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Black Cock College Threesome (MMF, bi-male)

Part 1 - Prologue, and Extending the Invitation

It was my first year as an upperclassman, and I was finally the starter at shooting guard. Most of our players were upperclassmen; all of our starters except at point guard, where highly-touted freshman Marcus Washington was expected to earn the starter's spot. We had been a very good team last year, just missing out on winning our conference, and with most of our players from last year returning plus our addition of Marcus, we expected to win it this year.

I had finally finished my general education classes, and was working on the courses ... Continue»
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Story someone wrote for me

It is SpringBreak time. Earlier in the day, at the beach, a more than "cute" rock hunk, tailed you around like a young black Labrador puppy looking for some love. One of your girlfriends didn't see any innocence to him at all and jokingly commented, " I would love to have that gorgeous black man fuck a baby in to me."

He had invited YOU to a party that night. His name is Antonio and he is a Senior from Michigan.

You and your gf arrive at the party after 9:00. Antonio has been looking for you and he does not play it cool when he sees you. He comes to you in a direct line after breaking ... Continue»
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Linda's Web of Seduction #4 Introducing Henry

Having run into Linda on Wednesday, "hump day" as it's known in these parts, and being completely satisfied sexually by her, I couldn't help but be in awe of not even 72 hours later walking through a woman's house, whom I had just met about two hours before burying my face in her eager pussy, and was now walking through her house naked on the way to her pool. I remember thinking this is what it must be like to be rich and famous.

Kathy's house was two story and nearly surrounded by trees and landscaping and her backyard was large, well maintained and the pool was near the back patio. Anothe... Continue»
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Bisexual Anal Party (Threesome MFM, black and whit

Traveling is a lot of fun. Indeed, it is an activity I will highly recommend. Who am I? Thomas Brown, a twenty-something Black man, recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts, and man about town who is doing some traveling in the wonderful cities of America. If you don't travel, you do tend to miss out on some of the most wonderful experiences which can be had. What experiences? If you care to find out, then please read on. Oh, and hold onto something because it's about to get hot in here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

My latest excursion into unknown towns took me to Jersey. I like ... Continue»
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condom broke pt 2

as much as I luv a great blow job.. I also am very oral and getting to suck on a nice fat uncut dick with huge balls to play with is one of my favorite things to do.. so as by new luver is trying to get us into a 69 position I am trying not to loose focus on his dick.. I am side by side with him now and he is making it hard to concentrate on his dick with what he is doing to my dick.. then my balls and now my ass with his head buried deep in my ass.. (I did not think my ass could be spread any more open) I am having a hard time breathing with his dick in my mouth and mention to him how horny h... Continue»
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Im a every day person who goes to home after work .this one day which was cold out side every one was with their jackets on !.so i walk down the street straight from my work .while walking thinking what to eat for dinner ... when i got to the bus stop there were like plenty of people just like me thinking about home .i asked the man next to me ''when is the next bus to east ville ?'' reply was 7.15 .so i had to wait another 15 minutes .some people went when there bus came .as i was with another 2 peeps next to me. As the day was bit cloudy and cold it began to rain slowly and became worse ... ... Continue»
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ok so I'm still extremely high and I'm on the corner of samo blvd and st andrews and we are now attracting multiple cars driving past and staring and i have no idea what I'm doing i was just so nervous being dressed like a CHEAP WHITE SISSY AND my top ts momma has basically made me understand that we are gonna stay here with about 6-7 other tgirls that are older and all are mexican and black,, they were yelling at me and saying that because I'm young and white I'm basically gonna be picked up any second,, i ws nervous to leave my top ts mommy erika and she promised that she ... Continue»
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Feeding Mum

Mom's gulping down black man's cum but who here is punished?

I get why everyone says my mom is smoking hot. She's young, and with all the money my dad makes, she doesn't have much to do all day except work out, tone her body, and look nice. But what most people don't get is how much of a bitch she can be.

I was in the middle of a videogame with my friend Jon when my mom came home carrying some groceries. She must have gone to the gym beforehand, because she was wearing just her black sports bra, skin tight pants, and looked sweaty.

"Drew, can you help me and get t... Continue»
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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage ad

My wife went up to our cottage to spend a long weekend with 5 of her girlfriends. My wife was 53 years old, 42DD-35-41, curvy, big breasted, blonde, blued eyed, full bush. The other 5 ladies were Wendy, Beverly, Steph, Connie & Elaine. One was a blonde, the others were brunettes. All were curvy women, all complained they couldn't lose those stubborn 25lbs that crept up over the years and won't go away. Their ages were 47-53, Connie was the biggest being roughly 48E-44-49. Although us husbands repeatedly told our wives that we didn't expect them to look 25 again, but that we thought their lovel... Continue»
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Gay games at the gym

This story actually began a while ago, about a year. I work swing-shift, and hit the all night gym on the way home three nights a week. I shower then head home clean and ready for bed. My wife works mornings so she is asl**p when I arrive, and I am asl**p when she leaves.
The gym is usually mostly empty, except for a few die-hard body-builders. These are mostly big black men, and when I say big I mean TERMINATOR big. I try to keep trim at best.
I had been at this for a few months. The others had grown accustom to my presence. I’d hear them coaching each other, some laughing at their conver... Continue»
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Bound 4 trouble

Glad everyone liked my previous encounter. I have had a few since. One happened recently that I thought I would write about. About a month ago, the guy I see now and then said he had a friend that would like to meet me and possibly "get to know better". I have never been with more than one guy at a time so I was hesitant, but after a little consideration, I thought it might be something to try.

