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All the Black Cum you can Eat Blacken

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It was a day like any other. I was sitting in my office, masturbating to porn on my computer when I hear "What are you watching?" I turned around and saw my beautiful wife staring at me. I couldn't tell if she was mad, upset, or anything in between. She walked up to me and looked over my shoulder at the computer monitor at what I was watching. "What's cuckold?" I was so afraid of what my wife would think of me. I knew she could Google it, so I just told her. "It's like when a wife fucks other men. Sometimes the husband can watch, or not be there at all, but is accepting that his wife fucks oth… Read more

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I turned into a Cuckold for My Wife

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My current way of life started 3 years ago when I met my future wife. I was teaching 12th grade history when the most stunning girl I had ever seen walked into my class. Her name was Lynn and she had just turned 18. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was 5 feet tall and weighed only 90 lbs. Her long blonde hair rested just above her perfect ass and she had just the right amount of curves. Besides being beautiful she was also incredibly sweet and kind which I found unusual for someone so popular. She was a hard worker and a good student. Often times she would volunteer… Read more

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I made a Big Mistake Wife Blacken

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I always dreamed of watching my wife being fucked by a well hung black man. We role play in bed and one of our favorite "plays" is when she's ****d by a black man with a very large cock. I decided to set up the real thing without her knowledge because I know her and she would never agree to it. Our anniversary was coming up and we decided to go out to dinner and then get a honeymoon suite for some fun. Without her knowledge I found a black man on Craigslist who was interested. I met him and told him that I wanted him to fuck my wife but she would pretend to fight him. He was ok with this bu… Read more

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I agree only One Time Blacken

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My husband shocked me to my core when he asked me to fuck a big black cock. I couldn't believe he would ask me to do this. Didn't he want me? He told me it was just a fantasy that he wanted to try but I said "NEVER!" I thought it was over but our relationship struggled over the next few weeks. He clearly was upset with me as I was upset with him. Why did he want this so much? I started to worry about what this would do with our relationship long term. What if he never got over this? Could I be with another man to please my husband while he watched, especially a black man? What would a big… Read more

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Encounter in the train with an Indian young man

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A few years ago in august 2009, in the period i was a transvestite for only half a year i was travelling by train between my hometown and the Hague. Often i went to the red light districts in the Hague or Amsterdam. I looked around for the T-ladies who worked behind the windows and chat with them. Also that day. This time i was dressed sexy feminine with a skirt and see athrough blouse and for the first time i had eyeliner all around my eyes. Me on august 13th 2009 with eyeliner all around my eyes A femal… Read more

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il vestito

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Il vestito scivolò lungo il corpo scoprendo le grosse e magnifiche mammelle che, una volta liberate dal pesante e stretto velluto, si sollevarono prepotenti, i capezzoli puntuti e improvvisamente duri per il freddo della stanza. Uno dei marinai sollevò letteralmente da terra Antonia torcendole le braccia dietro la schiena. Un altro le afferrò le gambe aprendole a forza, mentre un terzo si metteva di fronte massaggiando il lungo e duro cazzo per indurirlo di più, piegando le ginocchia per arrivare con la grossa cappella alla fica spalancata. Dopo averci sputato sopra per renderla scivolosa, l’a… Read more

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A New Kink For A Wicked Bunny?

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I thought that a brief break from writing my 20 Years of Infidelity series of stories would do me good. I've had an occasion lately to remember a man I spent time with who had a rather strange... Kink? An unusual request? A taste for something different? Describe it as you will after I relate my experience... I'm not going to give a history. I don't want in any way to ruin the ending to my above mentioned series of posts. Suffice it to say that at the time of this story I was in my late 20s and I still had a very tight, 34B-23-35 body. I was still 5'10" tall with long, blond hair. I met Roy… Read more

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First time chub taking bbc

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So this story is as real as it gets and absolutely nothing is fabricated or sugar coated. This is the first time I bottomed for a top. I am born and raised in a lower class tough predominately black suburban area. I’m a good looking feminine shaped chub with a lot of tits and ass. I am a closet bitch like panties and my ass up in the air just drooling crying out to get my big ass breached. I always saw it in my mind getting topped by a big dick and just loving every second cumming myself dry. The truth was I watched too much porn and thought I was ready for a big cock. I had posted on Craigsli… Read more

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Black Cock Warning Pt4

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I'm tied to a spanking bench on all fours. I've just been spanked by the boss and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. I'm exhausted, my ass still stings from the strapping I got, I can feel the leather strap on my ass and I can imagine the red marks it left on my white ass. As I try to catch my breath, I think about the situation I've gotten myself into because of my lust for black cock. I've decended into the depths of depravation and humiliation in my quest for black cock. I'm now imobilized and completely exposed to the boss who k**napped me and pimpped me out for his paying… Read more

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Black Cock Warning Pt5

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I get up and start to walk slowly to my room, having a difficult time balancing on my high hells, my knees red and aching from being on the floor and weak from the pounding I just took, my ass throbbing and dipping cum all over my legs. Despite having swallowed as much as I could, I have some cum on my chin and on the sides of my lips, my hair all messed up from being grabbed, my nipples red from being played with, my thong wet from my own cum. I am thoroughly fucked and I look it. Everyone who sees me in the hallway can tell I've been fucked good and hard, used like the bitch I am. I… Read more

