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Enslaved Chapter 31

Over a rather delayed luncheon, Glenda decreed that Julia should receive no healing treatment for twenty-four hours. It was only right, she said, that the girl should have to endure ‘the weals of her deceits’ for that period of time. She would regret her earlier failings all the more!
Quentin heartily concurred in this decision. After all, was he not the one who had been ‘deceived’?
“How did you enjoy dealing with Julia?” he asked. “As much as you expected?”
“More,” replied Glenda. “Isn’t it lovely to be able to go on giving it to them when you can see and hear they’re right at the end of t... Continue»
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My Step s****r

I was in college when mom told me that she was going to marry the guy that she had been seeing for the past year. I had only met him a couple of times but I liked him and he sure liked my mother.

When I told my girlfriend Theresa about my mother getting married she was excite and said that she would love to go to the wedding with me. The very next day though Theresa said that she couldn’t go to my mother’s wedding because her father was getting married on the very same day.

Theresa and I had rented an apartment off campus and been living together since the semester had started. Theresa a... Continue»
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With My s****r's Help

My s****r Tina is older than I am and is now a very popular senior in high school. She is nineteen years old, a tall well built blonde, and a cheerleader.

I on the other hand just turned sixteen and became a freshman in high school. I’m a nerd, a computer geek, and not very popular. I like to play chess and other games that do not require much effort.

Tina was determined to make me popular before she graduated in June so she got started right away in September.

At first she made sure that all of her friends knew who I was, then she had them saying hi to me in the hallways, and eventua... Continue»
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My First Time At A Swingers Club!

A long time ago I read about a Swingers Club opening up in my area. I just wondered about it for a wile and than my curiosity got the better of me and I looked it up on the internet. Turned out it wasn't that far away and single men were allowed in as wel. Fixed entry price was around 50 euros. So on evening I was feeling horny and I decided I tried something new. This was way way before I ever had an experience with a transvestite and even before I started wearing heels, granted yes I had tried some on by that time but I didn't have any back then...

So I worked up the courage and drove to... Continue»
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Carla - Makes me eat my own cum

I got a text from Carla Friday afternoon. Her k** is going to his fathers and she wanted me to come over to have some fun. After work I showered and changed and showed up at Carla's around 7:30pm.

She looked great! She was wearing a pair of tight, black lycra shorts and a matching black halter top. Her hair was still wet from the shower, so I timed getting there perfectly. Carla invited me and she had a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table. She poured us wine and we both drank. I told her how hot she looked, which she liked hearing, and then I told her I was looking forward to maki... Continue»
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The Teen on the Train

So today on my way home from work I was sat opposite what can only be called teen girl perfection. She was young, definetley still in school. Tall, real slim with not an ounce of fat on her. She had long dark brown hair, legs that had no end, the cutest little arse I have seen in a long time and a face that instantly got my perverted cock hard. She had little make up on which was a good thing, her natural cuteness and innocence shon through. I perved on her for the who trip then we went our seperate ways... but in my mind I thought of an alternative senario....

We were the only 2 to get off... Continue»
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A Surprise at the Truck Stop !

This is a True Story that happened about 5 weeks ago.
I left home and was heading South on Interstate 81 on my way to Christiansburg Virginia to visit with an old friend. I had just noticed whenever I got to the Virginia Line that I was running low on gas, and was also getting hungry. I knew that there was a Flying A Truck Stop a few miles up ahead and decided to pull in and get gas and something to eat.

After I filled my tank up I pulled to the parking area to go inside and grab some lunch. Whenever I got out of my car, I noticed a young BBW Lady sitting on a bench outside the b... Continue»
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Sam & Ruth Part 2

Sam & Ruth Part 2

I had originally planned for there to be Parts 2 & 3 but have instead decided to combine them as they are both finished. This Part 2 is therefore very long.

Part 1 can be found here http://xhamster.com/stories/sam-and-ruth-part-1-709214. Part 2 will make more sense if you read Part 1 first.


While we were at the phone, Kate filled the dishwasher in the kitchen and prepared the drinks. For a while, Ruth and I were alone.

Ruth put her arms around me and hugged me tightly. "Thanks for joining in, I was worried that you might run a mile".

"You knew your Mum ... Continue»
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Mother and daughter's gangbang part 2.

Mother and daughter’s gangbang. Part 2.

To all my friends, I'm sorry for the long delay but part 3 is nearly completed so the wait won't be too long.

Sally had just orgasmed when another young man quickly came up behind her with a fully erect cock. Rod had been waiting and knew he wouldn’t be waiting too long as he watched Sally getting fucked. Now standing behind her he could clearly see Tommy’s sperm oozing out of her fluttering cunt. He aimed his cock at her entrance and shoved the entire length into her. She screamed from the brutal intrusion as her cunt muscles were contracting fro... Continue»
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Eight Ball

“What the fuck is this shit?” I said, as I threw my book down onto the table. “It’s so hard to find good smut, these days.”

The couples and families at the other tables all looked at me strangely, peering over their crystal glasses and overly ornate centerpieces, before returning to their meals.

“They shouldn’t be out in public if one f-bomb makes them cringe.”

