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Hardcore Porn Stories

Slut parties with a gang

FetishGroup SexHardcore

Slut parties with a gang: I remember quite vividly the time I met up with a guy that Liz and I had threesome with. I bumped into him whilst on a works night out and ended up in one of his friend’s flats with that same guy; two of his friends and the taxi driver….They gangbanged me in every hole like the filthy slut I am….I had been out acting my usual flirty slutty self... The crowd I was with were starting to disperse, I’d cockteased a few of the guys in the crowd earlier and had a few French kisses while the guys sneakily rubbed my tits and pussy through my clothing…though I did let one o… Read more

Posted by neilmc123 2 years ago 2,499 100%

Slut Wife

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

Our sex life used to be so raunchy but in recent years it had began to wane. I was scheduled to take an overseas assignment and discussed in detail with Becky what this would do to our relationship. Could we endure a long distant relationship? Would we be able to remain faithful? Becky surprised me by saying if we were unfaithful as long as the other partner knew about it and it remained only a sexual relationship then we could endure and possibly grow. This intrigued me and I began to enquire as to what she really meant by this. She said that my contract would take me away from home f… Read more

Posted by neilmc123 2 years ago 6 18,108 99%

Tim Hires a New Lawncare Service

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

As many of you know and follow my stories. I am Catherine and my Husband is Tim. I am a BBC cum slut and So is my daughter Jenny. This happened last summer. We live on a large property in North Carolina that is very secluded. So secluded that I can walk outside naked and no one can see me. This also allows me to sun bath nude all summer by the pool and enjoy the freedom of being naked. I love being naked. We have a lawn care service that comes every Thursday to mow and trim the grass. The Service is made up of mostly Latinos and a White foreman. Since I am not into Latinos I usually go shoppi… Read more

Posted by blondeslutforblacks 2 years ago 9 4,874 83%

The naughty f****y pt1

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

It was past midnight, Saturday over and Sunday beginning when I was heading up the stairs to go to bed when I'd heard noise coming from my son's room. I paused at the head of the staircase, my hand still on the railing as I considered the sound of something being bumped into or maybe dropped. I had just made my rounds, checking that the doors were all locked and the downstairs lights were out and I knew that since Scotty was four hundred miles away, finishing up graduate school and my wife was sound asl**p in our bedroom, I had a pretty good idea who was messing around in his room. Softly,… Read more

Posted by vtevte 2 years ago 31 39,835 99%

Matthew-The Awakening - Part 3


Matthew - The Awakening - Part 3 Part 1 Part 2 I got home from school on Monday at the usual time, 3:30. My entire day was a blur. I kept wondering if my mom was going to be good to her word this week and if so, when? Could I even last through the week? On top of that, my geometry teacher noticed me staring at her legs again and kept me after class to admonish me to focus on my studies; a not so veiled directed comment that she noticed me staring at her and she not… Read more

Posted by Matt-in-the-West 2 years ago 2,347 100%

Moana in Australia ... second day (pls read the f

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Next day we went back to the beach, same place, relaxing, swimming, sun bathing. In the early afternoon all over sudden two guys appeared next to us and asked us whether we would like to join them again. We looked at each other and agreed. We wanted to take our clothes but the guys told us just to come with them barely naked as we were. We looked again at each other and followed the guys. It was bit strange because we were naked and they were clothed. After a few minutes we arrived at the same scene. Golf course, nice green meadow and eight guys around a grey blanket. We were asked to sit down… Read more

Posted by Starflyer 2 years ago 9 1,611 100%


Group SexHardcore

I don't understand why your husband would have wanted this for you. Well, maybe I do, because I'm the one who first mentioned it to him. But I don't understand why he gave you to me in the first place. Not really. When I saw your pictures on-line, I knew that you were special. Yes, you're beautiful...but you're also intelligent, you're sophisticated, you're elegant. Why you and your husband posted pictures, is another thing I don't understand, but I'm glad you did. And I'm glad he (or was it you?) wrote to me when I made favorable comments on your first series of posted pictures.… Read more

Posted by jwpa17 2 years ago 9 1,210 91%

An Interview.

