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Hardcore Porn Stories

Carla - Our Bi-MFM threesome

Story Gay MaleGroup SexHardcore

I had run into Carla at the deli a couple times during the week. She gave me a nod and a wink, we spoke briefly but nothing about the wild sex that we were having. Saturday morning, she texted me and asked me to come to her house around noon. I got there and she was wearing a black lacy skirt with pink panties visible through the fabric. She had on a loose fitting black sweater and she looked hot. Her freckles looked so pronounced and her thighs looked so inviting. She guided me out to the back porch where she lit a joint and took a couple deep drags before passing it to me. She asked me if… Read more

Posted by TallNJChub 5 days ago 4 2,054 100%

On The Stair Case.

Story FetishHardcoreMature

After my Friday tryst with Fatima, we were not able to see again or meet due to the fact the work resumed in earnest for us and I was not able to make out time to see her again. Every evening whenever I come back home, I kept thinking of how to meet with her again but couldn't think of a way. On Wednesday, after closing from the site, her husband and I left with the husband driving, as we got near to our block of flats,I told him to stop me for me to buy some toiletries and also to recharge my phone, he told me that he will head straight home and soak himself in shower, I nodded and he lef… Read more

Posted by agunna 5 days ago 596 50%

Holiday with steps****r chapter 2

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Carol made her way to the tiny bathroom, and I finally had some time to allow myself to dress without making a fool of myself. I was always on a hair-trigger edge, and it needed little to push me to an orgasm. So many times I had managed to embarrass myself on a bus. What was it with me and buses? It was probably the vibration of the engine, in sync with my body. I once talked to a psychologist friend of mine over drinks and he laughed about it. "It's so common amongst youths." I had put my trousers, socks and shoes on, but it was so warm I decided to just leave the shirt hanging on its… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 6 days ago 3 4,282 100%

Naughty stepdaughter punished

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My mother and father had separated a few years ago, and I'm still getting used to the fact that my mother has recently gotten married. I hate him, and the fact that my mother is now seen as a cougar. Damian is 36 and my mother is 49 turning 50. I hate Damian, he tries to act as if he is my father but he isn't, and it's getting old. I'm eighteen and they still feel the need to treat me as a c***d. I was called to the office today for wearing our school skirt up too high, how do these people expect us girls to get any attention when we look like nuns. I have to admit I did make my outfit… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 6 days ago 5,103 89%

Well hung son

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I had been so horny lately. My husband Bill had barely touched me these past few months. It was true, I had packed on some extra pounds. My curvy body was getting bigger still. There was no one to turn to except my son Kyle. I admit it, he turns me on. Kyle is very tall and thin. I sometimes wonder what he looks like completely naked. I didn't have long to find out. One day it was just Kyle and me in the house. As I was walking down the hallway, his bedroom door was partially open. I looked in and I saw my son standing there naked. I almost gasped. His cock was dangling down between his leg… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 6 days ago 2 8,643 92%

Holiday with steps****r

Story HardcoreMatureTaboo

Were it not for the start-of-summer BBQ at my place of work, this beautiful ending to an emotional story would never have come to pass. Hell, I had not even planned to go to the start-of-summer party since invariably, most of the employees insisted on an open bar, reducing them to quivering jelly by the end of the night. I rarely drink enough to get past sobriety, so the single fact that an open bar was in attendance, wrinkled at my good senses. Be that as it may, I was given a complimentary ticket, and there I was, if reluctantly. So when the manager finally drew the grand prize, two t… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 6 days ago 1 3,832 96%


Story MatureAnalHardcore

DOT, Live opposite my parents on the south-coast of England a sl**py town called Eastbourne In the shire of East Sussex, I,d always fancied older woman and as a 13- 15 virgin would watch Dot doing the gardening bending over tending the plants etc our levered bathroom windows open I’d kneel on my knees squirt hand cream into my left hand and slowly strop my virgin cock gripping as tight as I dare vigorously knocking a load out and eventually my face contorted the whole of my being shuddered with youthful lust grab a wash cloth with right hand put in my mouth and biting down hard to muffle the… Read more

