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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

Desmond and Tutti-Frutti (w/illustrations)

Interracial Sex

Toots Melendez was a somewhat reserved, petite little thing, with smooth-brown, walnut, cream-colored skin…and she’d always had 36, 24, 36 measurements ever since she could remember having grown into her shapely, womanly figure at the age of f******n. She came up in the Ethnic Hispanic communities of East Los Angeles, near Pico and Olympic and her parents raised her on taquitos, Chile con Carne and Goats Milk –I know that sounds peculiar, but there are still immigrant Mexicans down in East Los, with chickens and goats in their front yards. It… Read more

Posted by markfayer 3 years ago 1 1,871 100%

Fantasy about my birthday present

FetishInterracial SexMature

My 61y.o wife asked me what I would like to have for my 68th birthday. I told her I would luv to see her fucked by a young black stud. Much to my surprise she said OK and asked if I had anyone in mind. I told her that I knew a 29y.o. that wanted to fuck her. She said OK but there was going to be no romance involved, she was just going to spread her legs and let him have his way with her while I watched. I agreed and invited him over on my birthday, grilled out some steaks and we all had some beers and I noticed neither could take their eyes off each other both knowing what was going to happen.… Read more

Posted by jimmielee65 3 years ago 2 3,368 79%

Prank with 'bull' goes to far

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

My wife and I have a storage unit in a building looked after by a pleasant young black man. We go there a lot but he always seemed to show up and find an excuse to chat. My wife is very friendly and would always be polite and say hello to him. She seemed surprized when I told her that I thought he fancied her, and said that she didn't think that was the case and that he was just being pleasant and talking to the customers. After two more visits my wife told me that she thought I was right, that he did fancy her, and that she thought it sweet that a young man could be interested in a chubby… Read more

Posted by markkaye 3 years ago 16 5,495 100%

Married co-worker part 4

Interracial SexMature

When we arrived at work, the tension (and I mean that in a positive way) was heavy. Sitting so close and not being able to go back inside her was torture. As always she dressed in a way that perfectly masked the fact she was a sexual goddess. I don't even know where one finds clothes that dowdy except perhaps an Amish gift shop. Since we were hiding in plain site, we mostly spoke at work via email. In fact, women who noticed I was nice to the woman nobody socialized with thought I was some kind of saint. Kind of ironic. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, we would have a stolen momen… Read more

Posted by blkinematographer 3 years ago 4 3,335 90%


Group SexInterracial SexMature

It is not my writing. I found on other site and wanted to share with the xhamster members! Enjoy! Linda and I married when she was 18, right out of high school, I was 21.? We dated for three years before that.? She was a high school basketball star,? 5'8? tall, great figure,? 36D boobs.? I used to like to watch those things bounce while she ran up and down the court,? other guys did as well.? But since I am a bigger guy, 6'2?,? no one ever said anything around me.? Well after the marriage, things were great.? My work allowed us to live nicely,? she found a job as an administrative assist… Read more

Posted by jonggu 3 years ago 2 7,732 87%

2 Girls get Rough Fucked

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

My friend Lisa and I were out shopping one day then decided to go out for dinner and drinks. I met Lisa through my husband his best friend married her not long after we were married, we got to be good friends, we both each have 2 k**s about the same age. I'm 36 about 5.4 blonde hair what you would call chunky with nice tits, I was wearing a yellow sun dress. Lisa is about 5.6, brunette also chunky, she had on a pair of denim cut shorts and a red tank top. I would not say we're overweight but you could call us Yummy Mummy's. Anyways we had the whole day to ourselves and ended up in this roadhou… Read more

Posted by Justal 3 years ago 5,763 92%

Watching the Boys Part 3

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

My cock was hard again. What was on this DVD? I had to know. I opened up the DVD case and put the disk in the player. I had a high end entertainment center installed across from my king size bed so I could watch movies. I sat back on the bed and clicked on the flat screen with the remote and waited for the DVD to start playing. The screen lit up with the red colored title card, "B's Cherry" then faded out. Then the screen faded up with the image of Bryan standing in the classic superhero pose, his hands on his hips wearing the Superman costume I bought for him last Ha… Read more

Posted by bttmjerguy 3 years ago 2 4,460 93%

Cheating Husband?