Gay MaleHardcore

"Just put your hands on the arms of the chair, bend over and spread em." I did as Vicki said, she's the boss around here. Then out of the blue she drove her well oiled forefinger straight up my clacker. Her offsider was a real sweet young guy, barely looked 18. Vicki withdrew her finger slowly while young Marcus shone a torch up my arse. It was one of those skinny torches like Doctors use. I'm really being checked out big time I thought to myself. "All clear" said Marcus turning off his light and walking away. Vicki then gave me an oral examination rubbing her fingers on my gums. "Can't be t… Read more

Posted by amm422 2 years ago 975 100%

Internet Dating Slut


The sun chinked through a slat in my bedroom blinds when I woke up this morning. Turning away from the glint of sunlight, I could not believe how wet my pussy was. It was almost a week since a cock had sliced its way between my cunt lips. A new record for an outrageously filthy fuck slut like me. I’d obviously been sex dreaming during the night, judging by the amount of love juice oozing from my pussy. If only I could remember the dream! In my obvious state of arousal I parted my legs and inserted two fingers inside my already gaping pussy, as my other hand massaged and soothed my prominen… Read more

Posted by neilmc123 2 years ago 945 100%

Mom's special Christmas present


“Jake, I can’t believe you went to all this trouble!” Tanya Nolan said as her son took his hands from her eyes. The 18-year old had led her into the f****y dining room with his hands covering her eyes, making sure she enjoyed the surprise. “Anything for you, Mom, especially at Christmas.” It was Christmas Eve, and the two of them were alone. Tanya’s husband, Warren, had left just a few days before on business, overseeing an important project for his company in China. He’d been home for close to a month, but was needed back on site by Dec. 23rd for an important meeting with the Chinese d… Read more

Posted by vtevte 2 years ago 9 25,116 99%

First time with b*****r (Fiction)


This story is fiction and it wasn't written by me. As Melody was getting out of the pool, she saw her dad had an erection, under his swimsuit, and it was huge from what she could make out, like she had heard her mom say. He was trying to be cool about it, but she most assuredly saw, and like many thing, it got her very wet. She started thinking about him playing with her pussy, and than giving her his cock. And of her dad, cumming deep inside her with his big cock. She excused herself as she left, “I’ll be right back I gotta text a friend,” She tried to make a quick excuse to go leave, an… Read more

Posted by MelodyMae 2 years ago 4 6,828 97%

Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 4 Mary & Marcie


Victoria-72 YR Old Hottie-Part 4; Mary & Marcie. This is part four of a series. Not sure how many parts there will be but there will be a part five. I just could not imagine what Mary could be doing that was so naughty that she deserved a spanking on our next visit. Vicky was still out of town and returning in 4 days and left me voice mails that she expected to be fucked properly upon her return or she was going to have to troll Wal-Mart for a substitute. There was no way I was going to let that happen! When I spoke with Mary she would not give me any clue as to what she was up to and to… Read more

Posted by rotn2 2 years ago 2,889 100%

My neighbour and her daughter (5)


17 A week had passed since Tony’s special night with Shannon and the change had been remarkable. She had a real spring to her step, her face was constantly lit with a smile, and her whole attitude to life appeared to have undergone a significant and positive transition. Shannon had told Cyn and her s****rs about their night, though he wasn’t sure how much detail she had provided. They had laughingly expressed their jealousy when they heard what Karl and Tony had arranged to ensure it was a night she would never forget, and he was thankful they weren’t serious as it would have been a challen… Read more

