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Hardcore Porn Stories

Stretched again!!!

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

Well after being apart for over a year I finally had the chance to see him again!! I had butterflies all day knowing I was going to see him. I felt like it was our first time all over again. I've missed him so much. His firm touch, soft skin, sexy smile, and soft lips. My stomach was flipping as I knocked on the hotel room door. He opened the door with no shirt on and a smile and he took my breath away once again. His chest and arms were so much thicker then I remembered, man I never thought he could be more built then he was. I felt my bl**d getting warm and my face getting red. I leaned… Read more

Posted by swtfreakxxx 2 years ago 3,221 100%

Santa Claus visits Naughty Kimberly Sue

BDSMHardcoreSex Humor

You better watch out, you better not cry You better not pout, I’m telling you why!!! Santa Clasu is coming to town!!! And that dirty old bastard spends all year looking into the bedrooms of boys and girls across the world deciding whether what they do is naughty or nice!! He is pissed with one young woman that is spoiling Christmas by telling k**s that he is not real!!!! So he made a special trip down from the North Pole just to set some things straight!!! And does he ever get it straight!!! Hope you enjoy!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~… Read more

Posted by imornery81 2 years ago 8 2,439 100%

Hole In One

First TimeHardcoreMature

Hole IN One I had met Annie while working in a suburban office building as we both smoked. She worked for one of those computer training companies and I was a manager for a management company. Annie was probably in her late 20's early 30's or about 10-15 yrs younger than I. She was 5'8 or so, long flaming naturally red hair with fair skin and just the right amount of freckles. Sadly, my office closed and I was assigned to a satellite office about 30 miles away. We kept in touch talking on the phone at least once a week. Either I would call or she would call me. once in a while I would have t… Read more

Posted by rotn2 2 years ago 1 2,380 100%

Kevin Seduced by Mom and s****r

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Kevin Seduced by Mom and s****r Nancy’s husband Jim got up early, showered, dressed, grabbed his packed bags and headed to the airport. He had an early flight out for business and would be gone all week. She drove him to the airport and dropped him off like she did every other week. He kissed her goodbye, told her he loved her and would see her Friday night. Then Jim disappeared into the airport and Nancy headed for home. Nancy had looked forward to this day for several months. She was excited, nervous and scared beyond belief. She knew that nothing would ever be the same in the house ev… Read more

Posted by seanbabs 2 years ago 7 18,347 100%

Jo's Story (Just a Dream)


Joe was raised in foster homes where he was sexually abused most of his life. In one home he was made to sl**p each night with the man and woman. He ate pussy and sucked cock before he fucked the cunt of the lady while the man rammed his big cock in Joe's tight ass. This was mostly a nightly event. He also was used daily any way they needed to use him with themselves or their friends. They loved to bend him naked over a bench and tie him and as the men fucked his ass he was to eat the women's pussy. Some nights he was fucked over a dozen times by the men and ate just as many pussies. A few men… Read more

Posted by titsforyou 2 years ago 1 2,546 100%

Christmas dreams


Being a switch, I like to write from the subbie point of view. It helps me push the envelope more when I Top! Enjoy the dream of Christmas! ~~~~~~~~~~ Generally speaking, I am not a Scrooge.  My significant other was just being unreasonable.  It had been colder than a well diggers ass, the wind was blowing like a hurricane and there were two good basketball games and one football game all on TV that I wanted to watch.  She wanted to go looking at Christmas lights and displays.   I still am not certain why she got that pissed off at me.  She won.  I went.  I drove her all over God’s bac… Read more

Posted by imornery81 2 years ago 7 1,413 100%



It had been quite some time since I had tasted the flesh of a young buxom female. I needed to have a good-looking lady at my side and soon. I decided to go dancing in town at one of the local bars. I don't usually hang out at these kind of places; however, It may be time I started. It sure is hard to find a date now a days. I went to the Lighthouse Bar. It usually is happening all night until about 4:00 am. I dressed in my tightest jeans and my best button up shirt. I looked for a lack of better words--tuff. All I had to do was get some chick on the rebound or something, buy her a fe… Read more

