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Grandad of love 7.

I awoke to Faith cleaning my room, opening my eyes I immediately saw my middle aged blonde plump house keeper bent over picking up something off the floor, and as I watched her big round ass stretching the material of her tight black trousers, my cock was soon turning my duvet into a tent.
"Morning" she smiled naughtily still bent over.
Then getting up she moved to the end of my bed and insisted I tell her of my recent adventures.
By the time I had finished she had her hand jammed down the front of her trousers and deep between her legs as she sat at my feet.
Then after deep long sigh she ... Continue»
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The Plumber

The Plumber

Hey gang, this is Babs for a change. I’m not a writer like Sean, but he urged me to write about my experience this morning so please bear with me.

Thursday our garbage disposal started leaking and Sean asked if I would find a plumber to repair it. I searched the internet and found one that had good reviews so I called. They couldn’t get anyone out that same day but said they would send someone first thing Friday morning.

Let me say that my normal attire at home ranges from nothing, to just a pair of shorts to a shirt and shorts to a short sundress. At home I rarely wear a... Continue»
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The hairdresser

This happened in 2010

Donna used the same hairdresser for over ten years. She was an Indian girl, really pretty and only recently married. She's called Gina, 30 years old, 5'5", thin with dark hair and extremely pretty. As Donna wanted her hair doing for a party we were going to Gina offered to open her shop late so she could have her hair done the same evening.

Friday came round quickly, as I dropped Donna off at 6pm, the town was quiet and there was no-one in the salon, I told her I'd be back in an hour. 7:20pm I parked outside the salon, knocking on the door as it was locked Gina smil... Continue»
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The Stranger

We had a plan. I was to be taken to a hotel, tied up, gagged, blindfolded and left alone until my man returned bringing with Him our guest, a man I had never met face to face. This was the first time we had invited someone else to play and I was a little nervous, no, almost terrified was a better way of describing how I felt but so very excited. We had discussed having a fun session with a stranger who would fuck me and use me while I was bound and gagged. That was about the extent of it though. The real turn on for me was for it to be rougher. Much rougher.

What really got me going was th... Continue»
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The Bathub

Kirsten was getting ready to take a bath, after a long day working at McDonalds. She needed to relax in the bathtub and hopefully masturbate her stress away. With college and a job at McDonalds, her life was too busy and hectic. She had no time for anything else, even boys. She had finally turned twenty, but she didn’t have a boyfriend to celebrate with, instead she spent the night out with her girlfriends.
She lived in a small one bedroom duplex. The owner lived next door, but he was gone most of the time, retired and he spent his time with his grown up daughters and his grandc***dren. It wa... Continue»
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Kathy's New Clean-Up Man

Kathy first met a black man without her husband’s
knowledge and had a great time experiencing her first
taste of black cock. Kathy told me she loved meeting
them and watching the contrast of seeing a huge thick
black cock as it slices into her pussy.

Kathy still felt guilty about going out with these men
and coming home with their seed still inside her belly
knowing her husband had no idea his wife was out
screwing around.

After she told me she was going to stop seeing her
black lovers because she felt she was cheating on her
husband, I had thought she wouldn’t be makin... Continue»
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White guys gangbang my Black wife

I couldn't fucking believe my wife. Here was this proud
outspoken black woman screwing and blowing a bunch of
white guys for money. It was just fucking amazing to

Carlota crawled over to another one of my white bosses
and dipped her face down over his crotch, I looked wide
eyed as another one of the naked company executives
snugged up to her raised rear-end and fumbled with his
stiff dick, trying to shove it into her.

I was also naked -- and if the truth be known I was
just as hard as any of these rich white guys. I'd
fucked my wife several times that night too and... Continue»
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Two Plus One, More Fun

They'd met one day and quickly developed an easy, open rapport. Yvette was attached, she confessed to Jade, but that didn't stop her from constantly fantasizing about sex with others, dreaming up all sorts of intensely erotic scenarios for herself.

"I don't know why, I just feel horny all the time. I must be a nympho, or something," she chuckled, taking a sip from her glass of wine as the two women laughed knowingly. For that old-fashioned word, 'nympho,' could also have been applied to Jade, a lust-driven vixen if there ever was one. Luckily Jade had an arrangement with a lover these days ... Continue»
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Good Story, to good not to share. Stuck up rich gi

Kristen had whined the entire week before they left. She had whined and sulked during the plane flight, and was now whining, sulking, pouting, and occasionally snarling. Going on an African safari, far from chili dogs, pizza, MTV, and her friends, was not her idea of a holiday.

For once, though, her parents had held firm. They intended that this would be a good old fashioned f****y holiday, and were determined to enjoy it if it killed them, and her. No amount of whining, cajoling and beg- ging had managed to sway them.