Posted by 6270daniel 2 years ago 11 20,122 100%

The Business Men

Group SexHardcore

The business men "Hey, Jon we are almost done. We have been working at this project for two weeks now. It is time to let loose. So let us all go out tonight and have some fun. You must know some good places to get drinks and meet some fine locals?" I had been working on a project with technicians from Miami to install upgrades and establish the connection to a new fiber optic sea cable to our island telecom company. Mark was the loud one and the party man of them. He was the younger one in his mid twenties. Oscar, the little bit more serious and married on, was somewhere in his thirties. It h… Read more

Posted by Mrbigdick2014 2 years ago 1 2,077 95%

New Neighbor (cuckold)

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Brendan had moved into an apartment after a rather difficult divorce. It was not a habitation that he wanted since he was used to living in a traditional suburban home with his ex in one of the more affluent areas in Orange County. The complex that he had chosen was quite upscale but the only opening that was available was a one bedroom flat which had another floor above those on the lower level. Brendan never thought anything of it when moving in. He was happy to not have to move new furniture up a dual stepped access to the second level with the usual turnaround halfway up. Brendan ha… Read more

Posted by Mrbigdick2014 2 years ago 2,453 100%



She laid in bed naked with a naked twin on each side of her as they each sucked on a nipple on her enormous tits. She loved feeling their naked bodies close to her as they sucked hard on her big melons. She loved sex with the boys as they were well hung and with a lot of stamina. She loved seeing the huge cocks even when they were limp and hanging down their leg but it was a greater thrill to see them hard with their big cocks sticking straight out and pointing at her. Any time she saw a hard cock she was ready to suck it or fuck it. They boys did love sex and they loved cunt. They were always… Read more

Posted by wetandwildbabysexy 2 years ago 2 3,256 80%

s****r's Pajama Party Seduces b*****r

Group SexHardcore

It was Friday and Kevin just got home from school. He had been dreading this night for a week. All of his friends were busy and he had nowhere to go to escape the impending onslaught of a bunch of goofy girls. His older s****r Kammie was having a pajama party sl**p over with some of her friends and Kevin knew they were going to make his night a living hell. Normally, Kevin and Kammie were pretty close and did many things together, but that all ended when her friends came over. Kammie was a senior in high school and Kevin was a junior and only 14 months younger than his s****r. Kammie was a… Read more

Posted by seanbabs 2 years ago 6 6,316 100%

my shemale fantasy


It was late June and I was looking for a place to happen, I like small quiet little bars where a guy can talk and meet interesting people. I was down on the water front, and that's where I found Sams place, just what I was looking for as I entered it was dimly lite, about 10 tables and some booths and a long bar at the back. Not very many customers., but the bartender was hot so naturally I sat at the bar. The bartender "Sam" and I started talking and discovered we have almost everything in common. From our bisexuality to our love of our shitty baseball team. Sam was tall 5 foot 11, l… Read more

Posted by shootothrillmf 2 years ago 4 2,744 100%

A Celebrity Fantasy Part 3


Alison swore to keep their secret to the grave until they felt it was time for everyone to know. They went shopping and discussed everything. The guys were are tour again, with a bunch of other bands, most of them their friends. Jordyn stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her hair and body before stepping up to the sink and brushing her teeth. She then went into her bedroom, she smiled as she moved to the music that was blaring out of her stereo speakers and looked in her closet for a cute outfit to wear. Sully had no idea she was coming to surprise him. She figured it was abo… Read more

Posted by SkyeTessier 2 years ago 1 469 50%



Well, it has been almost a month, since I started cruising in search of a female for casual fun. I tried everything, but, as I sayed before, with no luck. My game is weak, I thought. On the other hand, I started thinking through my advances, and realised, I was approaching only 10s and 9s, so there could be a potential problem. So i turned to a dating site, made only for Serbia. I tried to make some contacts, but, most of those profiles are fake, so no luck there. So, I desperately got onto a advert site, where singles are looking for marriage partners, and I found an interesting pr… Read more

Posted by grofodmilutovac 2 years ago 2 8,579 100%