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Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 6th Chapter

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictional and over the age of 18. SUBJECT: A young masturbation addict is sent to a dominating older female who has a special interest in his secretion. (tags: milf, masturbation, soft femdom, handjob, big tits, older female vs younger male, dirty talk, cum denial, prostate stimulation, milking, bbc, tease) Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – 6th Chapter My dick now hung like a dry sausage, and my bum hole still pulsed from the invasion it endured. But Flavius was an a****l. His Bla… Read more

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Out of Afrika - Chapter 15

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Out of Afrika A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 15 The consolidation of Rhino’s influence throughout the state had resulted in an atmosphere of calm and contentment amongst the population. Nobody could recall in any great detail how polarized and sexually segmented society had been prior to the company’s arrival in Hawksville but there was universal agreement with how good life had now become since Rhino had taken root. Following the agreements made with the state’s government and legislature, which effectively embedded the objective… Read more

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-4

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With lots of shame i says Yes sir. And as i finished to serve him as per salim instruction i going under that table and first i take Aslam's Cock in my mouth goddd and it is so hard and when he take food its cock is charged with that and become more and more growing. Salim : Why i want your mouth on our cocks when we taken food u know. Because We are eat more food if someone taking our cocks in her mouth with laughs he says. Godddddddd he is realy think i am bitch not a human being. But i have to do what… Read more

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-2

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Salim souted to me walking quickly not stoping and I am tearing and try to make my ass cheek swaying more to stop the spanking they did. But as I swaying my ass cheek more they are become more wild and then they are take the moving ass cheek in there each open palm and feeling it’s movement and softness. I continuing wal… Read more

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AMULYA Fantasy in Swapping Club--2

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Shilpa raised her hand and Pooja immediately nodded to her. "What kind of tasks will be given to us?" Pooja listened to her and then addressed to all of them in reply. "The tasks are chosen by me. They are designed basically to increase your intimacy with your partner. Many of those involve sexual activities. Some may not include any sex, but they are basically given to you to make you comfortable with your partner. You will come know about the tasks themselves as we go along. I can't give you details just… Read more

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My Greatest Lover

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I am lying naked on the couch and he is sitting on the floor between my legs. He is also naked as I am. He lays his head on my thigh and looks into the dark between my legs, dark because, my pussy is almost covered by the curly shining black pubic hairs. The hair is so thick that he cannot easily see the long narrow slit of my pussy. He opens my legs wider, his fingers smooth the hair and my pink pussy slit was visible to his eyes. He licks the top of my thighs and his fingers begin to work on my pink insides. He runs h… Read more

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My Club Fuck

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I am 26 yr old married from Bangalore . me and my husband r very frank. we talk about each others fantasies and discuss with one another. His fantasy was 2 see me havin… sex in the car with another guy.so we planned 2 meet each other separately in a night club as if we don’t know each other. That night I wore a grey salwar kameez and a red laced bra which is my husband’s favourite and a satin laced panty. I was a bit scared but then I entered the night club. out there I met him. we talked and then i told… Read more

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Fun With Old Guy at Gloryhole

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Sitting at home getting a good buzz as usual my dick getting hard and I feeling freaky. So need a little fun with someone.  Get dressed in my baggy shorts and oversized t shirt and no underwear as usual. I go to my happy place the Glory Hole. I Take another shot before going in like always I still get nervous when I enter .I pay and they buzz me in. I go back take a look and many door are closed. It seemed to be a large number for that time n the morning about 3:00am. Then I remember open 24hrs on the weekend during the summer. So I look for an empty booth. I go down the corridor and see… Read more

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Red – Part VIII – The girls meet up with Marcus

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Sara flipped off the radio when she turned into her Tinderwood Apartment complex. It was late and she was exhausted. Her younger sister, Lauren, was asleep on the sofa with her chemistry book open on her chest, when she walked in. Sara looked frazzled and worn out for a 19 year sophomore in college. Her hair was windblown and her makeup was a mess. Her new flowered sundress was wrinkled and only held closed by three buttons. When she plopped down in the chair, Lauren could see her bare breasts and her full light brown bush. “I take it you and Cliff had a fun visit?” Lauren said sarcastically.… Read more

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summer job at the camp

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My mom and dad wanted me to work during summer after I turned 18 So i got a job up north at a camp, my job was easy, all I did was supervised boring k**s game and make sure they stay in the designed area until the monitor came back or sometime doing the referee , disputing a goal or a penalty shot. evry night i would wait for my bus and make a 50 min ride before getting home, then every morning mom would drop me back or sometime id take the bus again his name was Joseph he had a nephew of 13 he drop and pick up evryday after someweek of the camp start he saw me at the bus stop one mornin… Read more

