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Be Fruitful And Multiply

Later in the day, my wife took a nap, and while she did, I went for another walk along the shoreline of the lake that the resort bordered along. The open sunlight was quite hot, and the humid air amplified it's effects; but the shade of the oaks made for some very nice stretches, and I just kept walking.

My thoughts were dominated, as it should be no surprise, by the fact that my wife had been 'bred' by Dexter the night before; and I felt a strange mixture of emotions. On the one hand, I felt the stirrings of jealousy, of fear that I might end up loosing my wife altogether, but also, at th... Continue»
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Rachel pt3

Rachel pt 3

I slept but it was restless sl**p . I woke early showered , shaved my pussy armpits and legs fingered my cunt for a couple of minutes all the while thinking about two big cocks about to invade my body I shuttered and climaxed all over my fingers a wave of relief poured over me , I finally started to relax. I then put on a thong , shorts no bra and a button shirt put my hair in a ponytail just a little makeup . I raced down the stairs into the kitchen where mom and dad sat eating breakfast , mom stared at me she knew that I was not wearing a bra but I don't think dad did. I grab... Continue»
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Holy Motherhood

Six months after joining Dexter's extended 'f****y of God', as he regarded it, my wife was obviously pregnant by him! When she stopped having her period, and especially after she'd taken a pregnancy test just to make sure she was, we both felt undeniably enthusiastic about it!

Sometimes, after she would get out of the shower, and as she'd be drying off and getting clothes out, and laying them across our bed, I'd stand in the doorway and look at her ever-enlarging belly; and I'd always think back to that incredible night where she and Dexter went back to his room! That evening had been a hug... Continue»
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f****y Ties

After my wife and Dexter had retired to his suite, I found myself feeling antsy, and so I took a walk down to Tan Tara's lavish boat dock, and stood looking out over the night-shrouded lake water. The air was still quite warm and humid from the day's heat, and though there was hardly any breeze, what slight breeze that did stir, felt good on my slightly sweaty face and arms.

"Are you okay?" A woman's voice said behind me; and as I heard it, I turned around to find an older, but still attractive, white female standing not far from me. She smiled. "Hello! My name is Sara, my husband, Robert, ... Continue»
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The Legend of Super Dick #Nastyjournal entry 6

The Legend of Super Dick #Nastyjournal entry 6
Diamond part 1

I'll call her diamond since I'm not using real names...i first saw her dancing in one of Atlanta most popular strip clubs,this was in 2014.i was in a private booth smoking a blunt when i saw her walk by,as I've said i like women of all races and sizes,but my weakness is a blonde with a big ass,When I see blonde hair i get a feeling over my body like a naughty sensation,but when i lay my eyes on a blonde girl with a big ass i can't control myself from lusting,when I looked up i saw my favorite view blonde hair and a big white ass... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife

N Linda had mentioned that it would be hot if we took some pictures of her accidentally exposing herself in public places. This had started in some more remote locations where Linda had started off shyly but had eventually stripped down to only wearing her shoes or more lately platform heels.

Some time later she had suggested that we go to more public places, but always late at night. Mentioning that she found it a turn on that we might be discovered. It was an experience that was a little rushed at first, but Linda began taking more time over undressing and by the time someone did happen ... Continue»
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A f****y Gathering (A Story)

My wife and I once knew this younger black guy who went by the name of Dexter. He was from the Atlanta, Georgia area originally. We met him through a friend-of-a-friend sort of connection when we were still living the cuckolding lifestyle.

Dexter told us once, after we'd chatted with him on-line for a while, that he had 'fathered' 11 different babies with 11 different married women who were couples that were into, in his words "serious cuckolding."

I wasn't sure at first whether to believe him. I mean, how would I have been able to prove, or disprove it? But one day I just asked him abou... Continue»
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A mother's grudge

A mother's grudge

by William Scape

© 2017

She told her daughter that I was a weird looking black guy, the fact that I didn't have a lot of friends and kept to myself scared her into the nearest galaxy, she was so paranoid she called the Milwaukee police department and had them look me upon the sex offender registry, they found nothing.

She was still paranoid, she had the FBI sent agents to watch my house, they tried to trace me and my every move but sound grabber kept blacking out their surveillance. I came home I looked up at the smoke detector I took it off the wall and I opene... Continue»
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The neighbor's son

One evening while I was sitting on my bed wearing a bikini bottom and a shirt I heard a knock on my front door. I go to the front door and open it, standing there was my neighbor's son, billy. He was this tall young black k**. He ask "can I stay here for a bit my folks are not home and I forgot my keys this morning" I said "sure stay as long as you like, I'll make some dinner." I turned to go to the kitchen and billy follows me in. Billy sits down at the table and I make some food quickly. I bring it to the table and sit down next to him. After we both eat he ask "why are you wearing that" I r... Continue»
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Just a girl who's found her true meaning in life like many other women, and aims to fulfill her need for big moroccan men to serve and worship!

The Moroccan Cock BMCRULES Agreement / Contract for
I, Kim agree to the following rules, and will adhere to them faithfully:
I will submit myself mind, body and soul fully to Big Moroccan Cocks (BMC) as often as possible from now on and for the rest of my life in all of the following ways, as well as those not listed.

