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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

Before the "Glory hole" experience

Interracial Sex

My hubby wrote recently about how I discovered what a Glory Hole is and got to experience a huge black cock. It drove my hubby crazy with desire and we have enjoyed hours of great sex since. He keeps telling me how turned on her got when he walked in to the cube in the porn shop where I was getting stuffed with a huge black cock. I had told my hubby to go and get a xl sized condom so I could fuck the huge black cock that I was sucking. He had almost rushed out of the room. Soon as he was gone my black cock was pulled out of the glory hole and seconds later a big black man walked into the littl… Read more

Posted by happy_manwhore 2 years ago 2,230 100%

The Snoop

FetishInterracial SexVoyeur

Karen and I had been married for three years and it was obvious to me that our sex life had taken a drastic turn for the worse. We got along wonderfully in every other area except for sex which only highlighted the problem. Karen is a nice looking, heavy breasted woman who had always drawn stares and then amazement at the size of her tits (36D). We had fucked and sucked lustily for a number of years before we were married and then BAM! Within the three years after getting married Karen was suddenly suggesting that she jerk me off when I was horny or wanting me to eat her - but no actual pen… Read more

Posted by subjaye 2 years ago 1 3,033 100%

The College Roomate

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

It was a surprise getting the call from Tim. I mean it had been only 5 years ago and I really haven't stayed in touch with him so I never thought I'd be getting a call from him. I answered him in the kitchen and put it on speaker phone. At first I didn't know who he was but when I recognized his voice I immediately regretted answering him on the speaker phone because my wife was right here at the table. I told Vicky about Tim but I didn't tell her everything about Tim. I guess he was just one of the skeletons that we keep in our closet. "Hey Jimmy what you doing, it's really great to hear y… Read more

Posted by subjaye 2 years ago 2 3,481 100%

Valentine's Gang Bang

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

It was my freshman year at college. Away from home for the first time in a strange place, well, for any length of time that is. There had previously been trips to my Grandparents farm for a lot of the summers along with the summer camps that I had to attend. In fact it was one of those summers when I lost my virginity. It was there that I had my first taste of sucking on a guy’s cock and the taste of his semen in the back of my throat. Oh what a summer it was. I will never forget that as long as I live. In fact that is probably what got all this started. Returning back to school f… Read more

Posted by kev269 2 years ago 4 3,010 93%

MILF gets BLACKED at mall

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

When you publish a story on here, you have certain categories you can label your story with. One I rarely use in interracial. But a woman recently asked me to write a fantasy for her of a mature woman taking on 2 young black cocks. The story turned out well, and she asked for another one. It got me thinking. How would a MILF, a mature white woman go about finding a young black stud to anonymously fuck? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tina knew she looked obscene. That was the whole fucking point. She was 52 and still ha… Read more

Posted by imornery81 2 years ago 6 8,146 91%

My Top 5: 5.

First TimeGroup SexInterracial Sex

It is funny how you can remember these things; I have had encounters that are at least in my minds “memorable”. I am going to tell of my favorites….. 5. October 1985, I was in AIT at Fort Jackson I was 20yrs old, there were these two girls in the company next to ours and they were beautiful not in a super-model way. They look like Wendy and Lisa (from The Revolution), anyway I had a pass to go off base and I stayed at a hotel I had beer, and a bottle but no one to chill with I walked down to the lobby and I saw them apparently the hotel was booked full and it was late I offered them my spar… Read more

Posted by BiggDawg65 2 years ago 1 1,095 100%

The New United Nations and You

BDSMInterracial SexSex Humor

World Civics in the Twenty-Third Century- fifth ed. Chapter 1: A Fresh Start You and your classmates have grown up in an age of prosperity. The average world citizen can expect to live a long, happy life. Our leaders are honest and hard working, and our governments are good members of the world community. Large-scale v******e is a thing of the past. In fact, there have been no wars anywhere on Earth for over two-hundred years, but it might surprise you to learn that the world wasn't always so peaceful. In ancient times, men fought like savages, stabbing each other with stone spears, a… Read more

