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Young Chinese lady part 2

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Me and her (lets call her J) decided to go on a 'date' in the coming Saturday for a movie in the evening. Reached her place at 6pm. Her mom went out to her friend's place for a mahjong game and her slutty sister was nowhere to be seen. Was told later, she left earlier with some friends and were planning to go clubbing. So we had the house to ourselves. I rang the doorbell and within 3 seconds, the door opened slowly but she was only sticking her head out as she greeted me. Removed my shoes and went in to see J totally naked. My goodness gracious! The b**st in me straight up awakened to what… Read more

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iam a white sissy

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I knew it was wrong yet i coudnt stop after trying it once she was out again dinning with some of her friend it took me only 10min to be back in my room putting a condom on my mom toy a nice 7 inc realistick pink cock with 10 vibration mode i knew how wrong it was, yet coudnt stop wanting to feel it in me feeling so horny walking to my room my mom toy and one of her lacy panty in my hand the feeling of my mom smooth frilly panty only made me want to be sucking and fucking on her toy more starting some porn on my pc screen teasing myself by sucking the toy until i wanted to be like the… Read more

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My double dick wife

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Got married 2 years ago to tall well built good looking sexy Goan girl Virginia. She was working in my office as a receptionist. She trapped me or I fell in love with her I can’t say. She is kind of woman any man would like to have. She is 5′ 6″ tall. Dark brown hair, always inviting brown eyes, sexy full lips that you will love to suck hard or shove your hard cock between them, she has real solid hard big boobs with medium size brown nipples always erect and inviting you to play with them. She loves to… Read more

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Lonely Latina MILF (Part Two)

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Hey. Read part pne http://xhamster.com/stories/lonely-latina-milf-part-one-863733 Now here is part two with even more awful google translations! enjoy Bay-beee! The mature latina's arms began to reach out for young cock. She pulled down his his boxers to reveal a swollen, throbbing, huge veined black dick dripping precum. He mouth started to open with out he brain instructing it to and she began to pull that young by the hips closer to her face. She had never seen or had a penis of this size let alone a black one, The sight entranced her and her body started to respond accordingly. R… Read more

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My Daddy

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My Daddy I had just become conscious of my sexuality. Everything was new to me, till I got Daddy's letter. I used to run home after school and strip myself naked, well in my boxers. Alone in my room I stroked my erect cock while looking at the picture of my strong Dad. I love to cover the cotton of my briefs or tight boxers with my early cum. I fantasized what was hidden under that prominent bulge of him in his faded jeans. Did he wear briefs? Boxers? Where they white? I was very young when my Dad left us and I hardly have seen Daddy after that. He just send some letters and now this beautif… Read more

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My slut wife and a black neighbor

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That late evening Anita and I were having wild sex in our bedroom. I was thrusting into her from behind, deep into her tight anus and watching as her juicy asshole engulfed the sight of my eight inches. My sensual wife was moaning softly as she took my hard cock. Then I look to my left for a second. The window curtains were open and I could see the next house light inside its main bedroom. I saw the figure of our neighbor Sam behind the window glass. He was watching us fucking; he was naked and the bastard was jerking off his big black cock as he enjoyed the show. I was too horny to… Read more

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A caring dad

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I met him after his son just moved in the dorm room he was big compare to his son , not fat but more like a football line player my hand got lost in his welcoming him for dinner ome friday night we ate dinner watching the canadiens agaisnt pittsburg, talking about school and stuff his son had a date and he was going out soon after dinner his father said good bye too and i was left alone to clean the kitchen my door knock it was my roomate father ''hey boy i maybe wrong about you but coudnt stop thinking of you saying you had a hard time paying for school and stuff '' ''so i got to the… Read more

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divorced daddy

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I coudnt wished to be found out by a better secret lover i was walking out to smoke a cigarette my friend in the pub i was drunk and felt good breathing fresh air ''isnt it a nice night he boi'' turning around to see a black tall gray hair daddy smilling smoking his cigarette ''it sure is'' ''you know my friend are about to leave can i challenge you at the babufoot '' ''yeah sure i dont own the table will play '' i went back inside and soon enought he came to play literally destroying me and my friends he was way too quicker and knew to play this game alot better he paid me drinks… Read more

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Cinderella 6-7 October 2018

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Cinderella 6-7 October 2018 We celebrated that it was 10 years ago, we met my husband and I, so we booked a boat trip on Viking line Cinderella on Saturday 6 November. We thought, or rather, I thought that here I'll pick up some guys who want to fuck. We went as usual to Stockholm and put our car in the car park at the port. Downloaded our tickets to our cabin, a suite of 30 square as we usually do. Came up to the cab bytes into my black see-through tank top with bra 'n with chain on under my black pvc skirt and no panties black stayups and my white leather boots said to my husband that I go o… Read more

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Continued 2

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So there I was, riding Andre. Slow, at first, but building a nice rhythm as I got used to the size of him. I was locked in on him, ignoring the two other guys in the room - did one of them have his cock out? I don't know - and just slowly easing myself up and down on that monster. And I started doing one of my favorite things to do. Which is just to go so ... damn ... slow. When I'm on top of a guy, I like to tease him with my pussy, too slow to get him off, too slow to build momentum, but I love watching the expressions on his face as I drive him wild. And believe me, I was driving Andre… Read more

