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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

Hubby being an SOB

HardcoreInterracial SexTaboo

The husband was being an ass. He had been working too much, not paying me any attention. When he was around, he was distant. He was busy with a project at work and focused on nothing else. I tried to get him to relax. I dressed sexy, attempted to give him head, even a hand job. He wouldn't come around, always remaining focused on his work. I would only wear lingerie around the house hoping to entice him away even for a few minutes. Eventually I wore nothing around the house, still no attention from him. Finally I began masturbating loudly when he was home, but he would never engage.… Read more

Posted by want2bused 2 years ago 3 6,038 96%

First black cock

First TimeInterracial Sex

I hesitantly agreed to meet him. What could I be thinking, he is a young 27 yo BBC and I am a married 40 yo white woman. I know what I was thinking, how much I wanted that BBC. We had been talking online for weeks. First just getting to know each other and then he started talking dirty with me. Teasing me on how he wanted to grab my big booty and how he wanted to fill me up with his thick dark cock. Every time I talked to him my pussy would get wet. So when he kept asking me to meet him for a drink in a public place, I thought what could be the harm. He did have one request though, that I wor… Read more

Posted by whitewifeneedsbbc 2 years ago 1 5,180 94%

Teen couple start cuck lifestyle

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

My sexy wife Julie and I have been together 10 years now since we first met in college. I want to tell your members about some sexual adventures that we had back when we were still newlyweds. Because of the bizarre experience we had when we first got married I am a big fan of your wife sharing stories, especially the ones involving innocent young wives being seduced by older, dominant men right in front of their husbands. And I have been sharing my sexy bride with other men since our first year of marriage. Julie was a freshman in college when I met her during my senior year. She was a fr… Read more

Posted by whitewifeneedsbbc 2 years ago 8 4,834 91%

Fat Paulo's captive Lana in Paradise I

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

One day recently sarahhmf sent me a PM describing the snippet of a scene described in a single paragraph. It was an incredibly erotic image. A huge black man, seated at a table, ignoring a tiny white girl beneath the table, licking his feet and sweaty legs. You only see the man when you enter, then he pulls up the tablecloth…… Sarah, your image has become the centerpiece of this story!!! ------------------------------------ Okay, it is the middle of the hottest month in the tropical nation that I am visiting and I expected it to be hot as hell, but the heat is not the killer The humidi… Read more

Posted by imornery81 2 years ago 5 1,168 100%

A good idea is a good idea is a good idea. Period

FetishInterracial SexVoyeur

A good idea is a good idea is a good idea. Period. After the k**s went off to college, my wife Kathy and I found ourselves caught with a bit of the old empty nest syndrome. We had a lot of disposable income, no k**s left to spend it on, and more time on our hands than we knew what to do with. Stage three of our marriage had begun, and we decided that the first order of business would be to invite a man to come over and have sex with my wife while I watched. We're both really shy people and we knew we'd never be able to approach anyone at a bar. So we decided to place an online personal… Read more

Posted by whitewifeneedsbbc 2 years ago 1,344 50%

First bbc cuckold experience

FetishInterracial SexVoyeur

Here is a little background for this story. Beth and I travel frequently to places that have casinos, so that I can play poker. At casino this story takes place at Beth and I rented an apartment about 10 minutes down the road, because it was cheaper to rent the apartment then it was to pay for a hotel for 3 – 4 days a week. We generally would travel down there late one night after work and just go straight to the apartment and wake up the next day to go play poker. This story describes the events that happened on one of these trips we took last summer. (The names have not been changed to prote… Read more

Posted by whitewifeneedsbbc 2 years ago 4 3,750 88%

First time with son's 24 yr old college buddi

First TimeInterracial SexMature

First time with son’s college friends I always used to work around the house in my daisy dukes, when my son’s friends (24 ish) would come around to visit him in the evening, I never worried about changing. I love young cock anyway, and the thought of their young dicks getting so hard it would be uncomfortable for them was exciting. I had noticed they would be sitting around drinking beer and talking and his friends would always be staring at me and covering their crotch with their hands or their beer. I would take advantage of this and bend over weeding the flower beds or picking something… Read more

