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Ein ungewollter Ausflug ins homosexuelle Gefilde

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Nackt wie ich war, betrat ich das dunkle Schlafzimmer. Meine Frau trug noch ihren rosa Bademantel - sie fror ständig, weshalb wir, bevor wir baden gegangen waren, die Heizung im Schlafzimmer aufgedreht hatten. Die trockene Zimmerluft schlug mir sogleich entgegen. Aber nicht nur diese, sondern auch ein befremdlicher Anblick. Von draußen fiel etwas Licht durchs Fenster, weshalb ich davor eine dunkle Silhouette entdeckte. Stand dort jemand in der Dunkelheit unseres Schlafzimmers? Meine Frau schloss die Zimmertür. Während ich noch entsetzt die Silhouette betrachtete, spürte ich, wie Andrea meine A… Read more

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When we went to Aruba for a week we were 44 and 27, had been married for over 4 years and had been together for nearly 7 years. We had already enjoyed many very kinky adventures together and with others. We are both sexually "straight" and had gravitated from classic swinging with other couples into what works best for us: meeting sexually aggressive straight men for MFM threesomes or in groups for gangbangs - and meeting experienced dominant/sadistic straight men for S&M action. We flew to Aruba out of DFW airport (we live between Tulsa and Dallas, in southeastern Oklahoma), through San J… Read more

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Episode 77: Jessica and Lizzie

First TimeLesbian SexInterracial Sex

It was the first day of the new school year – Lizzie and I were in the same Technology class along with a handful of quite attractive boys and girls. I usually prefer girls, but am quite happy to suck the occasional cock or two. It seems we had spent most of the summer holidays in bed – sucking on each other’s pussy and her Step-dad’s lovely cock. He had taken us to the seaside, staying in a tiny holiday chalet on the South Devon coast– it had a kitchen, bathroom and just one bedroom, filled by a king size bed. That first night, I had finished brushing my teeth, dressed in just bed-shorts; a t… Read more

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Dream come true due to online dating

MatureHardcoreInterracial Sex

This is a incident happened 15 days ago. Ladies are welcome to contact me via mails at I had a crush on one of a lady in our neighborhood locality who was a bomb type lady and a hot one. Her name was Rashida, I didn’t know much about her and I wanted to fuck her from many weeks but couldn’t do it as I had no reason to talk to her. But I had been browsing a dating site for a couple of days when I got a message from her asking if I was free in the day. First thing I did was check out her profile. 35, Married, 5ft 4inch tall blue eyes and bored housewife. I was interested… Read more

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Back to Black 2

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

It has been three months since I shared the story about my wife and our encounter called back to black. My wife and I fulfilled our fantasies of seeing her get stroked royally by a big black dick. We found a guy who lived in the next town over; in the same town as where my wife commuted to work. He was good looking, 6'2" tall, had a very good body and was very confident. His name is Edward and we had a great time. He was perfect--his ebony skin and her milky white body. Since that time, we found out that my wife is pregnant-- about three months and she is beginning to show. She looks beaut… Read more

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Back to Black

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

My wife and I have been married now for five years. We both were married before and both have c***dren from our previous marriages. My wife is a very pretty tall blonde with green eyes and a great body. During sex we always use the rhythm method or I pull out and so far it has worked well. She doesn't like the pill because of the side effects. She loves to jog, keeps herself in good physical shape, and has a great figure 38-28-36. Her tits are 38C with silver dollar sized pinkish nipples and when they get hard the headlights come on, if you know what I mean. She has a belly button ring that r… Read more

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Anita´s niece meets a BBC

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

During their talking when having sex, Jerome learnt that Anita’s niece, Clara, would be staying with us some days while on college summer break. Jerome then said my wife that he had a nephew that would be in town this week as well and wanted to try and get them to spend some time together. Then my sweet wife knew exactly what that meant, but she said nothing… On Friday afternoon Jerome and his nephew Shaquille came over to visit. The black guy was a good looking young man with excellent manners, so he and Clara seemed to get along very well. The young guy asked Ana permission to take her… Read more

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Sitting at the bar...

Interracial SexMatureVoyeur

About 6 months ago I was crusing CL casuals as I do while sitting in the library/restroom. I saw an ad and photo of a lady about my age and she was certainly worth a second glance. Most of the ads are purposeful robots but there was a number so I went to my secondary number and sent a brief message. A couple hours later I got a response. After a couple of message I decided that I did need that blow job she had offered for just a few roses. After work I stopped at the gym and took a quick shower to clean the tool up, got back in the car and went to her place. She was everything she promised and… Read more

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Justine / Chapitre 1 / Première rencontre avec Ale

First TimeInterracial Sex

Justine est une jeune fille à la découverte de sa sexualité, nous la retrouvons lors de son premier « plan » avec Alexis, un garçon de peau mat plus âgé qu’elle. Ils se rencontrèrent par un chat ouvert à tous sur internet. - Première rencontre avec Alexis - Il est 14h45 lorsque Laurie regarde son portable. Justine est assise en face d’elle à la table du bar de ce centre commercial situé au cœur de la ville. Nous ne sommes qu’au printemps mais il fait déjà chaud pour la période. Les flâneurs, pour la plupart habillés légèrement, sont nombreux à venir regarder les bo… Read more

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I'm A Cuckold !

