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Tyrone uses me again

Those days I had quarreled with Victor about my new black slut condition. He finally yelled at me I could do whatever I wanted. It was perfect; I could fuck Tyrone every time I wanted… or when he wanted…
Friday at early evening I got dressed. Then I looked in the mirror. A nice big black cock slut looked back. I wore false eyelashes and a heavy makeup.
I had been shopping with my naughty girlfriend Maura; lots of underwear…
I was now wearing a black lycra dress. It was split down the front, almost to my belly button, and only just contained my huge boobs. It barely covered my bum when I was... Continue»
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Downtown gloryhole

One day last week I had to go downtown for an appointment. When I got there, the receptionist told me that unfortunately my appointment had to be rescheduled to next month. I was a little chocked that nobody called to tell me. It would have saved a trip downtown.
Oh well I thought, since I'm here I might as well go visit one of the adult book stores as it had been some time since I had a nice hard cock to suck. I went into one of my favourite stores and bought some tokens from the hot young guy behind the counter. He gave a knowing wink as I turned and headed for the back rooms. As soon as I ... Continue»
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His Proud Pig

......i feel that long desired warmth...that sweet yet salty and soooo yummy.....He has decided to reward His whore with a treat....i want so bad to suck every last drop and quickly swallow as if to secure my prize....but i know better....i keep every drop in my mouth, i look up, longing for Him to allow me to finish the treat in my mouth. "Hmm open up slut"...i open and show my prize. "Okay...go ahead greedy bitch.....i quickly swallow and lick my lips, wishing there was more. "Don't you worry black will get all the white cock you crave and be rewarded with all that cum you crave.... Continue»
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Good Girl

.....stop.....stop fidgeting....He will be here soon so stop now....I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I inhale deeply as I feel His hand go through my hair. I blow out slowly as his hand slowly moves to my neck. My nipples harden as I feel His breath on my neck and then in my ear as He whispers "its so cute when you fidget like that cunt....mmmmm so damn cute...." I cant help but reach my hand down to my now wet and aching cunt and take 2 fingers and start to enter my tight, wet, inviting........Stop It!! I snap out of it and resume kneeling at the foot of the bed by the bedroom door. I'... Continue»
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Tyrone comes back for more

After Tyrone came in my mouth I stayed there onto the floor, on my hands and knees. My girlfriend Maura laughed and said it was just the beginning…

One of Tyrone’s black friends moved over me, unzipping his pants.
He showed me a big black cock, but not as huge as Tyrone’s.
That black man kneeled at my back and grabbed me by the hips.
Soon I felt his thick cock head invading my abused cunt.
He pumped me very hard and made me cum pretty fast.
Other Tyrone’s friends took me then, not one at a time, but in two…

As one fucked my pussy, I blew another... and then another…
The more they ... Continue»
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An Evening at the Apollo

An Evening at the Apollo

Last year I spent a few months commuting for work to Lancaster,California. Staying in the motel at night watching TV got tired and even though I was working brutal hours with more than a few all nighters, I wanted to get out. During August in the high desert of Southern California it can be pretty decent after the sun goes down but before that you need to be out of the sun and under cover. Years before I had cruised a city park on the northwest side of town, Apollo Park and had made a score there. So I figured out how to get my work schedule arranged to give me fre... Continue»
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Latin Wolf Pack

Manada de Lobo

This past June I was cruising up Interstate 15 out of San Bernardino. There is a great cruising spot on the old section of Route 66 down by Lytle Creek. Having not been there in quite some time I thought it might be worth a swing through to see who was there and what was going on. I had hopes of reconnecting with some of the married and mildly bi guys who cruise that area for quick head on the way home. It was early evening so my timing was perfect to hit the head while heading home to momma crowd.

I pulled off the Kenwood exit and went down the hill to the old Rt 66 ro... Continue»
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a sissy fantasy

(This was inspired after a dirty chat session with cc1908.)

I had done it. Just like he wanted it. Fucked his virgin ass, talked dirty the whole time calling him my faggot whore saying he now had a boipussy that i was going to breed (and did). at the end he shot his load without even touching his cock. his semen shot all the way up to his face and we had a long sticky cum filled kiss. i jokingly told him next time we should get him some panties to see if he's a sissy faggot, he said "yeah some pink ones". i could tell from his tone he wasn't taking it as a joke. well then, i had to see how ... Continue»
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The es(c)ort (7) - The house of illusions

As the days passed and the time for my assignation with Mr Harris drew nearer, I found myself wondering more and more about this strange man. He was not at all attractive, quite unattractive in fact; he was overweight, he was shabby. Some men grow old with dignity and gain a patina of sophistication and experience that can be most alluring; he was simply old, in the untidy way of someone who has let himself go.

And yet he somehow commanded my attention; partly because I was curious as to how he could afford to use e(s)corts so often (he had given no inkling of having private wealth or ... Continue»
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Gone Fishing

Have you ever had one of those days where the stars must've been lined up just right and all was good in the world. The kind of day where the sun was shining just right and you were just happy to be alive to witness it. Yeah, me neither, but today was close. It was just three days after my fiftieth birthday and I'd managed to get out of the house and down to the fishing hole before the wife could start bitching. It was mostly because she'd still been asl**p when I snuck out. She was going to be pissed when I got home as I'm sure that she had a hundred better ways for me to spend my Saturday mo... Continue»
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Customer serviced

Customer serviced

by williacj

I went to a café and there was Kayla this tall blonde behind the counter. I ordered a pop tart and ordered it toasted.