Posted by freegre 2 years ago 2 4,688 100%

Office sex

First TimeHardcore

This happened 2 nights ago..... Caitlin and I has been working together for about a year now and only recently we started working in the same office which is a small office off site to the main building. In our small office there were one other person base in there which is an assistant to me. Anyway since we started working in that office Caitlin and I has got to know each other in a more personal level, like she told me that she haven't dated or seen any guy for over a year now. She also been quite flirty lately by starting play fight after my assistant left for the day and always stay ba… Read more

Posted by remi85 2 years ago 1 2,132 100%

Transsexual Lust

First TimeHardcoreShemales

This is not my story. I found it in a free site a long time ago and I wanted to share it with you. This is not a copyrighted story as far as I know..... I was 23 when I had the only job I really liked. It was after I graduated from college in Philadelphia, and had just gotten a job in the fashion industry. Actually, it was really just a designer dress shop, but it was a start. At first, I wasn't too excited. After all, a dress shop isn't the most interesting place to work, right? Wrong! My first day on the job started out as normal as could be expected. There was a note from the owne… Read more

Posted by freegre 2 years ago 11 4,002 100%

Unfaithful Slut


Unfaithful slut It was coming up to our tenth wedding anniversary and my husband and I had discussed various ways of celebrating the event. Restaurant with friends, House party with friends, and the list was endless. As we were in the middle of a glorious summer, we both decided that we would have a Barbeque party and we could give it a theme to make it a little more fun. The idea would be to hold the event late afternoon right through to late evening as the temperatures dropped and would provide a relaxing ambience to the event. We both enjoyed fancy dress and a lot of our friends we… Read more

Posted by neilmc123 2 years ago 1 4,279 100%

What did I do wrong?


What did I do wrong, thought Meghan? She was bound on her back in the playground. Her arms were tied over her head and each of her legs were tied to a swing, high up, forcing them up and spread wide. Her r****t stood over her. It was only an hour ago that Meghan was parking her car in the apartment complex garage. Meghan is 21, brown hair with a very, very, very nice set of breasts. As she exited her car and was about to lock her door, she was grabbed from behind. She felt a gun pointed at her head. “If you give me any trouble or yell, I will pull the trigger and splash your brains all over… Read more

Posted by catherine-belmont 2 years ago 6 3,278 100%

Theater Surprise


This is a story involving hardcore sex with a Daddy fantasy. If that turns you off, then stop reading and move on. :) Terry was feeling a little restless. It was an odd feeling because he could sit most of the day without being bored at all. To say he enjoyed retirement was an understatement. On this day, though, boredom had taken hold. He decided to get out of the house, got in his car and just drove around town. He spotted the local theater and thought maybe a movie might be enjoyable. Having parked, he stood outside the theater ticket area and studied the movie listings. All of the mo… Read more

Posted by DarkKrush 2 years ago 2 3,063 100%

Being the Mall Santa has some AWESOME perks!!


A few years ago, I grew a beard and was disappointed when it came in fairly white. I decided to make the most of it and grew it out and got a seasonal second job playing Santa at a nearby shopping mall. The other night, I got an unexpected perk that I hope to continue enjoying for the rest of this holiday season!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Working as a second job as a Mall Santa can really suck. k**s screaming, crying, pooping and pulling on your beard for four hours straight may seem like a dream to someone, but I think I earn every doll… Read more

Posted by imornery81 2 years ago 16 9,615 100%

If your gonna do me right..!

