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Asian wife cums hard during Anal sex

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We had a day off with the wifey so I told her we should take some time to fuck for good. Oxana agreed and after a while she offered to do it before we'd go out. She was teasing me during the morning by showing off her ass and she was telling me: "Check out my ass! it's getting very strong and fit since I work out!" I told her I had to check and she let me have a look as I was opening her asian cheeks with my hands to watch her asshole. She was really wan… Read more

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Double Blackened Girlfriend

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A few months ago, my girlfriend and I moved in together, we're only a young couple in our early twenties and thought this a good idea to get a small place of our own. Naturally as any couple would do when moving into a new place, we christened every room in our place, from the bath tub to the kitchen table. I love my girlfriend, she's 5'7, shoulder length blonde hair, and at twenty years of age, she looks about eighteen. Her face is innocent looking, yet she knows exactly what she's doing when she gets down to some business! Anyway, due to our extra expenses of living together, I also to… Read more

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Swap In Farmhouse--1

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Anjali was introduced to the concept of wife swap by her husband who wanted to do it two years ago. Their close friends, that is, two married couples, had started doing it and had invited them through Amit but Anjali had refused. Amit was crazy about it during the first few months when he learned that Ramesh and Jai were swapping wives and enjoying while he was stuck because Anjali refused. The craziness took time to die down and now after two years when Anjali asked Amit the plan for weekend he replied that Ramesh and Jai were going to farm house so no plans. Ramesh and Jai going to farmh… Read more

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Catching cheating mom on vacation

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This all happened a few years back. When 18 yo me still lived at home, wed like to travel every winter to warmer places for a week. This year however we decided to split up since we could not agree where to go. Me an mom wanted to go to southern spain and the rest wanted to stop in france. So we 2 left a week earlier heading for a little sun. We had booked a small 2 room appartment close to a quite big beach and there where people coming and going all the day, but still secluded enough to not be disturbed by it. First day we spent at the beach swimming and watching the people go by. When we go… Read more

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Sharing my UK Indian wife part 1

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This story I am about to describe is true and are about my experiences of sharing my Indian wife. I have changed the names for these stories. We are an Indian Sikh couple from the UK, Leicester. We have both been brought up in England and we have been married 8 years. My name is Manvir and my wife’s name is Jaspreet. I married Jaspreet when she was 22 and I was 29. We are now 30 and I am 38. Although my wife is 30 she actually looks a lot younger and still gets asked for ID when trying to buy alcohol. She had boyfriends before but was a virgin before she met me. Now let me describe Jaspreet. S… Read more

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Amber N. McCarthy 1,

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Where are we Amber, , , , Yes yes yes yes yes- This is The real world Cinderella Wake up Precious, we play by, My Names and my Games my nigga are you hearing ME AND ARE YOU FEELING ME???????, O.K. . O.K. . OTay- , Bitch- Listen, This Story would Pick Right Back after High School Gunderson Grad. In full effect even though B.F.A. BLood/Crip Gang B-Boys is runnin' shit in the Se' I say fuck going pro right off Top, I hit the Block and start EARLy with my Record Label. BFO Recordings llc. ClintMack, TestVeNOM, CaSsidy, MoeTheMaC, CoryTheK.I.D., and FOKUS and my singing nigga Chris Brown. I make yo… Read more

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The Fantasy Interview

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The night had been quite a success. My wife, Wan, and I had come to a major hotel in the centre of Bangkok for a job interview. Why did my wife come when it is me when it is I who is the candidate for the job? Well the company has the policy of interviewing both the candidate and their spouse to make sure they fit the company culture. We met the HR Manager in the lobby and we went through to the bar come coffee shop. We ordered a meal and chatted as we waited for it to be delivered to us. This was to be a high profile interview and I made the decision to wear a suit, shirt and tie; not a combi… Read more

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How it all started

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It all started in College , playing football had a lot of perks , Women would throw themselves at us and I was more than happy to indulge . My teammate / roommate Jaron who is black 6’1 , 220 and chiseled was constantly fucking married women , one night he ask me if I wouod join him And fuck this married women he’s been fucking for some time , he tells me the lady wants to have a 3some so after seeing pics of her I said fuck it why not , so the night was going great we are both fucking her and she’s sucking our dicks but at some point in the night while I was fucking her Jaron decided to start… Read more

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Mrs. Silva part 2

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For the rest of the winter I laid in bed thinking about Mrs. Silva. My parents were working in another state and my sisters were busy with their boyfriends. For about a week I did not call Mrs. Silva, scared and nervous about what all this meant. Finally I called her, made small talk and an excuse to come over. She was very nice, we sat on her couch and talked about my classes, my plans after high school, and the wrestling team etc. She worked at home, did “consulting work” so most of her work was by phone and computer, this allowed her to stay home. Before long my dick grew and she could see… Read more

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Mature Wife New Drugs

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Liz and I have been married 50 years, surprisingly we were both in good health for our age. When I married Liz she was 18, 5’4” tall barely 100 pounds, 34b perky boobs ( but her Mom had huge boobs I was hoping she would eventually take after her Mom and she did), and a natural red head. In a word she was a knock out. Back then I was 20, 6’ 180 pounds 34” waste a very thick 7” cock and was very hansom. Liz and I had dated for two years before we married. Liz was raised a strict Catholic as such there was no intercourse before we married, but I did regularly perform oral sex on her, but she neve… Read more

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Kareem's BBC Prison Cock Pt1

