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Fantasy on Baltimore with member eca1026

I'm lost and knock on your door and ask to use your phone. You motion for me to come in and as soon as the door closes you grab my shirt and force me to my knees. You tell me that I'll not say a word and that I'll obey your every order. You grab me by the hair as you pull your soft cock out and force it in my mouth. You call me a fuckin' fag and tell me you're allowing me the honor of pleasuring you. I feel your cock harden and fill my mouth as you continue to verbally abuse me calling me a useless whore, a sissy cocksucker and a white piece of shit pussy.

You tell me to caress your ass wh... Continue»
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Lovers (Mother, Son, Interracial, Voyeur, Age Diff

There wasn't any doubt anymore. The truth was in front of her, in color. In photos and videos. There was no point in denying.
49 year old Linda Cox took one last look at the folder in front of her and then sighed. She knew she will have to talk to her 19 year old son tonight.
But what could she say? What made her so uncomfortable? The fact that her son's girlfriend was a black woman? Or that she was obese. Not plump, not even fat, but outright obese.
250, maybe even 300 lbs!
"Morbidly obese.", Linda thought.
Or was it her age? The woman's birth certificate, pulled from the public records... Continue»
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the Domination experiment (big bang theory)

This story takes place in season four. Also, it is only a oneshot, I am not going to continue this.

Priya hated Penny. Priya hated Penny more than Penny hated Priya. She couldn't believe that Leonard was dating that dumb blonde from across the hall from his apartment for years.

She wasn't sure when that hate turned into something sexual. She was definitely heterosexual, she was sure, but that didn't stop her from noticing... attractiveness of attractive women. And, she couldn't help but to admit, Penny was attractive. Very attractive. She was also different. She was, in the same time, a pr... Continue»
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A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Ch. 2

Author's Note: This is the second installment of a story written for a friend. By way of explanation, I have written this, and the first chapter, as a favor to him, describing things so the story would appeal to him. Some may not care for the enhanced descriptions, or points of view of the characters. If you are going to leave a comment, please don’t delve into those aspects of the story. This writer doesn’t care about your political views. Also please note that the Author will take stronger credence with those critiques that have actual names on them, as opposed to anonymous, bigoted or other... Continue»
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Your wife tries black cock

Laura and her husband had been enjoying a bit of a renaissance in their sex life, going out more and trying out new things. It was on one of their date nights that you admitted to Luara that it turned you on when she dressed up a little especially when the other guys checked her out. Laura was a little taken aback at first, taking herself off to the restroom to freshen up. On her return to the bar Laura strayed to the other end of the bar, taking a bar stool and showing off some thigh as she crossed her legs. It wasn't long before a guy approached her and they chat for a while. You watch as th... Continue»
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Mrs. Silva

I first met Mrs. Silva in Jan 1999, I had just turned 18 and out walking my dog. I noticed a moving truck was in the neighborhood, saw two young men moving furniture and an older buxom lady giving them instructions. I wanted to be a good neighbor so I leashed up the dog and went over to help the two young men. I introduced myself to Mrs. Silva, she was a mid 40's something white women, with impressive set of double D's and nice round hips. Her red hair just fell below her shoulders. I helped the two men with moving furniture and welcomed Mrs. Silva to the neighborhood. She was a sweet woman, a... Continue»
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Thanks for the ride

Thanks for the ride

Inspired by another lustful daydream of mine, first time doing a cream pie sex story, comments and suggestions are welcome

by williacj

I've got the hots for Liz this big boobed Latina I met at el vino a bar and grill out in waukesha. I met her there on ladies night and we talked. we spent a lot of time getting to know each other. when it came time for bar close I was about to leave when she asked me if I wanted a ride home. my buddy left with a Puerto Rican chick named veronica a few hour... Continue»
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Episode 75: Jessica's Wedding Part 2

This is Part 2 of my story 'Jessica's Wedding' - if you haven't already read Episode 74, my author David provides the following precis:
I was always a complete slut at school, and by college age had found my kink in submission.
I was pretty enough to get picked up by most girls, or boys, or often both at once.
If any couple needed an extra pussy on her knees for a hot threesome, I was their girl.
Then Alexis installed me in her East London flat; all cock forbidden - so when SexBots became easily available, I jumped into their arms.
Last night I scored two identical raven-ha... Continue»
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Our meeting with two men. Classic car showNationl

The NEC meeting 11-12 November 2017 Pt 1

No one can really claim that finding genuine and ideal men for adult fun in the UK is really that easy but every now and then we’ve been able to come across one and communicate prior to meeting. We we’re lucky this year and received a private message from a man via UK Exhibitionists with his suggestion that he might fit in with what we had asked for on that site.

Our preference is for large heavy set black guys and the add states age unimportant but must be UK, Afro or Jamaican decent. The essential request is for well-endowed men, at least 7” in ... Continue»
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Bi Couple Tricked Me

Before I met my wife I had a few sexual adventures that involved Bi married couples. My favorite is a Bi married couple, who turned the tables on me. I though I would get some pussy from his beautiful wife. Let her suck and fuck my cock. I would suck her pussy and lick her asshole for her BUT NO, She let me know real quick that I was only there to suck her husbands cock before and while he fucked her ass and cunt.

