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Accounts laid-able

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by Williacj everyone dreads paying rent, except the guy in this tale, enjoy! I really like my apartment management’s accountant Amy, Amy is tall,curvy with curly brown hair thick plump ass and a pair of big ass tits. I ran into her one day as she was dropping off water bill notices to tenants. I introduced myself to her, I think she knew I was interested in her and gave me that”nice to meet you but no thanks” look. I still wanted to fuck her regardless! I went to the office to pay my re… Read more

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Milk And Honey: Getting Even

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A month went by and the weather remained hot as ever. For the two young people, living across the street from each other, plans for the weekend couldn't have come at a better time. Jin's folks decided to go out for the weekend, leaving him to watch over their home, but also to spend more time with his blonde neighbor, Vicki. They agreed to meet at his place instead of hers, due to the recent events that nearly led the poor girl to the brink of insanity. She was anxious to get as far away from her parents as possible, but finding a job and a home of her own was no easy task. As the evening… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 8

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Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ******************** Chapter 8 So many changes had taken place in Hawksville in the two years since Rhino had established their headquarters in the sleepy conservative Southern town. Initially there had been unspoken resentment toward the imaginative company for its brash, go-ahead way of conducting business which ran counter to the traditional careful manner in which things had always been done around these parts. Then there were the other realities, not only was it managed by foreigners it was black-owned and uppity ones at… Read more

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First Black Cocks Trans

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This is a story that is one of many in which it is time for me to share. In a nutshell, my name is Dean, my mother had a thing for Dean Martin it seems, but I go by Dina. I am a 26 year old white pre-op transsexual that has no interest in switching my outside in, if you know what I mean. I was born to a single mother, never knowing who my father was. Considering the lifestyle of my mother, I doubt that she had any idea who he was either. I have always been effeminate in nature and as I grew up people generally mistook me for a girl with my mannerisms and long hair. I was also blessed with a mo… Read more

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By the time I turned 18 (chapters 4 and 5)

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CHAPTER FOUR Pinky and I were becoming very comfortable in “D” block. There weren’t the rules and boundaries we experienced in general population. Many of the guys walked around in nothing but their boxer shorts and were open to a quick feel. Our fucking and sucking with Jerry went from a quick fuck and suck in the dark room to leisurely fuck and suck sessions in our cells on the block. I found that Jerry did have a permanent lover living with him – a very sexy twink who was kind of off limits to the rest of us. Thing was, I couldn’t get Gary out of my head. The guy was funny. He made… Read more

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Tracy now sorted-OK Blacked again, but we all happ

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Hi...I thought I would explain this small story to you before the last instalment of the Tracy story. She is Mick's, my small cocked hubby’s step daughter and she moved in with us a while back. She is a fat, ugly and lazy cow, she really annoys me. So I hatched a plan to shake her off and it worked. Her rich fiance decided to take her away to his place. The plan worked as I know all sexually hot Ladies like me, once had a taste and of course fuck of a big buck Negro, will be hooked. Tracy is more hooked than most and can't get enough black dick, especially in that huge ass of hers, as you see… Read more

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The Interview

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The night had been quite a success. My wife, Wan, and I had come to a major hotel in the centre of Bangkok for a job interview. Why did my wife come when it is me when it is I who is the candidate for the job? Well the company has the policy of interviewing both the candidate and their spouse to make sure they fit the company culture. We met the HR Manager in the lobby and we went through to the bar come coffee shop. We ordered a meal and chatted as we waited for it to be delivered to us. This was to be a high profile interview and I made the decision to wear a suit, shirt and tie; not a comb… Read more

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GINA JONES NIGHT AT THE STRIP CLUB When I first heard that my favorite porn actress Gina Jones would be appearing at a nudie bar in my city, I knew for sure that I would be there-sitting in the front row by the stage with a wallet stuffed full of love. If you are not familiar with Gina, she is a well know cum eating internet porn actress who delights in swallowing large loads of sperm from her bulls, frequently in front of her cuckold husband John. Taking a seat right at the edge of the stage, I ordered a scot… Read more

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Out of Afrika - Chapter 8

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Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 8 So many changes had taken place in Hawksville in the two years since Rhino had established their headquarters in the sleepy conservative Southern town. Initially there had been unspoken resentment toward the imaginative company for its brash, go-ahead way of conducting business which ran counter to the traditional careful manner in which things had always been done around these parts. Then there were the other realities, not only was it managed by foreigners it was black-owned and uppity ones at that. Nothing was said or publ… Read more

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Our Second, and Life Changing Meeting

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I had just been, shortly before, released from the hospital. I hadn't looked closely at my release orders, so I was surprised when the C.O. told me I had been profiled out of the bush. I knocked around the company area for about a week or so, when I was called to the C.P. The C.O. told me I had been requested by name to join a security detail by a former commander. He had just taken command of the installation at Vung Tau Airbase. The security included the In-Country R&R Hotel in downtown Vung Tau. He also advised me that I had 3 days to clear the installation before I would have to leav… Read more

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We both get Black Cock!

