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Horny Hotel Couple Part 2 (continued from Horny Ho

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Horny Hotel Couple Part 2 (continued from Horny Hotel Couple Part 1) ….. and what was to come as standing just behind her. As she teases my flaccid cock back to hardness with a strong sucking of her lips and a deep throat gag, I whisper in her ear, “Do you like the idea of someone watching everything you’ve just done my little whore? Does it make you cock hungry?” I get a moan and a delayed nod of the head in acknowledgement, while my re-growing bell end is hitting the back of her throat. “Well there has been someone watching us and they’re very turned on because of you…” Before she could thi… Read more

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Dormant Desires Part 5

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It had been three days since Rich had presented me with my gifts and my self-training was moving slowly. I had gotten in to the routine of having my morning shower with the dildo suctioned to the wall and would begin to stroke it before I turned my back to it and would grind my ass against it, rubbing up and down and feeling the stiff head press in to my ass cheeks while I moaned. On day one I didn’t make it past this phase before cumming everywhere and when I had attempted to insert the head inside myself I gasped at the rush of pain I felt as my body warmed, and my breathing became short. I… Read more

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THE AMAZON QUEEN (Straight Gay F/mteen M/mteen Cuckold Gangbang) By: XTALES All characters are 18+ Years Old. This story contains sex between adult teenagers and Male/Female. A couple is captured and abused by a lost tribe in the Amazon forest. But even in this unlikely scenario, a romance will blossom between the married man and the young guide, while his wife rediscovers an interest for sex. If you don't like this type of story leave right now, you've been warned. PS: I am not a native English speaker so grammar might not be perfect, but I hope you will enjoy the story regardless. Sara… Read more

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New Games to Play

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Continuing my adventures with Miki. I'd like to tell you a little of the things we did with Dave once Miki had allowed herself to be a slut. If you haven't read her previous story, the gist was that I had left her to spend the night with Dave and he finished her off with a beautiful cream pie. He helped her get to his local train station in the morning and had seen her off. As promised, I fucked her the next night after she got home from work. It was our standard stuff. Lots of foreplay and oral. She rolled on top of me and insert my dick into herself. I pulled out her rubber dildo to fuck h… Read more

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caught my white step daughter looking at big black

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So, I had a weird situation come up recently. I walked up on my step daughter and she must not of been aware I was so close to her but I got a look at her cell phone and was shocked to see she was looking at a pic message some boy had sent her of his big black cock and damn this dude was enormous. I didn't say anything and went about like I hadn't seen anything but I must be honest that I'm not really sure what to think about. I've always had a fetish about big black cock and little white girls. I've spent many hours through out the years jerking my dick and busting nut while watching little w… Read more

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As I wash the dishes with a smile on my face thinking about how successful dinner was and the the****utic swaying of the trees moving back and forth gently pushed back and forth by the kiss of the wind. I begin to her the ever present tap and squeak of the mattress and head board in the bed room Just a few minutes ago our neighbor Joe as well as my wife and myself where enjoying a nice meal and some wine. Joe has “been coming over for dinner” for about six months now. We see him every 3 weeks or so. The company is enjoyable and it is always the same, we make dinner talk about whatever current… Read more

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Jerking my first BBC!

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We were at the annual Indy 500 party with all our friends and friends of friends. James has worked for my hubby for ten years and he is a put together man! Nice looking with a beautiful smile and green eyes. We have always flirted but I never dreamed it would come to what it did. After three or four Sangria's I become like rubber and usually hubby protects me. This time he encouraged me as I have been watching my share of IR videos on Xhamster with him. So right there in front of eight or ten friends, I just kissed James and the next thing I knew I was pulling out his dick. It was large b… Read more

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A blsc cock starving wife

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It was Saturday night and my loving husband suggested going to a new swinger bar out of town. I was delighted, unaware that he had arranged something special for me. Victor chose a sexy outfit for me. I should wear a skin tight short low cut red dress, high stiletto heels and of course, no panties at all. Walking in the club we sat at the bar enjoying the music. We noticed some couples dancing and getting pretty naughty with each other. With Victor’s hand between my legs playing with my clit, I was getting wet and he said that he was hoping I could have a good time tonight… Then a nice b… Read more

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Two birthday's presents

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It was Friday afternoon; two days after my birthday. I had come back home after a heavy full week at my office and I was really exhausted. All I wanted was just to take my clothes off, jump into a warm soothing bath and went to bed for catching up on some much needed rest… Victor had flown out of town that same afternoon and he would not come back in three or four days. After enjoying a relaxing warm bath at the tub; I poured a glass of wine and listened to the missed calls on my cell phone. The most intriguing message was from Kenny, my young black lover… He said it was very impor… Read more

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Miki's new lover

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I want to follow up on my original post about Miki, my Japanese slut. Dave and I had fucked her well that night, covering her and ourselves in cum. The next day after Dave had gone home, we relaxed in bed and she told me she had really enjoyed being filled by cum from two guys. She had never thought about being used like that before. It seemed more "erotic" to her than the experiences we'd had previously. Although she did want to know how I knew Dave. How long we had know each other, etc. Also she asked a few times "weren't you jealous when he came inside me?" To her the idea of me cumming ins… Read more

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How i fucked my friend Sisters..

