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Day after Borrow

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Day after Borrow by williacj sometimes loaning a lady friend money is a good thing to do, enjoy! My tall curvy friend Jennifer comes to my workplace to pick up some money that i offered to loan her a few days ago. She pulls up outside as I'm taking out the garbage to the dumpsters. She looked gorgeous this woman has the most loveliest ass ever seen.”thank you so much for this” she says to me giving me a hug. After I hand her the money I stop and look at her”you look good in those jeans jen.” I told her."oh my god you're making me blush"she says.”wow I'm flattered i don't know what else to… Read more

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White Wife Teases Younger Black Guy - Part 2

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Part 2 Rebecca's period was over a week late. With each passing day she was more and more afraid that her encounter with Davis had left her pregnant. Dan noticed that she was off and kept asking what was wrong. She would lie and tell him that it was nothing, she was just fine. Finally, almost two weeks late, she got her period. Relief washed over her when she was not pregnant. Her one time fling with her student had not left a permanent reminder inside her. Her mood changed for the better and she was much happier than she had been since before the night with Davis. Dan saw how much happie… Read more

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hoes fuck on camera and lie

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This chick Chenel who is on my site in Chenel 2 just posted, I paid the hoe to do 5 videos the first video wasn't a good ending bc I was fucked out and was doing good until I stopped for lube she one of them hoes u need plenty lube. But we did 4 more super fucking hot videos I mean smoking I was fucking and adding lube in all 4 it was cool. She so damn pretty until it don't matter about the dry pussy u wanna fuck her anyway. Im kinda glad what happened happened bc she would be another Candy and Bonnie and a few more hoes I did to many videos with bc they fine. Well what happened is one day I w… Read more

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As you well know I have always loved Jan, I just wish I knew we lived so close I gladly would have brought her my wide to fuck and get fucked and yes we both were into bbc thanks to Reggie, as many films, videos I’ve seen on Jan, that was was a first my dear, a true gem, I guess what I love about Jan is how turned on she got when she unleashed one of her bull studs on a married white pussy and he just just ate her up, I know for a fact the husband was hearing sounds he never heard before like a gushing married pussy so wet she pisses the bed, her cries , moans, screams that he has never heard… Read more

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Mavis And The Camera

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MAVIS AND THE CAMERA In the hands of some people a camera can be just as dangerous as a gun. Case in point: My wife Mavis took our new digital camera to a bridal shower last week to record the festivities for a photo album that she intended to give the new bride. It must have been one hell of a good party because Mavis got so wasted that she had to come home in a taxi. They woke me up at three o'clock in the morning to pay the cabby and as I carried Mavis into the house I noticed that she did not have the new camera with her. This upset me just a little because that puppy had cost me alm… Read more

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The Wedding Reception

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

My sweet virgin bride, Bridget and I had just gotten married only an hour ago and were going to our reception at a nice club. We were both still dressed in our wedding clothes. Bridget had on a long, lacy flowing white wedding gown, blond hair in a French twist and blue eyes sparkling with happiness and love. She was a stunning, beautiful and sexy 23 year old with one of those fantastically super sexy figures. Her measurements were a firm 38DD-24-34 that turned heads where ever she went. Her complexion was flawless, full red lips and a peaches and cream skin. I was a very lucky man to have fou… Read more

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I am a Whore and I LOVE being one!

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I am a young cross dressing submissive bottom sissy I have been dressing since I was 15 I first got fucked by a man at 16 and I knew what I was born to do! That is wear women's leather clothing, boots, accessories and pleasure Dom Masculine Top Men sexually. I am into a lot almost anything besides anything that would hurt me yourself or anyone else seriously physically hurt I mean also will not do anything with anyone u******e. I am open to doing or trying anything besides anything that falls under either of those. What I love doing and what turns me on sexually: -Wearing full sexy leather h… Read more

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Morning Sex

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Morris was in bed with the sheets d****d over him. Gloria hung up her robe and got onto the bed. Morris did not stir even as she caressed his arm. Not to be daunted, she pulled back the sheets, exposing his nakedness. She snaked her fingers around his penis. It felt cold in her hand; she’d soon fix that. Gloria changed position and drew closer to his crotch. She rolled her tongue around the tip of his penis, and inhaled the exotic musky smell that wafted from his pubic hair, before tasting his cock. Morris awakened and caress… Read more

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Krystal Marie Bearden III,

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It starts off we are in are nice Eastside San Jose, Ca 2bdrm apartment, And we are simply relaxing in bed and you ask me "Daddy how do you want you're Orange Chicken, Beef and Brocoli, Steak and eggs with saueet onions and mushrooms, grits with butter and sugar and strawberry delight cereal.... Annnnnnnnd pancakes." I " I want them just like your fat ass titties, slapping me across the face, you big fat ass hippo, bring them big garage door titties over here, you fat ass bitch Auarrrahhh!!" You "Yes, you big big jumbo dick swingin' superman cock, combo connect cock ranger, feed me that big ass… Read more

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One on one with Monique

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As I looked over at Monique’s sweaty, naked body, it dawned on me. I just had sex with an athlete, albeit an athlete that I had known since she got her first training bra. She was the friend of an old co-worker that I reconnected with years ago through social media. And here was Monique now, a basketball and field hockey star in high school but finding herself a role player now in college. But anyways, on to the story. So it was about six months ago, when she turned 19, that I really began to notice her. She was finely tuned, and always wore a letterman style jack. She had nice legs, long arm… Read more