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

Over the past few years I have been promoted more than my fair share. I am a pretty jaded person so while I am completely deserving of each promotion I have a sneaking suspicion it is because I am an attractive woman in a predominantly male dominated field. I have a hard time working with women so when I was allowed to hire an assistant I picked a young man to cover my desk. He was ten years my junior and exceedingly handsome. To be honest I was never really attracted to him because I was happily married. Jeff had worked for me for two years when I began to suspect my husband was cheating… Read more

Posted by ripogarg 3 years ago 4 7,031 87%

A chance meeting

Interracial SexMature

It was like any Friday night that my girls and I went to party. I never really had any interest in meeting anyone; the scars I bore wouldn't let me. I had just come from a bl**d-sucking break up and my friends had to drag me out of my misery. It was already past midnight and the reveling crowd was draining the life out of me. “Guys I have to leave.” I told my herd. They didn't like the idea but they knew they wouldn’t make me stay. I pulled out my purse about to pay for my drink and a voice from behind startled me, “I’ll pay for that!” I turned around to see the kind stranger; he was an awe-s… Read more

Posted by blkmagick1 3 years ago 2 2,494 100%

Rainy Day

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

There was something about Kris’s house that you loved. It was decorated to perfection, the walls various different colours; blacks, whites and browns yet they all fitted together perfectly. Everything had its own place, everything was organized and ordered. No mess in sight and his bed was made every morning. Perhaps that was it. Perhaps it was the way you could glide around it so effortlessly, you’d never have to move out of the way – it was spacious, very modern, very spacious. Large windows coated the walls and in all honesty – you couldn’t have done a better job if you were allowed to desi… Read more

Posted by _MUZIK_ 3 years ago 2 1,157 100%

He ate my sweet honey-pot

HardcoreInterracial Sex

I’ve prepared my black boyfriend his favourite meal. I show him the meal and tell him to sit down so I can serve him. I set the food before him and tell him there is something else want to give him. While he is eating his delicious food, I tell him I want to kneel under the table and suck his cock. He agrees and we begin. I kneel in front of him under the table and unzip his trousers. I reach in and pull out his placid cock and his balls. I take his burning cock in my hands. I tenderly massage his balls and tell him how horny I am feeling and I came twice thinking about him. I told him… Read more

Posted by rockyharte 3 years ago 780 100%

Watching The Boys Part 2

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

I tried to get some sl**p, but the images of my son sucking down his first load of cum out of Jamal's huge member, were now forever burned into my brain. I had a restless night's sl**p, and wondered what else had happened between Jamal and my son. I so desperately wanted to get back to the house and deal with Jamal, but the meetings I had were too important to my company and I couldn't delay or ignore them. I had to watch the video again first thing in the morning. Just to make sure I didn`t dream it. But I didn't dream it, and everything I remembered was on display again.… Read more

Posted by bttmjerguy 3 years ago 5 6,279 72%

Cute tiny girl goes Black for the first time (Fant

Interracial SexMasturbationVoyeur

Angela is a really cute 29 year old girl who comes from a really good f****y with money. She went to grad school and works out a lot. She is great shape and really petite. She lives in a nice neighborhood near a major city in the U.S. Now I've had this fantasy about her the past few months. I always get to hear her tell me stories about the loser guys she goes out with. All of them are these white guys who are very average type of guys in the U.S. She has really pale skin and is really thin. I've always wondered if she had ever fucked a black guy since I know she has slept around town.… Read more

