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Hardcore Porn Stories

Gangbang at the Oregon 9/28/13

AnalGroup SexHardcore

I went to the Oregon Theater last night to see what kind of action I could find. I arrived a little after 7, paid my fee and went to the Ladies room to piss and lube up. Then I went into the auditorium. It is cavernous inside the Oregon. Some people were playing with each other on the couches.It wasn't very crowded which was kinda disappointing but I figured it was still early yet. I set up at the massage table in the front, before I could shuck my jeans there was a cloud of men waiting for me, oh so patiently. I climbed up on the table spread my legs and started sucking on the cock nea… Read more

Posted by gangbangcumslut 4 years ago 10 1,936 98%

Slutty Sarah, the sex-tape and 2 Sanish guys

HardcoreSex HumorVoyeur

So, Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, did you ask her about that sex-tape that I made with her. No? Or just wouldn’t she discuss it with you. I know that you hate all these stories about her, but it’s only fair to let the world know what a slutty exhibitionist, isn’t it. I’ve sent you links to all the stories of her on here and I’ve heard you are pretty angry about that. Well, too bad. So, Sarah, on our last holiday, had talked about making a sex-tape. She didn’t mention anything about it for months, not until our next holiday. She was always more sexy and responsive to things when she was rel… Read more

Posted by KevinGraves2 4 years ago 1 1,832 100%

Sissy discovers (final chapter 6)

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Part 6 Final chapter of Sissy discovering sexual pleasure close to for now... ******************* Over the next few days – Brad went over to Lisa’s place a few more times by himself, and always came home a bit tired. Sissy was fine with him having some fun, but she was now feeling a little left out of the picture. Besides she had not gotten off in a couple of days – her pussy was itching to cum again. Every night she would corner him and make him tell her all of the sexy things they had done. Lisa and Brad had pretty much fucked in every room in the ho… Read more

Posted by hottyryder 4 years ago 3 1,242 100%

Soaking Up My First DP FUCK- Folsom Weekend!

AnalGay MaleHardcore

Thursday, September 26, 2013 It was a long and winding road on the way to getting my ass stuffed with two throbbing cocks for the first time, but bear with me. Here’s how it finally happened: After my girl, Alicia, got off her work early on Thursday, I went over to her apartment and we watched our 49ers kick some St. Louis Ram butt on TV. I should explain that I am in a semi-open long-term relationship (just over 8 years) with a stud of a man, named John. We enjoy the occasional sexual company of one or more of four other men- three he knew before we committed, and one who was a fuc… Read more

Posted by cigardad4dad 4 years ago 27 4,059 100%

My Break-in fantasy

FetishGroup SexHardcore

I kept this one from hubby for a very long time. I wasn't sure what he would think about it. I had thoughts sometimes while we had sex, and sometimes when hubby wasn't home I would masturbate to these thoughts. I imagined waking up one night to two strange men in our bedroom. They'd yank the blankets down off me revealing my naked body (I always sl**p naked!). I would quickly look over to see where hubby was, but he's not there, he's tied in a chair at the end of the bed with a black cloth wrapped over his mouth! The two men grab me, their rough hands running all over my naked body,… Read more

Posted by DW2011 4 years ago 49 4,234 100%

Taxi ride from hell


Kim Hye-jin looked forward to her first trip to Jamaica. She had just graduated college from Seoul National University with a degree in business administration. It had been a long four years of hard work and study. This vacation was a gift from her parents to reward her for being a dutiful daughter and achieving her goal of being top of her class and finding a high-paying job in the States. She was on the fast track to success, at least according to her parents who had high expectations and invested a lot in her education-not to mention eventually marrying into a wealthy and successful f****y… Read more

Posted by sly77 4 years ago 1 2,392 41%

Poor Pregnant Prostitute

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

Veronique Pierce was a prostitute.And she was also in polyamorous marriage.That means that she and her partners are openly,consensually non-monogamous. She stopped using birth control pills in 2011 and got pregnant straight away.She was not sure who the baby's father was. But She didn't care.She was only interested in taking care of her baby as a single mom and really didn't want to know who the father was. But it is sure that her baby's father was one of her partners or regular clients.After she stopped her birth control,she also accepted her regular clients without condom. She was now in 3… Read more