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Lying Cheating Slut Wife

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They had been married for eight years, had two great k**s, A 2 year old daugther Lara and an 8 month baby boy Dennis. They had a wonderful marrage by all appearances. Jeff was 32, 6’ tall, 160 lbs. and a well-developed body from working out every day, with an average 6” cock. Jill 30, 5’3” tall 102 lbs. long blond hair 36 D tits, and she works out in the gym several days a week , plus jogging most mornings and some evenings. They both work at the same factory in different divisions, they have different supervisors but a common boss. Jeff was in sales and Jill was in production. Jeff’s job ha… Read more

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Insatiable Incest – Part 1

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I got into the A/C Volvo bus to Bangalore, looked and was disappointed. There were only ten people in the bus, since the Bus starts from my town, but not a single unaccompanied young man (or even old man) was to be seen. I sighed and thought “Every time you can’t get lucky”, moved to the rear of the bus and sat in the window seat in last row. For boob squeezes, cunt fingerings and cock masturbations, these seats are ideal, there will be few pryi… Read more

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Teenage Cuckold – Catching My Cheating Girlfriend

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Let me start by saying I’m a white Jewish man in a cuckold marriage. I’m in my mid 40’s and I’ve been sexless for the last six years, while my wife has had many sexual partners and boyfriends over the last 16 years, most of them hung black men. Even though this is not how I expected my life to turn out, I’m content being a sexless cuckold and get turned on by the humiliation of my wife fucking other men, but it’s definitely something I’m not proud to admit to people I know! As I analyze my past and the decisions and circum… Read more

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My Revenge

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I got married to a soft ware engineer Naresh, while I was pursuing Company secretary course. I am keenly interested in human psychology and I study people around me as a hobby. Life went on well for one year…I and Naresh were partying around with his office colleagues…met his boss Mr Arora and his wife Anita…he is hunk of a man and I did not like him because of his shabby eating habits and lusty stares at my assets…oh…I forgot to let you know about them…I am… Read more

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“She wants you to come over tonight”

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I was away in Indiana for a workshop. I was lucky to book a room in this fantastic hotel in downtown Indianapolis. I really like the hotel martini bar. I engaged in a few conversations as I flirted with the bartender. She’s a sexy petite redhead with a nice little body. Something about female waitstaff wearing black nylon pantyhose gets me horny. It was obvious that this redhead was not buying what I was selling but I seem to attract the attention of the sandy blonde 44-year-old who made herself comfortable sitting next to me. Now this woman was there with her husband. We found ourselves in co… Read more

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Thank you Angela...

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I got to visit Ted and Angela again. We had such a wild and hot night last year but I always thought that Ted was uncomfortable with it. We’ve bumped into each other here and there when our friends get together for dinner and drinks. I will flirt with Angela but respectfully keep my distance. This because I didn’t know how Ted felt about things. Ted and Angela had another dinner party. I plan on doing a lot of drinking so I asked if I could stay over tonight. "Yes... but only if you behave." Angela said with a wink of her eye. In the back of my mind I was thinking "wow" it would be great to h… Read more

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Oh what a night!

Interracial Sex

This past Labor Day weekend I was hanging out with a bunch of friends haven't seen a long We were drinking and having a lot of fun. We are very affectionate with each other. Whether people are single or married Group is into touchy-feely flirting comfortably with arms around each other with hands touching thighs under tables.(Note the names of the story have been changed to protect innocent ) after closing the bar , my friend Ted invite us to his house. Hanging out for a few more hours people started to leave. I begin searching for car service on my phone when Ted asked me to stick around it's… Read more

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night out to the theater

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I was wearing a tight black miniskirt, opaque black body stockings and my six inches stilettos. I looked in the mirror and saw a real street hooker… When I got into the adult theater, a Latin guy followed me and sat next to me. Two black guys watched me walking by, but they just stayed far away. The Latin guy sitting close to me dropped off his pants and asked me to suck his hard dick. I was disappointed as he was a little bit small, but he played with it for a while and got to a nice size as I start sucking him… Once he was hard I stood up, straddled his lap and started riding him. Then one… Read more

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My Aruba Date

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        Every few years the wife and I used to take a vacation to one of the islands , so back in 2008 we decided to go to Aruba . When we got there we hung around the pool drank and talk with other couples and we got pretty friendly with a couple about our age . A few days later the wife invited mine to go on a shopping trip to one of the cities , her husband had planned a fishing trip for the same time and he invited me but I'm not big into getting sea sick so I declined and told my wife I'd spend the whole day at the pool . The next morning while she was&n… Read more

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Brandi Beginning To The End.

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

Brandi Beginning To The End. Chapter 1 Brandi Enjoys Young And Old. I met Brandi when I was going to college in California. She was born and raised in Alabama and was very conservative. We both were raised with a silver spoon in our mouth. The first time I saw Brandi, I got that instant bulge in my pants. She was five foot six, one hundred and twenty pounds, blonde hair, and blue eyes that melted you with a simple glance. She had a tucked ass and large boobs that looked like they were straining to get out. My name is John. I was twenty-four and Brandi was twenty-two. We went out a f… Read more

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