The book lying on my table, which had gotten soaked when it knocked over my water glass, was simply titled, “Wet Lips”. It hadn’t started out spectacularly, but I thought it would be fun enough to keep me entertained, while I a... Continue»
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Tight Young Teen

Her name was Ginger. She was young and oh so very very hot! Long brunette hair framing a green eyed innocent looking cute face that said hug me gently and ram your dick up me both at the same time! A pouty mouth that both begged to be kissed and defiled by a hard fat cock! A little plump, but just enough so, and huge tits! When I say huge I mean fucking huge! Ginger's tits were so big, even at her young age, that her mother had to buy her maternity bras to hold them! That turned out to my advantage of course as maternity bras have cups that open up baring tit and nipple for a baby to feed ... Continue»
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Gracie 01

I met a Gracie at Clancy's. I was sitting at the bar when this little fat girl came and sat beside me. She had a very pretty face but was short and fat. Not flabby fat but round and voluptuous. Well, a touch beyond voluptuous. I thought such a shame, such a pretty face, yet so fat.

She looked at me and smiled and her face changed from pretty to beautiful when she smiled. The change was amazing. I must have stared at her because she giggled and said.

"Hi, I'm Gracie."
"I'm Vicky."
"Hi Vicky. I've seen you here before."

I didn't know how to respond to that. I'd never seen her befor... Continue»
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Maddie Goldberg

Chapter 1

Maddie Goldberg bounced her thick white ass on Reshawn Titus's black cock like she was tethered to it by an elastic cable. She moaned and ran her fingers through her wavy dark hair and slammed her body down and down and down onto the black man's rod. Reshawn guided her with his meaty hands on her hips, digging his fingers into her smooth pale sides and letting her round white ass recoil as it collided with his sturdy thighs.

"Ride my dick, you little Jew whore-piece, ride!"

Throughout their youth, Maddie and Reshawn had just been drawn to each other. When Reshawn had first s... Continue»
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filthy faggot sucks a juicy cock outdoors!

Out of the many men that I have had glorious gay sex with, there are several guys that I'd love to see again.

I remember a night when I met a well built skinhead in his 40s out cruising in the woods. He was wearing jeans and when I approached him, I could see an enormous bulge in his crotch. He was standing in a clearing, in the middle of the woods and we were surrounded by trees and bushes, but there was nobody else around.

I began to stroke his monster cock and I soon dropped to my knees. He had an awkward belt to undo but I eventually opened his buttoned jeans to find him throbbing i... Continue»
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Our start from xhamster

How me and my husband became who we are as explorers...

We had talked about different ideas to spice things up like role playing or playing an erotic board/card game with another couple. We both really liked that but our couple friends are a bit too conservative for those games. We thought about writing dirty stories to each other and we were looking for inspiration when we stumbled across some of the dirtier Chandler stories. At first we started looking at some videos out of curiosity, but that sparked a discussion of what we liked and didn't like. Some things we've known we liked but coul... Continue»
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A Threesome Story

A strongandsecure original story...

Ahhh. First day off. And I don't go back for a while. I look over to see my gorgeous wife standing over me with a cup of coffee.
“Good morning, boo! First day of vacation! Any ideas of where we're going?”
“Not yet...To Be Determined. Any recommendations?”
“I don't care, Joel. As long as we're together.”
I make my way downstairs. As I make it to the living room, I see a shadow in the driveway. Entering the entryway, the shadowy figure was gone. A single white envelope is sticking out of the mail slot. It's simply addressed to a “Viktor”. No other mark... Continue»
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Bi foursome

We had a bi black couple Samantha and Ben over last night. She is about 4'5 200 lbs huge tits very dark skin hairy pussy. He is about 6'1 220 lbs light skin 8 in cock thick. We talked and had some drinks and flirted. After a few drinks me and his wife went to the bed room while my wife and him made out on the couch, we made out and felt each other for a while she was so wet I had 2 fingers in her while she stroked my cock n sucked my tounge. I moved to her tits nod sucked on her big nipples, she had huge dark areolas. She laid back and I licked my way down to her belly button licking it then d... Continue»
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My sons BULLY

My Son's Bully

I fidgeted impatiently and checked the time again. Yesterday my son had come home bruised and bl**dy. After some coaxing he had admitted he was being bullied, almost daily, by one of his classmates, Klay. I was about to call the school, when he told me that he had already tried that and they wouldn't do anything without hard proof. Klay was a star athlete on the football, basketball, baseball, and hockey teams and the school was desperate to keep him playing. I had then called his home, hoping to speak to his mother, who would surely understand my plight. Instead the phone ha... Continue»
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Asian Hotel Bi sex

Asian Hotel Bi sex
Hotel Indochine française – Room 54

I spent 6 months on a writing assignment in a bustling south east Asian capital staying at small boutique French colonial hotel.

My comfortable room, located on a quiet third floor, was very secluded with a lounge, ensuite, a small study, a cool inner bed room, and a shady verandah, under a giant Tamarind tree over looking a sweeping view of the massive river, an esplanade and bustling street below.

Next door was a service room stored with linen, fresh towels, ironing boards, trolleys, and cleaning materials.

Working from t... Continue»
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Anal fantasy

I'm just an anal slut. That's all I like. The feeling of a huge cock breaking down my defences, a giant and throbbing hard member forcing itself inside me, and stretching my anus until it breaks open just drives me mad. Then I want to feel the entire length burning its way up my rectum and starting to pound me like the cock whore that I am. But it's a fantasy. I'd be too scared to carry it through.

Anyway, I went shopping after work the other night. I stopped by my appartement first to get changed. By the time I went shopping I was wearing high heels, white fishnet stockings, a very shirt a... Continue»
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