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If I Made a Video



Posted by retcntryboy 2 years ago 1 807 75%



Roxy loved sex and she had the body for it. She was busty with a great ass. She had fucked many of the boys in high school then in college and after college switched to older men. She met Jim and he was a regular fuck buddy and she loved how much he loved pussy. He would eat her for two hours then fuck her for another hour and she loved sucking on his big thick cock. He would bend her head over the side of the bed and ride her as he shoved his cock down her throat and fucked her deep before he filled her with a big cum load. At fifty years of age he fucked like a teenager. His cock was long an… Read more

Posted by titsforyou 2 years ago 1,116 33%

That's My Mom!

Group SexHardcoreMature

I was up in the attic looking for something when I knocked over a box that belonged to my mother. A bunch of National Geographic VHS tapes fell out and several diaries that my mom wrote as she grew up. I opened one up and flipped thru it thinking it was stupid stuff till I came across the caption "Gave my first BJ today". I stopped and just had to read what mom had wrote. It said that she gave her friend's, Shelly, older b*****r a blow job. His name was Chuck and it seemed by the way this was written that mom had a crush on Chuck and wanted to do something for him and decided a BJ was a… Read more

Posted by zimabean 2 years ago 8 9,214 88%

Slut life increases


I awoke about 10.30 am to find hubby had left for work and I had the whole bed and the house to myself. As I stretched my naked body, I remembered my sexual antics from the previous night. I pulled the Duvet off me and climbed out of bed, suddenly remembering that Dave would here at 1:00pm for our photo shoot and after party! Straightening the duvet over the bed, I walked over to my drawers with my most sexy apparel. I pulled out a pair of black seamed shiny stockings, with a Waspie style garter belt made of a leather look material. I rummaged for the matching half cup bra which made my huge… Read more

Posted by neilmc123 2 years ago 1 1,775 100%

my black teacher or his friends

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

hello my friends i m from india my name monika i m 19 years old very sexy slim and i m 5.7 inch tall last year me america me mere massi g ke pass gai thi 6 month ke vaste america bahot hi sunder desh hai me los angles me gai thi hum ne ek mahina gumma to me ghar me boor hone lagi sabhi log kam me chalay jate the to me ghar me ekeli raheti thi mene mosi ko kaha k mera ab man nai kar raha me boor ho rahi hu to masi ne kaha k tun school me admissions le lo eglish sekhne k liye mene b socha ke j thek rahega me pass k school me gai or admishion le li roz 3 gante ki class thi jab me first time schoo… Read more

Posted by monika147 2 years ago 1,410 38%

Ch 3 - BBW Wife is mine for 24hrs

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Final chapter I created with wife. I decided the story would be more readable in an actual story fashion versus a chat log, so this took more time. He sent me some extra pics to go with the story. Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3 Gallery: Fetishes/Kinks: Submission, Humiliation, Body Writing, Cuckquean, Unwanted Sex, Gangbang, . Blowjobs, Face Fuck, Sex… Read more

Posted by Pr0n_Glutton 2 years ago 1 4,151 90%

The Wife's Wild Ass


The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 1 Caroline Stephens wondered if she were dreaming. She was afraid to open her eyes, in case it was a dream and, by waking up, she would end the lovely feeling. There was certainly a dream-like quality to the sensations she was enjoying, yet there was something of reality in them, as well. It felt like someone was sucking on her tits. Caroline stirred, her eyes still closed. She arched and stretched languidly. She had certainly been sound asl**p when the feeling began, but she had a pretty good idea that she was awake now--and that it was… Read more

Posted by varunpal89 2 years ago 1 8,221 100%

I fuck my b*****rs elder wife


Helo guys .. I would like to share my experience with my elder b*****rs wife .. She was my masturbating queen since i started masturbation... I was so attracted to her .. She is 25 years old.. With curvy ass and boobs .. My b*****r is working abroad .. So they wont have sex usually.. When i was 20 the incident happened ... She came to my home and no one was in my home ... We had some conversation .. After sometime we talked about my girlfriend .. And she asked me weather i had sex with her or not ... I said no... I was surprised to hear that.. Then she told why not? I told iam not interested i… Read more

Posted by zainabd 2 years ago 2 6,388 61%

Redheads are my fetish


I LOVE red hair and blue eyes. They are my truest fetish. There was a young woman at work, named Heather. She was about 5'2", 125 lbs, and had the prettiest, saddest eyes. Being a young mother is hard, and after seeing her miss lunch a couple of times, I mentioned it to my buddy, and we scaped up a few bucks, and slipped them into her purse one day. She never knew but it gave us pleasure to see her try to figure out who it was who did the good deed. She and I began casting eyes at one another, and after a few days, we started having lunch a couple of times a week. One day she invited me… Read more

Posted by Smoothbore 2 years ago 1 1,808 100%

Her Secret


Kat had been fucking her dad's friends from a very young age. She found that she loved cock and once she fucked one the word got around and she had several for sex partners. They would go to a hotel and she would meet them there and her first man was Ray. When she got to the motel he was already naked and soon she also was naked. He kissed her as he ran his hands over her tiny tits. Then he began to lick and suck the small mounds and soon his hands found her pussy. He would suck on a tiny nipple as his fingers rubbed between her pussy lips making her feel very good. He then slid a finger in he… Read more

Posted by titsforyou 2 years ago 4 9,295 95%

Little Reds Riding Ass!!!