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Perfect little Slut

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“I want to be your perfect little slut.”I want you to approach me with cool, calm authority, so that there is never any doubt I will do anything you say. I want you to run your finger softly and tenderly down my jaw line, just before you pull back your hand to slap me. I want you to strip me naked and sneer at me as you pinch my nipples, all the while telling me how hard you are going to fuck me, how you are going to pound my pussy flat so that I can't sit for a day or two. I want you to d**** me across your lap, run your hand smoothly over my ass before reaching for your belt. You know, t… Read more

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Naked and blindfolded

BDSMFetishInterracial Sex

“Kneeling down naked” in the middle of the room , my back to him, my eyes blindfolded, my hands cuffed near my spine, resting my ass on the heels of my feet. I hear the door close, and quickly kneel up straight, as I should be. I sense him in the room , but not approaching me. I know he is here but don’t know where, or what he is about to do. I sense him in front of me, then feel his hand touch my hair, he grips it without pulling too hard. He suddenly grips my arm by the elbow and leads me to stand upon my bare feet, now standing naked in the middle of the room, eyes still covered and m… Read more

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Husband gets his Birthday Wish Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

One Saturday I was out on some errands and on my way to Lowe's and I got a call from Monique, my wife. "Hello," I said. "Hey babe. How long are you going to be gone?" Monique asked. "Not too long. I just have to get a couple of pieces to fix the sprinklers," I replied. "Well, don't be too long. I have your birthday present for you when you get home." My birthday was in a couple of days and I always tell Monique that the only thing I want is birthday sex. So maybe this is the day I will get my present. Needless to say I wasn't in Lowe's very long. I walked into the house expec… Read more

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Bliss-dick Missile

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by williacj A month ago ago i watched QVC and they were advertising Bliss brand hammocks. Janine Furillo is a spokeswoman for the brand. she's a lovely MILF long jet black hair with big tits and plump white ass. she was wearing a top that could barely hold her lovely tits a pair of beige dress pants and open toed heels, I Imagined myself walking onto the set where she was and talking to her about the hammocks and the Bliss brand. She told me she's married but I saw the shiny diamond on her finger earlier. I still wanted to be Mr. Furillo for one night, I thought about being on top of her in t… Read more

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Strangers on the train (3)

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As the train pulled into the station for what was to be our final destination, Marisa and I exchanged numbers with Ian and set off for our hotel. By a happy coincidence, it turned out that Marisa and the girls were staying at the same place as me, so I could look forward to some more fun, I hoped, in any free time I had during my working visit. Ian was in the same city but a little way out, so meeting him might take a little more arranging. Still, it was exciting to feel the strangers of earlier were now my friends. That first evening, Marisa and Emma went out together for what they called a… Read more

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The Exterminator

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Back in the 70’s, I was in my early 20’s and among my many jobs I was working as an exterminator, calling on numerous customers, going into their houses on a monthly basis to spray, mostly as a preventative. I had been in some very expensive homes as well as some real dumps. I had become friends with a married guy in his 60’s who had told me how good looking I was. Something I had heard a few times, from both men and women. I would get a blow job once a month from him in the basement while his wife was upstairs. I offered to reciprocate, but he didn’t want that, just wanted to blow me, which w… Read more

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Confessions of a Guidance Counsellor 2

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Wendy sat on a bench watching the young athletes getting put through a rigourous fitness program then rehearse some plays before the practice game on Sunday. Watching all those young men push themselves physically was getting this white married cougar very fucking wet between the legs. As it was late summer the boys were wearing their pads pants and boots. Taut muscular bodies glistening with sweat as they walked passed her in to the changing rooms to shower and change. Jesus Fucking Christ Wendy thought of being in the showers with this group of fit young men , licking , sucking ,and fucking… Read more

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Wife Provides Reparations for a Black Coworker

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White Wife Provides Reparations for a Black Coworker and His Friends By edlangston A married white woman is fucked and impregnated by black protest marchers. Race relations in the United States were expected by many to improve after the first black president was elected and then reelected by wide margins. However, recent events involving conflicts between primarily black minorities and various police jurisdictions have caused numerous protests, some of which have turned violent. It is in the backdrop of those demonstrations that I first cuckolded my husband with some of the black p… Read more

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My cheating wife Wanda went black

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

I came home from work unusually early, I made my way to the kitchen to get something to drink. I heard some weird noise coming from up stairs on the second floor where the bedrooms are and decided to go up and find out what it was. When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear the sounds coming from our bedroom, they sounded like sexual sounds. Quietly I approached our bedroom door that was left wide open and peeked inside to see what the fuck was going on. I was totally blown away when low and behold I saw my wife Wanda on our bed fucking a damn stranger, a fuckin big black guy no less! I… Read more

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My Moroccan lover part Four

BDSMGay MaleInterracial Sex

MY MOROCCAN LOVER PART 4. Yeah bb. Mohammed said, this is what I like..what I need you to give me. Is this what you are willing to give to me? You promissed to obey me, if you say you love me you love my kind of lust. Farid was still inside me rubbing and drilling my hole with his cock. I felt him deep inside..ritmic and sometimes mean hard hits. He seemed to enjoy this kind of fuck, to show me what his cock could do and to show me he had power over me by mohammeds allowance. i had no choice to Obey his dominance . But even it was sometimes very dominant, it fed my inner lust who needed… Read more

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