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f****y Peepers -Anonymous Author

Chapter 1

Virginia Hightower was giving her teenaged son a good look at her pussy
and getting really turned on in the process. She had always been an
exhibitionist and had been thinking a great deal about exposing herself to
the youth but this was the first time she had actually done it.

Her husband and daughter had both gone out and Virginia was alone in the
house with Jimmy. The handsome boy had been sitting in the living room,
reading a magazine and Virginia had decided that this was the time to make
her fantasies reality. ... Continue»
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My First time

We have all had a first time that said its easy for that to get eclipsed by better sexual experiences. But i think its still nice to remember, i was 19 and i wanted to really show my girlfriend at the time i was a awesome but had no idea how to. I was a newbie i was born with a nice cock but no knowledge of how to make it work. Well my girlfriend of the time helped me with that it was a tuesday i skipped out of class to meet her at a local pizza place where we dined and talked about music and i killed a spider next to her and joked about saving her life she shocked me when she said "well now i... Continue»
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Sissy for BBC use and a b u s e

My Dear little sissy s****r, lezzie lover and slutty confidant...

Thanksgiving saw me full of BIG BLACK COCK...my mouth, my sissy pussy and my belly were full of so much BBC and SPERM from Big Black Daddy Dick (s) annnnd I was good little bitch in the Doggy position for the Black Daddys' and their DAWG POUND(ING). I finally hooked up with my own BBC GANGBANG SQUAD from the adult bookstore. They used me for well over 24 hours of serious sissy-slut abuse, degradation, domination, humiliation and more, much, much more! I can't wait to tell you about it. I wish you were with me so w... Continue»
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Silent night

It was dark in my room and the only light was from the hall that my door allowed through. I was home alone and hot, with slow hesitation I grabbed my breast. Tugging and pulling till I was dripping from my skirt. Moans increased of pleasure and echoed through the halls. I took the lower edge of my panties and rubbed it up and down against my pink pussy. So sensitive it won't stop quivering. I quickly remove my skirt and bra to suck on my tit as my hand continues to fondle. A silent yelp lets out and I curl my toes. It tingles and I feel pleasure. The light from the hall got dark and I quickly ... Continue»
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Secretarial Duties

[with thanks to my muse]

“Wow, babe! You look really hot! Are you trying to seduce your new manager?” Bill looked up from his eggs and eyed Patricia. “Want some coffee, hun? Maybe got time for breakfast with me? Before you go hit on Mr. Krushank.”

Patricia was wearing heels, a short, tight skirt, and Bill's favorite low-cut top. He didn't know it, but she also had her best pearls in her purse, along with black Wolford stockings, her travel sized vial of Cartier Baiser Vole, and a small make-up case. “No, silly, you're supposed to meet me tonight for dinner downtown, remember?”

... Continue»
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Meeting Granny On A Plane to Vegas

I looked down and just could not believe my eyes!! There was this beautiful, petite 65 year old Granny licking the sperm off my dick. She glanced lovingly upwards as her tongue flicked up and down my cock gobbling up the last remnants of my seed. Then she lowered her head down my cock taking my whole shaft into her cum filled mouth. I just could not believe how this day had started.

I was boarding my Vegas bound flight from Tucson and a petite, classy looking, silver blond, well dressed women was attempting to load her heavy suitcase into the overhead bin. I knew she could not lift it so ... Continue»
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Sadi had just left the Johnson's house. She loved the wife with her enormous tits and the husband with his big long thick cock. She had sucked her tits as he fucked Sadi in the ass. Then the wife sucked all the cum from Sadi's wet asshole before she tongue fucked her cunt. The married couple were horny and hot and Sadi had sex with them a lot. They loved Sadi's young body as she just turned eighteen. Sadi chose couples that the wife had huge tits and the hubby had at least nine inches of thick hot cock. John had a ten inch thick meat and Pam had DDD tits with huge nipples and a wet pussy. Pam ... Continue»
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Her introduction

Her Her introduction to submission.

I wake my beautiful wife of 18 years with my hands gently parting her exposed ass...

She only half wakes, in a partial dream state..she is quietly moaning..

Today is the day we have waited for..today is the day that you are my loving submissive, to be told what, how and when. You will do this because behaving like this excites you., and that you want to allow yourself to be excited by anything That excites me..

Remember that my direction does not have to be spoken. Many times I will lead you by a certain look in my eyes or a gesture..you must be... Continue»
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Better with age

This is a true story about somewhat taboo sex but not weird at all.

I was recently divorced in the late 70's and after 6 mos of no sex from the ex, I picked up where I left off fucking anything 18 to 80, blind deaf or crazy.

I was dating Susan who also was divorced and it was getting serious, but not too serious. She had an ex-s****r in-law named Sally who was in the process of divorcing her ex-husband's b*****r. Both these guys were absolute losers from the get go. I would occasionally Talk with Sally on the phone and would tease here as I knew she was just plain horny. I asked her wh... Continue»
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The student..

She sat quietly in her dorm room, diligently reviewing her days field work as she did every day. She loved her studies, but despised the Loneliness of her nights. She needed more..

she yearned for a break that would allow her to be someone vastly different than the upstanding, proper, polite, and perfect student she had worked so hard to become.

Hidden Deep within her mind, she quietly fantasized about being controlled, to be relieved on occasion, of the persona of her own creation...to be made into a shameless slut, governed only by the repressed lust that tormented her mind and sex.... Continue»
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Skipped Work for horny crazy night!