Posted by sexy_sindy 2 years ago 12 9,125 70%

Breeding 101

Interracial Sex

Wife and I have bantered back and forth with good friends of ours, Ozzy & Pat who are black, or as Ozzy says his ancestors are from "darkest Africa", because he's very dark about Ozzy impregnating my wife for an interracial baby and I impregnating Pat for their interracial baby. This remained friendly banter for probably 5 years, until the two wives hatched a plan. Both wives turned 34 and decided their eggs will soon become old. My wife is a magnet for black men, she's always being hit on by them, she's 38DD-32-39, curvy, all natural, long flowing blonde hair with stunning blue eyes. When… Read more

Posted by 22Wonderboy 2 years ago 3,928 96%

Getting lucky at the Korean Liquor store

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

I was visiting friends in Southern California today , back in the old area I used to live at . Went cruising around looking at how badly the area has gone downhill . Stopped in to this little Korean liquor store to grab something to drink . Was just a handful of people inside , the guy at the counter was a younger had to be early 20's Korean guy in glasses , he looked up when I walked in and the bells on the door jingled . He kind of smiled and he wasn't bad looking at all really...I went back to grab a soda from the cooler cabinets and noticed they had an adults only area blocked off with a s… Read more

Posted by lasvegasbi 2 years ago 3 3,222 100%

Cluster Breeding background and setup - Nikki Cuck

Group SexInterracial SexTaboo

Cluster Breeding Background Nikki and Rich Cuckold As Nikki explained prior to 79 AD the entire breeding tradition in the mediterranean changed when a volcano erupted and buried Pompeii Italy, the center of Cluster Breeding, in ash. As very few know one of the main reasons the Greeks and Romans were so advanced is by superior human breeding techniques. When there is sperm from different men competing to fertilize an egg the female body selectively accepts the best sperm to create the strongest and most intelligent baby. In addition it was discovered that the more ethnically diverse the… Read more

Posted by PussyInjector 2 years ago 3 2,498 58%

Wanting to be gay in an all male society

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

At an early age recognized my differences. It took years but I found my mom had lied to me. I was born as an hermaphrodite. She had the hospital sew my vagina up. This has caused a little turmoil. When I was little in Northern Cal. I found some high school boys jerking off. They spotted and decided I was a great pivot man for a circle jerk. When the first came in my mouth I tried to spit it outHe held my jaw shut so down my throat it went. I smacked my lips a few times then asked for more. After a couple of years they wanted to try shoving stuff up my tiny ass. By then there was no proble… Read more

Posted by opusdragon 2 years ago 1 1,213 78%

i guess its you first.

AnalInterracial SexTaboo

It was evening time, my plan for the night were canceled, dad was sitting on coach watching ESPN and texting ( well i know 47 year old man chatting seems weird).. my mother was out of town from 2 months actually they had a fight and she was at her parent's since then. I was starving so i went to kitchen in search of some food, open the door of refrigerator and putting my head inside in search of some food but my stars ain't so good so once again i was with no food, i had no option other than cooking. I pulled out utensils which made some noise which made my dad worried so he came to see wha… Read more

Posted by blasrizo 2 years ago 2,976 100%

I maried her twice

Group SexInterracial SexMature

My first wife Cheryl. We met at an early age, she was 22 I was 24. both of us were not virgins but I was totally unaware of her sexual history. we met at a neighborhood bar, she had just turned 21 a cute red she wasn't drop dead hot or anything just an attractive fun person, at 5'3'' 110 # 34 b I found her sexy as hell and we chatted all night. I asked her for a date that night for the next weekend and she agreed, I was excited and could not think of anything else and went to work as usual...our town is a small place and there are a few clubs and watering holes around so if y… Read more

Posted by pochean 2 years ago 1 1,654 86%

Jo gets stretched

Group SexInterracial SexVoyeur

It was 1:00 a.m. when I made the call after I had finished my shift. “Hi Toni, how did it go?” “Better than expected and there are a few surprises in there for you as well. I think you will find things….well….a little more comfortable” To recall six weeks previously, I had been going out with my girlfriend for a year. Her name was BouHarb as she was Lebanese, but everyone called her Jo. Jo was 26 and a nurse in an Essex hospital and I worked as a chef and did some very late nights. Our sex life had been good but not great, this was mainly down to Jo having a very tight pussy to the point t… Read more