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I guess that you could say that I am one of thousands of men married to a beautiful sexy wife and who desires to see her pleased and ravished by a man with a large penis. My wife Yvonne and I have been married for 19 years and she is more beautiful today, than she has ever been in our whole lives. It is attributed to her natural good looks, but also to the way we eat healthy and workout regularly. She is Latina, born here in the USA, but of Central American parents. Her skin is a beautiful brown tone, making her look tanned all year long. She has a wonderful full head of hair that women alw… Read more

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Prostitute Stories: Last Week's Threesome

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The events in this story took place on Wednesday the 31’st of January 2018 aka the best night of my life. This dear penthouse style story is 100% true everything actually happened. As usual I’m behind on writing my next story. I’ve been working on this story about this horny old d***k lady I ran into about a decade ago. It’s a fond memory that I recall often. Anyway I’ve been working on this story for a few days which means I’ve been getting worked up for the last few days. I was trying to get it ready for this weekend but last night I just couldn’t take it anymore I was horny out of my mind.… Read more

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My husband and 3 BBCs

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We had a nice hotel suite in the best hotel of Accra, it was really a pleasure. On the 3rd evening we where there, i realized after dinner that i had left my glasses by the swimming pool , so i went to look, but could not see i asked at reception, and they told me to go into a store located on the other side of the swinmming-pool. It was 11pm, and i went to this place and opened the door : an unexpected sight was before me : 3 young blacks boys ( they were 18,19, and 22 years old ) were there all naked, in full erection, touching and masturbating together...really rock hard, an… Read more

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pleasing her boss

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Pleasing Her Boss It was another hot day in the Florida sunshine. Keith looked up at the clear blue sunshiny sky as he closed his tool box up for the last time. He’d been working down in Southwest Florida for the past several months working on construction sites. He was really going to miss this hot weather. Sometimes it became a little unbearable in the summer but you couldn’t beat working outside here during the winter months. Keith couldn’t wait to get back home to his wife Michelle. He sat down on the tailgate of his pickup truck starring out at the apartment building he’d been working o… Read more

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Desert Stop Fuck at a Gas Station

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Desert Stop Fuck at a Gas Station The driving holiday around the Southwest had been a welcome break from the break-neck pace of the city and as dusk approached, we pulled into the small gas station/diner. I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time and would be sorry to return to the pace of the big city. ‘Fill ‘er up’ I said to the young black attendant in the scruffy, stained overalls. ‘Fancy a bite to eat?’ My wife, Jean, nodded and I asked the attendant if he would pull the car into a parking space. ‘Be glad to, Sir’ he replied. We walked across the dusty lot and I noticed the att… Read more

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Piggy after a rest up

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I have been resting up since my last sporting event with those two big bears. They were a big surprise in more ways than one. I was laying down to rest when I was remembering my first “bear” so to speak. It was at a Juvenile facility just outside of Bakersfield. Joshua from a near by town, he was my first jail house thing. He use to finger me and give me head till he swallowed my load. One thing we use to do, would be while I was getting ready to use to toilet, I would lower my ass on his cock. Other times I would just sit there and he would suck on my cock till I would cum. Some times… Read more

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The Queen of Spades bar n grill (written by Bitchy

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part #1 ? Now it was a Friday night after a lo...n...g.... hard week of work so my co workers and I was going to relax and have a girls night out . There were 7 or 8 of us women. We worked for the highway department. And there was only one male in the whole bunch and that was our supervisor who was getting ready to retire in a couple more years. Well, my best friend out of the whole group of women was a woman by the name of Pam. And Pam was going to ride with me on this girls night out. She just left her car at the highway department where we worked, and when she got in I said, "well, where ar… Read more

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Blackcock Gangbang Wife Exposed

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I thought I would tell you of what I have got myself in to as I still cannot believe it myself! My name’s Sue & work at a printers factory in Derby’ Have been marred for many years with not that much exciting happening along the way as it were! I thought our sex life was ok but that it & me thinking his Cock was an ok size of around 5 inch’s & sex lasting around 5mins being the norm’ The only excitement I get is knowing the lads at work like to get a look at my arse when I am bending over the table to cut the prints to size & I know one even takes pics on his phone thinking I have know idea bu… Read more

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First time cuckold

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

I stood and watched as she clipped the top of the stocking to the susspender against her milky white thigh before smoothing down the crease in her knee high skirt. She Had never worn stockingsI, at least not in the six years we had been together, this was all becoming a bit surreal. It had started when I got home, a case packed, the c***dren at her mother's and a hotel in the countryside booked for the evening. Well I wasn't complaining, from my current view it looked like I was in for a fun night. I took her by the hand, kissed her gently on the lips and gave her ass a quick squeeze as I open… Read more

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Paying the Bills

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My husband and I have always managed to keep our sex life alive and well but I must admit our last k** has slowed us down. Now that he is almost 3 we have made a real effort to rekindle our sexy ways. Lately we have been going on date night adventures. We have been to the movies, where I gave him a blow job during a showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. We have gone out to eat, where he fingered me to orgasm twice under our table. Tonight we were going out again but I had no idea where we would be going. My husband had called me from work and told me he had laid out an outfit for me in the s… Read more

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