderful cock in front of her, fin… Read more

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sleeping Beauty

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This is a story of me and my ex right after we broke we were still pretty rocky, but she never hesitated to call me if she needed me. Once while handling an ant infestation over her house, she retired to her upstairs bedroom while I went to work. "Just let your self our when you're finished" she told me in a semi smart ass tone. What a bitch!! After all, here I was there helping her out! I always blamed her attitude on her mulatto genes, maybe her body was constantly at war with each other, black vs white. At the same time though, this gave her the perfect skin complexion and features, she… Read more

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Return of the Hitcher

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After RaMon and Bo were through we said our goodbyes but I wanted to give them my number in case either wanted to play again. RaMon took my number and told me he would call. One night about 10:30 pm I was just getting ready to go to bed and the phone rings. RaMon was on the line. Man I need a ride can you come get me and get me where I'm going. I will make sure you get some dick. I laughed and said hold on. I went into the other room and said I had to go to town. I got back on the phone and told RaMon I would be there in about 40 minutes. I put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and head… Read more

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Wimpy white boy

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I am a wimpy white boy. My slutty white wife and I ended up in a cuckold slut wife relationship in a bizarre sort of way. I guess I should have seen it coming because according to my wife and the big black bull that broke me down and made me come clean, I had been living in denial my entire life. The way they see it, my slutty white wife and I would have ended up like this sooner or later even if he hadn’t come around and properly motivated us. Even before I was forced to take a job working in a factory along side blacks and latinos, a job I considered beneath me due to the bad economy, I… Read more

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Whimpy White Boy

Interracial Sex

I am a wimpy white boy. My slutty white wife and I ended up in a cuckold slut wife relationship in a bizarre sort of way. I guess I should have seen it coming because according to my wife and the big black bull that broke me down and made me come clean, I had been living in denial my entire life. The way they see it, my slutty white wife and I would have ended up like this sooner or later even if he hadn’t come around and properly motivated us. Even before I was forced to take a job working in a factory along side blacks and latinos, a job I considered beneath me due to the bad economy, I… Read more

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Aki, Japanese Tourist, Part 1

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I was minding my own business at the Battery in Manhattan one Friday morning in June, when a bus pulled up and emptied at least 100 Japanese tourists, all wearing white shorts and blue shirts with giant plastic credential holders around their necks. I stood and watched them. I went over what I had to do that day: nothing that couldn’t wait. I decided to try and cut a pretty Jap girl from the herd and see what happened. I figured I had one shot to get it right. I studied the crowd carefully. She couldn’t be too innocent or too young or she’d go scurrying away. If I picked one that… Read more

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Black Boss Fucks Young White Wife

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Allison Goes Black My name is Allison. I'm a 25 year-old, white, female. I have shoulder length blond hair and green eyes. I'm about 5' 6" and 130lbs. I'm fair skinned and have long legs which I used to attract my white husband, Matthew. We live in a rich neighborhood by the beach. Our house is pretty nice, three stories, and has lots of windows. Matt is a young, prominent executive at an advertising company. Matt was working a lot of hours to move ahead in the company, but he was denied a promotion by his black boss, Jerry Coleman. After that, Matt would come home fussing about Jerry. He s… Read more

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