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So my tranny friend Daisy and I had done a webcamshow which proved to be very succesfull regarding the response. So we got another invitation from the studio. We didn't have to think twice, with the joy we had found in our new kink: exhibionism. And the pay was good welcome too, ofcourse. On arriving that afternoon the producer, a severe woman, clad in black leather skirt and top looked at my skinny body and asked: "Have you ever been in woman's clothing?" Not really apart from some red frilly undies a girlfriend had left in the house some time ago. I loved the feel they gave me. She nodded… Read more

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Lady with big tits or I spent a lot of time in the

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The lady with big tits was always around. I spent a lot of time in that bathroom. The lady that worked there hired me and would always bend down near me so I could see her tits. It took a while before I caught on, that she always wore a bra, but right before she would do this, she'd use the bathroom Obviously that's where she took it off and undid an extra button. I didn't know any of it was intentional till later. I just went for the toilet every time I saw her tits. One day I got caught staring to long and she asked if I needed to use the bathroom. Confused I said no, why? She said… Read more

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Out of Afrika - Chapter 9

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Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 9 (written by Wunderboi) Clarissa slipped behind the wheel of her pearl white Mercedes. She had insisted on the most expensive paint option and the car glowed in the early morning sunshine. She smiled to herself, remembering her father's advice many years prior, which was to marry a much older very rich white man of the controlling class of Americans so that she would have a full life of ease and importance. She had pleased her father when she married such a man when she was just 22. Maxwell, her husband, had indeed provided h… Read more

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BCS Black Cock Slut

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I sat in stunned silence watching myself on the screen, not believing the look on my face. There I was on my knees in front of this young black man pleading with him to allow me to take his cock out of his pants. I remember the anticipation I felt as he made me wait, my pussy was creaming and then as an honor, he allowed me to drop his pants to the floor. I looked into his eyes and as I held this huge monster in both hands, I kissed just the tip letting my tongue tease the opening. Teasing him further I put just the head in my mouth until he grew into full erection. He grabbed a handful… Read more

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BLACK l****a 5

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BLACK l****a 5 THE STORM IS COMING To be in the middle of two best friends was not what she wanted, both of them she loved so much. One was her father. The other, her father's best friend. Both of them, her lovers. ''Where is she?'' Jack demanded to know. ''Where is who, Jack?'' Jeff asked in a very calm voice. He knew that he had to remain calm to throw Jack off. ''You know damn well who. Where is my l****a, where is my little girl?'' he asked again, this time in a more menacing tone. ''l****a, I don't know what you are talking about, I haven't se… Read more

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Anita hired for a bachelor party

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My sweet loving wife had arranged for an upcoming Saturday night to hook up with her favorite black lover Jerome. That black bastard had been fucking Anita during the last six months; unleashing multiple loads of his cum deep inside my wife’s pussy, ass and mouth… They set up this latest hook up at one of the local motel's near to where he lived. The only difference was, this time I was given permission once again to be there so I could watch all the action. Early evening, Ana finally stepped out of the bathroom all dressed up in a provocative outfit; one that I had never seen before on… Read more

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Ana meets the black gardenert's mates

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One full week passed since that time when Tyler showed up with his Uncle Frankie. Both black bastards had fucked my sweet wife in a wild way during the afternoon. When I came home late evening, I found Ana was still walking with a certain difficulty. I asked her if she was fine, thinking about the abuse of those black serpents in her wet pussy, but she lied to me, telling that she had spent a while at the gym and had hurt her knee just a little… I continued checking the camera daily from my office. One full week went by with no visits, but on the next Monday, Tyler showed up with Frank an… Read more

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Sucking the big ones

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Sucking the big ones. You can do a lot with a lot. I like holding it with both hands and really enjoy it. It's like a challenge too. You want to see how much you can swallow. That's when tilting your head back comes into play. For me, that's the best way to have your face fucked. You can feel it slicking in your throat, and his sack resting on your nose. My regular I see weekly taught me this. He said I had to learn how or he would feel left out. The whole sucking the head only wasn't working. Of course I said it was easy for him to say since I'm not as big as him. But he was rig… Read more

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Ana makes a deal with the black gardener

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I was suspecting my sweet Ana was cheating on me, because she looked very relaxed sometimes when I came home after work. Something strange was happening and I wanted to know what… I surf the web and finally came across a surveillance camera built into a teddy bear. That was a good idea. My loving Ana loved those nice teddy bears. Then I bought one for her, including the camera inside… She was delighted and told me the toy would rest in a confortable shelf inside our bedroom. Just what I wanted… After a few days of watching Anita running around doing just the ordinary housekeeping, I… Read more

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Mothers and Daughters Motel Fuck Part 2

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“You cunt” the mother said “$100.00”, “no way $50.00”, I said “unless you want to go for broke and give up that ass of yours”. “$5 K” the mother said, “Fuck off” I said, “$500”, “no way” said the mother, “that monster cock is not going in my ass for less than $3 K”. “There are a 1000 dollars in the nightstand, take it or leave it” I said. “YOU Cunt” said the mother, turning to her daughter she stroked her hair kissed her forehead and turned and said “Show me”, standing and walking to the nightstand my cock was more than semi-hard, the knob end was tight, and the veins were very visible, the m… Read more

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Mrs. June's secret... Me.