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I'm the prison guard and Kareem Mwangi is the prisoner, so you would have thought I had the upper hand, and until a few weeks ago you would have been right. When I first heard of the trailer addition to the prison I was furious. A few states permit conjugal visits and the prisoner has to be married (just for a start) before his application to schedule one is approved. The prisoner requests a block of time and the Warden has final approval, but giving prisoners any sort of privileges is something I had always been dead set against. Truth be told, the Warden often refused the requests… Read more

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Jamaican Dive Wife Blacken Creampie

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My wife wanted to go to an all-inclusive resort for her 30th birthday, so I booked it. We were hopelessly in love and got married after graduating from high school. She was a virgin cheer leader on our wedding night and I was captain of the football team. So far, she has been pretty conservative until a promiscuous woman recently moved into the neighborhood. This woman constantly talks about BBC and only fucking BBC. Since then my wife has become somewhat more adventurist sexually. With the exception of a few hand jobs and a one lucky guy seeing her beautiful vagina, I am happy that I am t… Read more

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Wife's Jamaican Special Massage Blacken

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My wife Julie and I decided to take a well deserved vacation to the Caribbean. After some research we decided on Jamaica. I went online to look at the different resorts, as we were looking for some privacy. I found a small exclusive resort called GoldenEye. It was expensive but very private. Six weeks later we were flying to Jamaica. When Julie returned from the restroom on the flight I noticed she had removed her bra. She smiled at me and said she would not be needing one for the next five days. She had never done that before. We checked into the resort and were escorted to our room by… Read more

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Wife's Jamaican Birthday Surprise Blacken

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My wife and I decided to take a well-deserved vacation to the Caribbean and celebrate her 32nd birthday. Sandra is a trim blonde, and the mother of two great k**s. She bears a striking resemblance to actress Rosamund Pike. Sex with Sandra is amazing. She has the ability to have multiple orgasms, sometimes up to 10 or more. She also has the extraordinary ability to ejaculate when she cums, requiring us to place several towels under her when we have sex. She works out regularly and has a great body to show for it, which I am very proud of. Like many couples, we have had fantasies during sex abou… Read more

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My Moroccan lover part Five

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My Moroccan lover part five After cleaning Farid s cock and he was satisfied I stood up , my whole body hurt, especially my cunt was burning, but the jizz inside was dripping out sometimes, had an healing effect on my mind and in my lower body. Quick sweety we are thirsty said Mohammed. Yes Sir….i went to the fridge got them both a cold beer. The sun was already cumming up..it was day already…we had fucked and had seks the whole night. Can I go shower Mohammed Sir?.. Nooo said Mohammed, you carry our babys inside you…aren’t you proud to carry mine and Farids Baby's ? Farid laught… Read more

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The Making of Rosie. Chapter Two “Timmy becomes Ro

FetishInterracial SexTaboo

The Making of Rosie By Mad Jack69 Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a young boy and his whore mother. The young boy has sexual desires for his slut of a mother and also longs to be like her. This is the second instalment documenting his journey to becoming a shemale whore. (Fb, M+F, prost, whore, size, tv, toys, creampie, strap-on, ws) Chapter Two “Timmy becomes Rosie” Tim woke up at nine o’clock with his morning hard on tenting the duvet and his mum at the bedroom door looking sexy as ever in just her jean shorts that sliced into her cunt giving him a wonderful view of h… Read more

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Colleagues Made Me Prostitute

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Hi everyone, my name is Harika, I am narrating my first sex that how my colleagues and me was sold for money in Goa by my colleagues Nithin, Shiva, Nathan, Manish and Syed. Before I tell about my story let me introduce about me, I am married, having no k**. I am 5.8ft tall, about 60KG, Fair, attractive look, well maintained structure, 38 30 38 my vital status, 38D is my bra size, pink nipple. I do go for gym and aerobics to maintain my body very hot look. Th… Read more

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In Shop--1

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Pyaremohan: Madam, these stains were surely not there when I unpacked the dresses for you? Me: I … I… I mean how would I know? (I tried to remain as cool as possible) Mr. Pyaremohan was checking the stains on the babydoll nighty very closely. He was trying to figure out what it was and in the process started sniffing it just like a dog! What a shame! The shopkeeper was in effect sniffing my vaginal juices on that fabric. Pyaremohan: Uhu! Madam! Surely these are fresh… I find the same stain on this panty also! Th… Read more

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My hot wife turned hotwife

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We had been going through a quiet patch in the sexual side of our relationship for some time. That was until Linda began to take more of the initiative in our love making. She had asked if I still wanted her to shave her pussy, she had some misgivings about it, her bush being part of her womaly identity. I thought that she should try it and I'd shave my cock and balls to se if she like that as well. I was expecting Linda to take a little more persuasion, but the next day after arriving home from work My hot Linda had a smile on her face and was wearing a short skirt. As she hugged and kissed… Read more

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My EX-Katie Cassidy Back & SHE WONT STOP!! 1,

HardcoreCelebritiesInterracial Sex

So basically as you know my romantic life is very complicating and magical most of the times, for example in some of my last stories you may have read 100% truthfully that I have had sex and an very deep passionate romantic relationship with. Khloe Kardashian, yes I John E. Willis III aka JohnVeNOM CEO of BFO Recordings llc., but further in my story it came out that back in the mid to late 90's the woman who I was having sex with Named Aimee Barnett was make up and Prosthetics and Dead ass Khloe Kardashians crazy yet wildly sexy ass was underneath it all. So it comes out in TMZ that Khloe is s… Read more

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