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Cuck-Husband Issues

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I can't speak for every guy that's a cuckold, of course, but for me, I simply cannot achieve a truly satisfying orgasm unless I can fuck my wife only after some other guy has done so. In fact this curious little 'quirk' of mine is precisely what led my wife and I into our current cuckold lifestyle; and it was entirely by mutual consent. I love watching my wife with other guys fucking, and being fucked. There's nothing quite as exciting as that (for me), and the ultimate turn-on is when Sondra's pussy is full to over flowing with a big, hot load of fresh cum from the other guy; and then I mou… Read more

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The return of Gina part 4

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Gina and I head out to meet with Sharon and John the couple that saw Gina giving me a blowjob on the way to her house after she picked me up at the airport. We followed them to their cabin about about a mile of the highway, a private road. We played with them briefly and promised to come back again and now here we go. As we get tot the end of the road to their cabin they were sitting on the porch naked. Gina and I looked at each other with disbelief. As we walk up to the house, we wave and say hello. When we reached them we hugged and shook hands. When I hugged Sharron she grabbed my dick ove… Read more

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I watch as wife plays Miss Innocent

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My wife and I enjoy our open sex lives. She loves fucking and I love watching her take new cock. We were always looking for ways to add some spice and as we approached our 30's we were at our peak. Cherry was a small framed blonde with lovely d cup tits and she always kept her pussy trimmed. She had never has any problems finding guys who wanted to fuck her and I was reaping the rewards of having a trophy wife. Cherry worked as a property manager for the local real estate firm and always maintained her professionalism when it came to associating with clients. This was a border that she wasn't… Read more

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Slow Riding

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“Take your time,” the ripped, rugged man with a deep brown complexion and cool, blue-red undertone coaxed his tart. “Squat on it.” “Ooh. Ahhh! Fuck,” wailed Emily Hostetler as she eased herself onto his tool. “That’s it, faggit! Sit all the way down,” he ordered her gently. “Do you like it?” “Oh yes I love it!” “I see how turned on you are,” Arvel White, IV chuckled. “Your sissy stick is hard as hell, you little bitch.” “I know, Daddy,” giggled the smooth, supple pale-skinned trap. “That’s a good bitch! Take your time. I want full penetration,” he offered with raspy grunts. “Ooh, Coach,” Emil… Read more

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Jamaica again; a black gangbang again...

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Ana and I had not been in Jamaica for several years. Last time there, my sensual wife’s cunt had ended ruined by a bunch of wild black men. But Ana said she wanted to go there again; so we arranged one single week vacation. We were received very cordially by the staff at the hotel and the check-in went quickly. Anita wanted to do a good sightseeing, but it had been a long day for both of us and so we decided to enjoy a delicious dinner and start vacation on the next day. So we shared a quick warm shower and dressed to go to a nearer restaurant. Since it was so close, we decided to go there… Read more

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My sexy Ana and her misterious new bull...

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Ana and I had planned a beach vacation to escape from the cold autumn in the city that never sleeeps… but just a couple days before, my Boss said he had another business trip scheduled for me and he could not send another person there but me… In the evening, as I told the news to my beloved wife, she just She crossed her arms and looked at me clearly upset. She claimed that we would be going to be out a lot of money cancelling last second. We had a light quarrel about the money; until Ana said she was going to have a shower and get into bed. She warned me not to come up until I figured somet… Read more

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Sharing Ana with her Black Master

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Anita was holding hands with me while we entered that room. My wife’s Black Master had told me I should bring Ana to him in that nice hotel room… and then I could stay and watch… Jerome smiled at me as he dragged my sensual wife to the bed. I found a chair there, so I sat down to watch as promised… Ana looked sexy and beautiful in her black low cut dress that showed her nice ample cleavage; her hair and makeup were perfect. But she looked tense and her breath was quickening. The lucky nigger stripped her off from the dress; she stood then wearing a very tiny black thong and a pair of sexy… Read more

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Hubby made me

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 When my husband retired last year we decided to move to Florida. We adapted to the area fast, made lots of new friends.We would go to the beach every time we had a chance. My husband liked to go golfing or fishing. I would go shopping once or twice a week with my new friend. Life was great Well only one thing was missing in are life.That was Sex due to my hubby's age and some health condition ( diabetic ) Joe could not get hard cock Mostly he was getting semi hard. So we watched lots of porn at nights He would make me cum by giving me oral sex I did like that.  Every time we war wa… Read more

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Jamaica Blacken PT12

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Last Friday – Two Black Cock Sluts I woke when Samuel called me over to the bed. Jaye had his Black cock down her throat and was drooling heavily. "Get missy ready!" I got down between her spread thighs, washing out her cunt with my tongue until the smell shifted to "Woman in Heat." She was starting to moan regularly and her juices were flowing when she pushed me off and headed for the bathroom to pee, telling me to take over on Samuel's Black Cock and keep him hard. As I crawled up to his crotch, he fixed me with a hard stare and grasped his cock at the base. That was all it took – I nee… Read more

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Laura's First BBC (Part Two)

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Janet called David and Laura a couple of hours later to inform them that she'd spoken with Francis (the black guy she had told them about earlier), and they he was free to meet with them. She suggested a particular day and time. Laura and David found that to work perfectly for them. "Oh good," Janet said. "You are going to love Francis!" "I'm excited," Laura said. "How's David? He's still on-board with this?" Janet asked. "Oh yes!" Laura replied. "I think he's just as excited about this as I am." "That's good," Janet replied feeling more confident than ever that this couple was going to w… Read more