Hardcore you want to do me you say..well you need to do me right..lets start with a little kissing..light easy..them a little deeper..mmmmm swirling mmm wet mmmm now down to my neck..ears mmmm. Gently slide off my blouse and caress my pink nipples..round and round slowly down to my belly button..mmm round and slide off my my love mound..its getting wet for you babe..mmm..Harry natural pussy ...lightly caress aound my mound and slowly feel mu wet cunt ..mmm getting wet..can you feel me mmm..take your hand and slowly slide in your middle finger..easy..slowly..fe… Read more

Posted by blow-n-rock 2 years ago 7 1,359 100%

This BBW changed my Life ! True Story !


Written by tongueman53 and every part of this story is true. This happened to me about 91/2 years ago, and it is something that has changed my entire life. I had become addicted to Porn Sites and Chat Rooms. I was sitting at home on a Friday night surfing the net and was logged onto Yahoo Messenger. I went into several chat rooms, and was looking in several states nearby for ladies to chat with. First a little about me. I am from Penna, and at the time was 59 years old. I am married to a wonderful woman and have 2 daughters and one son. They are all grown up and away from home. My wi… Read more

Posted by tongueman53 2 years ago 11 1,643 90%

I Enjoy Being a Girl By Lisa and Sharon


Angie stood in front of her full-length bedroom mirror and studied the attractive young woman in the red dress who stood before her. She didn't look any different from the way she had this morning, but be- tween then and now Angie had graduated from high school! Never again would it be mindless homework and which teacher was currently being an asshole and why. But regardless of her status in life, Angie still en- joyed looking at herself in the mirror. Especially with her new red dress on, the one she had bought especially for the party Mommy and Daddy had given… Read more

Posted by whiteshadowz 2 years ago 3 1,917 100%

Lily ( copy and paste )


*** Propped up on one elbow her smile undulating on her lips, on her mouth, on her face, the pleasure of touching herself sweeping through her in little waves, shy but turned on, Daddy watching, Lily nodded, his question alone making her draw in her breath in heated, lovely excitement. Her eyes half closed dreamily, her knees wide apart, her fingers slowly, softly touching between her legs, her satiny soft pussy glistening under her fingers delicately drawing circles over and through her delicate, shiny, creamy wet little pussy. "Baby? You like Daddy watching you… Read more

Posted by whiteshadowz 2 years ago 4 2,057 100%

f****y Peepers -Anonymous Author


Chapter 1 Virginia Hightower was giving her teenaged son a good look at her pussy and getting really turned on in the process. She had always been an exhibitionist and had been thinking a great deal about exposing herself to the youth but this was the first time she had actually done it. Her husband and daughter had both gone out and Virginia was alone in the house with Jimmy. The handsome boy had been sitting in the living room, reading a magazine and Virginia had decided that this was the time to make her fantasies reality.… Read more

Posted by whiteshadowz 2 years ago 8 7,034 100%

My First time

First TimeHardcoreSex Humor

We have all had a first time that said its easy for that to get eclipsed by better sexual experiences. But i think its still nice to remember, i was 19 and i wanted to really show my girlfriend at the time i was a awesome but had no idea how to. I was a newbie i was born with a nice cock but no knowledge of how to make it work. Well my girlfriend of the time helped me with that it was a tuesday i skipped out of class to meet her at a local pizza place where we dined and talked about music and i killed a spider next to her and joked about saving her life she shocked me when she said "well now i… Read more

Posted by Realmeat 2 years ago 1,271 100%

Sissy for BBC use and a b u s e

HardcoreInterracial SexShemales

My Dear little sissy s****r, lezzie lover and slutty confidant... Thanksgiving saw me full of BIG BLACK mouth, my sissy pussy and my belly were full of so much BBC and SPERM from Big Black Daddy Dick (s) annnnd I was good little bitch in the Doggy position for the Black Daddys' and their DAWG POUND(ING). I finally hooked up with my own BBC GANGBANG SQUAD from the adult bookstore. They used me for well over 24 hours of serious sissy-slut abuse, degradation, domination, humiliation and more, much, much more! I can't wait to tell you about it. I wish you were with me so w… Read more

Posted by santtxx 2 years ago 6 9,867 100%