Posted by tommarvolo 4 years ago 3 1,477 47%

Push the point of your tongue inside my ass!


by jppy We meet and submissive she immediately proposes me to take off her clothes. I look at her and I say “No”. She is surprised as she is used that the men who meet her ask it. I say: “This time you will not be submissive. You will have the dominant role and I will submit me to you. I will be naked and you can take off or not your clothes when you want. You may use my body!” She has a smile, for one she will be on the other side. She looks at me: “Get your clothes off, naked in front of me!” I obey and as I had a trainer, I take off my pants first and then the upper… Read more

Posted by alfredbjunk 4 years ago 1,583 89%

OHGirl & Velvet on Vacations

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

My mom had been out of town for two days and things were getting out of hand. I was sitting on my half-b*****r’s long black dick as I took a hit off of a bong he had stolen from Shawn’s house. He had also taken a big bag of weed that was laced with the same stuff I had smoked on the night that I had fucked him, his dad and three other guys. It had made me so horny and now I was dripping down my little b*****r’s thick ebony shaft as I rode him. Neither of us could believe what we were doing, but this was the second time we had fucked in as many days, the first time being the day that my mom lef… Read more

Posted by ohgirl1 4 years ago 1 2,394 100%

fuck mum on hey bday

First TimeHardcoreMature

It was my mum's 40th birthday and my dad was at the other side of the country for his work and my s****r was at a school camp so it was just her and I alone. I thought it would be the nice thing to take her out for dinner and letting me pay for it all. We both dressed up nicely and fancy; she was wearing a short black dress with stockings and nice heels on. I didn't want to drink as much because I knew I would have had to drive us home and I wanted her to have fun on her birthday. After the night out at the restaurant; she was full on d***k but I was glad she was having some fun. While I w… Read more

Posted by boobking123456 4 years ago 5,881 92%

Chrissies Parade

Group SexHardcoreMature

This story was given to me by a very dear departed friend. Chrissie 1 Having received the invitation and tickets. You board the plane. Its a long flight so you have come prepared. Long flowing dress, stockings, no underwear and reading material. Overnight bag full of essentials and a few non essentials. The pain killers you took are working fine but they have reacted with the other little pill you took that arrived with your tickets. You feel lovely, all warm and floaty and slightly sl**py. But the strange thing is – you love everyone. Your club class seat is unbelievabl… Read more

Posted by ladylikesit 4 years ago 2 3,110 100%

Slutty ex-girlfriend Sarah is flauting it all, aga

HardcoreSex HumorVoyeur

Well Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, did you ask Sarah about how much she loves to be watched while she’s having sex? No? Well ask her about this: Sarah and I were on holiday, in a small villa. It was nice but there was another villa alongside it, so the garden and pool weren’t private. That didn’t stop Sarah lying topless in the garden, though, her nice firm tits on show, should anyone be staying in the villa next door and to be in one of the upstairs rooms. We were lying on sun-beds, by the pool. I’d bought a new camera and was reading through the instruction book to find out ho… Read more

Posted by KevinGraves2 4 years ago 5 4,429 100%

Street Hooker


Okay, how do I start? I can go by what happened the last time I had a similar situation. He was a guy I liked so I gave him a good deal because I was horny too. His name was Ryan, he wanted to get the whole package which usually costs 300 and up with bareback. But I needed my holes used and came down in price because he was a nice guy. I gave him my 169 special. He was happy because he paid 200 for just pussy before. This time he got the dirt. He cruised up slowly as I walked down Drouillard, swinging my hips in a lazy high heel scr****g way. I dressed for the part, torn white t shirt wit… Read more