Posted by hoetapper 3 years ago 6 3,379 100%

Cuckold Fiancé

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

Hello there. This is Paul's wife Susan. You may or may not have read the two other stories my husband wrote that involve me. One was my early experience with a bachelorette stripper. The other was when I seduced a very young student who was my lab partner. This story I am writing alone as my husband wasn't particularly involved. i.e. I was working in Toledo and he was living at our home in Cleveland. Paul and I met in Cleveland and shortly after I was transferred to Toledo. We always thought this was a good, natural way of making certain we didn't rush into things. Within a year, Paul and I… Read more

Posted by paulb4fun 3 years ago 5 3,163 90%

Married co-worker part 3

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

We kissed with me still inside her with her head turned backwards for..well, shit, i have no idea how long but I know it was long enough that we got to a point where we were still except our heads and wandering hands. I could feel her pussy still rhythmically gripping and releasing my dick kind of like an orgasm aftershock. we disengaged long enough to look at each other. I was still in awe at how sexy her body was. She was not a model type by any means. Very feminine though. I'm not even a guy with a breast fetish per say but hers were magnificent and she had just enough curves elsewhere… Read more

Posted by blkinematographer 3 years ago 3 2,012 100%

Advertiser Couple For FMF - An Interracial Encount

Group SexInterracial SexLesbian Sex

Advertiser Couple For FMF – An Interracial encounter The couple’s advertisement in the local contact internet site for a bi lady was not that different from the many others in the same edition. There were, however, a number of points that appealed to me. While younger than I they were in roughly the same age range. They lived on the same geographical side of the city. And they emphasised significant requirements such as health, discretion, respect of limitations, fun, and the fact that they were ordinary everyday people; while they saw age and nationality as unimportant. Mindful of my husb… Read more

Posted by kezza6969 3 years ago 1,222 100%

Vacation to LA part 5

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

As I walked back inside i felt my b*****r in laws cum running down my thighs and i was very horny i thought bout taking a shower and getting dressed but instead i layed on my bed rubbing my clit. I brought myself to another orgasm but it wasnt good enough i wanted derricks cock inside me i wanted him to fill my pussy with his big black cock, so I put on my black g string bikini and matching top put on my dark eyeliner and black lip stick and 5 inch spike heels. I walked back outside he was sitting by the pool lounging around i walked up knelt down infront of him took his cock out and started g… Read more

Posted by sasha_762 3 years ago 2 4,134 100%

The Master King

BDSMInterracial SexTaboo

"It was a long time ago." I said, while trying to defend myself. "I no longer do the foolish things I did when I was in college." "of course not" said Richard, his eyes watching me as one does a spider hanging on its web in the corner of one's home. "But is true", I continued, "That is a part of my past that resides there. It shall never be a part of me again." "it's that so, said Richard. "You have been eyeing me for days now. as we have trained, I've observed you, watching the curve of my very ass while licking your lips. And right now, I see your knees tremble and can hear your heart skippi… Read more

Posted by niggerputo 3 years ago 13 3,645 100%

The Sailor and the Sea Goddess

First TimeInterracial Sex

Each fondle, sigh, and bat of her long eyelashes was leading the pirate to madness. Did she even KNOW? Warmth was now the very least of his problems; Calypso was like a blazing fire, searing all of his body, continually stoked within him by her ministrations. She shimmied into his lap gracefully, his hands sliding down to nestle in her falling chiton. Her thighs squeezed Ragetti snugly. "Cozy?" "Fabrizio, you are so smug. But yes…" At this Ragetti relaxed and let his eye lavish her form. It was nothing like the British women's. She had CURVES, real ones that needed no help from ill… Read more

Posted by Nikaras 3 years ago 1 1,324 100%

I'm late again

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

The day wasn't meant to turn out like it had and rather than being in town on a sunny afternoon with my wife Linda I was still waiting for Friday morning delivery which was promised over two hours previously. Now Linda wasn't mad at me really but she has to take it outon someone. She is just glad that she has my card and can put a drink and some clothes on it before I can meet her. When I do meet up with Linda we are in one of the seediest bars I can remember. The good new is that she is happy with a dring in her hand when I do arrive. I get the barman to give me a beer and Linda says that… Read more

Posted by adventureousmale 3 years ago 2 3,879 100%