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Trained Submissive

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Chapter One My name used to be Kristy. Now everyone calls me whore, slut, or anything else they want to. It all started at a frat party about two months ago. I'm a freshman at a big southern college, I won't name it, because I don't want anyone to find out who I am. Anyway, I was at this party and I had a little too much to drink. I'm always getting into trouble when I drink too much. I was there to check out guys and maybe get laid. There were some nice looking guys there and I was talking a few up. I was dressed to get some attention, wearing a tight white blouse that showed off my black br… Read more

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Older BBC

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My wife has slept with a different man about every six months for years now, really likes the excitement of it. She'll spend either a day or usually a weekend with him. We also attend many nude functions to facilitate this, she likes seeing new men. My wife always has her choice in men, she's gorgeous, 42DD-35-41, all natural, curvy, blonde, blue eyed, full bush, large pussy lips. This pierced penis (picture not available here) reminds her of an experience back when she was 48. We attended this function, saw some usual people, then I noticed this very tall 6'6" lanky built older black man, pr… Read more

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small cocks boy wear panty

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My mother friend Alice was always too kind and showing off when she was dropping my mom from work shes been working at my mom place for nearly a year now tall and beautifull black milf with big firm tities it was summer and i land a small job at her place , going to do some paint job she said I arrive at her place and she was wearing a very sexy white dress kissing me feeling uncomfortable her big tits press of me hugging me her hand on my waist nearly groping my ass ''come i have friends over , we are all in the pool'' ''but wasnt , i mean the painting'' ''dont worry we have all summer… Read more

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Forbidden Lust

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                                                                                Part IV  Day Two It was raining out.  Bobby lay quietly listening to Joey breath as he slept.  His body felt… Read more

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Emma Watson’s X-rated Miss Emma

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“Holy Mary Mother of God!” quoted Emma’s cell phone. Her phone repeated this movie quote several times until she answered it. “Hello Jason! What do you want? I’ve already turned down your request for me to act in a porn movie! Can’t you get that through your head?” Emma said. It was Jason De Lorraine on the phone. “No Emma! This is different! I want to interview you concerning a new porn movie being advertised by a company in Southern California, USA!” he explained. “Why would I be interested enough in any porn movie, to give an interview about it?” she asked. “Because it’s being advertise… Read more

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My Unexpected black neighbours part 1

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I was away on business as i am quite often and had booked an apartment in a block just near the city centre. I am a 40 year old bi guy who has had lots or cock sucking experience and some meets being a bottom but not that often but when it comes to being with a guy i like to be sub and i like asian and black guys over white guys. It was gone 5 and i was heading to the apartment with my suitcase and my carrier bag with some lager and some wine and a pizza to eat for later. As i walked up the stairs to my apartment there was 2 doors on the top landing . As i fumbled to get the key with bags… Read more

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Beautifully ugly

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I couldn't help but to wonder... is his cock huge like his hands and feet? He had the biggest hands and at least size 16 feet. In a deep voice he just says " 6' 6” " without being asked. As if he knows what I'm thinking. If he only knew. Just then the doctor walks in. I work as a nurse for a doctor who's patience have all been white or Asian up till today. Mister Walker was a referral from another doctor. I wondered how he would react if i just unzipped his pants and pulled out his big black cock. Just then doctor Adams tells the 62yo grey haired Black man he needs to undress completely for… Read more

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My Wifes First Black Experience Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 The guys started to leave and all that was left was Ty, and Tam down stairs guessing Simon up stairs was getting his birthday present ! I poured the guys a whiskey from my stash and we said cheers as Julia walked in the snug looking abit worse for wear . I said ok honey? She said yeah but i think i need to give my pussy a rest for a bit ... I said come here lets have a look and i slid a finger in and got a nice glob of spunk on it and i licked it clean. I said babe your fiilled with cum still ! The boys said Julia you been amazing all the guys are talking about you being so hot a… Read more

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Sethy - Part Four - The Snare

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AUTHOR’S NOTE – This story is partly fantasy, partly true. For best effect, read parts 1-3 before this part. The main character, Sethy, is based upon a real woman who is an active member of the XHamster community, and much of Sethy reflects the true woman. The photos included in this story are of the real Sethy and are here with her permission. This story is the property of the author and cannot be copied or used in part or in entirety without express written consent of the author. Sethy – Part Four – The Snare All I wanted to do tonight was get Sethy calmed down after her terrible encoun… Read more

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All I wanted in a BBC Gay

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After my divorce, I had several sexual encounters that led me to try experimenting with things I would previously never have considered. This story is about the third guy I experimented with one-on-one. The first time I went to Dave's apartment, I spent most of the evening on my knees, licking, kissing, and sucking his massive black cock while he watched a basketball game. We met as a result of a personal ad, and had talked on the phone prior to me working up the courage to go to his apartment. Dave had a deep, manly voice that made me melt. He told me that he liked being serviced by white bo… Read more

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Ms Peaches...I eat her pussy