Posted by trinityvixxxen 4 years ago 69 8,745 90%


First TimeHardcoreTaboo

DARK CARNIVAL A STORY OF HORROR AND RETRIBUTION FICTION BY AMANDA WRIGHTER CHAPTER 4 Kelsey O’Neil “Swear it, right now! Swear to me that you won’t tell a single soul…not even Jared!” I yelled. I’d had more than enough to deal with over the last few hours, and my best friend was wearing on my nerves. I knew she meant well, but I couldn’t find any sympathy or patience for her at the moment. “Okay! Fine! I won’t say a word! Are you happy now?” June screamed back at me, tears flooding her face. She tried to hug me again, but I shrugged her off of me, not wanting to… Read more

Posted by crazyxxxcash 4 years ago 3 2,412 100%

Penny's homework assignment

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

Penny felt her heart thumping excitedly as her mom took her to Miss Parker's house to receive her special training. She never in her wildest dreams ever thought that her parents would have her schooled in the art of sex. In an age old tradition, her mom in Paris had also had been taught to please a man by her mother. Now it was her turn. She sat in the front seat of the car and looked at her mom. She was stunningly beautiful. Leona, was a little French beauty. Her black hair was cut in a boyish manner that made her slender neck look even longer. She wore only the best c… Read more

Posted by griffen1 4 years ago 3,781 100%

Daddy's Little Whore

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Daddy had asked me what one of my fantasies was in the beginning of our relationship. I responded, without hesitation, that I would like to be in a gang bang with five to six other guys. I had three "rules" for my gang bang. Daddy asked me what those three rules were. I simply said that my Daddy had to be in complete control, all participants but Daddy have to wear a condom, and I must end with just my Daddy and no one else. Daddy agreed to all of those "rules" and I left the rest to Him. Daddy seemed excited at the opportunity to watch his baby girl get used like a dirty little whore and… Read more

Posted by xangelhartx 4 years ago 8 13,039 100%

Slutty ex-girlfriend Sarah the exhibitionist

HardcoreSex HumorVoyeur

Well, Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, I don’t know if you’ve every talked to Sarah, I mean really talked to her about what she likes about sex with strangers, but she told me. You really must ask her about this. I mean, you are her new boyfriend, aren’t you and you really should know what she’s like. Sarah and I had been dating for, maybe six months. We were on holiday in the Canary Islands and were in a restaurant having an evening meal. Earlier in the day, at our hotel, I’d fancied a fuck and Sarah had said something she’d never said before. She said ‘Okay, I want this to be differen… Read more

Posted by KevinGraves2 4 years ago 1,921 100%

Breaking up IS hard to do.


I hadn't seen Amy in four months. The last time I was with her it had been an ugly scene. She was adamant that she would leave me if I took the promotion in Los Angeles. It would mean our moving from Charlotte, our home town where we had good friends, a nice home and good jobs. I guess it would be fair to say that we were as happy and secure as a couple could be. We had been together so long and had such a deep bond that I believed that we would always be "the ideal couple" as our friends called us back then. We had spoken seriously about getting married the next fall. But moving wasn't in… Read more

Posted by toptiger4 4 years ago 870 100%

Preachers Wife Chapter 6 from Preachers Daughter S


Pam, the 38D MILF preachers wife that had become my willing cum slut and sex slave had been getting fucked by me about once a week and before church each Sunday morning, although she did not know it, her husband, John, the preacher I was blackmailing him too. It had been two months since I fucked John but we would text or call on the phone and I kept him informed of how I was using his wife and 23 year old daughter, whom was pregnant with my c***d...he would jack off while I talked to him or sent him pictures. Anyway, back to Pam. Last Wed was a awesome day. It started just aft… Read more

Posted by harleyrider6969 4 years ago 2 3,825 100%

Young Mother From garage sale fucked again through


Below is a recant from the last one story when I wrecked her virgin asshole, but only the part of her getting off and not the ass pounding -- then I will continue: "I am going to breed this hot wet pussy of yours bitch" and I fucked and pounded without mercy, watching her mill filled tits bounce and I would reach down twisting and pulling a nipple watching them squirt. She began to moan, raise her hips to mine and fuck me back. I asked her if her husband fucked her that way and she said never. I asked her if she liked being a whore and cock slut for me and she said yes. I pounded harde… Read more

Posted by harleyrider6969 4 years ago 5 6,811 100%