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An insatable cleaner chapter 4

It was a quite autumn afternoon and Lucy was strolling across the common with her friend Liza, idly chatting about anything and nothing when the twilight suddenly went and total darkness engulfed them both. Within a minute at the most both had sacks over their heads, arms bound and both lifted off the ground and thrown onto the metal floor. The vehicle sped away as the realism of their situation dawned on both women, they had been k**napped.

Liza felt a hand sliding up her thighs and she froze, she had only even experienced her husband doing that, and ever since her cherry was removed at th... Continue»
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White BBW Crave Black PT2

Tammy moaned onto his cock, and his cock began to harden again. He thought about, how much fun it would be, to share her with his friends. He knew she was a whore, but he needed to let her know that he was her Master, and she would do what he wanted. 

He also wanted to explain to her that, no matter what she did for him, she would always belong to him. Only him.

He stopped her from sucking his cock, and sat her in the other chair, facing him. 

"Before we go any further, I would like to get some things straight."

"Yes Sir."

"As of now, I, and only I, own you."

My real name i... Continue»
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I'm his Bitch Now! Blacken

I had just about given up on ever finding a man that would treat me like the slut whore I am. I am five feet two inches tall, 140 pounds, long brown hair, brown eyes, 36D, and a completely shaved cunt. Unfortunately a lot of men are not into BBW's and the ones that are, are not usually into what I need. They just don't understand my need to be treated like nothing more than a piece of fuck meat. I need to be called dirty filthy names, and also be forced to degrade myself, and tell you what a dirty cunt I am.

I can't help what turns me on sexually. I am your every day person, and I am als... Continue»
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White BBW Crave Black PT1

"Thank goodness it's Friday", Tammy said to her self, as she walked into her apartment. After a long day at work, all she wanted to do was soak in a nice hot bath. 

As she walked to the bathroom, she began taking off her clothes. She was a pretty woman, 39 years old, 5'2, 165lbs, 38D, and her pussy was completely shaved. She was a BBW, and very proud. If you didn't like the way she looked, then don't look, was her attitude.

By the time she got to the bathroom, she was naked. She turned on the water, and plugged the bathtub. She poured in bath salts, to help her relax. Dipping her hand in... Continue»
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Honey I Lost That was the DEAL Blacken

I realized now the seriousness of my wife's situation as I peered through the half open door into the other room of the large suite, the sounds emanating from there as well only added to my fears. It all started as just another step in our adventures as newbie's in the swinging world and somehow had led us to where we were now.

My wife Sally and I had offered to be present and help out at one of the Internet's famous gangbangs for married women in Las Vegas. Sally had always avoided black men for partners in our adventures, but at the same time was mesmerized by their bodies and the size ... Continue»
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Robbed My ASS Once you go BLACK GAY

I am a young white man and a total power bottom slut. I love nothing more than being gang banged by a group of sexy guys, preferably black, with big dicks. This is the story of how I became this way.

After four years, I was finally moving out of my student apartment. I was 23 and a graduate with a top law degree. White, good looking and ambitious in Philadelphia. Excited was an understatement for me. It had been a good time living here but I was quite looking forward to move on. My new place was definitely more uptown. Soon, I would start working for a highly regarded law firm and move into... Continue»
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My First Time Gay I got More Black Cock

How could I have let this happen? Every bit of it was my fault. I was responsible for the gag in my mouth and the handcuffs on my wrists. No doubt it was my fault that I was bent over the corner of a hotel room bed, with my legs bound tightly in opposite directions...spreading them wide. I was responsible for the school girl outfit I was currently sporting, complete with white stockings, white thong (that was currently pulled to the side), black skirt (which was currently bunched at my waist), and white shirt. It was definitely clear that I was to blame for the enormously tall black man, strok... Continue»
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Wrong Shortcut in the Park Gay

It was late Friday night and I was walking home from the club I worked at while studying. I decided to take a short cut through a park that was half way. This was well in the inner city and the streets weren't always safe so this was probably not the best idea, but I was tired and in a hurry to get home. As I was walking alone through the poorly lit, nearly empty park- I began to get the feeling that I was being followed. I dismissed this thought, aware that being built tall, with broad shoulders and being white meant that I would probably not seem like the easiest target for any potential cri... Continue»
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Mandy & her new boyfriend ...

Mandy's a good friend who recently moved out of state ... really long and not good story ... anyway she's had a difficult time since she moved but finely, I hope, found a man who will treat her good and care for her. I've had the hots for Mandy for some time as she's one amazingly fantastic looking woman!!! So here's my fantasy about getting to watch and take video and pics of her with her new BF, Marcus.

He's a very hansom man; 6'4" with a medium but strong build. Mandy calls him her "Big Teddy Bear". Some how, I'm still not exactly sure how ... I was asked by Mandy if I'd video her having ... Continue»
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Halloween Hexe

Eigentlich fing alles mit einer recht harmlosen Einladung an. Ich kann sie schon länger und wir haben immer wieder geschrieben. Auf mich hatte sie immer einen eher biederen Eindruck gemacht. In der Uni hatten wir uns vor ein paar Jahren kennen gelernt und auch als sie umzog riss der Kontakt nicht ab. Dass sie Single war wusste ich und sie interessierte mich auch absolut, aber so richtig schien für mich der Funke nie übergesprungen zu sein und es schien so als seien wir uns jetzt nicht wirklich nahe. Als die Einladung bekam, verbuchte ich das eher als die Einladung einer guten Freundin, statt e... Continue»
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Our BVI Adventure Part 2

