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Football Star And Secret Whore For Big Black Cock

This is an erotic fictional story that I wish really did happen to me...

My name is Josh. I'm 19 years old and I play football at State College. I'm a quarterback. It's the summer after my first year and the coach liked my performance on last year's freshman squad, so he recommended me for an elite 6 week summer football camp for the elite freshman players all throughout the country.

I am one of six quarterbacks and we all get along very well. The first week was mostly conditioning and try outs for the summer coaches, and now the camp has been split up into four separate teams. I am the ... Continue»
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slut for big black cock

and here is yet another of my stories I've experience in my life as a slut for cock...

Like always, I was horny for some dick but this time I really hoped to get my ass filled with cock instead or just sucking out a nut so I posted an ad on the local website looking for someone that was in need of some ass. I got a couple replies but none of them interested me until I got one from a local black man that was looking for some booty to stuff. Mmmmmmm, I do love being a slut for black cock so of course I was excited to return his email and eager to set up a fuck session. There was one proble... Continue»
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Trainee passes with flying colors.

"Thank you for all you've shown me this past few weeks. Is there anything else I need to know?"

I'd been training Geraldine on the Inspection Station assignment. A system of conveyor belts would bring product to a meeting point, where an operator would check for defects, see if all paperwork was in order, label the widgets for customers, and etc.

The Inspection Station required only one, responsible operator. From not-too-near Production and Finishing machines, one could see the Inspector half-hidden behind a partition (which separated that area from others, as well as protected it from ... Continue»
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Real Man Fucks Fags

“Where are you going,” asked Cynthia Ford.
Her husband of twenty years, Mike, yelled, “Out!”
“It’s 10:30. Why are you going out?”
“Cause I need to get some ass.”
“What,” she cried out.
“Yeah! You don’t be giving up the pussy and I got a hot li’l faggot that’s ready.”
“Fuck you,” she screamed.
“Whatever, bitch!”

The six-foot-two-inch, two-hundred-ten-pound, caramel-skinned dude walked out of the house.

His wife went to the fridge and extracted a bottle of gin. She opened it up and drank it straight. She was an alcoholic and had been since she first walked in on her husband fucking ... Continue»
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Going Out with her "Friends"

Wife enjoys the company of her boy "friends".

My wife came down from our bedroom for her night out with friends from work. She was dressed to the nines! She was a natural brunette, but she had colored her hair a deep black. Her nails, fingers and toes were painted a deep red. Her makeup was heavier than she normally wore and impeccable.

Her dress was silver with a plunging neckline that went all the way down to her waist. The top of the dress was silver gauze that d****d off her shoulders. The bottom of the dress was silver sequins. The hem of her dress stopped just barely below h... Continue»
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Honey, I Thought You Should Know...

Wife cuckolds hubby as he had asked of her.

I received a letter from my wife of many years. I think it speaks for itself. Following is her letter:

Honey, I thought you should know that I finally did what you wanted me to do. Remember all those times you told me that you wanted me to fuck other men? Well, I thought that you were trying to get rid of me at first, but after all the years of you talking to me about it, I knew you were serious.

Remember that even when you were fucking me you would ask me what I would think of another man's dick in my pussy? You would even cum as you... Continue»
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Honey, I Thought You Should Know... Ch. 02

Cuckold husband gets more than he wanted.

My wife sent me a second letter:

Honey, I've been naughty again. I know you like me fucking Brad and his friends. I like it so much too! I could tell how turned on you were Tuesday when I called you to come home. Remember? Brad was just leaving and I was obediently laying on the bed for you. Our bed. The bed where we conceived our c***dren. The bed where Brad had just finished fucking me.

He was so good!!! He always is. Not like you. His dick is so big and he lasts so long. I always cum when he fucks me. And, as you know, he always cums... Continue»
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My New Man

After the park fuck I was feeling like plenty of black dick, it somehow outdoors made me really horny and I was playing with my clit in my pants looking at some new guys on my contact site. I teased a few lads online and then in the end made my choice. A young fit rasta boy, he is 22 yo, over 6 foot and not too experienced. I usually don't do so young as they may get clingy and want more love than I can Got to leave old Mick something!!!
Anyway James fitted the bill for a good deep fuck in my randy pussy. He had shown me his manhood on his web cam and it was what this Lady demands... Continue»
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The cuckold waiting room.

My wife was telling me about a customer that can to her office. As they talked while waiting on her appointment with the company owner she told my wife about a " cuckold club" back home that she belongs to.

The wife's come in with their husbands. The wife goes into a private room while the husband sets and waits in a waiting room. The wife's are serviced by their choice if bull. They have black or white well hung guys that are professional love makers. The husbands talk to each other while their wife's are being fucked in the private rooms. There is WiFi available for the husbands in case ... Continue»
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a cum hole for my two black uncles

I called my husband upstairs. I had to tell him. This is what i told him. Hi my love. I dont know how to say it but you know my uncle mac? Well of course you do. Yes my moms s****rs husband. Ya your right. The fat ugly black alcoholic man the only black man at the party for moms bday. Well here is the thing my love. He has been training me to be a good white girl... well more like a white cum just listen. Its been a long time since my uncle gave me huge load.he always buried it super deep too. Its been something he or i didn't want to hide from you...he thinks you are a wimp and r... Continue»
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My plane trip with a mature BBW/ true story

(this is a true story)

After a busy and hectic week in Miami, I was so happy to head back to the airport hoping wont get cancelled because of the storm. Arriving at the airport, I saw a long line to the security checks and while I had to use the bathroom, I asked what was looking a nice and pretty faced woman in her mid 40s to keep my suitcase for me. She was wearing white shirt and black up-skirt with dark red high heels! she has a very tight but big rear and amazing calves.