Posted by NOVA-SCOTIA-CANADA74 6 days ago 2,067 100%

Wife's vacation without me

Story FetishFirst TimeHardcore

"Have a safe flight, and have a great time sweetheart," I said to my wife as we broke our embrace by the security line at the airport. Stephanie smiled and said, "I'm sure I will baby. I love you." She gave me one last quick kiss and I watched her walk through security and out of sight. I caught myself admiring her beauty as she walked away, her perfect ass in a pair of tight jeans and her blonde ponytail swinging back and forth. I don't know how I got so lucky; I somehow got a smart beautiful blonde to marry me. As I was driving home, I realized how much I was really going to miss he… Read more

Posted by ricosuave119 6 days ago 3,532 73%

Nice Tip

Story Group SexHardcoreTaboo

I was pumping her hard when her husband walked in. He opened his robe and started stroking his 8 inch cock as I plowed her while holding her legs open. She had already cum on my cock multiple times but this one, made her leave her body. Her husband was in full jerk when he saw her cum. The paid vixen came in and knelt down before him and he skull fucked her hard as she gagged on his throbbing cock as it slammed her tonsils. My balls were making the slapping noise as I looked over and knew her husband was letting his balls go in her throat. He grabbed her hair and held her head against his… Read more

Posted by Allaroundthehorn 6 days ago 1 2,726 100%

Hooked (Chapter 2)

Story BDSMFetishHardcore

Her body was trembling violently when she awoke a few hours later. The strain from the ropes was breaking her down, tears already falling down her sl**py face. She had been crying in her dreams, too. “Please let me down,” Penelope whispered. No response. “Please, please... let me down,” She begged her head sagging against her chest. “Please!” She was crying out now, the pain becoming more unbearable the more her body woke up from its numbness. She was not sure how long it took her to fall back asl**p but eventually the swaying took her again. From the darkness of the room c… Read more

Posted by Bedtime_Secrets 6 days ago 1,015 100%

The Neighbor

Story AnalFirst TimeHardcore

Mike had watched the neighbor girl grow from a young girl to a sexy young lady. She had grown nice big firm tits and a great ass. She just graduated from high school and turned eighteen when he offered to take her to dinner for a celebration. He told her to wear something dressy as he was taking her to a fancy restaurant. She came over about six and was wearing a short tight red dress. It showed off her tits and ass and he was ready to fuck her right there. He didn't want to scare her so he offered her a Jello shot. She had one then another and he could see she was relaxing just how he wanted.… Read more

Posted by itastegoodforyou 6 days ago 2,917 89%

Bridesmaid in a wedding III

Story Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

Bridesmaid in a wedding III I was headed back to the barn when I saw a bookstore. Bookstore? Here? I thought I'd go in and check it out. Although they had books it was more of an adult bookstore. A very young girl greeted me, hi let me know if you need help finding anything. I looked at her and looked again. What is she fif(t)een? She had a b(a)by face, blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses and what a body. 34 D tits that stood straight out, pointy nipples, a 22” waist, a thin line of hair at her pussy and a nice ass. How can such a thin girl grow such big tits? May I ask how old you are?… Read more

Posted by jnthn1 6 days ago 2,741 100%

Mijn Eerste Gangbang met Negers

Story Interracial SexHardcoreFirst Time

Ik was nog maar net 18 maar zag er veel jonger uit toen ik op een dag in mn eentje in de duinen zat en 4 grote, gespierde negers voorbij kwamen lopen. Eentje kwam op me af en vroeg Wat doe jij hier in je eentje, weet je niet dat het hier gevaarlijk is. Nee, dat wist ik niet. Moet ik nu bang zijn voor je. Ja, zei hij en pakte me bij mijn arm beet en trok me de bosjes in. Wat doe je nou, vroeg ik ongerust toen ook zijn maten aan kwamen lopen. Shht, mondje dicht, zei hij, terwijl hij zijn broek open ritste en ineens zijn lul tevoorschijn haalde. Het was een enorme neukstaaf met een paar fikse bal… Read more

