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Mami is Beauty and a b**st (Her toy is your friend

You all may have seen the recent vid and will see the continuation. I decided to surprise Platinum Mami with a shopping spree before heading to NY for her to be a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding. She is very close with her cousins, and her cousin's diva bridezilla behavior has been causing major rifts which is a downer for her anytime she sees them fight. So I said "fuck it" and pulled $56k and told her get dressed for an outing. You need sun and a shopping spree. We hit up the Galleria and let her lose her mind like when taking the k**s to the p... Continue»
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Sam and Ruth - Part 1

Sam and Ruth are taught the facts of life by Ruth's mother.

This story is fictional and copyright remains with me.


Part 1

Mid December, 1978, Bristol, England.

Suddenly, the rugby ball bounced loose from the ruck and stuck in the brown glutinous mud with a splat. All around there were shouts, sweat and slipping boots. My bursting lungs and screaming leg muscles pushed me forwards, hoping to scoop it up. Despite the rain in my eyes, I was focused only on the ball as the heavy rain drops bounced off it. Voices were shouting, mud was in my mouth and ears. A voice in my head yel... Continue»
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The Scheme

The Scheme

Old and Young
Cash for Ass

Marla watched the little boy as he peeped her from across the room. She knew she wasn't exposing anything more than some high side leg. She had gotten lucky. Less than an hour ago she had fucked an Uber driver for a ride and $10 to get to this homeless shelter. Her panties were soaked between her crossed legs. He must have had boyish curiosity.

The boy moved through the sign in and sat beside Marla. It was then that she figured out, the boy was a girl, hidden i... Continue»
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Ken 04 – A Visitor and My First Real Test

I always felt that Ken was plunging me into situations with little or no preparation. The first night we were together he had me strip naked in front of him, masturbate, piss on the floor and roll around in it.

There had been no warning, no easing me into it, just a gentle insistence. He just quietly told me what to do and I did it. Not without some hesitation and some serious doubts, but I did whatever he told me to.

It felt like diving in the deep end but with a gentle push from Ken. I still don't know why I obeyed him the way I did and why I didn't run away screaming. Perhaps I wen... Continue»
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Part 1: Us

This is what happens when I think about, even when I am way up in the sky, even when we're miles away from each other now. You cannot hear or see me now but I know you can feel me. Distance doesn't matter at all. I know you can feel my tiny little mouth wrapped around your huge cock now. The human mind is genius. Our Imaginations are limitless, nothing you cannot imagine. The power of imagination is so strong. We cannot see it but I believe for a fact we can feel it. There's no logical explanation about anything we can feel. My imagination is making you feel the way you're feeling now. I am so... Continue»
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Adventures of muslim men and woman

Good Day men please note this is my personal opinion and all it does is serves to enlighten all of you about muslim woman as this is the only area i have experience in and i hope it persuades you all to look at them in a more open and interesting light and most importantly make your cocks hard as you jerk of to my post

Hey guys my name is Tahir and i have a confession to make .. ... but before i do i would like to tell you about myself i am a well built Indian guy i live in south Africa i am fair skinned and considered very handsome by all the woman i know
I have a girlfriend that fucking... Continue»
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Happy teen campers finale

The car journey back to the campsite was uneventful and as we crested a hill we were greeted with blue skies on the horizon. Fucking typical I remarked as it was our final day and we would be heading home tomorrow. Ah well Simon replied. Tell you what mate it would be far better to take down the tent later on, dry it out rather than risking the weather in the morning and stay in their tent for the night . I'll give you a hand to dry it and pack it away Simon said. Jo let out a giggle and exclaimed what a great idea , we can give you a proper final night to remember! The rain had stopped before... Continue»
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Mom Bikini

I'm a young boy, only 18 years old. I often think about girls from my school when I masturbated. Today was very hot outside. All the girls in school had sexy outfits and I was so horny from watching them. When I got home I decided to go to my room and jack off.

I opened the front door of our house and walked towards my room. I was already hard and ready to blow my load. Just when I was closing my room door I heard my mom calling for me.

"Jack? Is that you? Come over here I need to talk to you."

I didn't no what to do because my huge boner in my pants.

"Yeah it's me! Cant we talk... Continue»
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My Step-s****r

The night was young when my pretty little step-s****r walked down the stairs in her little skimpy shorts and tank top asking for a back massage. This was new to me, because I had always been a shut-in and never had girls ask me for anything but the answer to number 6. This was extremely rare and I decided to jump on it with as much enthusiasm as I could.

"Yea Amanda!" I croaked as I nearly jumped off the couch.

"Great," she said, "soccer really has me tensed up."

I looked down at her smooth tan legs and realized for the first time that my step-s****r was actually... Well, she was h... Continue»
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Sri Lankan Sinhala girl Fucking a stranger in Kand

Hi.. thank you for coming to this page to read my story, This is a true story, but the names have been changed for confidential reasons. To start may name is Anjalee? I am from the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Kandy is a beautiful city in the hill country, but unlike colombo, Kandy goes to sl**p very early, sometimes there is no one in the roads at even 8:00 pm, very much unlike colombo, I have a fiancé who is a final year medical student at the university of peradeniya, and I am studying CIMA and working part time for a leading accountancy firm based in Kandy and colombo. So sometimes I need to ... Continue»
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Sean and Leslie the teen boy

Sean was 40 and had just gotten out of jail. He had gotten into a fight and had been on probation so he had had to do a year. He had gone with no pussy and the fag boys were isolated from him and none of the guys he was locked up with was willing to suck or be fucked. The high built up testosterone caused a lot of fights. He had gotten out and moved into a trailer park. He got a job at a factory and was your average blue collar guy. He was 6'2 185 and had a beard that made him look like a porn star. It wen down the sides of his chin and his chin was shaved. He had blond hair and a toned lean ... Continue»
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The little hottie next door.

