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One Black Night Pregnant

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Mike and I had been married for a few years and he had wanted k**s the entire time we've been married. I had resisted his wish for c***dren at first as I was focused on my career more than starting a family. One day I decided I was ready to fulfill his wish. I was going to surprise him by giving him a baby. I secretly went off the pill and used a diaphragm for a few months. Then when I decided it was finally time I made excuses for not having sex until I was ovulating. If you knew how much my husband, Mike loved sex than you would wonder how I kept sex from him for so long. It wasn't an ea… Read more

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He Made A Big Mistake

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

My name is Jayson Stephens, Sara is my wife of four years. I’m a Seal Team member whose team is attached to a special CIA Black Opts. Unit. Our deployments are non-typical we would go when called and come back when our mission was accomplished. Sara is a beatiful woman 24 years old, 5’6” tall 118 lbs 36c boobs, long perfectly shaped legs and one tight butt. When I’m off deployment she would train with me some days running up 20 miles a day, lifting and calisthenics. Like most enlisted family’s Sara had to work to make ends meet. She saw an advertisement for a personal assistant for a senatori… Read more

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Erica Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Erica batted her long eyelashes and smiled as she placed her customers orders on the table. It was chilly inside the crowded restaurant and her long nipples strained against her uniform top. She had small, perky A cup breasts and she rarely wore a bra to work because she'd learned over the years that her tips were much better when she didn't. "Is there anything else I can get you gentleman?" Erica asked in a pleasant tone. She had a sexy southern drawl, pretty brown eyes and a warm smile. She'd been a cheerleader through college and had kept her compact body in shape for the fifteen years s… Read more

Posted by hondo1906 4 days ago 2,510 90%

Out of Afrika - Chapter 11

Interracial SexMasturbationVoyeur

Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 11 (written by Wunderboi) David left the chapel feeling partly shocked at his reaction to the special private meeting he had been summoned to with the lovely Clarissa Johnson. 'Partly' because he was not usually aroused by women (but this had been a woman dominating him who had turned him on ever since he was in College which he remembered ruefully had been his gorgeous mother's doing.) Clarissa had dominated him in the Chapel, had basically told him what to do to become President of the CCC, the venerable Confederacy Country C… Read more

Posted by CurtB 4 days ago 529

Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 5

Interracial SexVoyeur

Day 5 I woke up, looked at my wife who within four days had become a black cock slut; I was regretting ever booking this holiday and couldn’t wait to get home. Sally woke, stretching her soft body looking so sexy as she laid back naked on the bed, I headed towards the shower, I turned the taps but no water came out the shower. I picked up the phone and called reception who put me through to maintenance. I explained the problem about the shower and was told, “A plumber will be out this morning”. We changed into our swim wear and sat outside. For a change I had ordered breakfast to be delive… Read more

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Hubby made me Fuck black man

Interracial Sex

When my husband retired last year we decided to move to Florida We adapted to the area fast,made lots of new friends.We would go to the beach every time we had a chance. Joe my husband liked to go golfing or fishing I would go shopping once or twice a week with my new friend. Life was great Well only one thing was missing in are life.That was Sex due to my hubby's age and some health condition ( diabetic ) Joe could not get hard cock Most he was getting semi hard. So we watched lots of porn at nights He would make me cum by giving me oral sex I did like that Every time we war watching porno mo… Read more

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Sunbathing with friends

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

When I was about 21 years old (Male), I lived with some friends for two years. I was about 5'6" 145 lbs. and most of the good stuff/weight was in my ass. My new roommates worked with me and were lesbians, one very butch (half black half Latina) and the other was kinda butch but kinda feminine (full Latina). I really enjoyed their friendship, I was new to the area and didn't know anyone. They were very generous and enjoyed having fun. We had a pool and when I first got there, they told that once in a while they would have pool parties. Now I'm not gay, probably more bisexual then anything else.… Read more

