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California Virgin

First TimeInterracial Sex

Im back again everyone. After doing some thinking I remembered that I left one story out from my previous sex experiences. Hope everyone enjoys it. Remember, my stories are real because I went through all these experiences. There was this guy I knew that I played basketball with. He had a real hot girlfriend that was really sweet and always trying to make friends. She sent me a friend request one day and I accepted it. On her top friends she had this really cute white girl so I sent her a friend request. I sent her a message and she replied. Come to find out, it was the other girl's &qu… Read more

Posted by wellendowed0912 7 years ago 4 3,167 81%


Interracial SexLesbian SexTaboo

THE RETURN OF UNCLE DAVE PART 2 UNCLE DAVE’S GIRLS After arriving in Miami Dave checked them into a beachfront hotel. Dave made sure that he got only one room with one bed. He made it quite clear to Julie that ever chance he got that he was going to fuck her. As for Julie she had no problem knowing that she was going to be his fuck toy, as a matter of fact she was looking forward to more of her sexual adventures with new lover. Once they were in the room Dave asked Julie to strip for him, He knew that she was beautiful but he felt like he didn’t get the full effect of her… Read more

Posted by christydee 7 years ago 3 3,826 92%

Escaping the Streets

Interracial Sex

True Story: I've had my share of difficulties in this life and then some. But I've survived. Had to sell a little pussy and suck a few dicks. Kept my self clean, but it's not a good life. Every man thinks it's a great life, but for a woman it's not. Been robbed a few times, but nerver beat up. So one afternoon I'm a little, innocent looking black girl waitint for a city bus in a bus stop shelter in Richmond, Virginia and this white guy stops his car to ask for directions. Found out pretty quickly that what he really wanted to know was if I was available.… Read more

Posted by Monica123 7 years ago 5 1,313 77%

wife's night with Aarlon

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

My wife and I were married for four years when we discussed swinging. Actually, she was the first to bring it up. Initially I was a shocked, but also aroused at seeing a different side to her sexuality. We placed a few ads for couples, but nothing ever really came of it. We were young-- she in her mid 20s and I in my early 30s. Most couples seem to graduate to swinging a little later in life, or so it seemed. Through this exploration, we decided that we would look for another man to join us in a threesome. This seemed logistically much more attainable. We also discussed at length the reali… Read more

Posted by gypseesthorne66 7 years ago 4 4,388 71%

King University's New Slut Part 5

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

Chapter 5: The Man Changed Me On my way back to the dorm room, all I could think about was Tayshawn and what transpired between us. His amazing physique, his big arms wrapped around me making me feel like I was his only one. What stuck out the most was his jerking me off. He didn't do much to me but seeing and feeling him rub me up like that was.............. I have no words. When I got to the elevator, I realized that I had another boner. "Shit." This thing wouldn't go away and I can't believe after what just happened that it still wouldn't stay down.… Read more

Posted by BlaqJm18 7 years ago 5 2,613 93%

Workplace Lesbians

Group SexInterracial SexLesbian Sex

Well everyone im finally back! I havent written a story in a while because I havent had any out of the ordinary sexual experiences besides the usual sex with my fiancee. If you have been keeping up with my stories then you know my stories are 100% true and based off of personal expriences. so here it goes... My fiancee is bisexual and oh yeah it is great. I get to look at other women with her and talk about their tits etc. My fiancee got a job at this mall. While at the working there she found out one of her co-workers is bisexual too. She told me about it and told me how she had a dream abou… Read more

Posted by wellendowed0912 7 years ago 2 1,518 73%

Getting into the Bi-Life Style – Part 1 of S

Group SexInterracial Sex

My name is Brenda, and Part 1 is about me. This is Monica123’s account, and she is actually writing this story based on what Bill and I tell her and what she remembers, but it's from my perspective, not hers or Bill's. I couldn’t tell her this story until months later. You’ll see why after she posts Part 2. I - Brenda - live in a rented efficiency upstairs from Monica. She and I are good friends, watched a little TV together, and mostly speak as we came and went. We are both black and single…and I came to find out pretty horny ladies. You may or may… Read more

