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Reluctant Wife Gets Blacked

At 55, Bob Mitchell was an unhappy camper! For the last six months, he hadn't been able to keep an erection long enough to satisfy his young wife. His dick would get hard, but wouldn't stay that way. At first Viagra had helped, but now, even that potent d**g no longer worked.

Sitting alone in his study, he was trying to think of when his problem had begun. He knew what was wrong, but not how to do anything about it. When sexually excited, his dick began leaking pre-cum, not only pre-cum, but actual cum. As soon as this happened, he lost his erection. It happened every time he tried making l... Continue»
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Making Clouds and Rain.

It was hot hell August. Bruce lay awake on his bed in his room. sleep had long gone past. Somewhere a radio played ‘Cocksucker Blues’. He could hear fragments of the lyrics coming thru: “I’m a lonesome schoolboy and I just came into town. I heard so much about London, I decided to check it out. (…) Oh, where can I get my cock sucked? Where can I get my ass f*cked? (…) Well, I asked a young policeman if he'd only lock me up for the night. I've had pigs in the farmyard, some of them they're alright. He fucked me with his truncheon and his helmet was way too tight (…)”.

Without noticing it Bru... Continue»
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The Wolf with the Red Roses

The Wolf with the Red Roses, by Chloe Tzang

© 2017 Chloe Tzang. All rights reserved. The author asserts a moral right to be identified as the author of this story. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review.

[Boy:] On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
[Girl:] Yes.
[Boy:] I bet you say that to all the boys!</center></i>
You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, MeatLoaf<

******************... Continue»
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Lisa'sis Session Ch.8 How I Knew I was a Whore

Love the feedback, both public and private from you, the readers. Enjoy my fantasy work...

8. How I Knew I was a Whore.

Over the next few weeks I had confessed so many things to Dr. Heard, and by extension, my benefactor, Harold. Harold had clearly been reading and enjoying my experiences. He was a cuckhold and a pimp all at once. As a cuckhold he loved me bringing home the flavor of the day (Latino, European, or African) to fuck in front of him or in my room where he could watch me through the wall. As a defacto pimp, he loved setting up dates and events like gangbangs for him to w... Continue»
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First black cock (masseuse)

My husband and I had been going through a bad patch the last few months, he decided it would be best if we had some space not long term just a week so we could think about what we wanted. I agreed with him it couldn't do any harm. My husband knew I always wanted to go to one of them posh spas where they pamper you and he kindly booked it for me and made all the arrangements train, taxi etc it was further then I thought " maybe he wanted me far away lol" he actually said he picked the best one he could find. A week of pampering I couldnt wait

I packed my suitcase the day before, I wasn't su... Continue»
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A job interview

After moving to Port Everglades, I found myself with no job to do.
I discussed with my loving husband and he agreed we could afford everything we could want counting only with his salary; but after some time I started to get bored home alone during all day…

Finally one day some friends told me about a job in a lawyer’s firm.

I came to the interview room, finding two handsome men there. One of them was black and the other had a Latin type. Both men looked me up and down smiling as we introduced ourselves.

They interviewed me and finally they asked me if I had anything else to say. I ... Continue»
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A Neighbor In Need Is A Neighbor Indeed

As I lay there in anticipation of them getting up to their bedroom I was slowly wanking my cock. All of a sudden I heard Ellie . "Fuck me doggy baby . I just want that cock of yours up my cunt . Fuck me and fuck me hard . I have missed that cock of yours" "Didn't you have fun with Ricardo while I was away you fucking slut" he replied . "Yes I did fuck with him, but I still missed your cock" "Get bent over slut and pull your cunt lips apart for my hard cock" All I heard was a couple of smacks and Ellie moaning . He must have smacked her peachy arse while ramming his cock into her . "Fuck fuck f... Continue»
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You Can't Suck it you gotta Fuck it CreamPie

I'm going to tell you what happened to me and my wife Jennifer as it really happened. We went from mild swinging to...well, you'll see. It'sis all true. 

You have to understand that Jenny is a beautiful gal. Actually, at 5'4", 135lbs, long blonde hair and hazel eyes, she'sis a stunner. And believe it or not, she'sis got HUGE tits (38F) and yeah, they're real. (She always makes me add that.). Jen also has great legs and a beautifully rounded ass. She just turned 28; I'm now 31. 

Jen comes from an academic family. Her family and friends were pretty repressed about sex. In her college days ... Continue»
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Being A Black Man Has Its Advantages

Simply stated, I am a black male in my mid 30'sis. Growing up, I had similar experiences that black males have while going to school, pressure to join other black gangs, harassment from white males and often their parents. I learned the lesson of using both of my ears, let it one and out the other. I kept a low profile, stayed pretty quiet in my school and in the neighborhood. But being low key turned out to match what I am told are my attractive looks, at least to the female species.

There is no doubt that my first sexual experience had mostly to do with my being black, male and in pret... Continue»
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Holiday Party

This story was told to me by my friend Tim. Tim and his wife Laura are mid 30s and both work for a medium sized manufcturing firm in the suburbs of Chicago. Tim is of average build, about 6 foot and 170 lbs. Laura is about 5 foot 7 inches and about 130 lbs. She has dark hair, brown eyes and an athletic figure. All the guys comment on Laura'sis long legs and 34c chest. Tim and Laura have been married 10 years with no k**sis and good jobs. Tim has commented, though, the Laura is very outgoing and tends to flirt a bit. Laura has told Tim that its all innocent and she would never do anything to ha... Continue»
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Training my daughter to be a bimbo, part 5

Part five.

