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Student Exchange 2

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Helen and me have been married long enough for us to have celebrated our Silver Anniversary a few years back (you do the math) and I have to say that life as we go through our fifth decade couldn’t be better for the pair of us .. or maybe it could; we’ll see. We live in South London in a large house inherited when Helen’s parents passed on but, despite having no mortgage, money has always been tight and we are careful with our spending. (I haven’t told Helen of my secret indulgence of buying a weekly lottery ticket; she would not be pleased!) Our k**s emigrated a few years ago to work an… Read more

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 9

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It was another bright and sunny day when we woke from our much needed rest. The room still smelled of sex and that was fine by me. Housekeeping would take that away anyway. We got dressed and went down for breakfast as usual. We were seated again with the hot little waitress and she smiled when she saw us come in. She greeted us and brought me some coffee and my lady friend a glass if ice water. I thanked her and then she said that she missed us last night. I was confused when I heard this since we never eat at the restaurant for diner there. Then she stopped and explained that it was her nigh… Read more

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Update for you-Tracy Arrives!!!

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I hope you like to follow my story's. Red hot is my little dicked bald hubby, Mick's step daughter has come to stay with us! She turned up on the door step when her mother, Mick's ex chucked her out. It seems she met a new bloke who said he did not want the lazy, ugly cow in the house, tell her to fuck off! Tracy is not Mick's natural daughter, she was the accident that happened whilst he was married and his wife got fucked by his mate! Tracy is ugly that bit is true and she is very lazy too.Most of the time she just sits about on the sofa, eating chocolates and drinking coke. Best way to exp… Read more

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Pakistani Next door neighbours

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We get on well with our Pakistani next-door neighbors. Gita and Elaf. Although we are not overly friendly, we are always saying hello and taking in parcels for each other especially during the Christmas period. Gita is very small and slim and once when I was getting something out of the fridge in our garden shed one evening I saw her rubbing lotion onto her body in her bathroom when she forgot to pull the blind down after showering. I stood transfixed for about 30 seconds until she turned away and switched off the light. From then on I have often fantasied about her. In the period between Ch… Read more

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Teenage Barn Secrets (Mff voy zoo oral inter

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Teenage Barn Secrets (Mff voy zoo oral inter anal les) By billy69boy This is a story about something I witnessed with my own eyes. It changed me forever, for better or for worse, I'm still not quite sure which. Maybe you can help me decide. Things seemed simple enough: all I was supposed to do was borrow a posthole digger from our neighbor Mr. Parker. But what started out as a simple errand turned into something else entirely. First, a little background: Chapter One My name is Olivia Brooke. My parents have high pressure professional jobs in the city, but they yearned… Read more

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brasilianische Überraschung - Teil 4 - Finale

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brasilianische Überraschung - Teil 4 - Finale Glücklich unseren kleinen 'Fick-Zug" mit einem großen Knall in den Bahnhof gefahren zu haben stand ich mit zitternden Knien zwischen den Beiden. Mein Schwanz pochte immer noch in Luisas Möse und Angelas Schwanz steckte noch immer in meinem Anus. Alles vibrierte und der Schweiß rann uns allen dreien über die nackte Haut. Angela war es, die meine Gedanken aussprach, "Wir bleiben einfach so stehen... wir frieren diesen Moment einfach ein... für immer... oh Gott, ... war das groß..." meinte sie, während sich ihre Arme von hinten um mich schlangen, wo… Read more

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brasilianische Überraschung - Teil 5 - Epilog

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*** Epilog *** Es mag manchen überraschen, doch die erzählte Geschichte hat sich so wie geschrieben tatsächlich zugetragen. Das ist jetzt 28 Jahre her, so dass ich natürlich nicht jedes einzelne Wort erinnern kann.. Doch die wesentlichen Inhalte entsprechen der Wahrheit... zumindest der die sich mir eingeprägt hat. 1988/89 war vieles noch anders und auch die heutigen Ansteckungsgefahren waren nicht so im Fokus wie heute. Grundsätzlich hatte ich aber großes Glück diesen ungeschützten Sex überlebt zu haben. Solltet ihr euch gefragt haben wie unser wildes Treiben unbemerkt geblieben war... ist… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 7

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Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 7 6 months had passed since the expansion plans had been initiated and for Oskar and Rhino time seemed to have flown by in an instant such was the smooth progress that had been made in developing their product and the spreading of their sphere of influence. He reflected that there was not one aspect of life around Hawksville and the surrounding county that had not been impacted in some way by the presence of his entrepreneurial company and everyone, whether a giver or a taker, was extremely content with how their lives had bee… Read more

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My wife; Jen and I recently bought a travel trailer and I must say I am really enjoying it. We decided to take it out to a local state park that has natural spring. Everything is amazing there tons of trails, wildlife and the spring is gorgeous the ground slopes down to stonework that surrounds the crystal clear body of water that feeds a river. We arrived late and of course setting up camp is somewhat of a daunting task especially for new campers. Backing the trailer into the spot was proving particularly difficult and Jen was becoming impatient with my difficulty. All of the sudden a man app… Read more

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I Had No Idea.

