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Hardcore Porn Stories

My 18yr old sex slave - Pt 1


I was 40, She was 18, a customer in my shop, every day she would come in, buy a hot chocolate, sit in the window and state at the rain. A quiet, thoughtful, lonely little goth girl but who's eyes betrayed her. You could see she was absolute filth. For a few weeks, we exchanged chit chat, pleasentries, general conversation and one day she offered me her mobile number, in return she got mine. Soon we started flirting via text and I got an insight into how dirty her mind was. One quiet Saturday, I arrived slightly later than normal and my other staff had control of what was going on behind the… Read more

Posted by amaninblack_uk 2 years ago 5 13,357 97%

Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 2)

BDSMHardcoreSex Humor

Monika was so glad she came, in spite of cumming all over Nick’s beard. And the bed. She felt much more relaxed. She licked the hard cock still in her mouth almost lovingly, wondering why he didn’t cum yet. He slipped his cock out of her mouth, her tongue following it, her neck stretching to reach it. “Let me make you cum,” she begged him, the salty taste of his precum still in her mouth. She licked her lips. It wasn’t so bad, even when he choked that monster down her throat. She hated to admit it, but it was the bondage that did it. Helpless and f***ed to do anything he wanted to do to her.… Read more

Posted by catherine-belmont 2 years ago 1 3,587 100%

Snowed In (Part 2)


He looked out the window while she was milling around lighting candles. He wasn't going anywhere. Not that he wanted to anyway. He had just made love with an unbelievable woman and this beautiful redhead seemed to have nothing else planned but him. It was still snowing hard. He hoped the power would stay on but for now, the lights were out, he candles served as a beautiful backdrop, and as the water turned off, she was grabbing his hand and luring him to the tub. He crawled in and she effortlessly sat next to him. Not sure what to do, he awkwardly thanked her for allowing him to stay. She g… Read more

Posted by farmboy27 2 years ago 2,400 100%

Vicki-72 yr old hottie

First TimeHardcoreMature

Vicki-72 yr old hottie I had to see my MD for a follow up on some pretty extensive knee surgery one afternoon. As entered the office I noticed that the waiting room was full and at the receptionist's desk stood a tall, maybe 5'8" slender woman with long silver hair shoulder length. Her ass was flat but after all, she was on in years, but the rest of her seemed to be well kept. As it was my turn to check in she stood next to me and filled out some paperwork and I got a glimpse of her face. She was beautiful! I could tell she was probably 5 yrs older than me, but I couldn't keep my eyes off o… Read more

Posted by rotn2 2 years ago 4 5,680 97%

Daughter's Host Dad's Poker Game

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

It had been a difficult week at work and at home. This was the third anniversary of when my wife had left me and I’ve never really gotten over it. She left me for a woman. Both of our daughters were repulsed by the idea of their mom being a lesbian so they opted to stay here with me. I’m not sure what I would have done without them as they helped to cook, clean, shop and generally try to cheer me up. I used to be part of a once a month poker game with some buddies of mine, but gave it up after Sheila left. My daughters kept encouraging me to get back with the guys as I needed the outlet. I… Read more

Posted by seanbabs 2 years ago 14 21,490 100%

hard day at work


It was a long day at work, people screaming because their Christmas gifts for their loved ones didn’t come in as promised. When it was finally closing time, I was very happy to lock the front door, close the blinds, turn the closed sign to face the public and go to the office to prop my feet up. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes to relax, before counting the money for the nightly deposit. Quickly I doze off into a dream. I’m remembering one of the first nights of getting the job as a cashier for the company I work for now. When I came home after the first day, my daddy was si… Read more

Posted by loloishorny 2 years ago 3,061 92%

The Mediterranean Guesthouse Chapter 5

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Archie Opening my eyes to the dusk, I can feel my body still remembering the lovemaking of the night, and the sex with Kate and Christine the previous evening. A complete satisfaction seems to dwell all over me, my arms are tingly with memories of touching Kate during the night, my legs remember the feel of the soft sand of the beach as I was pushing into her at the rhythm of the waves. My lips remember her soft, salty kiss. And my cock remembers the sweet tightness of her pulsing pussy each time I made her come. Kate is breathing deep next to me, still asl**p. I lay on my back a… Read more

