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Corporate Hijabi


I am a manager in the corporate world in New York. I was responsible for around 100 employees and well renumerated for my efforts. At the age of 45 I felt comfortable with my life.

As part of my role I have to attend certain conferences and training sessions out of state. This was not a problem for me as I was single and had no c***dren. I usually went as the sole representative for the firm but on this occasion I was to be accompanied by another manager from the sales department. There were not many people I liked in the sales department. The men were all d-bags, always bragging abo... Continue»
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Dicked by Dale

I worked with Dale for several years at a restaurant his father in law owned. The fact is that is how he got the job. His wife is half Asian and over the years had put on a pound or two. Okay, maybe a few more that. His marriage had suffered during that time as he had to work a lot of hours. He was having a hard time between her demands of his time and the hours his job required. We used to talk after we closed and I felt pity for him. He confided in me that he was going crazy having to go without sex for long periods and when they did have sex she was not a big turn on for him. Many times he ... Continue»
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Pregnant mommy Fucks the Contractors

Pregnant Wife Fucks the Workers

It was a warm September afternoon. I was home from work and would be for a while. Being nine months pregnant makes it hard to go to work or do much else for that matter. I was a week over due and miserable. The doctor told me to have sex to help bring on the labor but my husband was not into having sex with anyone whose belly was bigger than his (it was a close call). I wanted this k** out and was willing to do anything to make it happen.

I could not even get sl**p in the house because it was full of workers trying to get the nursery ready for the baby. In... Continue»
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Muslim woman's first gangbang

Hafsah was a Pakistani housewife, who has become a whore to black men Partially to pay off her husband's debt and to make money and partially because she loved having her three holes stuffed with big black cocks. Hafsah had come home from her first threesome with Blake and Daniel in a mixture of pain and pleasure, their monster cocks had stretched out her pussy and hasd reached places her husband - Osman simply couldn't. Hafsah had been hoping to this time go from having a threesome with two black cocks, to having a full on gangbang with five or six black men who would use up this perverted M... Continue»
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My black trainer David

When living in Savannah, I used to have nice workouts sessions at a gym, several days a week. I always went during morning time, when there were less people to share the gym machines.

One of the most handsome instructors there was David; a huge black guy who always helped me with drawing up my workouts.
The guy was well built; with very strong arms and a ripped chest…
He usually liked to flirt with me, saying naughty words and I often flirted back with him as well.

One Tuesday morning I was busy with my workout, when David came to watch me; to check if I was doing all the exercise cor... Continue»
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Peg.s first black guy

After our cruise last May Peg has opened up and since that time she has had two more lovers with me watching and taking Pictures.
After her second lover that was a slight disappointment because he couldn't control himself with me watching and lost his hard on several times and Peg finally had to blow him to get him to cum after riding his cock cowgirl style fingering her pussy so she could cum .

We had talked about her having a black lover several times and she was agreeable if we found a way to contact a fairly well hung black guy.
I had heard of the adult mags that had adds in the back ... Continue»
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Filipina teacher's sex ed lesson with 27 blac

DeShawn, the alpha male teen student in Miss Becca Corazon’s sex education class, just interrupted her as the Filipina teacher spoke about contraception and the high rate of unplanned pregnancies among high schoolers.

“Miss C,” he bellowed. “How can you talk to us ‘bout sex when we ain’t even ever seen any pussy or titties?”

The rest of the all-male class laughed. A few of them whistled, while a couple muttered out, “All right now!”

Miss Becca blushed at the language and wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Well, DeShawn, I’m…I’m sure you’ve, um, said naked girls.”

“Aw, Miss C, why woul... Continue»
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deepest darkest descent holiday

hi its maria if your up to date with my story youll know that my husband is back very easily he accepted my new lifestyle but we felt we needed a holiday to discuss a few things especially what to tell the c***dren i spoke with jerome about our issues and he said fine you can go away but im going to tell you where to go and what to wear and remember what you are a black cock slut so dont be suprised if i dont pop along for the odd day or send some of the guys from the bar around to keep you in check ,that was music to my ears actually as much as i loved my husband for being a provider the thou... Continue»
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A Birthday to Remember

It was my birthday and we had went out for an early supper as my wife Ellen had promised me a good night. we had a good time and had d***k a bottle of wine between us and I also had a Scotch while she had some fancy drink that was more sugar than booze. We got a taxi back home and I quickly went up to the bed as I was getting undressed I could hear my wife on the phone. When she came up I asked her who she was talking to and she said that she was just returning a call which she had noticed on the phone and it was just one of those advertisements. I was lying on the bed and she got undressed a... Continue»
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A guys point of view

I found this story on a fantasy site. I find it interesting.


Title : It was likely my bad choice

Like many guys, I have a very few close pals. Three guys I can count on for anything. We bonded when we were teenagers.
I know them longer than I know my wife. As for my wife, she is a tall slim well stacked hottie with big sexual needs. Which I absolutely enjoy as one of her better qualities!

We are married close to 5 years now and sex is just as hot as the first time she took me. Yes, she was the aggressor and had her way with me. I knew she was a keeper right the... Continue»
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It had been a few summers since I was f***ed to be a sex slave to my Aunt in her apartment.