Posted by dimitar19 2 years ago 3,475 100%

Bertukaran Isteri

Group SexInterracial SexVoyeur

Amir kelihatan serba tak kena. Duduk salah berdiri pun salah. Anak lelakinya yang berumur 7 tahun kelihatan masih leka bermain dengan permainan video di lantai ruang tamu. Hatinya berkecamuk antara marah dan sedih. Semuanya kerana rakaman CCTV tersembunyi di rumahnya yang memaparkan aksi keberahian sepasang manusia di segenap sudut rumahnya. Mata Amir memandang ke jam di dinding. Dia tahu di situ terletak kamera pengawasan yang dipasang secara sembunyi-sembunyi. Malah bukan di situ sahaja, di dapur, bilik tidur, tangga, garaj kereta dan belakang rumah turut diletakkan tanpa pengetahuan isteri… Read more

Posted by Batang_Gemuk_Manja 2 years ago 2,536 70%

Remember Me???

AnalInterracial SexShemales

“Okay, folks! I think we can wrap it up and get back to work,” said the brand new manager of the Atakapa Regional Water Treatment Facility. “Angela,” the six-foot-two-inch dark-skinned man said, “what time do I have to meet the realtor?” “You’re scheduled to meet her at the first house in twenty minutes, sir,” answered his new short and plump secretary. “Alright then. I better get going.” “Roger that, sir. I emailed you the location and a link on Google maps. Should take you right there.” “Thanks. Back in a couple of hours.” Joe Dowdell checked his iPhone 5S as he strode across the pa… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 2 years ago 4 2,514 100%

High Heels

Group SexInterracial Sex

Friends had told me about my hubby many times, that he is cheating on me with other women. I don’t know why I didn’t react on that. It did bother me, but our sex life had changed into a once in month or less, and that one time was usually a fast job. I would lay on my back, legs fully open and he does his job pretty much in few minutes. If he’s over me 5 minutes he’s doing overtime. Usually it’s over by 2-3 minutes without me getting any kind of orgasm out of it, So I don’t count that as”sex” by any standards. My friends had been telling me about my hubby Steven, that he had been seen fo… Read more

Posted by blackforblond 2 years ago 3,407 100%

Bullied in the Bar

Group SexInterracial Sex

I had a bad day at work. Everything was messed up, the boss was yelling at everyone and I guess it must have been “that time of the month” for him. I felt like I needed a drink. Maybe a few of them and also I wanted to relax and dance. So I decided to go to a bar that I had seen a couple blocks away from my home, and try to have some fun after my bad day. Luckily it was Friday, so I could just forget the job and relax for the weekend. I stood in front of mirror and looked at myself in it. A 26 year old woman, called Mary was looking back at me. Where had all those years gone? I have tri… Read more

Posted by blackforblond 2 years ago 1 2,695 86%

Young couple, part 1

Group SexInterracial Sex

My name is Sara and I want to tell you what happened couple years ago. I’m 21 years old, 5feet 3 inches in height and 110 pounds in weight. I have C-cup sized tits and as I’m quite small framed, my tits look even larger than they are. Men have always loved my small firm body, big tits and of course my long blond hair. My husband is 24 years old and in every way an average guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love him of course, but sometimes I need to have something more. Three years ago before we married, we won a trip to Turkey in a local lottery and it sounded great from the details we were given.… Read more

Posted by blackforblond 2 years ago 2 5,313 100%

Unpleasant things, part 1

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Part 1/2 It doesn’t matter if you are as careful as you can be. If it’s going to happen, it will happen to you. I learned that the hard way on our vacation trip when we stayed in South-Africa for few days. Karen and I were going to Australia, but before going there, we planned to visit some countries while we were travelling. I’m a 32 year old electrician and I took few months off work to make this trip with my wife, Karen. I’m just average built, regular guy and just basically lucky that Karen is my wife. She is really beautiful and very hot. She could be a model, but she just doesn’t c… Read more

Posted by blackforblond 2 years ago 3 1,696 80%