Posted by Monica123 7 years ago 8 2,565 95%


Interracial Sex

Uncle Dave’s Returns By Christy Dee It had been four months since Dave Rogers visited his s****r and niece Anita. Dave has been very busy in his job as photojournalists, but the memory of his homecoming still lingered. As he sat on a plane on his way back from Africa, his eyes closed he remembers the lovely time he and his sweet eighteen-year-old niece had that first day by the pool. The thought of Anita’s young tender body hunted him. Her long red hair and soft green eyes along with her long delicious legs made his mouth water, the thought of h… Read more

Posted by christydee 7 years ago 4 1,885 87%


Interracial SexLesbian Sex

My white BBW with big juicy tits and fat pussy lips is making breakfast. She bends over and her juicy fleshy pussy is exposed and I can see her big juicy nipplies is hanging. I pour syrup on her pussy and started nibbling on her clit and sucking her pussy lips. I start licking her asshole and fucking her asshole with my nipple. Our latin girlfriend comes in I made the both of them push their pussies very close together. They are so close their clits are touching. I started sucking and licking both clits. Then I pressed the vibrator on both clits on the same time, they started squirting… Read more

Posted by pinkdiva01 7 years ago 2 1,233 63%

Lateshay 36 G big natural tits on his mind....

Group SexInterracial SexMature

Sincy aka Kathy my xhamster friend... Want to read a true story? Sincy of xhamster, her man makes her fuck him and she sucks his cock until he explodes while he watches my vids. She gets very humiliated by me this way. She hates it that her man shoots bigger loads and FUCKS HER HARDER! It gets me off when shesends me messages while I use my vibrator and masterbate to her stories. Just knowing her man fucks her and watches my vids is a big turn on. He thinks of me while shesucks his cock. I wonder if anyone else does this while they fuck their woman? I love cum! I'm such a f… Read more

Posted by Lateshay 7 years ago 15 5,798 90%

Mexican Painter

HardcoreInterracial Sex

I painted a 4-foot tall painting of an alien angel. It was admired by an older Mexican woman that I kept flirting with, but could never make a move on. I wanted to, but couldn't think of what to say. She asked me to sell her the painting a day after I brought it back home from the gallery. We made plans to meet at her studio the next day. I carried the painting from my apartment to her studio. When I got there, she offered a trade instead of the $300 I was asking for it. This is not uncommon for artists since most of them can barely make rent each month. I saw a painting I liked and took… Read more

Posted by zombieguy1 7 years ago 2 1,761 78%

King University New Slut Part 3

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

King University’s New Slut Chapter 3: Quinn After the intense kissing session that I had with Jamal I realized that I had shot a load in my pants. I went up to my room to take a shower... a cold one at that. While I washed up, I thought about how good I handled that situation... with Jamal and with Quinn. Jamal could have just taken me back to my room and fucked me all over the place but I didn't let it go that far. I really didn't want him to change his perception about me because I am not that type. As far as I know, it actually went further then I thought it would… Read more

Posted by BlaqJm18 7 years ago 4 1,852 88%

Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 7

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Chapter 8 Friday afternoon, Prinz left his office earlier than usual and drove with apprehension to his beach house. He had consented, finally, to the suggested "party," and though he was looking forward to observing the i****tuous couplings, he still had some reservations. He had called Mark the day before, and the young medical student had agreed to come, and Coco had agreed to play the part of hostess for the weekend orgy. As he pulled into his drive, Prinz was relieved to find Mark and Coco's car parked next to the garage. When he entered the house, he was met… Read more

