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Learning my Love for Black Cock As I bob hungrily on Tyler's cock in MY office, during MY prep, I can't help but reminisce about the strange circumstances that led me to becoming a personal cock sucker to my much younger black colleague. ..... I mean, I never imagined I would ACTUALLY suck a cock. Although I would be lying if I said the idea hadn't become a growing curiosity fantasy over the past few months leading up to the 'incident'. I mean, I was, and still am, happily married, although our once wild sex life had dwindled to once, maybe twice a month, sex. And not the wild i… Read more

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BBC JUNKIE by: scottius

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Chapter 1 - Emma Watson - BBC Junkie BBC Junkie An Erotic Fan-Fiction starring Emma Watson One Shot Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. It is entirely a work of parody. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content including strong language, degradation, humiliation, and a focus on interracial and racially charged content. If such material offends you then please do not continue. No harm is intend… Read more

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President Trump's surprise party Part 4

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President Trump's surprise party Part 4 As Trump held her soft hand, he was admiring her beauty and wondered if she could handle the needs of his wife. Kelly knew she was being appraised for his approval as she stood in her high heels and long coat. He turned her around and said, “Can I please take your coat Kelly?” She smiled and said, “Certainly Mr President.” She slowly undid the buttons from the bottom to the top and then very, very slowly opened it. Trump stepped back to take in her entire frame and wasn’t disappointed in what he saw. Her long slim legs were covered in stockings that reac… Read more

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President Trump's Surprise Party. Part 5

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President Trump's Surprise Party. Part 5 Trump froze on the spot as he digested what he just heard. It was no wonder why Gorge didn’t want to tell him but it was all starting to please him. It couldn’t have been a better choice. He looked at Gorge and smiled. “Gorge I have to take my hat off to you. You are one fucking smart man Gorge. I don’t fucking know how you talked your sister into this and I really don’t fucking care but you have clearly impressed me to no end Gorge. You and your beautiful sister are going to be well rewarded from the both of us. And as for Kelly, well whatever you offe… Read more

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I Love Watching You Do This

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I never thought that I was into bigger sized women since I have always been with girls who weren't heavier than I was. Until I met B. B had a skinny face and beautiful green eyes. Normally she seemed nerdy and po-faced, but she also knew how to have fun once she became playful. Her body was firm and her skin was soft and beautiful. She was not busty, but that sexy booty of hers....I would never be tired of it. B was also probably the first person to whom I could talk about anything sexual at any time without feeling awkward. She would surprise me with her unbuttoned shirt while I was focusin… Read more

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Moving To Louisiana (part 3)

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Over the past weeks Helen has become more open about her love for black men. She has been out to clubs and danced with both Ty and James, although never with both of them together. Then she has had me lick and suck her pussy when she gets home from her dates. This because she likes to see when I suck out and swallow their cum from her pussy. This is almost the only time she lets me get close to her, so even though I know that there will be other men's cum inside of her I still eat her out. If this wasn't bad enough she has also had several different black guys over to the house and h… Read more

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My Wife & A Bottle Of Tequila

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My wife and I had been at dinner and probably had a little too much sake, she'd also had half a tab of E so she was feeling like kicking on all night. Miyako is Japanese 154cm tall about with the best looking tits and tiniest waste you've ever seen and a face like the famous Hakata Ningyo doll. She is the most beautiful woman I, and from the looks she gets, most men have ever seen. At 36 years of age she looks about 21-22 years old and when we go out, is constantly being approached by men half her age. Tonight she was wearing a black leather mini-skirt, tight black leather jacket a lacey l… Read more

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Moving To Louisiana (part 1)

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My name is Roger, I am 32 and I consider myself to be a very lucky man, being married to an incredible beautiful women. We are both from Sweden. Her name is Helen and is 29 years old, she's 5,8 foot tall, 120 pounds, she is a natural blond and she has a very hot body partly due to the fact that she is a part time aerobic instructor. Her best feature is her very large, firm but very soft breasts. You could spend hours, just looking at them, touching and sucking them, I just love them. But other people has commented on her sexy ass, its not a big ass but its not small either, but its very fir… Read more

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Moving To Louisiana (part 2)

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A few days later. I woke up and went downstairs to get something to eat for breakfast. When I came down Helen was in the kitchen and had already prepared breakfast. She stood there in her robe and looked great, she was smiling, almost glowing. I hadn't seen her this happy for awhile. "Good morning honey." she said. "Good morning." I said back. "You seem very happy today." I said. "Yes I am, isn't it a great morning and I think it's also going to be a great day." She told me. "You think so." "Yes I do." she said. "Oh by the way honey, Ty said that they were going to b… Read more

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Learning to Love Black Guys

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When I entered college I never expected to lose my virginity. More importantly I never thought I would have lost it to a black guy. I was in my Junior year at Oklahoma University. I had my own room and shower because I was an RA (Resident Advisor). It was a school day I was on my way to class when a handsome black man named Terrence came up to me. He was dressed in saggy pants. He looked at me. I checked him out. He had a lip piercing. I think it was a Labret peircing. He looked like a tough thug or gangster. He said "baby, you look hot". I thanked him and he put his on my waist and asked what… Read more