FetishInterracial SexVoyeur

I’m a cuckold, yeah, it might sound wierd and honestly I didnt see it coming. I’m married to Sandra, a 36 year old teacher, blonde with a fantastic body. I’m a sales rep. 41 years old and still fit. Two years ago we found out that we couldnt have c***dren, the normal way. At first it was dissapointing, my very low sperm count and her lack of healthy eggs was what the tests came up with. Since I had saved some money that eventually was to finance k**s studies, I decided to spend some of that on weekend trips to nearby destinations. One night, at a beach resort, after making love I asked her i… Read more

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My first time with a BBC part 2/3

ShemalesInterracial SexFirst Time

***DISCLOSURE*** This story is 100% true, but for the sake of privacy all the names I use in it will be changed. Soooo the 2nd part of this story takes place one weekend after the events of part 2. It was about 10:00 PM on a Saturday night. The parking lot of the sex club was full and to no surprise the inside was full as well. I quickly walked through the main entrance and made my way to Celeste, the trans woman working the beverage counter. I said hi and obtained a key for the lockers from her. After walking out of the locker area I sat at the counter and began talking to Celeste as I alway… Read more

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How I Became A Sissy Queen of Spades

Gay MaleInterracial SexShemales

Aside from anecdotal incidents, and as a general rule, Black men are the superior wielders of masculinity and sexual supremacy. Controversial as that may sound, and regardless of the countless articles that offer contrary statistical data debunking 'the myth', I can't help admit it is likely true. And, while my story is a mere anecdote as well, it is the same story we have heard repeated for decades. The story that always ends with the Black man giving the white girl a mind altering, life changing fucking that leaves her questioning her very reality. The following is a TRUE story. I started… Read more

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Finally rid of Tracy!

VoyeurInterracial Sex

Like I said from the last story about how my little small dicked hubby Mick's step daughter arrived on the scene. A real fat, ugly lazy and dumb girl of 25 years. She had been living with her natural mother, since she left Mick for a more capable man in the bed. Even Tracy was not his, no, his mates brat, The result of a night his ex. had spent with Mick's mate, when Mick was away on business! Mick said that they were trying to get a baby and because of his problems, with his tiny dick and keeping it erect for more than a few minutes, he could not make it with her. She decided to spice things… Read more

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Full night

Interracial SexMature

I was at a dance festival,we used to stay 2 in one room the was we choose.I ve talked with a coligue from my dance school to stay togheter. I knew he likes me , i was liking him to, but the only prpblem was that he had 19 years old and me 32. I admit i wanted him ,i dont know if i did it only to prove my self that im still hot for my age or for other reasons. We reached the hotel room, we exchanged couple of words and laugh, we got ready and we went to the event. He was a good looking guy,full of charm and a bit of innocence maybe. He was originally from Turkey but he was raised in Holland,so… Read more

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Jerome takes me to a ride

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

My loving husband Victor still needed to be away from home for at least three more days and I was horny as hell... I really needed to fuck a man… I needed to do something to satisfy me. That night I called Camilla and asked her if she was willing to go out again and go hunting for some action. She replied she was not available; because her husband was now at home and he wanted to fuck her wildly every night… Lucky her, I thought to myself. The bitch was going to get what I needed. I decided to call directly Jerome and see if he was available for some fun… He told me that he was going to a… Read more

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Car Trouble.

Interracial SexGroup SexAnal

A Strange knock on the Door. It's another Friday night and I'm stuck at Home; Kelly is upstairs sleep and I'm playing video games and drawing tattoos. I roll up a Blunt and Blaze, after midway through the blunt the weird knock on the door. A new knock? A Freak out a little due to the 420 and look out the peephole to see this mature Brown sand hair lady standing at my door. I crack the door open and stick my head out. Yes, Can I help you? I give her the head to toe scan, pretty toes, high heels, stocking, long slitten gym skirt, and one hella black V-neck tank top that made her Breasts look li… Read more

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I Had No Idea.

Interracial SexVoyeurTaboo

A little after 8 the next morning I sneak out of bed to go pee. I feel the tenderness in my stretched vagina and the seed still oozing out of me from six hours earlier. As I wipe myself off and get up to wash my hands, I look in the mirror and the guilt tries to set in deeper. I would have never thought this could happen to me and I do feel very much responsible. But, I also feel very fulfilled and alive. I make my way towards the kitchen to get myself some coffee brewing. I can see inside Punkin’s room and she is cuddled up tight t… Read more

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First BBC Cuck Encounter

MatureInterracial SexVoyeur

It was fall of 2014, and my 34 year old white boytoy "Jim" was two months into his new lifestyle wearing a cock cage. Being in chastity was Jim's idea, an effort to dedicate himself to me. Being in complete control of Jim's orgasms was empowering for me, and made him a better partner to me. What happened next was inevitable. Jim and I were at Lowes in Glenville, in the checkout line. Behind us in line were two strapping young black men, and I smiled at them as we made eye contact. They started commenting back and forth about me, how they were in the presence of a supermodel, how my perfume w… Read more

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Black Hookup Gay

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

I had experimented with gay sex during college but had not indulged for over 20 years. In my late 40's, trapped in a bad marriage, I began to recall my college days and began to spend a lot of time in gay chat rooms. I started hooking up with men I met at these sites. During my college days, I was usually the one who was getting fucked and it was mostly with older men. Now I was an older man and my first few hook-ups were with younger men and I was the one doing the fucking. However, more and more I was remembering my college experiences and the need to be fucked returned to me in a very stron… Read more

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Student Exchange 2

FetishInterracial SexMasturbation

Helen and me have been married long enough for us to have celebrated our Silver Anniversary a few years back (you do the math) and I have to say that life as we go through our fifth decade couldn’t be better for the pair of us .. or maybe it could; we’ll see. We live in South London in a large house inherited when Helen’s parents passed on but, despite having no mortgage, money has always been tight and we are careful with our spending. (I haven’t told Helen of my secret indulgence of buying a weekly lottery ticket; she would not be pleased!) Our k**s emigrated a few years ago to work an… Read more

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