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Black Cock Warning Pt1

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This is one of my favorites I found somewhere on the net, enjoy you BBC sluts: I had been fantasizing about sucking a big black cock for a long time. Looking at websites and pictures on the net, mesmerized by the sight of black cock. I finally couldn't take it any longer, I decided I needed to try sucking one. I went on the web and found a sight that listed gloryholes in the area. I posted a note asking which ones were frequented by black guys and if I would be able to find black cock. After a couple of days, I received a response from a guy who pointed out two movie theatres in… Read more

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Black Cock Warning Pt2

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As I knelt there in the middle of the room, my face wet with Jake's cum and my saliva I realized that I had finally descended into the depths of total submission and humiliation. In one night, I had become a total whore to black cock. I had allowed myself to be treated like a sex slave, to be used for the pleasure of black men and to service their cocks at their whim. Now I found myself in an incredible position. I was trapped in a black guy's apartment, naked and with no hope of getting my clothes back unless I did what they wanted, which was to suck and get fucked by God only knows h… Read more

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Black Cock Warning Pt3

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My heart pounded with panic. I was in the back seat of a car between two big black guys, my head held down forcibly and lying on the crotch of one of my captors, like they didn't want anyone to see me as we drove god knows where. With my cheek, I can feel the guy's bulge getting hard inside his pants, his big hot hands holding my head down onto his crotch. The guy on the other side puts a hand on my ass and squeezes every now and then. He then slips a finger in my crack and plays with my asshole, sliding his finger up and down my crack past my hole. This is the situation I find mysel… Read more

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The Struggle of Ecstasy

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Sex is the ultimate form of pleasure. It's raw nature overloads our senses with euphoria and energy. However, between a man and a woman, there is a struggle between pleasing oneself versus pleasing their mate. When the man first kisses his woman, he is already thinking of going inside of her and satisfying his immediate lusts. Rubbing her down and caressing her nurturing tits, he is thinking of whether her moans are meant for her or to make his cock harder for himself. As the two disrobe and flesh rubs against flesh, he moves down to her vagina and gives her the wet pleasure she has been wan… Read more

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Wife teases with a bbc

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Wife's Teasing Treat For years I had had this fantasy of watching my sweet red headed wife take a big black cock into her pussy. And for years she denied it to me. However, she would jerk me off telling me "stories" of her interracial infidelity. It was coming up to my birthday and she had started hinting a month in advance that she had a special treat in mind for me, and that is all she would say about it. Finally it was my birthday, we went out with some friends for drinks then came home. She smiled and asked me if I thought that she had forgotten about my treat. I smiled and told her… Read more

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New Job

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Hey all. Sorry for the long break since my last story but I've been focusing on finishing school and a new job! I wanted to share this experience. I started a new job recently, selling parts for industrial manufacturing. I have to travel some to make sales calls. Recently i had to drive out to a customer about 2 hours away. I had spoken to the manager of the plant several times over the phone and was going out there to follow up on some orders. I got to the plant and waited for a while in the lobby and then went back for the meeting. I met Mr. Rooker who was about 6' black with gray haired gu… Read more

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Asian Wife grabbed by her Pussy and fucked! (Big b

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

Last night I was exposing my wife on chatstep for a good moment and a lot of men were watching , chatting and commenting on Oxana's pics then I asked them if I should fuck my wife or just keep masturbating and cum with them talking about her and exposing her. Many told me I should wait for her to return home and fuck her good and hard so I did listen to them and waited her to come back from the gym. Before she came back I kept getting advices on how I should fuck Oxana from all the guys in the chatroom. [image class="blog-ima… Read more

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Winter Suprise (as real as it gets)

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there is some but not a lot of :"action" in this, as I am relating true events, this is a set up for what could be a very warm spring and hot summer. As you read my wife had a good summer in London. Me on the other hand had a dry spell. She thought I was screwing around like she was, however most of my sex was single handed. So now I know and she has to figure how to make it up to me. But things are getting better. E-mail came into me mid-January, seems that Mike and Deb (and family) have transferred back to the "Park". The maintenance department and administration has not functioned the s… Read more

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1st Hand Account

Gay MaleInterracial SexShemales

So my wife read our convo we had about you getting gang r@ped, I could see her pussy juices pouring out through her pants You told me how it was suppose to be a tinder hook up an when you got there, there was more then 1 an kinda left it there Grinder actually...he hit me up on guy...sent me a dick pic...had like a 10 inch thick I said I wanted to suck it....he told me to come over and suck his nut out...gave me the address...I put on a mini skirt top that showed off my boobs...and fuck me heels and went over When I knocked on the door he answered and… Read more

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the dress

Group SexInterracial SexAnal

The dress slid along the body, discovering the large and magnificent breasts that, once freed from the heavy and tight velvet, rose up in arrogance, their nipples pointed and suddenly hard from the cold of the room. One of the sailors literally lifted Antonia from the ground, twisting her arms behind her back. Another grabbed her legs by forcefully opening them, while a third faced each other massaging the long hard cock to harden it more, bending her knees to get with her big open pussy cunt. After spitting to make it slippery, he leaned it against the wet slit and pressed it into the big coc… Read more

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