Thus she was now standing on the runway in a baking heat, watching he... Continue»
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Alice The Dirty Whore Part 4

Alice The Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a sex addicted whore and her depraved sexual cravings. It covers most perversions. In this the fourth chapter Alice rediscovers big cock worship and is introduced to the strap-on. She also becomes the target of an underground extreme sex club. (MF, M+F, FF, Anal, prost, whore, cream-pie, ws, strap-on Fdom)

Chapter 4 “Alice gets big dick fucked, again”

Josh woke up on Monday morning and stretched his lean taught body. Alice had been occupying his mind, and his erect cock told him that he may not be as... Continue»
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Big Dick Lover

I packed my bags for my weekend. I didn't have to put much in it because I didn't plan on going out much at all. I plan on being naked the entire time. I'm a lesbian but I have a taste about every two months for a dick. I don't know what happens to my body but I have to get fucked or at least get a dick to rub against my clitoris until I cum. This weekend I want IT ALL. My gf think i'm going to my cousins house in New Jersey she don't know I will be about two blocks away getting fucked hard by one of her co-workers. He comes over sometimes to work on my girlfriends car. He watches me I... Continue»
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my Best friends Daughter

My name is Simon I was sitting at home waiting for some friends to arrive, in they came Steve and his wife Sally (I've always held a torch for sally big boobs and a big ass my favourite things and we had a bit of a txt thing going on and off when one or the other of us was feeling horny we would send each other pics and talk dirty!!) followed by Sheryl their daughter now I hadn't seen Sheryl for a few years and she looked just like her mother she must have been about six teen give or take a year huge boobs and a p... Continue»
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Their Yorkshire Holiday

Their Yorkshire Holiday
John Kavanagh

The mail came via a profile entry that I had on one of the many swinging sites and was a blunt invitation to have sex with the sender’s wife when having a short break in Yorkshire from Aberdeenshire. His profile was short, very recently added and with an accompanying picture of a quite elderly man “seeking an uncomplicated sexual contact with a woman”, not mentioning his wife other than an inference that their relationship was sexually moribund. With nothing to lose by a positive reply, I added my e-mail address and thought no ... Continue»
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'Little sis' chapter 10

I was exhausted when I got home. I couldn’t wait to rip off my clothes and jump in the shower. I realized I used thigh muscles I didn’t know I had during my all day sex extravaganza. I did plan to text eric but as soon as my wet naked body sat on my bed I knew I had to sl**p. I went to bed with my hair wet. My mom couldn’t wake me for dinner. I don’t know what happened but I woke up right at 9:30pm totally refreshed.

I was nervous. I wanted to text him but I didn’t want to seem too eager. We’d been friends so long I didn’t want him to think I grew up to be some raging slut chasing dick nigh... Continue»
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My Crazy Week...

so last month I ended up having sex with 4 different women in a matter of 2 weeks and when I stopped to think about it I figured that's quite an accomplishment for me so I thought why not try and out do myself this month and just so happens things were able to fall into place heres how it went...ill upload some pix to go along with this that i took during the encounters except for my mature bbw shes camera shy

the night before I get a text from my latina bbw fwb that ive shown here before saying she wanted to come over Monday turns out that she lies to her husband that she has to w... Continue»
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I have this friend, I have known for years, ever since college. Never got sexual with her, except this one time, I told her that I would love to fuck her tits (we were d***k!!!).
The reason I never did anything with her is, that she married young, and that she is one of those mediocre girls. Not ugly, but certainly not beautifull, nor cute. She is short and thick, but not fat. Big ass, and big fucking tits.
I have known her for more than 13 years, without a single petting. Until last night.
Me and some friends from college, got together for a few drinks. I must tell you, first of all, that ... Continue»
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Brazilian Teenager, Part 2

This is a followup to the Brazilian teenage story I posted here recently.
You may remember about some cock teasing by a group of teenage girls on the beach and then a little more intimate fun, by chance, in my apartment.

Well, some time passed after the chance, but incredibly sexy, meeting with the girl. Giselle, as I found out her name, and there were no chance meetings. I even went to the beach as regularly as I could to try and accidentally see them, but no luck. They didn’t come back, so I became concerned that someone had spotted us and I was a few moments away from a beating.
As wit... Continue»
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Online fun

I was feeling horning and felt like doing a little writing... I thought I share it a bit wider than just with Sussanka :)

Hmmm, suck sexy suckable nipples :)

will you bite them too? :)

Gently first, to see how you like it... then I'd suck them hard and bite them to get your taste. I bet your taste wonderful.

Would you squeeze them and massage them into my waiting mouth?

You'd squeeze them as if trying to milk them whilst I suck hard on them. You'd feel my stiff cock against your leg, one of my hands squeezing your other tit whilst my... Continue»
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Workin' it

I was just thinking about you.
You straddling my face, while we are on a bed... I'm laying on my back. Your hands are against the wall, giving you leverage, to push off of, and down... Using the wall so you can grind your clit and pussy, hard, onto my mouth and all over my face... f***efully and intensely... using the wall and headboard to balance... so you can position yourself, your crotch, over me, to move and maneuver your hot tight asshole just above and down onto my tongue, perfectly... I spread your cheeks, and the tip of my tongue brushes, flicks and teases around your sexy puckered a... Continue»
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Mature neighbour caught naked leads to sex

I own a few houses which I let to students in Guildford and every year when they move out there's the endless ritual of cleaning and repairs to take care of.

A couple of years back, I was going through the motions of this and found myself there for a few days late in June. I was out front, clearing the garden an so on, when I got collared by my retired neighbour, who was called Liz.

I'll tell you a bit about her first though. I had met her many times and chatted across the fence or I'd popped round to her place for a coffee and a chat - I guess she was a bit lonely, as she lived alone ... Continue»
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