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My name is Cyrus, I'm a fifth generation field hand owned by Mr and Mrs John Abernathy. June Abernathy is the wife of my owner. A rather heavy set short statured nice older lady, somewhat of a aunt or grandmother figure I reckon since ive been raised on their farm since a youngin. I'm around 25 years of age now, a big man, rather chiseled from spending most my days tending to the fields and heads of cattle. This all started one summer night when Mr Abernathy was away, the second night I noticed he hadn't returned from tending to business some three counties over I had overhead. Mrs June… Read more

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My C/O now knows about me, that's a good thin

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As of this week my C/O knows about me. I actually thought I was going to get a severe beating. I was doing my normal thing and looking for a safe place to entertain a youngster I met. Well I saw that one of the supply closets was left open and I quietly went in it. Big mistake! I walked in on one of the Lt's getting his dick sucked by a transgirl. Before I could get out I saw cum shoot all over her chest and his eyes open to see me. They both panicked to get dressed and I hurried to leave. Well after count I ended up being told I had to go to the gym for cleaning detail. Very odd bec… Read more

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Wife Get's Me a Special Massage Gay

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It was Scott's birthday and I had surprises in mind for him. Last night my husband and I had arrived at this luxurious desert spa near Miami and I had a whole day of treats planned for him today. First we'd have a special caviar breakfast and take a quick swim, and then, for later in the afternoon, I had arranged for a masseur to come up to the room. I had requested a specific special masseur, and not another or a masseuse, because that masseur, I hoped, was going to be a big part of the very special and unusual birthday treat I had in mind for my husband. Let me explain. Scott and I had… Read more

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BBC for Us Both

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My wife Vanessa and I got married 2 years ago. She is such a cutie 25 years old about old 5'2" brunette nice perky C cup boobs, and a real nice big booty. When she wears a tight pair of jeans she really turns heads. What is what first attracted me, I saw her walking to her car after work, and I knew I had to have a piece of that. As for me I am now 28 years old, 6 foot tall, skinny, blonde hair blue eyes. Some people say I am attractive, well at least I looked good enough to attract Vanessa and for that I am eternally grateful. Our sex life started out somewhat average. With my 5.5 inch di… Read more

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Another White Girl Black Owned

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I was 5'6" tall and 117 lbs. with a 34-24-34 figure, the longest and silkiest blonde hair, blue eyes and a face that looked a lot like Taylor Swift. Or, so people still say. My "B" cups were firm and perfectly-proportioned to my athletic body. I had been in ballet and cheerleading for many years, and I spent about 10 years of that time in gymnastics. There were 5 years where I modeled clothing in catalogs for large retail chains. Modeling was dry and bland. I knew that I could continue, but why? I had enough money and I was smarter than that. I wanted to get even smarter and concentrate of… Read more

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Fucking my asian wife all day long with double dil

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Yesterday my asian wife woke up in good mood after a week or more of not talking to me, we had an argument and I could not touch her for a while. She even said she would go to the gym to loose weight and look beautiful and sexy then she would dump me! We spent about 20 days without fucking and last time, I only put the tip of my dick inside her ass and unloaded my cum in it (check my last story I wrote about it). So I finally got to lick her tits and touch her pussy… Read more

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In The Mind of Jayce Dragon

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So i have been into this foot fetish adventure since I was 17. Definitely upped my game over the years and learned a lot about myself in the process. My taste in beautiful feet differs but I know what kind of feet makes me tick. I will start off from bigger feet. I'll talk about: soles, toes, wrinkles, etc. I will include women I have met with and women I haven't--compare and contrast. If you read this chime in and comment or whatever but I do appreciate you taking a glance. The kind of soles I like are ones that are wide and with curvy horizontal wrinkles. I also love soles that look athleti… Read more

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Why CAN'T A Guy Become a Lady?

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I was watching an old TV show from like, 1960, and they had a stripper named Miss Beverly Hills who danced nude. But because it was filmed back then, all they could show back then were her sexy bare calves in a pair of hot high heels! I got SO hot just watching! Know what makes me different from normal guys? Normal guys see a sexy woman and their dick gets hard and they want to fuck her. I get hard too, but not because I want to FUCK her, I want to BE her! Dancing completely nude in high heels and red lipstick, on stage in front of a crowd of horny liquored up men! Knowi… Read more

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The Bachelor Party Chauffeur

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Hi Y’all, I was having a slow week until I was contacted by a guy I met off my XHamster account asking if I’d like to drive he as his friends around for a bachelor party. I’d been chatting with him online for a couple weeks and it seemed pretty legit. So I agreed to help him out. Luckily I still have my Honda Odyssey so I could haul around four guys. We agreed to meet at Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma. They were four good looking guys. Two black guys and two white guys. They were in great spirits as I drove them around town to three different strip clubs. For the first two strip clubs in Sea… Read more

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Negro Stud in Marital Bed

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I was still in a deep haze, in bed as I began to awake. My legs were up in the air, still wearing my nude coloured stockings and suspender belt. Jazz my 13” equipped Negro lover was helping himself to my puffy, fuck battered pussy, from the night before! Before I had properly awakened he was 13” deep and pumping into me, balls slapping my pussy lips. I felt as if I was in a dream, but this time I was really cuming off, G spot orgasming. Jazz was holding my stocking clad legs wide apart and stretched out. My pussy was on auto fuck pilot, sucking and slurping his shiny black shaft. My closed cer… Read more

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