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Taxi Office

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It was the evening of my office Christmas party and my wife Trish who works for the same company had her own office party. I went up to her department as our party was closing down. There wasn’t many people left at their party either. I couldn’t see Trish at first and went looking for her. I found her in a side office asleep on a couch. She was sprawled out with one leg on the floor. This caused her wraparound skirt to fall open to her waist, showing her stocking tops, suspenders and her black frilly wide legged knickers. Her knickers leg was pulled to one side and her cunt was on show for any… Read more

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GF Turns me OUT! Gay

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I came out of the closet as a bisexual to my friend Betsy a while back. She has been my scout for dick pics ever since, sending me pics of her boyfriends and random guys that message her. She's out getting good cock and I'm beating off to her exploits, wondering how these straight guys would feel about another dude getting off on their dick pics. One weekend recently she invited me up to the town she lives in and said she had a surprise. I don't know what I expected to be waiting for me when I got there, I hadn't seen her in a while and I just took the opportunity for a visit. It was an hour… Read more

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My Cheating Wife

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This story was written by another author that again had no ending so again I find myself having to give it a proper ending. I got off work early so I thought I’d hurry home and surprise my wife with a night on the town. It had been a good day, so I was in a good mood. I was singing to myself as I pulled into the driveway. I was in such a good mood I hardly noticed the strange car parked alongside my wife’s. It was just a friend of Terri’s I guessed, so I paid it no further attention and headed inside. I opened the door slowly, wanting to surprise her with my presence. The door swung open eas… Read more

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Saints to Sluts CH.7 (The Informant)

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Read the first 6 Chapters to get versed with the story Monday 10th March 10:30 PM Denver, Colorado "Are you sure about it" Sgt Mills asked "Have I ever been wrong before" Mikaela replied "the deal is happening tonight at midnight and this is our best chance to catch this gang and get rid of the d**gs from the street before they start becoming available to every k** on the block" Mikaela finished "You heard her get ready to take down these motherfuckers" Sgt Mills told the rest of the squad As the squad was getting ready Mikaela got a call from her boy friend. "Hey babe when are you gonn… Read more

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DContinue from part 1.. After the exciting moment that we has gone through, she ask me to stand on my feet then pull her up. She pick the towel that she wear earlier and handle it to me, but later she changed her mind and take it back then throw it on the floor. Maam: "Let clean ourself. I smell like a slut already " You are a slut. I said to my self then smile at her. Me: "alright! Let go" Then she put her hand at my dick and pull it and ask me to follow her to the bathroom. Me: "You know what, you really are a slut" I said to her while we walk to the b… Read more

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Gunnie Jonte and Ramzy on Cruise

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Gunnie Jonte and Ramzy on Cruise 5 – 6 november 2018 We both wanted to take Ramzy on cruise with Cinderella to let him see what we have done before so got us an trip with the cruiser and took Ramzy with us. We took the bus to the ship and this excited boy afgan Ramzy he took up his chalkpen in the bus already lucky we sat in the back we had talked about my Turkish lover Benji to him so he signed for him too. When we got to pur ship I had got the text off me and we checked in and got to our cabin with doubl… Read more

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Benji and Ramzy

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9 november 2018 Oh they came back. I told Ramzy when they left on Thursday that Jonte was going away in the midday on Friday so to my surprise at 12 oclock the doorbell rang and when I opened there stood Ramzy and Benji. Ramzy said I phoned Benji and asked he if I would pick me up then we go to Gunnie because Jonte is away and Benji said ohh I cum and pick you up now. I let them in of course they both started kiss me and there hands all over me felt so good feel them all over me. Wait say Ramzy have to write on Gunnie so he write Pig on my face Ramzys and Benjis on my breast and Slut on my blo… Read more

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Loving my BULL DADDY!

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I love football season , DADDY has his friends over , & I get to wait on HIM , & them , serve them drinks , & sandwiches that I make. Sometimes to my intense delite DADDY uses me in front of them , or pimps me out to them for bets he loses ! They mostly are large beautiful BLACK GODS like DADDY is , but none of them know how to treat me , but DADDY! I walk around in a pink thong making sure DADDY , & the other guys have whatever they need , or want (LUCKY ME) ! Sometimes DADDY will call me "Hey you worthless,… Read more

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Be careful for what you wished for!! – Part 1

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Fantasise about seeing your wife or girlfriend GANGBANGED? Do you want to turn your fantasy into reality? If YES, contact us for more details on e mail address etc, etc My heart began beating faster and my cock became stiffer as I re-read the massage. At first I thought that it must be some k** messing about, then I realised that my fingers were typing the address into an e-mail document. “It’ll be a laugh.” I thought, as I typed ‘Interested. Send details.’ “It’ll be a turn on for him to consider banging my wi… Read more

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Gunnie meets Benji and Ramzy

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Gunnie meet Benji and Ramzy 8 nov 2018 Benji my turkish lover called me and said he was on his way to me he has not said anything about before so I said cum man lover and I will have another guy here also if you don’t mind oh no he said because my young boy Ramzy who is afgan was already on his way because Jonte was away to meet a friend in another town so he is going to gone for several hours so I had called after Ramzy and he was first to come igave him a big hug and deep deep kisses my wonderful young lover think he is 16. -Ramzy my beautiful boy you have to wait a little bit my friend Benj… Read more

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