It was a monday night around 10:39pm when I became over powered by this feeling for sex. I took a shower and got all dressed up in a black lacey outfit with garter belt, stockings and heels. I was looking so hot and so horny that I wanted to cum before even getting to the adult arcade to have fun. The parking lot had about 8 cars in it so I picked my best spot for the next few hours. I was so ready that I quickly took off my jogging outfit that covered my sexy whore outfit and put on my 5 inch spiked heels putting one foot up on the dash for all the hard cocks to s... Continue»
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Part 7 – A Milestone, I got to watch

Sorry this is so long....

For the next two weeks or so we continued fucking two or three times a day. She would come home from work and tell how many times she got fucked during the day. She would be extra horny if she got fucked late in the afternoon right before she came home. Her supervisor and her supervisor’s boss would not worry about making her cum. They only cared that they dumped their load in her.
During the two weeks she would ask me if I knew where we were going to go so I could watch her rub a dick. I would ask her if she was going to make him cum. She would just smile an... Continue»
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Fucking mature slag in caravan

Hi I'm Kyle

I'm 21 from Manchester

This really happened to me a couple of weeks back and I thought I'd share it with you all hope you enjoy .

Right , about a month ago I split up with my girlfriend Lucy , we had a massive fight I ended up smashing up the apartment and I got arrested for it ,
We had been together for over a year and lived together but seen as it was her flat I had to move back home with my Mu.m which her boyfriend wasn't too happy about seen as though we hated each other .

My head was all over the place ,I'd just split up with Lucy , arguing all the time at... Continue»
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Stephanies New Car! (repost)

Stephanies New Car! (repost)

Stephanie gets a new car!

It has been 2 weeks since I popped Stepanie's cherry.I was sl**ping late As I was up all night and couldnt sl**p.Stephanie called me at 11.I picked up the phone."Hey Robbie it's Stephy My grandfather just bought me a new car for my birthday and I want you to be the first to take a ride with me"She says."That's cool But I need a few more hours sl**p so come over at 3pm"I replied."Too late I am outside Your Building Mom gave me your address.I am coming up now.Will your mom Mind if I come up?"Stephy replies.She hung... Continue»
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Fucking My Lover Behind His Wife's Back

My work often requires me to travel throughout the US.
Recently I had to travel to Florida on business as I
have on several occasions to meet with customers.
Incidentally I have friends who have lived in the
state for several years and have invited me to their
place, but up till now I have never taken them up on
the invite. My husband and I have known Tim and Carina
for some time but we've known Tim longer as he used to
be part of a couple that we used to "party "with in
the past. However they broke up and Tim moved back

We stayed in touch largely because we enjoy... Continue»
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Mom's Nervous Disorder

My mom, Gina, was perfect except for one thing. She had
been diagnosed as being afflicted with the Einsteinium
nervosa disorder, a common defect usually found in
widows and single mothers. Little was known about the
disorder and treatment had been based on empirical,
non-scientific knowledge.

My name is Bobby and I was surprised one day when my
mom told me that she had an appointment with her
doctor, and that he had told her to bring along her son
with her to the appointment. Naturally I readily agreed
because I had seen all the suffering my mom was going
thru after my ... Continue»
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Mike's Mom's Friend

Dear Ben,

I hope you don't mind if I write to you. I really enjoyed
our little "contest" the other day. As I said, I admire
your self-control - so rare in so young a man. I had fun
putting it to the test!

The reason I'm writing is to ask you a favor. I was
telling an old friend about our experience. Her name is
Bonnie, and we've known each other a long time. In fact,
we were roommates in college almost twenty years ago.

Bonnie has a problem. She married a fine man - actually,
Jerry was her boyfriend back in college, so they've been
married nearly 20 years, and she ne... Continue»
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Mother-Son Lust Fulfilled

She has been living alone with her young son since his
father ran off 2 years ago with his secretary. It was
hard at first, but now life was good as she had forged a
successful consultancy business working from home. In
fact things were a better now in most ways as her son was
a delight. He was a very intelligent and compassionate
boy who usually topped his class at school, excelled at
sport and was liked by everyone for his laughing
personality, kindness and generosity.

The only thing she lacked was good sex. There had been a
couple of brief one-night stands since her hu... Continue»
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Deb's Rest Stop Gangbang

On our recent trip back from New York, we were getting
horny thinking about some time alone just the two of us
in the motel room we had booked. We had been crammed
together with a bunch of relatives while staying
upstate and were looking forward to some loud hot sex.

"It will be nice to be able to let loose and make some
noise." Deb said

"Yeah. I was getting tired of having to cover your
mouth so your moans wouldn't be heard by everyone else
I the house," I said laughingly.

"I'm Really horny! I don't think I can wait another 2
hours till we get to the hotel." She said ... Continue»
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Listening To My Wife

I knew she would call. I didn't know when, but she
promised she would, and so far she had lived up to all
of her promises, so trust was not an issue. I had been
waiting for what seemed to be forever. A long forever
when your wife is on a date or picking up another guy
just to fuck. This is a trial "date/pickup" run for
us. Being my fantasy she said she might try and see if
she could do it. She wasn't sure. So we just decided
to try it this way, no "on site" hopes or expectations
from me, just my wife out testing the waters.

I was nervously and anxiously hanging out at home.
Awaiti... Continue»
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