Posted by arsch_chiis 2 years ago 1,051 100%

Whos in Charge part 3


Sheryl sat at her desk trying to concentrate on her work but her mind kept returning to her next set of instructions she found her self checking her emails constantly to make sure she hadn't missed one, what was he going to ask for next she thought with a delicious shiver she had already sent an email to Steve telling him he was getting a blowjob when he gets in but not the fact she was gonna record it as she was mulling this over her email beeped it was Simon "Sheryl thank you for that your boobs pressed against the glass where a sight to behold and for at least 10 seconds by my watch so Im… Read more

Posted by fitzy40 2 years ago 2 1,797 100%

THE NOTE : Short note, long story.

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

CHAPTER 1 : THE NOTE I entered the aisle and there it was, a well rounded yet petite ass, protruding so elegantly as she bent over. Her silky smooth, slightly tanned and well proportioned legs seemingly elongating, while her dress continued hiking gradually up her thighs. As the slightest glint, of her black lace panties gave way to showing, she turned her head. I tried to avert my eyes, I tried to avoid eye contact, it was too late, she had seen me. As she raised herself back up with gracious momentum and adjusted her dress, I was in awe. She gave a cheeky grin toward me, before she f… Read more

Posted by polarbear1983 2 years ago 860 100%

Whos in Charge part 2


Sheryl came into work the next day as instructed with no underwear she had to wear a baggy jumper because of her huge boobs and she couldn't walk around too much because it was completely obvious which is what he wants she thought to her self grinding her teeth .... but she couldn't help feeling turned on in fact the top of her legs was as slippery as a pair of eels she was completely unused to being in the control of someone else but she found her self enjoying it she was already doing things she would never normally do, she was wearing a blouse underneath her jumper and a short skirt and sto… Read more

Posted by fitzy40 2 years ago 1,735 100%



A little background about this story before hand: this was my entry into a contest that saw you writing a scene for a porn shoot with Desiree De Luca. Hence the stage and film directions. I won. Play final frames from previous clip. Fade out to white. Fade in to Desiree masturbating. Rubbing clit with one hand. Attending to tits with the other. Still working clit, other hand gets two fingers in pussy. works to getting a finger in her ass while fingering pussy as well. PA walks into frame. PA: "Ooops. Sorry Ms. De Luca." Desiree: " Oh, no problem. Just warming up f… Read more

Posted by TheMastersWill 2 years ago 866 60%

Moni and Marc introuble

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

True story A few years after we were married we took a road trip down to Phoenix , We were both young and carefree having been married for such a short time. We arrived in Phoenix late at night as Marc decided to not stop and get here quicker . We were both tired and also a little lost. We drove around looking for a place to stay but couldn't find any vacancies in the area we were. The guy at the last motel told us to try a place and gave us the address. We drove out looking for the place and had no luck. We had no idea where we were anymore and the neighbor hood looked a little run… Read more

Posted by monilovescum 2 years ago 3 4,350 100%

Second Swing

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

SECOND SWING, a true story by Tiffany (c) Fred Lake 2014 This happened over 30 years ago, in the late-70s. On the way home from our first official wife-swapping session Fred and I both found nothing to regret. It was fun, exciting, and interesting. And being young, we were up for a private lovemaking session as soon as we reached our bedroom. I expected it to feel weird that I was fucking my husband just an hour after cheating on him and in front of him, but it didn't feel strange at all. Linda called the next day to make sure we were OK with everything, but didn't seem to want… Read more