When I came back, I hanks her and we started talking while on the line. She was also going to Boston and, as we e... Continue»
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His version of the pickup fuck

Part 1
I was on my way home, had just passed by the market and pick up some weekend goodies and things to the taco. It had been a long week and I needed something to relieve the stress. My plans were to see a movie and eating tacos. Then I saw her standing in the street, hitching for a ride. A girl in short white skirt and long blond hair, standing all alone. It had just started to drizzle and I knew that it would turn rough soon. This wasn’t a street for prostitutes either. I steered my car in to the side and opened the passenger door.
- Hi, can I get you a lift?
- Yes, that’d be... Continue»
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A New Life

Tina Jones a married mom of two at 34 still looked 24. She liked to look sexy but was not a seasoned lover. At the age of 14 she had a crush on Tommy and wanting to be around him talked herself into a job with his parents at there offices. He of course left for college and never came back, but she did and now 20 years later was the VP of Accounting.

Tina pulls into the parking lot at work her boss comes to her Tina Honey I'm so sorry but it has been sold and the new owners fired everyone! This was crushing news to her. After 20 years and the fact that hubby was home injured it w... Continue»
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Locke Up...New Arrivals

It was Tuesday – the day when new inmates arrived. Chris, a tall, white dude with a long, thick dick was the first off the bus. He was ready to get inside and sample the faggot punks this prison had to offer, the final person down the steps was Jericho.

Jericho was 18 years old. He was five-foot-seven and weighed one-hundred-forty-two-pounds. His crime of joyriding had cost him dearly. Veep heard about the young, soft bitch. He was promised to him now.

Veep was a medium-height, medium-build, Black man. He had gone five weeks without a pussyboi. He was ready to have his own slut.

Whe... Continue»
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Locked Up Part 2

Keno Reese yawned as he woke up in the top bunk of his prison cell. His eight-inch yellow dick was rock hard. He nestled up close again to his cell mate, Winnie. He squeezed the chocolate bottom’s butt cheeks and placed his manhood at the sissy’s hole. He spat in his hand and rubbed the saliva along the length of his dick. Successfully lubed up, he began to slide his cock inside of the punk.

Winnie grimaced as he woke up.

“Owwww, Daddy,” Winnie screamed.
“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Keno demanded delivering a blow to the side of his girly boi’s face.
“Yes sir,” whimpered the young fag c... Continue»
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prego nurse wife feigns for dr bbc

About the time my wife found out she was pregnant our sex life dried up. She constantly felt ill, was tired, moody and overall miserable for the first five and half months. Sex became a chore.

Weekends spend exploring the depths of our desires disappeared into stoned fits of constant masturbation or trolling online adsites for discreet hookups.

When she began to show some deep human emotion was tripped. When she showered I would wash her engorged breasts letting the soap and water drip down them. I would lotion her body after showers feeling how soft her skin had become and feeling m... Continue»
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My Puerto Rican Papi

Tonight's Gentleman Caller was Marcos, a regular customer of mine. Tall, dark hair and golden brown skin, plus a gentle smile...he is a heartbreaker. He got me pregnant last month and when I told him he was so happy and so excited (that a 52 year old man could impregnate someone as "young and hot" as myself was like an aphrodisiac to him) that he fucked me senseless....he spent the weekend with me and fucked me (ass, tits, mouth, hair....whatever his pleasure was) so hard and so often that I blame it for my miscarriage. Granted it was two weeks later, but between that and all my other gen... Continue»
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Velvet Crush Vegas Marriage

“Hi sweetie!” I yelled, as I ran up to John, my neurosurgeon lover and client for the last 2 months. He had contacted me again, through my e****t agency and this time he had flown me down to Cabo to spend time with him. This was the 5th time in 8 weeks that he had hired me for a vacation get away and I had loved them all. He was a wonderful lover and had the biggest cock I’d ever had. It was sad that he was married, but I was his, however he wanted me, when we were together. He had originally hired me because he was a fan and had seen me taking large cocks in my films. I had a reputation in th... Continue»
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Quite the threesome, but not one I'd ever exp

So I used to work w/ this shapely, ebony chick. I'd been working three years for the company, and like many others I'd moved up quickly due to lots of folks retiring. She was a fairly new hire, performing an entry level job.

Her name was Yvette. 5' 1" w/ medium-brown Jamaican good looks, full 34-C cup tits, and being a booty lover she revved my engines every time she went by my work-area. None of that "junk in the trunk" nonsense, her butt was noticeably curvy. Boy, did I notice.

I worked up the nerve to speak to her, and before long became platonic friends. Naturally I wanted more than ... Continue»
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Linda Can't Hold Her Liquor

I am NOT putting these stories in any particular, but am posting them as I am reminded of them by people concerned. Linda, herself, reminded me of this story just last night.

I had been in Vung Tau for about a month by this time. I had been working the night shift, (1800-0600) which I preferred, for the whole time. The only time I had any problem was when I was trying to get some sl**p. Trying to sl**p in the barracks, with the normal coming and going, was near impossible. Many times the only way to get some sl**p was to find a quit place away from other people, which was nearly imposs... Continue»
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