Becki is a 21 year old who lives next door. She moved back in with her mothers because she needed help raising her k**s. Becki's got a little chunk, and sports brunette hair that has been dyed green in some parts.

We're all hanging in the front yard and Becki is explaining what Twerking is. She grinds up against me, and I joked "Don't start what you don't plan on finishing." We all shared a laugh, but I was working on trying to keep my cock from growing. After a while it was dinner time, and we went our separate ways/

Later that night I'm working on a few projects on my computer, and th... Continue»
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A Twist of Sex

A Twist of Sex

Don and Bud watched Carrie walking to the mail box. Bud moaned saying, “I'd hit that faster than a New York minute”. Don laughed at him. “Seriously, I mean she's not actually related to you, you're adopted”, Bud added. Carrie dropped a letter, bent over, causing her skirt to tighten. Pantie lines cut deep into her fleshy ass cheeks, exposed against her skirt. “You can deny it, but it has to have entered your thoughts”, he said. As she climb... Continue»
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Another Hard And Rough Sex.

I was the Engineer in charge of erecting a 5 bedroom duplex for a client at Peace Estate in Awka. Opposite my site was a private school that has creche, nursery, primary and secondary. For several weeks I have been noticing a mother bringing her son to the school. The son an 8 year old boy was very good in tennis sports, with lots of potential. Plus, he had will and stamina. His mother would bring him to school in the morning and then pick him sometimes in the afternoon or evening depending on the schools curriculum. There was another mother whose son was a friend of her son's and who normall... Continue»
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The Bachelor Party

My wife and I occasionally check in upscale downtown hotels on Friday or Saturday nights to enjoy the cities nightlife. By doing so we don’t need to be concern about driving d***k.

Gina loves to wear outfits that show off a very nice backside and a large “B” small “C” cup bust. This usually means tight fitting jeans and a low cut blouse or a tight fitting pull over dress.

One weekend we decided to check in one of our favorite hotels to enjoy the revived downtown social scene. As we were enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail in the Hotel lounge, we began chatting with three guys Enzo, Robert, a... Continue»
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Vicky, the Sexy, Blonde, Mature BBW - Part 3

Vicky, the Sexy, Blonde, Mature BBW - Part 3

This took place a week after the MFM with Bob and Vicky.


I made arrangements to meet Vicky and Sara at a short stay motel not far from where I worked. I got to the motel first and got a room, then texted Vicky with the room number. She knocked on the door a few minutes later and I let her in. She texted Sara who said she'd be there in about 10 minutes. Vicky turned on the TV and found some MFF porn. She looked hot as fuck today. She was wearing a black dress, that... Continue»
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Helping Indian s****r in law getting pregnant

Hi Friends, this is Rajesh, presently 38 years working as an Engineer in an MNC, and settled in Bangalore now.. I am fair in colour, well built with a gym body and most important with an 8 inch dick.

My wife had been to US on a project work with our son and I was living all alone in my house right now. My younger b*****r Ramu and his wife Rajini used to come to my house to have dinner with me sometimes. They were a happy couple with no k**s even after 2 years of marriage and it was found that Ramu was having low sperm count and I really felt very bad on hearing this.

My s****r-in-law R... Continue»
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Рожден ден!!!

С Деян бяхме гаджета от няколко месеца.Запознахме се на именния ми ден.Той беше на 29 години.Още като го видях ме привлече спортното му и добре поддържано тяло.Висок около 1,85 с черна коса и пъстри очи.Връзката ни започна на доста високи обороти,не можехме да се насладим един на друг,привличането между нас беше голямо.Времето през което не бяхме заедно си говорихме по телефона искахме постоянно да сме заедно.В секса също си допадахме много,правихме го по няколко пъти на седмица.Личеше си че има опит,разбираше ме какво искам и винаги се стараеше много докато ме чука.Аз разбира се му отвръщаш с... Continue»
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Sexy Susie and Her Big Tits

When I was 22 or so I worked as a repairman for a well known company. I would drive a company truck and make service calls at people's homes. At the time I had long hair and kind of had the surfer look, though we were nowhere near the beach. But girls liked it!

So I got a call to a house, kind of a trashy part of town, and as I arrive, the husband and wife are leaving with their oldest daughter to a softball game. They say the babysitter knows the problem and will tell me where it is. So I meet the babysitter, a short, very pretty girl with short brown hair. She has on short blue shorts and... Continue»
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Indian girl brutally fucked by her FIL

Hi, This is Rajesh again with my new story working in MNC and now settled in Bangalore. I am having a great sex life and enjoying my sex life to the fullest with my 8 inch cock and satisfying many Ladies and Aunties. Any unsatisfied girls, aunties and widows can contact me at lovesexaddiction@gmail.com, ...........and for complete satisfaction and the secrecy will be maintained.

I met my old college flame Bharathi recently in Chennai who had married our classmate, a Brahmin boy Rahul from our class. She had opposed her parents and married Rahul. Rahul Parents had accepted her as their daug... Continue»
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