10 minutes came and no pop tart. After I finished my latte I left the café and headed over to work.

The next time I came in she was working.

"I'm so sorry about the pop tart I forgot about it” she says" I apologize, I'm really sorry"

“no problem, accidents happen” I told her

she gave me a free coffee drink and I ordered another pop tart when she ... Continue»
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I sat at home, alone and in just an A-shirt and boot socks. Almost into the television, but much more into the memory about the hot time with the guy who’d left an hour or so before. The growling of my stomach soon put me in the kitchen, still in recall, but I prepared my pork chops to be seasoned. A few minutes after I put them in the oven, I heard a knock on the kitchen door. I stepped into the bedroom, slipped on a pair of shorts and then went to the door to see who was there. Behind the glass I saw the only man that could have possibly started my thigh buddy to rise again so... Continue»
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Turning my shy wife into a slut Part 2

As I wrote in Part 1 of this story, Julia had some long legs that were ready to for a lot of fucking action.
Julia was a beauty and she knew it, her body was very proportionate and had a great ass. She had beautiful medium length blond hair and green eyes that belong in a bedroom. Like I said in part 1, Julia was a conservative woman that never wanted to do anything sexual other than traditional sex with her husband. I was bound and determined to change that and make her a whore for any guy to use.
Julia was now becoming the whore and slut wife I wanted her to be.
During the past few mont... Continue»
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Turning my shy wife into a slut Part 1

My wife Julia and I were previously married to other people and had c***dren from those marriages and we were not planning to have c***dren of our own, due to my wife’s health reasons.
Though my wife was not really a shy person she did not adventure out to any sexual desires that were not traditionally done with her husband. We talked about fantasies several times and she never wanted to tell me hers. I told her my big fantasy was for her to have at least 4 men pass her around and fuck her several times but I laughed and said we can start with one guy only. I don’t have a problem with you h... Continue»
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My first time fucking Tyrone

My old time girlfriend Maura had invited me to her home. The excuse was having a few drinks, but she wanted to introduce me her new boyfriend.

We sat around a low table, just a small group of good friends.
My loving Victor was sitting close to my side,
The brand new boyfriend Tyrone wasn’t what I was expecting.
Maura usually went for men in their late thirties, blond bachelors mostly, with blue eyes and owners of a nice car…
But this guy Tyrone wasn’t like that, at all. He was athletic, muscular, barely in his early twenties. He was huge, a real hunk. And he was black.

He had hugg... Continue»
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Black Balls Overfull with Spunk!

So there we are my BIG HUNK-Bruno is still in the prison as he was a naughty boy and got locked up. The crime he did need his huge frame and muscle power, he was the right man for that!
I wish the open day was every day and I could have a nice filling of my pussy so often as I need it....mmmm.

All the prisoners between 18 and 40 had their medical done, this included a full sexual check up and sperm count. They said it was so that the medics could understand the urges and some sex crimes of the inmates, plus make sure that during comfort visits from their Ladies, they could be given the cor... Continue»
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How I became a black cock slut

My first marriage was a bit of a disaster. It turned out that I was too small for my wife (who didn’t tell me until several years after we were married). At first the sex just became less and less frequent. I was a late developer and so my first sexual outlet was porn, so it seemed natural to turn to it again so that I could stay faithful to my wife. I was a buff personal trainer and self-defense expert – a black belt in Gracie Jujitsu (no small feat) and a 4th dan in Tae Kwon Do; but mainly I just did personal training. A lot of women came on to me (and sometimes me and my wife-as she wa... Continue»
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Some strange sounds in the basement

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night; sweating and breathing heavily. The clock said it was now five. I was alone in bed; my lovely husband had flown the previous day out of town.
It was Saturday now and I had gone on a “girl’s night out” with my kinky girlfriends Helena and Camilla. But now I was alone in a bed that was not mine and I could not even remember a single scene about that night out…
My throat was dry and then I went to the kitchen for a glass of cold water.
As I went downstairs, I could see I was at Camilla’s home.
Then I had some flashes about that night at the dis... Continue»
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Wife found all your porn website login details

Your wife has caught you masterbating to porn a few times, the first time she was pretty mad but after that she was alot more accepting. You notice that she is paying more attention to the way she dresses, her make up and the very odd time something in conversation will set you thinking.

Your wife has been making sure that she takes care of her body, going to the gym at least three times a week and the tanning salon. Your wife is choosing more revealing, tighter clothes and has started a collection of platform heels, stockings and suspenders. Your wife started trying out some of her clothes... Continue»
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16 loads pt 3 new recruit continued

so there was shelley squatting over her husband with 30 loads of cum saturating her already soaked pussy toms face was covered in it
gina shouted alright get him up so tom was dragged up and tom was struggling he was covered in cum but he wasnt eating it shelley your husbands not playing the game its his duty to clean your pussy and eat all the cum from the gang you better explain that to him or i doubt we can use you as one of our sluts shelley went mad tom if you ruin this for me then ill kill you i need some black cock so do as your told
tom started crying ok he said ill do anything , g... Continue»
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