The next weekend I went over to his apartment on Saturday, his friend was there and we had some drinks. His friend was pretty cute, tall and athletic. We started playing a card game and drinking and ... Continue»
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my personal field trip

the story i am going to tell you about this time occurred when i was only three years old. Its different from my other experiences but just as unforgettable i mean how can i forget such amazing experiences like i shared with my beautiful aunt norma or even my sexy ther****t Ms. Liz or including my baby sitter who became my tutor and my girlfriend oh not to mention the nurses aid  i was in great hands with her.

all wonderful expeience’s another was that one day that one friday morning. which i thought was just like any other day to my surprise...i didn’t think i was going to have big scare t... Continue»
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My name is Terri Muldoon but all my friends and patrons call me “Tits” its just a name that stuck from back in my c***dhood see I developed very young and was a big hit with the little boys they all wanted to see my tits so I showed them to them I didn't think it was a big deal and they got a real big kick out of it I even let a few of them feel them up I liked having my nipples played with it felt good and made me feel funny between my legs! My tits continued to grow rapidly and by the time I hit my teens I had this incredible set they sat on top of my slender frame and my ass had developed... Continue»
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The Business Trip Part 2

After my last encounter in Sheffield I was taken aback when in October I received a message from Mr Dial a Cock . He said he hadn't been able to stop thinking about me since our brief escapade and before he left the country permanently he wanted a engraved reminder of all of my juicy assests when he came to Manchester . He wasn't beating about the bush - no pun intended and I didn't have anything to loose but a lot of throbbing to gain.
When he contacted me in the week I had already made plans to be away for the weekend which I couldn't get out of otherwise he could of fucked me gladly fro... Continue»
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Good Morning

It's early morning, I'm slowly waking up in our warm bed...I can feel your body against mine, you are gently spooning me.. Your warm breath on my shoulder... I move just a little, and you tighten your grip... Pulling me against you when you lift your thigh over my legs... I gasp as I feel your hard cock against my butt, and I smile to myself... I reach for the alarm clock to check the time, and I see it would go off in 5 minutes or so... As I reach you let out a groan and squeeze me even tighter... I turn off the alarm, and start gently waking you up... I reach back and run my fingers on your ... Continue»
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Another businesss trip - a mile high

This is a continuation of my previous story.

Ginny had moved in for a month, and she and my wife Laura had taken every chance they could get to eat each other out, or finger fuck each other, and I wasn't getting any of it. Even my boy even made a comment about how chummy the two ladies were getting. I'd fucked Ginny on that last business trip, but didn't get a chance to do anything since she moved in, because we didn't want it to get weird when our son was home.

Anyway, a opportunity presented itself. Before I went into business, I... Continue»
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the ultimate cuckold

The ultimate cuckold
It's coming up on the one year anniversary that this hot young couple have been going out. Both 20 and actually similar build, small and petite. They could almost be twins. She is a bit smaller but nice tits and ass, smooth all over, both blond. 10 months going out and not only has she not put out yet, she is still a virgin and teases him all the time. Though he is very horny and tries to get her to cave in and let him into play all the time. She is so hot so he waits for the day he finally gets to fuck her, the first dick that will get put in that pussy. He jacks off... Continue»
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Ana in a black gangbang at home

Ana in a black gangbang at home

Anita had met this black guy Rufus at the outside town bar.

He was a kind of gangster and very aggressive with my wife, as she had told me once. He had fucked her very wild in several meetings, but always were just Ana and him.
But one day he asked her for being the slut for a black gangbang party. Of course Ana accepted the challenge, she was delighted…
The only condition was he wanted me outside of town; no way could I be present during the party with my loving wife. She accepted and promised she would call back him when I was gone.

Ana had in mind... Continue»
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Sometimes a little "reminder" isn't

“So you needed a little “reminder”? Forgetful? Hmmmm….ok” My words keep ringing through your mind as you drive to our designated “spot” behind a building.

“What does he have in store for me now?” You ask yourself, as you think back to how you found yourself in this predicament…..and loving every second of it. How you, a professional, married , mother of two ended up being a secret “fuckslut” for this intelligent, soft-spoken, brown-skinned man.

Your pussy plumps in remembrance of how, at your husband’s insistence, you two entered the swinging scene and you were allowed to “play”... Continue»
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Our Sexual Adventures - Part II

Jane and I met in a downtown bar in a small Midwest town. Our first date had gone well and after a good night kiss, we went our separate ways. I so wish I would have fucked her that night, but since I wasn't invited in, I thought the feeling was not mutual on her end. So, I was surprised when I heard back from her the next day inviting me over to her house for dinner over the weekend. Of course I said yes.

I'm glad to say that both of us never followed the dating rules. We always have and still do say whatever it is on our mind. For us, it works well and on those occasions when we end ... Continue»
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