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I met Mistress Peaches after she saw my profile online, and responded with the simple message: "I've always wanted a pussy slave " We chatted by email for the next week or so, gradually getting to know each other, as much as is possible by writing. I was writing down an experience I'd recently had at the time, so I sent her that story in instalments as I wrote it, reasoning that it would either frighten her off, or intrigue and excite her.. She seemed to like it, and the tone of her replies became gradually more assertive and domineering. Finally, towards the end of last week, she instructed… Read more

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My Wifes First Black Experience Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 The guy licking her pussy and ass stood up and pulled out his hard cock which looked around 7 inches and stuck it in Julias pussy and started to fuck her. She could handle him no problem at all and as she took it another guy moved in front of her and stuck his cock in her face and she began to suck him. I sat on the sofa as this was happening and Simon sat next to me and said u ok Jon you dont mind my friends having some fun with Julia ? I said no its cool no one will beat you i dont think!. He put his hand on my leg and agreed. More of the guys moved in the room Tam and 3 others c… Read more

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My Wifes First Black Exerience Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 I finished in the garden and headed into the house to go get a shower and there were about 5 guys there with Tam and Simon Ty was arriving later on that day. The 5 guys were all white and i whispered to Julia look at all this young meat for you ! She whispered back i bet you hope they like guys you mean ! I laughed it off and went for a shower. As i came out Tam was hovering around my room with a friend of his a white guy called Paul he introduced him as i had a towel around me and Tam said this is Jon he makes me very happy if you know what i mean and Paul said what you mean he l… Read more

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One wild wekend enjoying black cock

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The story you’re about to read it totally fiction, none of these characters are real. Please enjoy and comments are always welcome. While in college I dated a girl, Lauren, who was very sexual and very much into sex. I only dated her for a few years and after we stopped dating we kept in touch as friends with benefits. Even though she was very sexual, while dating she was always monogamous. But, when she was not dating someone, she had sex with many men. The times I remember the most were the nights when she had a nice buzz from beer and weed. It was those times when she would tell me about o… Read more

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Karla Pulls a Train PT4

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It was about 7:30am Sunday morning, and Karla and Vicky were still at it. The night before, Jaysin had brought them to this small arena in Rockville where they had filmed various different sex acts with fifty old black men ranging from 40 to about 70 years old. It had been truly a unique evening, one that neither girl had experienced before. After almost five hours of filming and fucking where they had both taken long old black cocks deep into all their holes, the girls had returned to the court after a quick shower and had realized that the older guys had long left. Jaysin, at that point had… Read more

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Karla Pulls a Black Train PT2

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Victoria was at home sleeping one morning when she received an untimely phone call. The phone had startled her so that her adrenaline brought her to her feet fast to answer it, but her mind was still sleeping so she was half out of it. Vicky: "He-Hello? Oh Hi Karla...It's kind of early isn't it? Noon? Yeah I guess I could be there. Okay Bye." Vicky looked at her clock it was almost 4am. She put her head in hands as she tried to completely wake up and process the call. Why was Karla calling her so early? It couldn't be an emergency or anything bad because Karla sounded okay. Still though, sh… Read more

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Karla Pulls a Train PT3

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Karla and Vicky slept closely together in the same bed most of that Friday. They were exhausted and sore from the marathon gangbang that they had received just mere hours beforehand. Karla in particular had endured two separate sessions of black dick and was the worst for wear between the two of them. When you think about the sexual work these two ladies had gone through in only two days time, it truly was amazing. The average cock size of the eighteen big black men that had fucked them both was about nine and a half inches. That's a lot of dark meat pumping their mouths, pussies, and tight li… Read more

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Out of Gas Wrong Neighborhood Blacken

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Catherine: "I can't believe you! What the hell are we supposed to do now? How stupid are you?" Paul: "I'm sorry honey. I honestly don't know where it is. I must have left it back on my dresser." That was my boyfriend Paul and I arguing on our weekend trip into the country. We were on the highway, and after driving for four hours Paul realized that he had lost or had forgotten his wallet. It really was a bonehead move because I had left my own credit cards and money back at my apartment. He was the one who told me to do so because He promised to pay for everything and anything that I wanted o… Read more

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Out of Gas PT2 Blacken

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With a fistful of my hair in his hands, Norman fucked my mouth with his fat hairy black cock. After a few minutes, I felt him tense up and then shoot his cum into my throat. I swallowed every drop of it without spilling any from fear of being scolded. He suddenly then looked back at Damon and the young black man quickly picked something up from behind the counter and brought it to where I was still kneeling with his boss' now semi-hard cock in my mouth. It was my toiletries bag with all of my make-up. Norman: "Alright Catherine. Go into the ladies room and clean yourself up. You've got 10 min… Read more

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Karla Pulls a Black Train

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Karla never expected she'd find herself fucking a black man, let alone nine different black guys that night. But once the idea was introduced to her, it was all she could think about that entire day. A Midwest-grown girl in her twenties, Karla was always a girl full of both curiosity and promiscuity. As a teen she was very experienced when it came to sex, which included a few lesbian encounters in college. The one thing she had never experienced though was interracial sex. If there had been access to them in her hometown she might have had her chances, but there just wasn't any living in the… Read more

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