She had tired of dressing me up and showing me off to her friends and they were now aware of my situation and I think some felt sorry for me to be blackmailed like this.

She had me do several things in front of her Friends and they included bondage , torture, and using dildos to use me as a boi whore!

I had hoped to somehow get even with her but how?

I dreamed that it would come someday soon and she would get her comeuppance!

My Parents went out of town for the weekend an I knew what this... Continue»
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Stud turned Gay PT2

Andrew woke up with a start. No! No! It could not have happened, his conscious mind told him. He did not just get fucked by another man. But even as his thoughts sought to deny it, he felt a stab of pain in his ass and knew it was true. He threw the covers aside and stared at the huge wet spot beneath his ass. His incomprehension lasted only seconds and then he became aware of the slow dribble oozing from his asshole – he was lying in a pool of Marcus's cum, cum that had originally been dumped deep in him. My god it looked like there was a gallon of it on the bed. And all of that had been in h... Continue»
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Amy and I have been married for 14 years. After all that time, I am still incredibly attracted to my wife and fantasize about her constantly. Even at age 44, Amy is a stunner and could easily pass for a woman ten years younger. She has gorgeous biracial features including long dark curly hair and full lips. She has kept her 5' 9" runners body in great shape and she has a fabulous set of 34 C tits that beg men to stare. Her long legs and sexy feet would make most men drop to their knees. Her ass, however, is what really makes me wild. Perfect in every way, with a virgin asshole that gets the oc... Continue»
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Stud turned Gay

Andrew walked home from the party. No, he didn’t really walked, he stumbled and staggered, legs held as wide apart as he could, nursing an asshole that only a few hours earlier had been the virgin bud of a true stud, and was now gaping obscenely. Even as he walked he felt it throb and pulse… and he felt the warm liquid leaking down along his inner thighs – liquid that could only be Thomas’s cum. His mind kept going back to the party – a party to which he had been specially invited and to which, he now realized, he never should have gone.

Andrew had come to New York for college. At 18, the b... Continue»
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My Bridal Betrayal, Fucking the Best man.

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health and it's at this point I may as well stop.

I was married and willingly submitted to these vows, a creation by men for the subjugation of their bride, only as in my case, a cruel twist on fate, as you will see, my sickness was a hidden ordeal inside my head, I was a sex addict and my poor new husband did not know that and after we kissed in front of the congregation, I turned and winked naughtily to the best man, a big powerfully built buck as black as coal, I wanted him and I wanted him now, in my wedding dress and in ... Continue»
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My Wife's First Big Black Cock

We both had a fantastic experience a few weeks ago. My wife is in her early 60s and has been enjoying sex since her early teens, but she’d never had a BBC. She delights in big cocks but but had never had sex with a black guy until our last club visit. That might sound strange but in our part of the country we haven’t been to a swinger party where there were any black guys or played with any in a club. We’ve occasionally watched young black men with impressive cocks fucking young women in swinger clubs, and once saw a very well hung young black guy putting on a hardcore show with a girl in a Fr... Continue»
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Fucked by 2 of my Sons Army friends.

Well I'm Sara a recently single woman whose husband left her for his Sectetary, I'm 43 5'9 very long legs, a nice slim body and 40D
Breasts, my Hubby left me for a short fat thing no more to be said. But I don't care as I was one very happy woman my Son Mike called who is a member of our military he's coming home for a few days leave, he wants to bring a couple of his friends I told him no problem as there is plenty of room.
A few days after he called he called again and told me he and his two friends were only 30 minutes away I was so excited I had not seen him for 9 month, tell the tr... Continue»
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Full Throttle

Pre-story PSA: This is from my Fanfiction account, so not stealing from other sites. I do not own Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, or any of its characters. I don't profit from this either!


She was out of the shower. Sean watched her move across the room and walk to the closet for the caramel nightie he bought her last spring.

He smiled. After drying off and shimmying into her lingerie, she went back into the bathroom to lotion. Sean takes this opportunity to move from the lazy chair to her double bed.

He loved the way it felt against his back, so pliant and invit... Continue»
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Mom ask son to bring me big cock.

I came home just about the sun was going down.
Mom was looking for waiting for me.
She said to me son I want to ask you. I said ask mom anything.
You are my mom.
Mom said U know I love sex, I want you to get me cock that be big and thick one/
You know your dad had a small cock. Can u get me bit hard thick and long/
She said Pleas son help me but don't let anyone to know.

I said mom I never tell anyone about us. Yes mom said u dont tell.
I said to mom U have to wiat to get and man like u want.
Ok I said now let me fuck you now/ I am really hard on. On son let me suck u your cock.
... Continue»
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Yolanda couldn’t get away. She had no choice. With Anna on one side and Marie on the other, and Agnes walking a few feet behind the girls (licking her lips while she watched Yolanda’s buttocks moving together as she walked), Yolanda had nowhere to go but where the ladies were taking her. The schoolmistress was dressed in a nice skirt and blouse outfit which was made of local silk. Her skirt was tight and hugged her perfect ass. She wore nothing underneath.
“I wish you wouldn’t make a spectacle of this”, hissed Yolanda
“We’re not making a spectacle, we’re just takin... Continue»
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