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Jack In The City

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Jack had just moved to the city a year ago. He was 22. Since he had moved there, he had begun exploring his bisexuality. Which was using a sex hookup site in his area. Even though he had met a few different men at this point, nothing prepared him for Sean. Sean and him had been talking for a few weeks. Sean grew up in the city, but had moved away. His mother still lived there, so he would come back from time to time. And this weekend was one of those times. Jack was at home, nervously waiting. He had never hosted before. There was a knock on his door. Jack opened the door to Sean. They both sm… Read more

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Spicing it up with dares part 2

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My Tammie had told me that the next dare was hers, and after me having her wear that tiny skirt and see through top without a bra I was more then a little worried what her dare would be. I think it was the second night I woke up from a nightmare, and it had to do with what she was going to make me do as a dare. I think she was enjoying my worries, cause when I sat straight up in bed yelling something I can't remember she laughed when I told her about just a part of my nightmare. She told me that she wouldn't be that mean, then she laughed again saying that I had just give her a idea. I didn't… Read more

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I Got It From Sally

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Ah, but I got it from Sally Or maybe it was Sue... Or Millie or Billie or Gillie or Willie- It doesn't matter who It might have been at the pub Or at the club or in the loo And if you will be my friend, then I might... (Mind you, I said "might"...) Give it to you! Tom Lehrer Karen had been feeling the itch to go out for ages. Her boyfriend had been on the road for 2 weeks, working in the oil fields in the Dakotas, and she was almost climbing the walls. Just 24 years old and still loving to party, she had largely put all of that behind her when she agreed to move in with him. Frank was a… Read more

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Norwegian Man peeping Tom on Bangladeshi Milf

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Rokeya begum lives in East London. She is a 41-year-old Bangladeshi woman and is divorced. Her only daughter is married and lives in Lester with her husband. Rokeya doesn't have a job but receives housing benefits from the council and goes to an English language learning school to improve her English because she arrived in the UK from Bangladesh just a couple of years ago when her husband divorced her for another woman. So she joined a local English language school during the summer near east London and she goes to attend the class 3 times a week. She always wears a black silky abaya and red s… Read more

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My first time with two BBCs

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This is a short story about myself when I was still discovering myself and how I had my first encounter with two black men I met on the internet. I knew that after getting my first sexual intercourse with a black men that I was into black men and ready to submit to black men only. My first sexual intercourse with a black man had showed me that I was turned on by dressing up like a girl. I was into lingerie, hosiery and dresses. I actually spent more of my part time money that I was earning into making myself a sissy, that's what I wanted back then. I spent more on women clothing and sex toys… Read more

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Porn on the 4th of july

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by williacj last year i wrote a story about fucking Dylan Dreyer of the today show this July 4th i have a brand new-" "well hello there,we meet again" a voice says,I turned around. "whoa dylan what are you doing here?" i asked. "celebrating the fourth of July" she said. I looked her up and down."damn Dylan god look at you whoa shit i know you're married but damn you look good in that dress." "oh wow you're checkin me out aren't you?" s… Read more

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The Proof

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I am Joe, an old fart from Western New York near Buffalo. All of the time we were married, I thought Pam my ex-wife was faithful. I knew before we were married in 1990 that Pam had been somewhat of a slut. She was very open about her sexual past but swore that was all in the past. It wasn’t until 2010, six years after we split up that I started to suspect that she had not kept her word. I now have the proof. As far as photo is concerned, it was by accident that I found it. In 2015, I was surfing the net at an interracial porn site and Isaw this photo. The first things I noticed were the sex th… Read more

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Husband surprises her with BBC

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My husband and I interesting arrangement. All of my friends tell me magical stories of how the minute they met their husbands they knew they were The One. They took one look into their eyes and they heard distant wedding bells and birds singing and all that romantic crap. I can't help but laugh. When I first met Adam, I heard no bells or birds. Honestly, the second he sidled up next to me at that bar my eyes went straight for the exits. I'm not saying he was ugly, but he just was so not my type. Average height, average build, mildly attractive face. Nothing special. Not to brag o… Read more

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Cheated On My BBC For a BBBC

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Chapter 2 (The Dream to Reality) Continuation of How I Discovered BBC Anal Pleasure (Actionbran1992) as Bran. Bran went into a deep sleep, he woke up from a wet dream with a cum in his undwear from the previous session of his night getting fucked. Bran felt excited he never had a wet dream since he was a teenager it was almost as Bran was living his life as like he had puberty again his sex drive was active. He remembered his dream and bit his lips at the thought of his new realization that hes gay anal slut… Read more

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Panties Lips Stick and Big Black Cock

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What could go wrong ? I bought a pair of panties and I would wear them while watching $issy porn. I really enjoyed watching white sissy and crossdresser with Big Black Cocks. Panties eventually turned into a full blown outfit. I was going for a rocker chic / goth look. My truck was loaded and I was heading to New Orleans East, I planned to stay just down the street from my delivery in an empty lot. I stopped at a truck stoped showered shaved grabbed some food and trucked over to the empty lot off of Chef Menteur. Across the street was a covience store and a strip mall. In the strip mall was a… Read more

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