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I Had No Idea By eastsidecindy 02 /17/2017 Black Cock, Mother, Daughter, Older man, Pregnant, Cheating, Cuckold, Hairy vagina, Red head. My daughter Beth and I, Cindy, were in the Home Depot parking lot on a mild, September morning, loading rocks and things we just purchased for a back yard up-grade at our home. Two black men approached us hoping to sell a combo dolly that looked brand-new to me. Ron, 38 years old said it was very new and he had taken from a man that kept putting off paying him for some work he had completed. I… Read more

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Egyptian Teacher's Night Out

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Mrs. Ehda was new in town, she was to replace a science teacher in the local school. A tall and stacked Egyptian woman with fantastic curves and a soft, silky touch who was not only a teacher but a devoted wife and mother. However, this did not stop her from not only being a magnet for guys but a magnet that reciprocates and returns the affection; be it letting a guy under her abaya to cuddle her awesome, strong thighs as she sat on long, crowded bus rides or reward her older students using her natural wonders. Breastfeeding a student so he focuses more on studies; letting him feel her enormou… Read more

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Sharing my young girlfriend with a bbc

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This is a true story, I started swinging when I was 29 and at the time I was seeing this sexy little 19 year old Amy. Amy was a slut and was up for pretty much anything, we met a couple online who told us about this guy Jimmy they meet with for three sums and how he has a great unit over looking the city in Brisbane. We all decided that we can meet up at Jimmy's unit and have a wild night all 5 of us but at the last minute the couple pulled out so as we were all ready to go we messaged Jimmy and said we'll just come and of course he jumped at it as he was a 35 year old and I was bringing a se… Read more

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Sex at the Gym

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Zainab was an ebony BBW with a cute face that looked much younger than she really was (she was in her late 30s) with a wide smile and a soft voice; on top of that she had a really fat ass that gave anyone lucky enough to stand behind her not only a show of her thong but a nice cushion to rest their boners. Although she was always fully covered by loose-fitting abayas, her bootylicious body always stood out no matter how hard she tried. She was a big girl with a sweet personality that put others before herself; landing Zainab into risque situations. Be it a sneaky teenager with a camera filming… Read more

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Customer serviced

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Customer serviced by Williacj this one is inspired by a trip to a coffee shop, enjoy! I ordered a pop tart at a coffee shop a few months ago. tall blonde kayla was behind the counter and i ordered it toasted. i didn't get my pop tart and i left the coffeehouse. the next time i walked in she came over to me."I'm so sorry about the pop tart i forgot about it, she apologized. "I'm really sorry" i told her it was okay she gave me a free coffee drink and i ordered another pop tart. when she brought it over to my table i got up and gave her a hug, i usually don't give women hugs but Kayla… Read more

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I Have To Be Honest

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As a Black Man, I am completely turned off by any non-blacks who are particularly infatuated with having sex with black men. What those people need to know is that every black man you come across isn't turned on or appreciative of, being "your taboo." Nor are most of us turned on with being viewed as a "fetish" or wanted for our "BBC's", treated as property, used as the "Mandingo" , employed as your lovers, etc. I realize that there are a lot of black men out there who are into that type shit - but "I" find it extremely offensive and degrading. A lot of you need to realize that my sentiments a… Read more

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Hands free self facial with a shemale

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I was out at a little casino in Reno talking to this black girl. Her body was smoking and she was showing it off proudly in this tiny outfit and knee high boots. She was about 5'8" she had about a C cup. She was thick in all the right places. Sexy thick thighs. She was almost considered fat or a BBW. We talked, flirted, and had drinks for about an hour. After a while I asked if she was hungry. We got up and when she was getting she put her hand on my shoulder, I took a chance and leaned in for a kiss. She kissed me back and whispered in my ear that she had food at her house. I replied I will… Read more

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New to Prison Lesson 2 Gay

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James was in quite the predicament - he was kneeling at the feet of his burly, masculine black cellmate, his lips swollen and slick from sucking Kyle's black cock, tears streaming down his face, his cute blue eyes wide with horror. Kyle's monster black dick bobbed and jerked in front of his face, wet with spit and pre-cum. James couldn't imagine that cock fitting in his ass - it was the thickest black dick he had ever seen, even in porn. But if he didn't bend over and offer his ass up willingly, Kyle would just make him. He was his cellmate's new bitch - if he didn't play nice, Kyle would just… Read more

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Written by one of my wife's lovers

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Your wife is now with superior man. You, are but a caretaker of her soft flesh, serving first me, then her, obeying our every wish and whim. she has chosen this because you, are a snail of a man, an unfit partner for any female. By her word, you, you will never have sex with her again, never feel her silky skin against you, never deposit your pathetic squirt of semen inside her. Now all these things will be done by other men, men worthy of her voracious appetite to be used as a purely sexual being. You, will prepare her each morning, cleansing her of the semen dried to a hard crust ove… Read more

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Moussa, le migrant et la bourgeoise.

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Cela a commencé avec la création d’un CAO (Centre d’Accueil et d’Orientation) dans notre ville de bantieue. Nous avons donc accueilli 45 immigrés venus de Calais, et tout se passe bien. Mais pas de bals publics cette année, le maire craint que le déséquilibre accentué hommes/femmes ne crée des bagarres entre jeunes, la consommation de bière aidant.. Le temps passe, mon mari a pris comme « stagiaire » à insérer au métier, un migrant sénégalais de 25 ans. L’homme est beau, très noir, très grand, 1, 92 mètre, massif, jeune, bref, »une armoire à glace » . Il se formera en vue d’apprendre le métie… Read more

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CaroleX: Posing as an Escort

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See the photos that go with this story: Whilst many of my sexual encounters involve hubby who either watches, films or occasionally joins in, I do have solo experiences with hubby’s blessing as long as I give him all the gory facts afterwards (right down to the last detail). A bit strange perhaps but it keeps him happy and lets me enjoy my shocking behaviour. One incident recently was when we were away for a few days in Manchester and I fancied being naughty. In the hotel we were staying at there was a business conference going on an… Read more

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