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Hi friends I am back with my incident of my life and hope u will enjoy it. I have a very close friend. We were friends from c***dhood. I was very free with him as well as with his family. Their family consist of my friend his small bro and his two big sisters and his parents. I was free with his family as my Sundays would be at his home only and her family members are also very close to me. This story happened when I turned 19 years old. This incident took place last year when my friends elder sister got married. Let me call her Salma (not at all real name). She was a beautiful girl. Fair in c… Read more

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Owned by Dom Gay

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If you've read any of my posts you will have realised that my real owner is Master Mark. However, He is not always available, and thanks to his kindness, he allows me to serve other Doms on occasion. in recent weeks I have been conftrolled by a Japanese Dom called Haruto from London. I met him in a bar in Soho about four weeks ago, and it was clear from the start that he was used to getting his own way. He is about 5' 7" tall compared to my 6' 2" and aged 38. our first meeting obviously lead to sex at my flat later that night, and he was extremely rough and very demanding. I was given severa… Read more

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SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales). Volume 7

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SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- Volume 7 THE HEAD NURSE “Hey !”, said Helena, a slim black nurse with gorgeous eyelashes “Hey sweetie”, answered Julia, who had a crush on Helena, and about every other female nurse, nurse’s assistant, female cafeteria employee, or female patient under 100. “Are you getting some ?”, whispered Julia to her black friend “I was working last two nights….room 112…bed near the window. Caucasian female about 40. Horny as hell. She ate me each night.”, whispered Helena “Maybe she likes only chocolate” , said Julia “I don’t know but I can’t see her resisting such b… Read more

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Meeting Akshay my first love

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I am 25 year old. We are a family of five, myself house wife, my husband Sachin is a administrative professional in a private company, my in-laws are retired from service and we have 7 year old daughter Prisha. About my appearance I am fair by skin, stand 5.3ft tall, black eyes, shoulder length straight hair, I measure 34 30 36. By appearance I look decent yet sexy when I am on tight outfits or sarees. I am proud of my appeara… Read more

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opportunity to fuck my beautiful employee

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Saba made a phone call. As soon as call rings she give it to me. Someone picked up a call said “Hello Saba”. I said “I am Nikhil a Boss of Saba. Who are are you speaking sir”.”I am her Dad”. “Ok I had to tell you something. We had gone in a Auditors meeting in thane. Now it's raining heavily here. I am driving. We are chocked up in a traffic. I just want your permission to take her in my farmhouse tonight”. “Where you are now”. “we are still in thane. It's 8 O'clock now. We will reached till 12 in night or may be more late I am not sure”. “Where is your farmhouse?”. “It is 10 minutes away from… Read more

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The jet stream pool and something else

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That young black guy had been servicing our back yard pool since my loving husband had built it. Every time he came, I tried to stay inside the house. That black guy was too much of a temptation. I usually watched his strong muscles and hard body from the kitchen window. I also watched his dick too; perfectly outlined beneath his shorts. I felt like such a slut wishing him between my arms and his dick inside of my body. But the day to fulfill my darkest fantasies finally came… It was a very hot day as I lay out by the pool in a lounge chair, wearing just a very tiny thong. I wanted to g… Read more

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Victor calling...

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That night Jerome had taken me to a wild gangbang with some of his black mates. I was home alone, because my loving hubby had left in the evening. He had gone to the airport; his flight out of town was at same time as I was going to be gangbanged… After my Black Master had used my body at his entire will, his friend Vance wanted a turn inside of my pussy... or maybe it was my ass. I really didn't care as long as I got fucked. He was leading me over to a couch when I heard my cell phone ringing. At first, I ignored it as I was just as anxious as Vance was to get his cock into me. But the p… Read more

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Jerome's friends and a wild gangbang

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I was walking downtown, going to the mall; when I run into Jerome, my Black Master, who used to give me as a present to his friends. He was walking with three other guys. They were Alfred, Manny and Julian. All they were black and of course, very well-endowed… We stopped there in the street to have a talk. I was wearing a light sundress, as usual without a thong; because the day was warm. My pussy started to get wet, as my nipples got hard, as I was thinking of the times Jerome had fucked me; how I had throated his huge black dick and how he had fingered my asshole while he fucked me doggy in… Read more

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My cunt destroyed by an old black man

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My loving husband had taken me to a nice week end out from town. We went to the coast and he had hired a very comfortable hotel by the sea. After we checked in, both Victor and I went to the pool, because the afternoon was too windy to go to the beach. I was there lying in the sun, when I noticed an old black man was staring at me… or at my body… A while later I pay no more attention to him; as I lay there on a chair, closing my eyes. My loving Victor said he was tired and he went directly to bed in our room. He added he needed a good siesta… Soon that old black man was sitting ne… Read more

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My Japanese slut

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So, I've been feeling the need to share some of my adventures as of late. I was trying to figure out what to start with though. I decided I should probably go with a memory that I often fall back on when starting a fap session. It's all about when I brought my girlfriend of 6 years at the time fully to the slut side. You probably want to know about her. Her name is Miki, as in Mickey mouse. She's a few years older than me, Japanese, 4'11" 110lbs. Small tits, big pouty lips with a soft mouth and a pussy just deep enough to take my 7 &1/2 inches. By the way, did I mention I live in Japan? S… Read more

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