Day Four
We meet up at the pool the next morning for drinks. Before going down, I ask her to wear her vibrating balls deep inside her pussy and to let me have the control. Surprisingly, she agrees and off we go. A perfect sunny pool day filled with lots of umbrella drinks and flirting ensued. By late afternoon, we’re all quite tipsy as we lounge around waiting for more drinks. Tonya glances over at me and commented she’d like to see me blow the pool boy who’s been delivering our drinks all day. A bit embarrassed, I ask where the fuck THAT come from! Sandy just laughed and said, “Relax, I... Continue»
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My GF turns me over to a GayMaker Gay

Sarah had met Stuart online and she said he had a very special talent. He was 42, Black 10 years older than us and hung. In the sixth months that we had been together, Sarah and I had enjoyed a MMF threesome with a mutual friend twice before, but it been a more conventional affair, both of us giving Sarah all of our attention, careful to avoid crossing swords. Sarah was dissatisfied with our love life and want to spice it up and I was willing to try something a little more kinky with a man who would dominate both of us, and maybe cuckold me. Sarah was bi, but I hadn't done anything with a g... Continue»
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Chapter 23 & 24

23 Domestic Harmony

After the hectic run-up to Christmas and the previous day’s sex it was nice to spend a couple of days just with our own company. We had a night out with Dan, Ally, Tom & Heather but it was just a night out – a meal and then drinks – as Lisa said when we got home it made a very nice change – and she was right it did, although it may just be a sign of us getting a bit older and slowing down. As we kind of suspected might happen Helen and Stu had become a couple, however rumours from the riding school were that Tim & Fiona had also got together despite having known ea... Continue»
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Nigg Fucks Filipino

Jed pulled into the parking lot. He was driving his mocha bronze 2014 Buick LaCrosse sedan. He was coming to visit a young Filipino sissy. They had talked countless times. Today, they were both free. The five-foot-ten, light-skinned father-of-three walked to the apartment that the young dude shared with his mother. His mom was away at work this Saturday morning..

Dajilo was the sissy’s name. He was in the ninth grade at his high school. He hit Jed up and told him he was free.

Jed had driven an hour. He was 31-years-old. His wife knew he was going to be away for the night. He told her he ... Continue»
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Oh Holy Hot Tub!!!

We had arrived in my husband's home town. It was really a small village with a main street that looks like it came right out of a painting. The town was decorated for Christmas; all the lamp poles had colored lights running up and down them. A fresh carpet of snow blanketed the town; this place could really get you in the Christmas mood.

There were so many of his family members in town there was no room for us at his parents house so Don had already made reservation at a nice local hotel. This was fine with me as I didn't really know any of his relatives very well. Don and I lived in New York... Continue»
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BCS Black Cock Slut PT 5

Jerome continued to come over whenever he wanted, after I told him I was knocked up. Whenever he came over it was the same intense fucking him coming in my pussy 4 or 5 times and my orgasms I lost count having so many multiple Orgasms , I enjoyed so much. 

Jerome taught me how to give head, after awhile I was able to deepthroat all of his black twelve inches. I enjoyed it when he came in my mouth, running that salty semen all over my tongue before swallowing.

After giving birth to Jerome's daughter, Jacquilin, Jerome again disappeared. for the next two months with three k**s running ar... Continue»
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Out Of Afrika, chapter 2

OUT OF AFRIKA, Chapter 2

Simone and Janice drove their regular route to the premises of Rhino IMEX to begin another day of - what to them was laughingly called - work. In truth they both could not believe their good fortune in being recruited and then employed by this dynamic fast-growing foreign company. Neither of them considered the fact they possessed any specialist skills relative to the high-tech enterprise that was Rhino IMEX but having been approached and then hired they both agreed that for a number of reasons it was an absolute pleasure to be counted as company employees or, as th... Continue»
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BBC Rave IR Fuck

Let me tell you a story about what I experienced at a rave in San Diego called LED USA. I was wearing a very skimpy outfit that day, dresses with bunny ears and a bunny tail, with a lacy black bra and tight ass-hugging underwear which exposed my butt for everyone to see. I was rolling HARD that day so I loved the feeling of being touched and every time a hand would brush past or grope my ass I would shudder with pleasure. After a while I started dancing with a tall, muscular black boy who was a bit older than me. He was f***eful in all the right ways, grabbing my hips and ass and moving me acr... Continue»
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Dear Mimi 1,

This how it begins, i finally catch you walking down the street. 2nd, Santa Clara San Jose, Ca. And i finally get the guts to say whats up to you "Ayo Mimi, whats poppin." You "Oh, nothing, jusy coming from Rasputin Records, do i know you?" I "Mimi, yes, I hope so, I been trying to get your attention for rhe last 10 years, i dont know if I'm stalking you or your stalking me, I just wanna get to know you." You "Oh, O.K. name is J.V. right?" I "Yeah, so you do know me?" You "Nigga please, I admire you, it's just that, since you hollered at me at Oakridge mall back in '06, I just dont know what t... Continue»
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My Wife Impregnated

My wife's now nearly seven months pregnant with Dexter's baby. I marked on our kitchen calendar the day he came to spend the night with us, and to impregnate Susan. From that date to now, it's been almost exactly seven moths. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I lay there thinking about that night, and it's irrevocable implications, and not just for me as Susan's husband, but for Susan as well.

I haven't once had sex with Susan since she and officially joined with Dexter, and the other members of 'The Family,' and yet I've been helped a lot by talking with Dexter whenever I start to ... Continue»
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