(FICTION) But could be fact with a bit of coaxing!!! He knew she was squeamish about anal sex, they had spoken about it so many times but she always said no. She complained that it hurt, it didnt feel comfortable and she just wasnt ready. "Awww come on, you know I would never hurt you, I'll be gentle, if you dont like it we can stop!" She was having none of it, her bloke was very well endowed and he had a fucking meaty cock, way too thick to go into something so small. They had known each other a year, and had clicked straight away, they could tell each other anything, their secrets… Read more

Posted by redhead123 2 years ago 20 3,600 100%

Part 10 – The next time

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

The next day after we partied with Mike and Robin, I woke up and she was sucking my dick. She stopped when I woke. She said when she woke my dick was still hard and she could not resist. She moved up next to me and ask if I wanted to know how Mike got her in bed. I said yes if you give me a hand job while you tell. She laughed and reached for my dick. They got home before me and Robin because we had to stop at their motel room and pick up their stuff. She told me on the way home while he was driving, he reached over and pinched her hard nipples. He said he had been looking at them all n… Read more

Posted by rnb 2 years ago 2 2,202 100%

Anna and Paul III ( an unexpected guest )


I lay on top of Paul is thick cock still secure in my sopping wet cum filled cunt. I softly giggled as I kissed his lips. Paul opened up his eyes and asked me what was so funny. I told him not a single thing. I raised my self up and stared down into his eyes and said to him. “ want to know how I knew you were the big bad wolf?” I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered, because you have the thickest and longest cock of the three of my big bad wolves and you touch me in places the others don’t. I gave him an evil smile as I milked his spent cock. I kissed his lips and asked him if he… Read more

Posted by xhamporn 2 years ago 12 2,818 100%

You Belong to Me

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

I glance around as, you, Alexandria dig through your purse, searching for your house keys. "What time is your boyfriend, Tony the pony, coming home again?" I ask, waiting impatiently as you continue rummaging. "Stop worrying about it?" you chide, pulling your keys from the purse, yet still fumbling them in your d***ken fingers. "He won't be back until the morning." "It's morning already isn't it?" I am ready to slap you and head back to my hotel room for sl**p. Her smart mouth is beginning to get on my last nerve. "Its 3 A.M.", you answer back, as you open the door and step into t… Read more

Posted by ova9bbc 2 years ago 1,977 86%

part 2 Me and my wife are blacked owned and made t

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

My wife was sitting on the coach when she heard a rattle a truck pull up. 2 doors were opened and closed and a load knock was heard on the door. She went to turn the knob and boom the door flew at her . hey you dumb white cunt are you Leroy whore. Yes sir she said and she was pushed to the floor. Take my cock out and suck it cunt . She reached up and did his zipper and a the smell of sweat and pee hit her nose . She closed her eyes and went to sucking his cock hard mmmm that good cunt you need some more work but good bitch .Rufus bent her over the coach and lifted her dress he saw panties… Read more

Posted by nicecock56 2 years ago 1 3,484 92%

Late night shopping


It was approaching the peak of the Christmas period and shops were always trying to out do each other by staying open late. The wife and I had taken advantage of this and were out enjoying a walk down the high street looking at all the displays the shops had done in their windows. Part way down the high street there was a shoe shop that as I'm sure you can imagine the wife enjoyed visiting to admire and occasionally buy. I didn't mind because a friend I had known since high school worked there. This night we decided to go in and see him and to wish him a happy Christmas as we wouldn't see h… Read more

Posted by Just_Mr_Average 2 years ago 1,803 100%

Sam and I Fucked by Brett


When I returned to the tent, I found Sam awake, sitting up with a grin. "It's about time you got back." She says with a grin. "Oh, I was just uhhhhh." I stammer trying to come up with a lie. "Fucking Brett, yeah I already know." Sam said. "Wait, how do you know?" I asked sitting down next to her. "I watched, and damn was it hot, especially when he came in you" Sam said smiling. "You didn't really think I was asl**p when you left did you?" "Well I just couldn't help myself, I need his cock again." I said thinking about his cock. "Well you've got a decision to make, because… Read more

Posted by JordanS6969 2 years ago 8 4,530 100%

A Christmas do shag


It was my works Christmas do tonight and we all trooped off to the Raj, in town. There were about ten of us and, if I’m honest, it was a good evening. Made much, much better by the fact that I bumped into my old friend Carol. She was also there on a works do and I was sitting there, checking over the menu, when I felt fingers walking along my shoulders. Surprised, I turned around and there she was, looking absolutely fucking stunning. We exchanged pleasantries, then my colleagues began ordering starters and her friends called her over. “See you soon,” she said and winked. I smiled at her… Read more

Posted by morgan1969 2 years ago 1 1,056 100%

For a good time call Lilly


For a Good Time Call Lilly Lillian had been driving nonstop since she left home early that morning. She was in a hurry to get to Manuxet State University to start her first semester. This was her first long road trip, and would also be her first time away from home, but she was glad to be getting far away from here boring hometown and starting her new college career. She was blonde with a lean well-proportioned body and reasonably sized C cup breasts. She was dressed in shorts and a tank top, as conservative an outfit as one could comfortably wear on a summer day in the middle of the des… Read more

Posted by etah 2 years ago 1 2,865 86%

My Mom Saw Me Naked, And I Think She Wants It..


It’s just my mom and I at home. We live in a small apartment (one bedroom), so I see a lot of her, and we’re not a super private f****y. It’s just seeing her in her bra and panties every so often, and sometimes she’ll take off her bra in front of me (turning away from me, don’t get too excited). There were a few incidents when I was first discovering how to jerk off and everything where I’d sort of peek at her changing. During that time I only ever saw her tits, and it was less a “my mom is hot” thing than a “ooh, boobs” thing. Long story short, she caught me looking and I stopped. But h… Read more

Posted by incest_x1 2 years ago 7 13,099 74%