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Marcus Part 1

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I had been out of college for about a year. I got a job and a one-bedroom apartment in the city. I had been stepping up my dressing a little bit. I grew my hair out, I was getting good at make-up and it was almost a given, any free time I had I was dressing. I was secret about it at work but pretty much everyone in my building knew. It used to turn me on to go get my mail or do my laundry fully dressed. Marcus was a guy who lived on the same floor as me. He was a big black cop, about 6’4 250. He dwarfed my small petite frame. He had seen me doing laundry a few times and we always exchanged pl… Read more

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My Assignment – Part 3

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I would like to start it from where I had… Read more

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My Assignment – Part 4

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let’s get back to the story from the point I had left in the last part. It was almost 3 pm now and I was accompanied with Ramesh Sir, Suresh Sir, Anil Sir and Trevor. I was in my normal black bra with black & grey panty waiting for my next command. I could see Ramesh Sir and Suresh Sir both were tired and needed some sleep. So right after the en… Read more

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My Assignment part 1

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Hey guys my name is harika. I became 25 this March. I am from Mumbai, India. I am basically a guju Panjabi. I am currently approaching my Second year B.com from Thakur College. With B.com I am also persuading Chartered Accountancy (C.A) and currently doing my article ship for the past 3 and a half month in Mumbai itself. I stay with my parents in Borivali, Mumbai. I have no other siblings. My Bra size is 34b.… Read more

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My Assignment – Part 2

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My first day was pretty adventurous and tiring since we have traveled more than 650 km to reach our destination and also the humiliation I had been through. Currently I had my arms and legs cuffed and locked with a door handle with just a blanket to sleep with. I had a good deep sleep sin… Read more

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Judy and Jenny were stopped in the mall along with their husbands to take one of those market researcher tests, the ones where they ask you about products or services and you are given cash at the end. The two brunette friends sat across the table from the researcher, a blond woman in a gray suit who was in her mid-forties. After being asked twenty or so questions the blond said they were done and handed them each a hundred dollar bill, both of the women's eyes lit up at such a huge payment. "That's it?" Judy asked as she put her payment into her hand bag. "Our company is very generous i… Read more

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How We Got Started

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Several people have asked about this. My wife shares the story - since I wasn't there! This is my wife DeeAnna's writing... I guess the story of how we started in this "Lifestyle" is not different than many we have heard. About 10 years ago I started finding interracial porn on Tom's computer and a little while after that I started noticing that there were always black men in the porn flicks we would watch together and he would make a point of asking me if I like the black men and then he started asking if I thought I would like black cock. Not sure where in the middle of all of that he start… Read more

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Wife fucks black friend at hone husband unaware.

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Inbox1 of 111 Samsung Order The New Galaxy S9 Discover The Samsung Galaxy S9 With Infinity Display, Dual Camera And More. [interracialpicsandstoriestwo] Enjoy 1/2 Bethany Johnson 24681357bj@gmail.com [interracialpicsandstoriestwo] <interracialpicsandstoriestwo@yahoogroups.com> To interracialpicsandstoriestwo <interracialpicsandstoriestwo@yahoogroups.com>, interracialpicsandstoriestwo@googlegroups.com more ... Thursday, April 12, 2018 10:01 AM Click to View Full HTML When I invited John to go dancing, it was as a friend. I thought it would be fun to go out dancing at the clu… Read more

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Really Yes

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I was getting my ass pounded, harder and, with more passion than ever before. I met a young Black Man at, a Gay club and, after drinks, we went walking. We took our journey, off the streets and, into, an abandoned lot. Making out, he forced me on my knees and, being very firm told me, "suck my cock". I unzipped his pants and, released his thick, black, cock. I loved looking at it and, began to lick it and, taking it in my mouth, I sucked it. My head was, bobbin, in and, out, he aggressively told me that, "I am a good cock sucker" and, ordered me to get undressed. When I did, my dick was, rock… Read more

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Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 3,

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The Rest of the Day We seemed to spend the rest of the day arguing and bickering until eventually we went to bed to have an afternoon nap. We lay back on the bed as far apart as we could manage and I spent a fretful couple of hours replaying the morning’s events. Even when asleep all I could see in my mind was Sally fucking Grant, the manager, and the pleasure written over her face as he took long hard thrusts into her. That, and the fact that having got my own back – my revenge and satisfaction - when I had engineered Leon’s dismissal that in a very short time she had turned the table and wa… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 12

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Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 12 Following the return of his wives back to their South African homeland Oskar had accepted the invitation from Simone that he should come and lodge in with them. It made perfect sense for Oskar, despite all his many skills, was not the domesticated kind, indeed, he came from a culture where women provided every need and he would have struggled if he had to live on his own. As Simone had pointed out, the Whites had plenty of room in their two story house and they would be honored if he would bless them with his pres… Read more