Posted by NaughtyBrat 2 years ago 2 2,285 67%

neighbourhood obedience

FetishInterracial Sex

My wife and I have just moved to the suburbs after living the country lifestyle for 15 years. We're currently in our mid 30's: my wife is 33, 5'6, 130 lbs, blonde, 36C breasts, and is in good shape due to great genetics and a healthy lifestyle. Me on the other hand, not so much. I'm your normal 36 year old with the 'dad body' even though we don't have c***dren. I'm starting to bald, wear business casual attire on most days, and I'm amazed that I could even pull Cindy in college (my wife, I'm Steve). To top it all off I have 5" cock and though my wife as always reassured me that it was enough,… Read more

Posted by fatmagicaltongue 2 years ago 2 2,686 72%

Larry now working for Mrs Smith

Interracial Sex

Lena had put up notes on messageboards that she needed a worker to take care of the house and clean up and keep clean.Of course a nigger showed up at once. -What's your name, nigger? -Larry,mam. -Why do want this job? -I enjoy working for white women, I'm well-behaved and well trained. I am always loyal and always do as I'm told to do. -Well nigger,You will not receive any salary and I am extremely demanding. your job will be to keep the house and grounds clean.But I'm pretty fussy with my niggers. -Here is a list of some rules for you: 1.You get a room where you can stay and you n… Read more

Posted by Lenxxxx 2 years ago 1 1,976 30%

Fantasy on the Balcony

First TimeInterracial SexMasturbation

This is a fantasy story. It is an idea of sex on a balcony at my buddies apartment with a young sexy black woman. The idea came from watching her, sexy chick dancing on the balcony, and at times she bounced her butt like she was getting fucked. I did meet her, using Amber for her name, and we joked about her sexy dancing. She had thoughts about sex up there, but yet to find anyone to do it, yet. Of course, I am working on her about trying it out, but her busy work schedule has made it tough. So I am writing this in a fantasy with hopes of doing it for real. So I met up with Amber at Chee… Read more

Posted by beast255 2 years ago 777 100%

Affair with a BBW

HardcoreInterracial SexSex Humor

A Low Maintenance Affair with a BBW Rylee always wore a baseball cap and this day was no exception. It was a standard part of his maintenance uniform and kept the sun out of his eyes as he traversed between buildings fixing everything from busted pipes to plaster dings. He was six feet tall, naturally tanned by his work outdoors, and had incredible green eyes the color of a pine tree in a rainstorm. Along with his baseball cap, he wore a tan polo shirt with the logo of the apartment building emblazoned on the left breast pocket, long Carhartt's workpants, sturdy steel capped boots, and a be… Read more

Posted by gergawy 2 years ago 3 4,356 92%

A walk in the woods!

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

I was coming back from a shopping trip the other day and as it was a very pleasant warm morning I thought I would call in to a small wooded cruising area near the race course in our city. It can be a bit "hit and miss" with the types of guys you find there but it was a nice day for a walk!. I parked up and saw only two other cars in the small car park but thought that as I was there I might as well have a look for some action. I started walking the tracks in the wood that went through some heavy undergrowth, working my way to the back of the small wood, I got onto a narrow track that I knew le… Read more

Posted by shooter455 2 years ago 3,713 100%


First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

Catholic school was boring I hated the nuns with their black habits and flowing robes I couldn't wait to get out of there at three o'clock and as I walked home I was daydreaming about that new video game they came out with lots of shooting and gallons of bl**d right up my alley...I was walking up this street and I heard a tapping on a window pane from above me so I looked up it was the natural thing to do and I saw there in a sun porch a big cock it was hard and the owner was tapping it on the glass I saw that he was an older boy still a teenager but a few years older than me I guess I didn… Read more

Posted by laceysgirl 2 years ago 2 4,105 100%

Pegged by the boss.

