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the horny daddy of my friend

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It seriously made me feel like he was doing it to have me in it and watch me all day in the pale blueu bottom bikini of his girl his daughter was my friend since highschool and i was often going to take a dip in them pool when it was too hot outside she was away with her friend when i got to the backyard , greeted by her dad , a tall black daddy in his 50s he let me go inside the yard cabin to put on my swimsuit he always left there for me but i coudnt see it all there was , is the pale bikini of my friend i got out of the cabin wearing my boxer only ''hey mister Frank my swimsuit is ot… Read more

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My wife's KIK account, Part 5

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Goddess had me kneel on the shower floor and then She stood over me, lifted one of Her shapely legs and released Her stream of warm, golden nectar all over my boy. Goddess then dismissed me from the shower and took Her own, hot shower. Once She was done, She had me towel Her dry. She told me to then shower, dress and leave until further notice. I did as I was told and then left tot room for the lobby bar. I walked into the lobby bar and a game was on the tv, so I ordered drink and tried to reflect on the previous few hours. After an hour, the bartender told me that I had a phone call. I took t… Read more

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Out of Afrika, chapter 20

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Out of Afrika A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 20​ Melanie Baker’s life had completely changed over the past few years and she suspected that the catalyst for change had been the arrival in Hawksville of Rhino the electronics company. Personally she hadn’t had that much to do with the company other than buying some of their products but such was their pernicious influence and their steady expansion throughout the town and region that it was difficult not to be influenced in some way or another. Like so many of her friends and neighb… Read more

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Becoming pregnant

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Hi, my name is Nikila, I originally hail from Gujarat. I have settled in Bangalore after my marriage. I got married early at my age of 25. My husband is running finance business along with his family members. Ours is a joint family of 6 and financially healthy. My marriage is a happier one as everybody would respect and care me well. But this didn’t continue for long. After two years… Read more

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wife's been having anal sex with bbc

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My wife who I love dearly and she loves me has been fucking other guys for about 8 years now. She is 58 and we started our new sex life kind of later on in life but we love it. For the last 20 years I've been asking my wife to fuck other guys so i could watch has enjoy herself and I might learn something new about her. My dream came true one night on a quick weekend trip to Natchez Ms I picked up a horny 26 year old single guy on a golf outing with his friends. My wife got drunk and I talked her into taking off her underware and meeting back by the bar. This young stud was there and was waitin… Read more

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i maried her twice part two

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After our divorce I was very confused about woman and relationships , I dated some but found nothing to interesting I had a few drunken one night stands but put most of myself into my work. Cheryl I heard had moved to florida and I did not know much more than that, after the cheating sceen we didn't see each other much, she stayed at her friends for a few months and then was gone. The friend she was staying with Angie tried to get me to talk to her but I was way to devistaed. Angie was a bigger girl and liked to hang with any friends that could help her meet guys as she was shy and not very g… Read more

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The White Suburban Housewife - Insatiable Lust

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After more than three years absence, Susan, The White Suburban Housewife, returns. Readers will recall that Susan got involved with Marvin, a black businessman, through the internet. They eventually met in person and Marvin introduced Susan to interracial sex. She loved it. Then Marvin duped her into having sex with his business clients. In essence, she was working as a prostitute. Her first trick was with one of Marvin’s best business clients, Robert. Robert showed Susan what sex with a virile black man is all about. She wanted more and Robert wanted to give her more but now both men have… Read more

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teen/ big black/ gangbang /hairy/ facial ?young te

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i like to share my story with you folks out there my name is leo i live on the ouskirts of ny city im a lawyer and live in a house with my 2 great friends simone and phil the story i am about to tell you happened about 4 years ago i have to go into every detail because it is a fucking amazing story.......lets begin ... im 27 years old black male job own my house in my spare i love picking up white teen girls to take photos and hopefully fuck them on film its my own private collection iv had about 6 girls on film so good some not so good but the girl i picked up 4 years ago {maria} just makes m… Read more

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Bait and switch

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Now for the next installment of my adventures with Miki. I'd like to tell you all about the time I gave Miki a lesbian experience and the surprising results. First I have to tell you about Naomi though. Naomi was a BBW cum slut. She was very much a sub and liked to be used. I met her when Dave messaged me on day on my day off and asked me to get over to his place quick. He told me just to enter his apartment when I got there. I did and what a nice scene it was. Naomi was on her back with legs spread eagle and Dave was pounding her. I immediately got undressed and she sucked me without questio… Read more

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My first swingers party

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One afternoon I stopped by the house and John and Marilyn where in the front yard talking to Curt and Diana so I made my way up the driveway and joined in the conversation. Diana had asked Marilyn if they should follow them or ride with in which she said just follow us over then you can leave whenever you want when at that point she asked me if I was interested in going to a swingers party in which John had said oh you will love our parties and at the same time Diana had said yeah everyone there loves you younger guys, you got to come over with us. I agreed as I was more than willing to do a s… Read more

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Hi I'm writing to tell you about what happened when Tania cuckolded me for the 1st time. We are an average couple as you can see Tania is friends with Lorraine a woman from her work who enjoys the kind of things that we do if you know what I mean Lorraine and her husband Dave invited us to one of their parties that wasn't what we expected in the end and has changed mine and Tanias relationshi… Read more

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black banged...