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She wasn't going to, but then she saw his coc

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Allyson’s college summer job was data entry. It was mindless and boring but at least she wasn’t waiting on customers or dealing with the general public. She was also able to listen to music without it interfering with her duties, which helped pass the time. She’d met a friend there named Katie who was college age but not a student like her. Katie doesn’t factor too much into this story except that it was her that suggested they go out for dinner and drinks that Friday night. Allyson was single for the last 3 months and most of her friends were home for the summer, so she was looking forward to… Read more

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Lawyer Assistant gets BBC

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I work as a legal assistant for a law firm. On this day I had to meet a client we were defending I had to go over to get signatures in place to set a court date. He was charged with armed robbery and was on house arrest so he couldn't leave his apartment. I arrived at the building in a really bad part of town made my way up to the 12th. floor, knocked on the door, his mother answered let me in then called out for Tyrell. his mother invited me to sit on the couch I looked around the apartment as I waited, thinking what a shitty place to live the place was dirty I was thinking hard to imagine pe… Read more

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Gym Rat Wife

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Shared with me by a friend who found out my wife has a black boyfriend: My wife and I have been married for 15 years and she is a true 38 year old milf, she has been attending the same gym for about ten years with not much happening other than the occasional guy chatting her up, she has a super slim size 8 figure and is very tone, after spending 5 days a week going to our local gym. One day she came home and said that a new PT had been employed call Tyrone he was the youngest by far at only 27 years old as the gym was in th email for mostly older members. Over a period of the next few months… Read more

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Plantation slave fucks the master's wife

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It's 1850, 10 years prior to the silver war. Matthew and Rebeca Johnson own a small plantation in Georgia. Matthew is 52 and Rebecca is 45. They are c***dless after trying for years to conceive. Since she has just gone thru the 'change of life' they know it will never happen. It is noon on a Sunday. They have just returned home from attending church service where Rebecca sings in the choir and Matthew is a church elder. Matthew has just left to go to the auction in town as he does every Sunday. He will be gone till evening. Rebecca is upstairs in their master bedroom. She hears a knock and… Read more

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Stocky invited me to his home

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Well the last time Stocky and I got together was a few days ago so one after noon he calls me and said can you come over to my house cause I don't have a ride and I want to see you so I said ok since I was along and Fred was out of town so I took a shower and I put on a red dress with a bra and a thong since I knew he lives with his mom when I got there I knock on the door and his mom answer the door and she look at me and said can I help you and I said yes I come to see Stocky she looks at me kind of whats a white woman doing here looking for my son than Stocky comes up behind his mom and tel… Read more

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The new gynecologist makes a house call

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That afternoon I was at my office when Anita called me. She said her new gynecologist, a black man, would come home that afternoon for another session of her sexual frustration treatment. I almost came in my pants just thinking about that black Doctor shoving his huge black dick in Ana to relieve her sexual frustration. I asked her if she was excited about it and Anita said she was. And she added it turned her on thinking about taking the treatment right in front of me. I rushed back home and a while later the door bell rang. Anita went to answer it and a well dressed black man came… Read more

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Starting to be a faggot.

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When my wife discovered that I stalked her being fucked by other men, she finally decided to punish me. She said, "Silas told me that you stare at him hiding me fuck, he also told me that you like to be fucked by him." I was silent, I had nothing to say. She laid on the couch, opened the legs exposing her pussy and ordered, "you're going to stick your dick in this pussy for the last time this month, enjoy it." I stiffened at once, thrusting her into it until I ejaculated. Then, when my dick was already limp, she took a chastity and put it on me. "This month you will no longer use the stick, yo… Read more

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College Reunion- Interracial 3-way

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My husband and I met in college. He was a football player and I was a shy 18 year old girl who knew she craved cock even though I only had 1 boyfriend in High School. My dad had kept such tight control over my life that I wasn’t allowed to date until my senior year. That one boyfriend Tim opened up a new world of sex to me and from then on I considered myself quite the nymphomaniac. When I got to college I took advantage of my new found freedom to explore my sexuality. White guys, black guys, girls, and multiple guys at once, whatever I craved college life provided. I quickly found out that on… Read more

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A new gynecologist for me

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My good girlfriend Camilla recommended me her new gynecologist. When I went to his consult, a nice nurse received me and told me to strip. Then I put on a special gown and waited for the Doctor. He came after five minutes and I discovered he was a handsome black man, in his early forties. A kind smiling man… He introduced himself and asked me how I was feeling. I said fine, just coming for a regular check up. Then he told me he was short staffed and all his nurses were busy; he asked me if I would mind if he did the examination without another female present. I replied it was fine… Read more

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