Posted by domi-travotop070 6 days ago 288

Mother in Law Cannot Resist

Story First TimeHardcoreMature

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. Fiona tries to resist her son-in-law's cock but cannot. The following stories all started almost 10 years ago when i was twenty years old and I moved into my girlfriend's house after being booted out of home by my parents. My wife lived there with her mother Fiona who was thirty seven her dad Alan who was forty four and her s****r Alice who was f******n. It was a little crowded in the house at first but when my wife was offered a placement abroad with work it was too good for h… Read more

Posted by sexozingguy 6 days ago 2 3,283 100%

My Moms Obsession with Me

Story MatureHardcoreTaboo

I’ve never told this to anyone. I want to tell it now, and get it out. I’m sitting at my mom’s personal computer so I can write down what all happened. Sometimes I remember more things, and now I can go back and insert them in the story at the right time they happened. I don’t want my wife to know I’m writing this, so I’m doing this at mom’s house. Dad left her years ago. A lot happened. Mom and I had a personal secret. I remember it started. My mom started touching me. Just a little at first, letting her fingers wander around my body. She liked to hug me and would run her hands under my… Read more

Posted by sonny8023 6 days ago 2 4,993 90%

I expose my prim and proper wife to Phil from the

Story HardcoreMatureVoyeur

I met Phil the summer of 2017 when he responded to a post regarding exposing my wife through email. Here is the correspondence. Me: Hi, Thanks for responding to my post. Yes, I like to expose my unsuspecting wife to guys for detailed comments, appraisal and inspection of her body. Feel free to be honest and give me detailed comments on what you like and don't like about her. I will start off with PG or mild exposure and will increase her exposure contingent on the feedback I get from you. A lot of guys just give me comments lie "she's hot" or "I'd like to fuck her". Those don;t get far… Read more

Posted by mrnaglee 6 days ago 1,941 75%

My First Time, My First MILF

Story First TimeHardcoreMature

This is a true story that happened to me a week ago. I was sitting in my room looking at some porn on the internet. My parents were out of town for the weekend and I had some alone time. Then I got a call on my phone. It was my buddy's mom, Carol. She said she and a friend were at a club on the other end of the city and had had to much too drink and needed a ride home. She said she could not reach any one else and she was desperate. I told her I would head that way. I had been just got my Drivers license and I had just finished a lot of work on my pickup truck. It took an hour for me to… Read more

Posted by zimabean 6 days ago 1 5,902 97%

Friday With Fatima.

Story HardcoreSex Humor

After sex with Fatima Wednesday morning, we were both apprehensive because we know that her husband will be coming back later in the day. I took her phone number and we arranged to meet on Friday in a motel down town. I kissed her on the lips, left and went to my flat. I took a cold shower and then prepared for work. Around mid day, Fatima's husband Alhaji Sule Galadima called me on the phone and said that he's back from Kaduna but won't be able to come to site because he wants to rest, I told him no problem that we'll see when I return. At the end of the days work, I left for home and on… Read more

Posted by agunna 6 days ago 859 100%

County Slut (according to my little s****r)

Story Gay MaleHardcoreMature

My s****r and I were chatting for a little bit the other night and a few old questions came up. Yes, she knew all about me, while I was growing up and, of course later – she was the one who walked in on me and the dog one time. Her one question was about our older cousin, Dick Milkey. He was three years older than me, he started visiting during summers. It was more like his parents dumped him at the farm for a few months. Then, later, he kept coming back for some weekend visits. “Was he fucking you?” Actually he was – it started about a week into the first summer visit. “One of you… Read more

Posted by swat412 8 days ago 4 13,718 82%

Anal Sex With Fatima Again.

Story AnalHardcoreSex Humor

It was a beautiful morning with the sun streaming though to herald a new day. I felt completely rested, Fatima was lying next to me and I could make out the rise and fall of her body as she breathed in and out. I eased myself from under the quilt and crept to the shower, ensuring I did not disturb her slumber. Once in the shower I soaped myself and gradually became more awake, as I did so I slowly became slightly aroused as I thought of all the sex I've had with her within 24 hrs , my penis was becoming engorged swinging freely as I dried off. As I finished my ablutions I applied some scented… Read more

Posted by agunna 8 days ago 2 4,892 100%