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we both rip off our clothes in an instant & even in the dark i can see that his long black cock is exactly what i want. still completely flaccid it hangs halfway 2 his knee with a road-map of twisted pulsing veins & a long 4skin covering a huge well-defined glans. i reach out with a trembling hand & grasp his long spongy shaft & am amazed by its unbelievable thickness. " oh... my... god... yessssssss... this is what i want... " i moan " your cock is fucking huge !!! " my hand slides 2 his smooth shaved scrotum 2 feel his silky balls. as i touch him & skin his long 4skin ba… Read more

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dying of thirst...

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i finished showering, tied a towel around my waist & walked back out in2 the living room, where he handed me a drink. i kept staring at the totally obvious swelling in his sweats, which had become so pronounced that it was pushing the elastic away from his trimly tapered waist. he put his hand on my chest & then led me 2 his bedroom as my head spun from the drinks. we paused be4 a full length mirror. quite the contrast ! 2 men, him very dark, me very pale. he pressed me down on2 my stomach on the bed & opened a bottle of massage oil. he sat on my ass & i could feel the heat fro… Read more

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Tribes Fucked Me In The Dense Forest

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My vital stats are 34 30 32, I have a fair complexion, my height is 5.7.The story which I am going to narrate happened in 1992. I was born and bought up in a small town called Srirangam in Tamil Nadu. I was bought up by a priest father and a housewife mother in a very conservative way, I grew up wearing half sarees, studying in a girls school/College, never interacting with boys etc. I was 20 years old and just out of college when my parent fixed my marriage with a business man named Krishnan. My husband K… Read more

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Oh god no

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I was sitting in the bed decorated with flowers, awaiting my husband’s arrival. I never ever dreamed even in my wildest one that i would be married off to a old guy, who turns 60, within a few months. My eyes were swelled up with the tears that i cried after i got engaged. It was my fate, a young girl who turned just 19, a few weeks back is now someone’s wife. I am not against marriage but with a old pervert, i just can’t digest it. I am really not in mood now, to tell my past nor how i look. I know the ni… Read more

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Hardcore Fuck With My Employee

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The guy (employee) his name was rahul. He was 25.. At first I didnt pay attention to him but then I realized he was hot. Whenever I used to get out of my house he used to wave at me. And I couldnt ignore. My dad used to make me sit and check the accounts with him so we started talking and became friends. Once, when he was away I came to the shop. I thought I would wait for him. But then I had to pee. So I went to the attached bathroom of the shop and I didn’t latch it properly.. I was wearing a deep neck… Read more

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My sexperience with brother

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I am in my late 20’s, tall (5’8″) weighing 65 Kg. Most of the guys turn around to have a look at my sexy figure and I am sure they must be masturbating thinking me. They do not know that I am available and I too could not reveal it openly as I was brought up in a typical, conservative Tamil family, and married staying in a joint family with my BIL, his wife and her brother (Naresh). Myself and Naresh were the only members in the house as all others had gone for… Read more

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I Screwed My Brother

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Now, I was standing naked in front of him, all pretense of modesty abandoned, and my heart was beating so fast, and so hard, that I almost felt like I was going to faint. My pussy had been soaked all morning from thinking about fucking him and here he was, with me naked. I knew he wouldn’t do anything unless I started it so, very slowly, I reached out and grabbed his wrist. I looked up at him (he’s a lot taller than me, about 6’4″ in bare feet) and the following words came out of my mouth. “Willie, I can’t… Read more

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My Waste Husband

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My husband could never really explain why it turns him on for me to be his slut wife, “It just does” he says. It doesn’t matter if I’m picking up a guy on the internet or a local bar and giving him the details later or if I’m simply being a party slut, doing a variety of different guys throughout the evening, sometimes sneaking off two or three times with guys and giving h… Read more

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The Meeting

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The Meeting Chapter One: The Beginning First let me say that the events that happened in our marriage are as accurate as memory serves. Now I will tell you a little about us and what led up to this adventure. My husband and I met in college and were married right after graduating. Neither of us were virgins when we met, but he had much more sexual experiences than I did. I was a shy girl that only had sex with those I fell in love with while he would fuck anyone that appealed to him sexually with no strings attached and did often before we fell in love. We decided early on not to have c***dr… Read more

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