Then I was to lick his cock clean. She told me that while I was sucking her husband's cock she was going to be talking nasty and calling me CumSlut. She also told me that I would ... Continue»
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I watched my girlfriend fuck BBC

Story of what happened to my gf

So the other day I had a house party with all of his friend's. It was like any Swedish house party, everyone was d***k and had a great fucking time. So I had invited most of my friends to come. As well as my girlfriend Sara we had been together for about two year, and god she is hot. She looked pretty much exactly like Swedish singer called Zara Larsson so you could understand why I found her so hot.

I watched my girlfriend fuck BBC
Everyone there was white, (I did not hate people of other race it was just that most of my friends ... Continue»
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A black guy banged 17 girls in 50 days in Zagreb,

A black guy from England stayed 45 days in Zagreb in September and November.

I was looking for a cheap Pussy Paradise in the Balkans and made a post on the forum asking for advices . (Thanks to all your suggestions . This Datasheet is me giving back) .

This is a comprehensive detailed Datasheet plus Trip Report breaking down the psyche and nuances, much longer than usual forum Datasheets and much shorter than Roosh’s Bang Books so for those who can’t be arsed to read it all you can just read the bold highlighted parts which would amount to a... Continue»
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Wants to be a slut

She knew exactly what she was doing even though she proclaimed herself innocent of that knowledge. It started with watching porn, then she had signed up for the site (just so she could interact a bit) and now she was messaging some younger, black guys. It's true she has never done anything of the sort before but it has been weeks since her last sexual encounter and she is feeling her urges building.

"Nice pic" she send innocently enough.

She does not really expect a response but she want to get out of her comfort zone and do something she has never done before. Recently divorced and getting ... Continue»
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A slut dill for some Mexican men

That same evening I put a pill on Victor’s wine glass and my loving hubby just passed out in few minutes.
He barely limped to our dormitory and fell on the bed.

Then I went to Watson’s home. He was waiting for me, as he massaged his huge black dick.

Entering the room I could smell fresh paint mixed with the sweat of that black man. He had been working there along with three other Mexican workers, painting several rooms of his house.

After entering that place, Watson grabbed me by the hair and made me bend over a sofa. Then he ragged my thong and shoved two fingers deep in my tight ... Continue»
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My First Black BJ PT3 GAY

I left James apartment with his words ringing in my head, "Be back here Saturday at 4:00pm sharp." Neither my wife or I usually worked on Saturday and I had no idea of what kind of excuse I could use that would let me get away for a few hours Saturday afternoon.

I headed home to get cleaned up before my wife got back at her usual 7:00pm time. All during the drive my mind replayed the sex that he and I had. His aggressiveness followed by an explosive orgasm and then his tenderness immediately after. It was mind blowing sex of a kind that I've never experienced before. I realized I wanted it ... Continue»
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My First Black BJ PT2 GAY

We drove a couple of miles towards an apartment that he was sharing with his brother. He was 19, in his first year of college working toward an engineering degree. I drove slowly so I could get to know this young black man. We talked and as I drove, I kept glancing down at his full crotch. Even after having his big black cock stuffed into my mouth and throat I couldn't believe his size. He saw where my eyes were going, smiled and slide forward on the seat bringing his crotch up a little more. My right hand reached out on it's own and grabbed the front of his pants. He sighed and leaned back in... Continue»
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Out Of Afrika, chapter 3

Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B
Chapter 3
Ian parked up on the drive and carefully stepped out of the car holding the Birthday cake that Simone had ordered from the local bakers. She had called him at his office (despite knowing that he didn’t like to be disturbed by domestic matters when he was so busy) and given implicit instructions for him to do so after finishing work. He had taken the call and attempted to remind her he might have more important things to do. She ignored his protest and reminded him in turn that there was nothing more important than their daug... Continue»
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I am a CockSucker Cuckold Now

This happened a few years ago while vacationing in Puerto Rico. My wife and I were down for a week getting away from the cold snowy winter up north. It was great to be down in the tropical sun partying and enjoying the beaches and local fun.

Just the standard back story here -- at the time, I was 36 and my wife Donna was 34. We had one k** at home with his grandparents. Donna is a very hot mom too. Thick dark hair, curvy in the right places and a thick, dark hairy bush. Not out of control hairy, trimmed, but thick and womanly. Not huge tits, just right. Like I said -- she is a mom so there ... Continue»
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My First Black BJ GAY

I had stopped at the sex store that had video booths in the back room late one afternoon. As I was stopping, getting out of my car, I saw a tall young black guy with a medium Afro, that had been walking past, he looked at me and then turned around and went into the sex store ahead of me. I thought, Could this guy read me that well that he immediately understood I was on the prowl for black cock?

Here I was a 40-something married white guy, going into a sex arcade, and this young black guy understood what I was up to.

I shook it off, went inside to find the arcade area was fairly busy, an... Continue»
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I didn't Know your Gay Steve

The email arrived. Steve licked his lips in anticipation. "Love your pic," it read, "Would really like to suck your Black cock." Steve smiled, felt his cock harden. He replied to the email, told the guy his address and what time to be there. 

Once the guy had replied, Steve showered. He looked down at his six inch cock and smiled, he began to rub it, felt it growing hard in his hand and then he jacked it, slow and steady. Pleasure rose through his wet body. He ran his free hand over his stomach and chest, feeling every muscle, rubbing his nipples, first the left, then the right and finally ... Continue»
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