1. You are no longer dressing for yourself. You ... Continue»
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192 Avis and jerry go visit carol

192 Avis and jerry go visit carol
When visiting down south with my black lover Jerry, I decided to call my friend Carol and ask if we could stay with her for a while. “Carol, this is Avis” I said as she answered the phone. “I was wondering if Jerry and I could stay with you for a while” I added. After a brief pause, “I am kind of busy Avis” she replied. “I’d do anything you wanted” I answered back. Another pause, “Anything?” she said. “Anything “I replied, knowing Carol would jump at the chance to have her way with me. It took her another minute or so to reply, “Okay” she finally ... Continue»
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191 a night out with les freind carol

191 Avis a night out with les carol
With my black lover Jerry back home, my friend Carol decided we needed a ladies’ night out and said she would take me to a private place she knew that catered to alternative lifestyle people. I again put on a sheer black blouse, no bra so that my tits could be seen, see through black skirt showing off my panties and garter belt that held up my black stockings and my 6” open toed ankle strap stiletto heels that I loved so much. Carol dressed in a similar fashion, her sheer blouse showing off her beautiful full tits which got me aroused even before we l... Continue»
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Paying off your husband's debt

I was recently contacted by an Indian lady...part of a couple....who enjoyed fantasy role play. As I enjoy writing, I penned this scenario for her while waiting around on cam one day. My cock was solid, throughout! If you would like me to write a fantasy for you...then feel free to message me :)

I am imagining that your I did some work for your husband, and he now owes me money that he could not pay! I am angry and upset, and need immediate recompense, and I can see his shame at not being able to settle up. While I have been working for him, I have discreetly also been watching you, ... Continue»
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House Guest (Hayley's High part 3)

This story is part 3 to the Hayley High series. Warning: M/F, M/M/M/M/F, M/M/F, F/F to follow ;)

House Guest (Hayley's High part 3)

She sat on the edge of the stage, her legs hanging off in shredded leggings as she sang to the first row barely ten feet away. Her thin top had a zipper down the front, currently she had it unzipped a third of the way down giving everyone a peak and the promise for more. It also did almost nothing to hide her tiny, hard nipples. Hayley leaned over, giving the first row with a smile and a peak farther down her top. The only th... Continue»
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Black Taxi, Black Dick, Blacked Teen!-Part 2


So what exactly was teeny Sue up to? She had ordered a Taxi as she had arrived to baby sit? The very BIG ebony black taxi driver, who called himself King Impala had told my little dicked, white hubby that he had done some kinda deal with Sue. Now Sue although embarrased in that Mick had found her out, meaning had she waited half an hour for Mick to leave then Mick would not have answered to door to let him in. Why then had the negro driver gone into the lounge with Sue? So many questions???
Mick was in the habit now on the nights that Sue came around to sit of actually not goi... Continue»
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My Great Great Gandfather Was A Cuckold

After reading and re-reading my great-great-grandfather's diary, which had been a day-by-day (or a nearly every day) chronology of his discovery that, that first; his wife (my great-great-grandmother) was having, what we today would call an 'affair', with one of the male slaves on their sprawling tobacco and cotton plantation outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and then secondly, and I was perhaps the most struck, or 'moved', when I read this account near the end of his diary, and which describes his reactions to finding out that his wife was now pregnant by this young black male slave (who was refer... Continue»
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Black Taxi, Black Dick, Blacked Teen!-Part 1

As you know our Teen Baby sitter Sue has a real love of cocks and her so young too! Mick my hubby small dicked cuck as seen her sneakily on a number of occasions now. peeking at her and her Black boyfriend-Jamile through the window outside our house and her with him in the lounge on our sofa.
He knows that Sue will play with guys for money if they run her home from her baby sitting duties around our neighborhood. She allows guys to taste her, not fuck her, but she will always suck their bare dicks until they cum for £20. Well after all her s****rs work as e****ts in a parlour, one of whom bec... Continue»
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Dose of Black Cock

My husband Rick had been bugging me to fuck a black man since his buddy had got a black guy from an e****t service to screw his wife.

"No, I'm not going to let some guy I don't even know fuck me!" I insisted.

In the early years of our marriage we had done some swinging with two other couples that were friends of ours. It had been fun but as we started families we gradually drifted apart.

For the past several years it had just been Rick and I had been just screwing each other except for that one Superbowl party where I got d***k and the guys all gang-banged me.

At least I knew all t... Continue»
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WPC Stephens' Bad Day

WPC Stephens’ Bad Day

A tale of a tricked policewoman’s woes by Asmodeus_seed.

WPC Jane Stephens looked at Earl’s phone with growing unease as the video clip he was showing her became obviously something she hadn’t expected or wanted. She glanced at his grinning face, his white teeth were exposed in a smile that went from ear to ear and his eyes bored into her as her fear became obvious. She glanced at his two companions, Jimmy and Ali who had grins to match Earl’s. The three boys were standing eye to eye with the young policewoman and obviously enjoying her discomfort.
She had been... Continue»
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It is All Black & White in the f****y!

Sandra heard a knock on the back door as she looked at the clock. Yes it was ten o'clock already. She knew who was at the door and what was about to happen. Her pussy grew moist. It was hard to believe that this weekly ritual had been going on for fifteen years.

Sandra opened the door to see Bo standing there in his sheriff's uniform. For a white man he was good looking with his reddish blonde hair and blue eyes. At forty he was in excellent shape. He was holding the laundry bag and smiled at her as she opened the door.

"Hi Sandra, I brought the laundry. Jenny said to remind you not to s... Continue»
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