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Sluts For A Night

Interracial SexGroup SexMature

Three of my friends and I met in a neighboring city. We got a hotel room for the weekend and wanted to spend time together and just hang out, like we did in college. It is hard for us to get together now that we all have husbands and c***dren and jobs and stuff like that but we managed. The first night we went out to eat and then to a club for dancing. We had alot of fun. Men flirted and danced with us and bought us drinks. The next day we went shopping and more eating then we headed to this new night club that was all the rage. Of course they let us in, four good looking MILFs ready to rock… Read more

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Big black guy gives rise to a group sex session

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

This happened about twelve years ago. I had a "friends with benefits" kind of relationship with Cathy. She was a few years younger than I and like most women I really adore, she had a big round butt and long black hair. One night Cathy and I went to a night club with Cathys friend Irene. Irene was pretty blonde with a tight body. Cathy and Irene had met at a hobby basketball group and had become good friends. At some point in the evening, Irene went dancing with a really tall black guy. Where I live, black guys are not very common so I kind of knew who he was. He was Chris, an american baskeb… Read more

Posted by randydee 4 days ago 1,978 82%

Nicole 'CoCo Chanel#1' Austin 2

Interracial SexHardcoreCelebrities

Now keep watchin the movie while Deepthroat this lonnng fat JOHNGODVENOMOUS Pipe, glurrevwereh, ooh-slurp." You kept hoggy scarffy suckin' that dick, untill I really got into it "Awhll bitch, take it deeper-bitch awhl yeah. Neck that pipe slut ooh ~suck it long wrong like a real Rich white bitch, Awhhlll suppose to do, Uhhh." After about 2hours and 44 minutes of suckin' me like a Olympic Goafer Duck Gazelle, you switched it up "Sollllllurp Awwwhhh-let me ride this lonnnng fat nasty hARD mothafucka daddy." I "Come On Then." Yo perfect I mean flawless physique climbed on that dick an had me spru… Read more

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CaroleX: Confessions of a would be Escort

CelebritiesInterracial SexVoyeur

Check the photos that go with this blog/story. I must admit I’m getting quite good at this and think I should have taken this up as a career choice many years ago. Thinking of the number of shags I’ve had I could have made a fortune (lol). Having posed as an Escort sometime ago I’d been longing to repeat the venture and I’ve now had the chance to enjoy following a visit to Manchester. Once again hubby and I chose a venue and day when we knew there was a Conference being held in town and so could be sure that the local hotels would be full of guys away from their wives and keen to b… Read more

Posted by CaroleX 5 days ago 1 940 100%

I made my husband gay

Gay MaleInterracial SexMature

I turned my husband Gay It was the office New Year party and everybody was there including partners, and I was yet again accompanied by my wimp of a husband who barely made any attempt to socialise. I on the other hand had not had anything between my legs for over a week, also had not eaten since breakfast and was feeling as horny as hell. I was dressed in a skirt, tied around my neck, which barely covered my arse even when standing upright. I had already decided I would enjoy myself so had not bothered with underwear as did not see the point putting any on only to tak them off an hour r so… Read more

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ShemalesInterracial SexTaboo

To the greater Boston general public it was simply a small little known quite private night club located in the back part of Roxbury called The Black Rooster Bar. While in local Gay Community circles, insiders called this private by membership only pub, THE BLACK COCK CASTLE! When first learning about it from a new CD sister named Mary Beth I just met online last July, I found myself immediately interested for one very good and powerful reason. Yes like most white gay Cross Dressers, my favorite Sexual Fantasy involved fully serviceing a Truly Majestic Black Dick which never failed to exc… Read more

Posted by cddixie 5 days ago 3 1,074 88%

My 1st BBC Experience CD Serenxya Jade

Interracial SexGay MaleVoyeur

Hi my name is Serenxya :) I'm a crossdresser who identifies himself as a heterosexual, masculine male when in my everyday business. What happens wgen I'm dressed like a woman I'm a man who identifies himself as a bisexual, versatile, sex goddess :P I enjoy taking photos and videos of myself but I never intended on doing anything more. Until.. This guy messaged me. His name I forget so we will call him Boss. He stood about 6'5" and had a 10 inch big black cock :O He was built like a heavyweight champion and was mysterious about letting me anything more about himself. He kept talking nasty stuff… Read more