Posted by heavenly_joy 7 years ago 6 5,274 98%

Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 6

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Chapter 7 "Delightful, Mandy ..." Prinz said and glanced at his watch. The girl's voice droned incessantly and Prinz smiled as her c***dlike excitement came to him over the phone. "And we were wondering, Doctor ... would you like to join us this weekend?" Prinz felt a rush of excitement, but he suppressed it as he reminded himself that business and pleasure should only be conducted in one's offices--in private. "I ... I'm afraid that wouldn't be possible, dear," he told her in an apologetic tone. "It really wouldn't b… Read more

Posted by heavenly_joy 7 years ago 7 10,805 100%

Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 5

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Chapter 6 The sun had set as Prinz pulled onto the Coast Highway. He leaned forward to turn on the driving lights of his automobile, and as the traffic thinned, he looked up the highway to see a pair of hitchhikers standing beside the road. At first, he thought the hikers were two longhaired boys, but as he drew closer, he saw they were girls dressed in shirts and jeans. Pulling onto the shoulder, Prinz leaned over and opened the door of his Mercedes. Breathlessly, the girls ran to the car and peered in. "I'm only going a few miles, but you might have better luck catch… Read more

Posted by heavenly_joy 7 years ago 8 6,458 100%

Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 4

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Chapter 5 Dr. Prinz sat quietly with a brandy in his hand. His final patient of the day had been an uninteresting dowager of late middle age. Her problem was no different than many others Prinz had listened to during his years as a psychoanalyst--just a bit more pressing. She was suffering from sexual deprivation and she had been a difficult subject to program through hypnosis. But today, she had fallen into a deep hypnotic trance and had related to Prinz, her burning desire for sexual release. Even under hypnosis, the woman had refused to masturbate, and Prinz felt himself at an… Read more

Posted by heavenly_joy 7 years ago 6 8,895 94%

Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 3

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Chapter 4 Following an early swim and his daily two-mile jog along the beach, Dr. Prinz arrived at his offices at a few minutes before ten A.M. He found his receptionist, Karen, sitting behind her desk, wearing a thin smile and a subdued look. "Good morning, my dear," he said cheerily as he stopped beside her desk. The girl's face flushed lightly as she looked up and thought, I wonder what he'd think if I told him what happened last night? She nodded, then gestured as she replied, "Ah ... good morning, Doctor ..." and her face flushed deeply as hi… Read more

Posted by heavenly_joy 7 years ago 8 10,492 98%

Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 2

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Coco went on with her story and the two men listened raptly as Karen sat there, licking her lips seductively and running her hands over her body. She was not detached, but neither was she totally a part of what was going on. Coco related how she had left home the year following her graduation and entered college. She took an apartment with another girl--a junior--who had advertised through the campus housing office. Her name was Beth and she was a political science major. "I didn't recognize anything at first," Coco told them, "except that Beth didn't seem… Read more

Posted by heavenly_joy 7 years ago 7 9,961 98%

To Please My Husband, And Pleased Myself Too!

Interracial Sex

I don't know why, but my husband has ALWAYS had this HUGE fetish of watching me with other men, especially the fantasy of me being with a Black Man, unprotected and getting knocked up by him? Ever since I found out, I have dressed up, and played out the fantasy for him with various black dildos and different shades of them. It just turns him on so much, and sometimes I get into it myself to tell you the truth, because it turns him on so much to stand there and tape it then splice it all together into various skits. Recently, he has started to tell me stories about it while tyin… Read more

Posted by Sheila101 7 years ago 20 12,757 91%


Group SexInterracial SexMature

One thing I quickly realised following my **** was that things could never be exactly the same for me. I went through the whole gamut of emotions from, on the one hand, picking up the phone and ringing the police to report the crime and, at the other extreme, going back up to that bedroom when I was alone, stripping down to my knickers and lying on the bed frantically rubbing myself trying in vain to recreate that most delicious sensation of having a hard cock exploding inside me at the same time as my own orgasm. I knew I must be a total slut to allow my body to betray me like that but… Read more

Posted by rosetta2 7 years ago 4 3,940 86%