Posted by Fredlake 2 years ago 4 2,432 100%

The Country Girl Next Door


Writer's Note: This story is my first ever erotic or pornagraphic (whichever you wanna call it) story. I understand it might not be very good, so take it easy on me. haha Living in a small town was not easy for me when I was younger. I was born and raised in Chicago, but my f****y moved to Eastern Indiana when I was 13 when my dad found a job with a local engineering firm. I tried my damndest to adjust as the "fuckin' new guy" through middle school and even high school, but didnt really gain acceptance until my senior year. After my senior year I found a good paying job as a welder and mov… Read more

Posted by bigred9199 2 years ago 3 7,495 100%

wife's office Christmas party

FetishGroup SexHardcore

My wife work's for a big company and vey year they have a Christmas party. It's a formal get together where profit sharing statements are handed out and everyone gets to dress up nice. And every year my wife leaves with a little more than her profit statement. So far each year she has been able to have her pussy serviced at least once during the party. Last year it was twice and she hopping this year will be a repete. Lasy year she bought a dress just for the party. It was a red formal off the sholder number. It was long but she had it shortened to just above the knee. She wore black lace top… Read more

Posted by woreout 2 years ago 2 7,484 83%

Fat girl fucks good 2

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Tori couldn't really believe what had happened that night, the ache between her legs reminded her that it was indeed real and that she wanted more... It sounded like something from one of those cheesy tv shows, the geeky smart band girl and the older popular jock having a very intimate encounter one night.... But it had been almost a month since Halloween and Derek had barely even looked at her, she felt used and hatched a plan after Friday's game to confront him about it, whether he wanted to or not he was going to explain himself. She waited at the entrance to the guys locker room for him… Read more

Posted by SizeQueen2106 2 years ago 4 4,466 95%

whos in charge??


Sheryl looked up from her desk at Simon with contempt, she didn't like him he was arrogant and overbearing always thought he knew better than her she was constantly having to remind him who was in charge he was constantly going over her head to the next level of management, but she had him today he had made a mistake in his paper work 2 weeks ago and it had cost the company a lot of money so it was the end of the day and she was going to give him a humiliating dressing down and then go home in a good mood and spend the night with her boyfriend. She sat in her chair and smirked up at Simon not… Read more

Posted by fitzy40 2 years ago 4 4,208 100%

Visiting Auntie


This happened in 2012 My uncle had died, he was my father’s b*****r and a few months after the funeral I went to visit my Auntie who was then living on her own, her c***dren lived miles away. As she greeted me at the door she asked me inside and we sat down with a coffee and she was talking about Ted and what he’d done with his life etc. After around fifteen minutes she said “Another coffee” I answered “Ok”. As she brought them in I sat next to her on the sofa, I noticed she was wearing a grey pleated skirt and a black top she had a right pair of tits on her, she had jet black short hair a… Read more

Posted by maturemancock 2 years ago 4 16,597 95%

The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 3


Chapter 3 In fact--and it was a fact that would have shocked Caroline--Jonathon Stephens was always horny in the morning. It was a rare day when the man did not wake up with a hard-on and a load of spunk bloating his big, hairy balls. But he usually managed to hide his hard-on from his wife, mostly by getting up before she was fully awake. He did not want to empty his cock and balls into Caroline in the morning. Jonathon had a good reason for this. Jonathon was fucking his sexy young secretary. Since he could fuck his wife whenever he wanted to, and did most nights, i… Read more

Posted by varunpal89 2 years ago 1 2,548 88%

My cuckold marriage

HardcoreInterracial SexMasturbation

I met my wife, Sally, on a dating website. She is 15 years younger than me at 33 and on the site profile I made it clear that I was interested in the cuckold lifestyle. Sally is gorgeous, slim, quite tall at 5 foot 9 inches and blonde shoulder length curly hair. When we went on our first date, we talked a lot and had lots in common, but she did say she does like sex so much that she could never be tied to one man - perfect I thought. Dates continued really well, meeting almost everyday and she would come back to my house and we were having sex within a week of meeting. She would encourage me t… Read more

Posted by Ludoman 2 years ago 6 7,126 92%