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

This picks up where my last story left off. The sex between Anthony and myself was fine as far as I thought. He liked to sl**p with a t-shirt on and no underwear. I usually sl**p naked. I love to snuggle up next to him, and if I feel he has a morning woody, I love to wake him up with my lips wrapped around his sweet, black cock. I believe he likes this too:) Judging by how much cum he blasts into my eager mouth. We usually save the fucking for nighttime. Working some new positions into our sessions. Reverse cowgirl. Missionary anal. Stick a pillow under my ass and fuck me like a bitch… Read more

Posted by Mark2Marcie 2 years ago 5 3,479 78%

Isi's Story (pt 2)

Interracial Sex

Isi’s Story (Part Two) Isi started to regain consciousness from a shallow and troubled sl**p, she thought it was just a nightmare but then she felt the binds that held her tightly to the bed and quickly realised that all the shame she had been f***ed to receive wasn’t a dream at all, it was a living nightmare. Her eye lids flickered as she tried to accustom them to the dim but piercing light from the single unshaded light bulb hanging from the grubby ceiling. “Oh,” she heard Susan say, “our young slut bucket’s awake at last”. In the distance Isi could hear some mumbling then a hea… Read more

Posted by Sophie_Tyler 2 years ago 990 100%

Little Pig Pt. 6

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

Lil Pig is still being a Lil Pig. Recently Lil Pig had a one on one that brought back memories of when he was young. the guy he was with was a big bear type. All he wanted to do was lay down & cuddle with Lil Pigs ass against his cock. What happened next reminded Lil Pig of a time he stayed the night at his friends and his friends Dad did the sex act same thing. Mr. Bear rubbed his cock up and down Lil Pigs crack several times. Thinking Mr. Bear was going to stick it in Lil Piggy's ass, Lil Piggy scooted back some more. Only Mr. Bear started jacking off till he came on Lil Piggy's butt… Read more

Posted by fotobr 2 years ago 710 100%

Glory hole

Interracial SexMature

My wife, Tina and I have been together for 20 + years. We meet in college and have had a great life together. k**s are now old enough to let mom and dad go out and not worry about the k**s and returning home early enough to put them to bed. So our life started to change a bit when the k**s got older. We always had a great sex life. My wife felt very secure in herself and her needs. I loved her more than ever before and our relationship was better than ever. Lately she had liked to explore and use sex for fun and not only pleasure. We did role playing and fucked out in public on a couple… Read more

Posted by happy_manwhore 2 years ago 8 7,387 90%

My Wife Set Up To Get Fucked By Black Guy

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

I have been married to my wife Abby for just over a year now and married life is just wonderful ,considering I married my high school sweetheart. At 20 she still looks the same way she did in high school. She still has her petite sexy figure, 4'8" 115 lbs, gorgeous silly black hair shoulder length, firm 32c cup breasts and a cute tight butt that guys can't seem to take their eyes off when she walks by. I joke around sometimes in bed about her being with another man, but secretly craving to see it in real, she gets really grossed out and tell me to shut up. Once I even brought u… Read more

Posted by Dappa4 2 years ago 9 10,930 100%

Nudist beach..

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

it was a holiday in Jamaica and it was our 1st trip there. we were loving the sun and the fullboard plus the waiters paying us loads of attention. the wife Dawn is a big girl and her tits are nice and big so the waiters were having fun looking at them whilst she sat there in her bikini top. it was out 3rd day and 1 of the waiters said why don't you try the beach down the track behind the hotel its a quiet beach and it mainly for our holiday goers and staff. so the next day we decided to give it a go, as we walked down the path we could see that a few people were naked and then we seen the s… Read more

Posted by naughtydarksecret 2 years ago 4 4,071 100%

Isi's Story (pt 1)

Group SexInterracial Sex

Isi’s Story (Part One) It was a cold, dark and miserable November night; the wind was howling, making an eerie whistling and moaning sound, it buffeted Isi as she struggled to make some headway towards her home some eight miles away. She knew she shouldn’t have stayed for a last drink, it had made her miss her bus and here she was now struggling to progress against a gale f***e wind and heavy rain, she was so miserable but knew she had to continue her journey, she had nowhere else to go. This was a lonely desolate place, a country road with few buildings, the dark, dank and cloudy s… Read more

Posted by Sophie_Tyler 2 years ago 924 100%