After her mother had gone myself and Cindy felt like celebrating. It had been the perfect afternoon. I had finally put my ex-wife in her place. I was now her pimp, knowing how much she loved cock I felt sure I was going to earn decent money out of her, and in the process totally humiliate her. For her part Cindy was looking forward to using her mother just like I was.

We decided to go out to dinner, and Cindy got dressed in a beautiful figure hugging dress which showed off all her attributes. We went to a beautiful restaurant and ate out like a normal couple. Except our conversat... Continue»
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My sisister’sis in law cheats on my brother

One day in june , my sisister in law phones me, to tell me that, my brother had cheated on her with an older woman, she told me, my brother wad a piece of shit, and she wanted to do the same to him, I asked her to calm down, she told me that, she new about me and the things i was doing with men,she said that my sisister Meral had told her how much she enjoyed her time with you in London, with my husband, my father in law and his brother, and she told me about all the black men she had between her legs, and in a very hole in her body, she said that she wants to have sex with my husband, father ... Continue»
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Latoya's return

So you all remember Latoya, the singer who looks like Misty Stone? Well, we were supposed to go camping with friends, but they pulled out. So, having the weekend free, me and Latoya opted to go hiking. Latoya showed up at my house dressed in jeans, a half shirt, and she was wearing one of those old plaid shirts the grunge freaks wore in the ninties, only she'd cut the shirt down and cut off the sleeves, turning it into a vest. I wore jeans and a Poison shirt. For those that aren't aware exactly what Latoya looks like, she is a dead ringer for porn star Misty Stone, with breast just as pert bu... Continue»
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BK-3 Fucks fags

Rod was getting his ten-inch dick sucked. The head job was wet and sloppy from the half-Black-half-Filipino boi.

“Oh yeah, faggit. Suck mah dick,” yelled the five-foot-nine-inch, dark-skinned man.
“Yes, sir,” the sissy cocksucker replied
“Oh shit! I’m finna fuck yo’ faggit ass!”
“Oh yes, Daddy,” beamed the five-foot-three bottom.
“Ben’ ovah, bitch!”

Micki, who was the cock sucking faggot, bent over the motel room bed. He shook his soft, jiggly ass that had been pumped up with silicone injections.

“Ben’ ovah, boi,”

Rod slid his big dick in the sissy.

“Take dis dick bitch!... Continue»
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More with granny Effie

So things got crazy busy for me and I haven't had the time to continue telling about my horny interracial granny- so here goes.

After the Memorial Day weekend episode, we continued to date two or three times a week for the next month or so. After about 3 dates, we dropped the dating charade and just got together for sex, mostly at my place but twice at her house. We had been together about a dozen times, and it had all been her doing me with her mouth, rim jobs, and sucking and swallowing. Not that I was complaining, but I was getting to the point where I wanted to fuck her, and coul... Continue»
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Black neighbor boy

Black neighbor boy
Part I
We had been married for almost 5 years at the time this story takes place. We were quite happy, and apart from the odd row, got on just famously. I worked
a lot, including weekends away, but I didn't worry too much for Mary because she had lots of friends and activities to keep her occupied.

One afternoon, things at work were slow and I decided to surprise her and come home early. As I was getting ready to pull in the driveway, I noticed a bicycle in the driveway. I knew it because it belonged to a neighbor k** down the street who cut the lawn occasionally. ... Continue»
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Pleaseeeeee, Mr. Postman

That morning I was lying out in the hot Savannah sun, wearing just my favorite green lime thong. My boobs were sunning freely, not caring about my neighbors could see me there almost naked...

After two hours my skin was very hot, I was horny and bored; so, I went back to my bedroom. I needed a refreshing shower.
Instead of going to the bathroom, I took off my thong and lay down on the bed, spreading my legs into a split. I put my hand down and giggled as I parted my pussy lips and started to stroke my wet cunt.

I pulled out a huge vibrator from under the pillow and teased my clit with i... Continue»
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Saturday Night---orgy!!!!

Sorry it took me a while to get this story up, I been degbating if I wanted to make my total debasement public.
After the night of sex with Mr 9er and his cousins, I got a few hours sleep at home and had a text waiting when I woke up. I had insturctions on what I was expected to wear and when to be back at Mr 9er'sis for the evening. I was to dress in a camisole and thong, stockings and heels and to wear a short bob wig and to take an UBER to his place so I would not have a way to leave. That last part should have made me think twice about what I was doing, but my lust and eagerness to please... Continue»
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Holiday fun and her first BBC

We had spoken of having some real fun on our holiday but only spoken of it we had role played about getting another man involved but only role played. So on our last holiday to the Dominican i decided to see how far i could push my 58 year old wife who still has a very good body and works out,she looks very good in her bikini and no one would know her age by looking at her. We had been at the hotel for a few days and had looked at the staff both male and female and discussed who we would fuck but it was only chatting but the conversation got brought to the bedroom a few times as she sat on my ... Continue»
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A filthy bathroom

I hesitantly agreed to meet him. But I really was thinking how much I wanted that big black cock. I had been talking online with that man for weeks. First just getting to know each other and then he started talking dirty with me.

He had teased me on how he wanted to grab my round hips and how he wanted to fill me up with his thick black cock. Every time I talked to him my pussy would get wet. So when he asked me to meet him for a drink in a public place, I thought what could be the harm.
Nevertheless, Victor had been away the last full week and then I was feeling too horny to miss a chanc... Continue»
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