Posted by SerenxyaJade 5 days ago 1 539 75%

My 1st BBC Experience by Serenxya Jade

Gay MaleInterracial SexVoyeur

Hi my name is Serenxya :) I'm a crossdresser who identifies himself as a heterosexual, masculine male when in my everyday business. What happens wgen I'm dressed like a woman I'm a man who identifies himself as a bisexual, versatile, sex goddess :P I enjoy taking photos and videos of myself but I never intended on doing anything more. Until.. This guy messaged me. His name I forget so we will call him Boss. He stood about 6'5" and had a 10 inch big black cock :O He was built like a heavyweight champion and was mysterious about letting me anything more about himself. He kept talking nasty stuff… Read more

Posted by SerenxyaJade 5 days ago 1 398 100%

Wendy does community service

Interracial SexMature

Wendy had been searching for something to fill her spare time and had volunteered to help a charity renovating homes in disadvantaged areas. The people she met at first were mainly organisers for various tradesmen that would be need to complete the projects and she shadowed a lady called Linda for her first couple of projects with Linda being the one to hand over the houses to their new occupants at first. As summer was in full swing Linda had planned to go away for a week or two which coincided with a handover which Wendy would have to take care of. As there was no manula work involved that… Read more

Posted by adventureousmale 5 days ago 2,508 93%

""""""SaraJay 1,&quo

CelebritiesInterracial SexMature

"""""" " " "I "Damn, Mami stop screamin' damn." You "Alrig-Ri-Right daddy I-I wont scream no more." Then I finally got on bendin' knee and asked my special lady, for the 1st time in my life, the big question. Sara Justine - will you marry me?" . . . . "Uwwhh-uwrk-cluh->cluh-urky-- yes baby, I will marry you." You make->>ighh-igh in-in me so happy Al B., I dont and aint ever loved no man l-ll-luh-luh like you." I placed the ring on your finger and got up to my feet, passionately french kissing you as I was standing and squeezing on to yo fat juicy ass and spreading yo ass cheeks apart,… Read more

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Out of Afrika - Chapter 10

Interracial SexLesbian SexVoyeur

Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 10 Chloe was in a constant state of excitement caused by all the exhilarating things that were going on in her life. For one, at 18 years old she was regarded as being an Adult which meant there was little that she was legally not allowed to do and that thought alone thrilled her. In truth she was still emotionally immature racked with all the teenage insecurities that are part of growing up. She was constantly aware that unlike many of her friends she had yet to be actually fucked by a real penis. That didn’t mean that she w… Read more

Posted by CurtB 6 days ago 580

Student Exchange 4

Group SexInterracial SexVoyeur

Chapter Four – The second week We had had a whole week and Barbados had to date fulfilled my wildest dreams - or should I say ‘our wildest dreams’? – for we both were experiencing the vacation of a lifetime in the most agreeable circumstances. I was still in thrall of the surprise of the windfall of my surprise lottery win. Here we were not having to worry about the expense; the accommodation; the travel arrangements and all of it being enjoyed in the most delightful Caribbean setting. Helen was getting more than her share of black cock without having to go searching and I was allowed to watc… Read more

Posted by CurtB 6 days ago 768

Goodness gracious

Interracial SexHardcoreCelebrities

by williacj my 6 hours of sleep are awakened by the sound of my smartphone alarm. I turn on the TV before getting out of bed showering eating breakfast and then getting dressed. I made up my bed grabbed my keys took the bus and headed to farm and fleet in oak creek where I ran into actress Billie Bruno who plays Gracie from the TV show according to Jim. we talk for a minute and she tells me her mom and dad aren't getting along and I encouraged her to just live her life despite her parents falling out, she thanked me for my concern and I asked her if she wanted to go out for lunch or dinner l… Read more

Posted by williacj 6 days ago 710 67%