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Sex To Get Admit Card

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I am Amu. I am 24 years old. That was my final year in collage. Due to short of my attendence I was not getting my admit card.One of my friends advoice me to meet Ali Khan. He is a very good looking guy. He is also a member of collage union. My friend introduce me to Ali. He told me that he will try his best to solve my problem. He take required information about me like roll no, course , year, my phone no. etc. and told me that he will contact me as soon as he get my admit card. After few two day he… Read more

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Slut Ann - Humiliated

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My name is Ann, well actually, it's been SLUT ANN most of my life. My body has ruled me always. My nipples would itch, then when I played with them or scratched them, a charge would go through my body and make me crazy, insanely horny. We were very poor, so clothes weren't replaced regularly. As a result I wore old thin panties, where the liner was wore out and spaghetti, half tanks that were also wore thin. The fabric would always wrap around my nipples making them push out and the fabric would rub on them and make me horny. I always had my hands on my nipples and pussy. It was almost impossi… Read more

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Tracy Hen night

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Tracy’s Hen Night! The big night had come and wow how we needed to get on with it! Tracy now 8 months swollen from an unknown Nigga stud, hiding the fact from her new Husband to be, Mark, a small dicked white man. She was caught out by accident, it was during a deep anal sessions with Negro lads! One of them slipped his big poker up her cunt, loading her with his jungle seed! Which one she don’t know? I phoned a few girls I knew to come and party. This included Sue, my teeny baby sitter, also 7 months pregnant, knocked up by a huge Afro Chieftain Masala, now here in the UK as an i*****l immigr… Read more

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Wife loves black cock 2

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So my wife Lizzy and I went away on holiday again and this time we were out on the town whenwe noticed a bar with music and a group of people mainly women stood around the entrance area. We entered the bar and there we noticed a small stage and a guy performing a striptease on a woman from the crowd the guy was a white guy in his 40s and was straddling some female and she was rubbing his chest. Lizzy and I watched in amusement at the show until the guy blew his load on the woman's tits and then went off stage. Then the female announcer came over the mic said now ladies get ready for tonight's… Read more

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Exposing to a complete Stranger

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My name is Amulya and got married 4 months ago. I and my hubby works in an IT comp. In Chennai we stay in a place called Pammal. We live in a newly constructed building of 2 stories and we very recently occupied it,it is our own house too. We live in the first floor and the ground floor is to be given away for rent. The area where we live is kind of isolated and the density of the buildings are not much. You might find a building in every… Read more

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Fucked by a Beggar and Worker in train

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Hi Friends I amAmulya I am here to narrate my real life experience which happened me in a train journey . It is evident that we all have some kind of sexual experience which does not fit the normal criteria. I have born in Delhi and belong to upper middle class family. When I was 8 yrs. old I was sexually abuse by my cousin. I was unaware of such things and he took advantage of my innocence in… Read more

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Begging For It

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I am AMULYA 25 year old student of an air hostess academy at Bangalore . Saturday nights were dull, they had always been dull. I wished for something to happen, to change the monotony of life. I really should have been careful what I wished for.I was 19 when it happened, working at the restaurant in sector 17 in chandigarh to earn some extra cash while I enrolled at a air hostess training academy. Every single saturday night was the… Read more

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Amulya Learns a Lesson--1

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My name is AMULYA (NAME CHANGED TO KAVITHA) and I am a young Asian Indian housewife living in California. I have been told that I have a very sexy body. My husband Sanjay loves to display my legs and my shapely boobs to his friends and in public. I am deeply in love with my husband. Like a good Indian wife, I very rarely have the courage to disobey him. Sanjay knows my weakness very well and freely takes advantage of the situation. We have only been married for a couple of years, and I have always been a de… Read more

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Sexplosive Gang Bang Of Amulya

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Hi guys, I'm Amulya sharing my story. I live by myself in a small rented flat and my neighbours are three young college boys. I occasionally exchange pleasantries with them when I see them, and one of them has a hot girlfriend Neha who comes over sometimes during weekends. The story is of a Friday night when I came back from work tired and wanted to sleep. There was loud musi… Read more

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A slow change what has that black man done to me p

Interracial SexFetishGay Male

Hi I'm Johnny bi oral white guy 50 yrs old 5'9" 240 lbs 42 waist so I love everything about women and enjoy oral and fucking but where men are concerned I love sucking dick and I sucked my first dick at 13 yrs old and in 37 years I've sucked 28 different cocks some once some more than once and a few a lot and as I say bi oral because over the years I've experimented and let's guys suck me tried anal and couldn't get it in wasn't into it tried to fuck a guys ass couldn't get it up and every other way with guys and never wanted them to touch me except putting their hands on my head to feed me di… Read more

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